Eddie Richards Interview on DJ History

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Eddie Richards became a key figure in a new music and cultural movement soon to explode worldwide. After playing at such influential and original underground clubs as Clink St. and Heaven in London and Manchester's Hacienda, he went on to headline the legendary UK pay parties Sunrise, Energy and Helter Skelter, among countless others. Remix and production work led to the release of club classics; "Acidman" in 1988, which hit National Top 20, followed by other chart topping remixes of Ralphi Rosario, Orbital and The Shamen. Since the mid 80s he has been included in virtually every book, documentary and film on the dance culture and sought after all over the world for his flawless mix of deep bass driven techno with soulful and tough tribal house, a format he has always maintained, and that has led him to be widely regarded as the pioneer of what is now known as tech-house.

In a recent interview with DJ History read all about the unsung hero from London's underground.

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