Glasser, aka Cameron Mesirow, Chats About Musical Creation, Her Must Have For the Road, and More

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glasser ring

, aka Cameron Mesirow, has stormed the indie music scene with her debut full length, Ring. When the creative bug bit, this gal took musical matters into her own hands; she nabbed her Mac and layered sonic tracks and her beautiful, warm vocals and in the process created something totally her own and totally gorgeous.

Listen to "Mirrorage":

Miss Ess: What inspired you to start creating your own music?

Cameron: I was an avid art appreciator and I started feeling like I didn't really have a right to be so invested in other peoples' work if I wasn't mglasseraking some of my own. That's not necessarily a judgement I would pass on someone else, but for my own self it was right, because I knew that I was seeking vicarious thrills in order to satisfy my creative side, and eventually it wasn't satisfying anymore.

ME: How did your song writing process develop? Do you write the music first and then the lyrics or the other way around?

C: I can't really say that I always start one way or another. I hear a lot of melodies in my head and sometimes those yield actual songs, but mostly they're just forgotten. Sometimes I have a structural idea and sometimes I have a thematic idea, and sometimes I just let it rip and hope for the best!
gerhard richter tiger
Your music has strong crossover to the art scene -- who or what inspires you there?

More than anything these days I find myself inspired by communication and its different methods, which can span a wide range of media in the art world and otherwise. I think Ryan Trecartin's films are fascinating. I love Gerhard Richter.  It's not so compartmentalized for me, though. I get inspired by really general things, like the internet. There are so many means by which we convince ourselves that we're not alone, and those things are truly mesmerizing and worthy of the term art.

How is the touring life for you? 

Touring is hard and soft, fast and slow, mild and spicy. Just kidding, but not really. It's isolating to be on tour, and the biggest thing I notice is that the disjointed nature of traveling can make for social hardships. People never know whether you are coming or going, and sometimes they choose to give up on waiting to find out. That's hard. But as far as the actual feeling of being in motion, when it's happening, I like it.  glasser
What is the one thing you always bring with you on tour? What are your favorite places to play and why?

I always bring a walnut in its shell that was given to me by a friend who picked it off a tree in Croatia. That's a little funny thing. I have played a lot of wonderful shows in Europe with my band and I have to say, one of the best ones in terms of sound, feeling, tension levels, etc, was in Brussels this last January.

What was the experience of playing this year's Coachella like for you? Did you get to meet any artists you particularly admire?

It was very interesting to watch Kanye West's set at Coachella. I did not meet him, but I felt very strongly that sadehe was totally isolated by his own design. Curious people-watching at festivals. 

Since you lived here before, when you come back to play SF, are there certain old haunts you like to visit? 

I LOVE San Francisco. I like to eat at as many new restaurants as possible. I like to go to Japantown because I hung out there a lot as a teenager.  

What have you been listening to lately?

Lately I have been listening to Art of Noise, Sade, and some Brian Eno instrumental stuff... Smooth hits.

Thanks for your time, Cameron!

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