The Heart is Deceitful: My Favorite 80s Records

Posted by Charles Reece, April 22, 2011 11:53am | Post a Comment
Some pals were compiling top 10 lists of pop/rock albums from the 80s, so I figured why not post my list here. I promise no cultural or ideological significance, only the albums that continue to make me the most warm and fuzzy. Slayer's Reign in Blood just beat out Joy Division's Closer, but then I remembered Tom Waits, who knocked Slayer off. Otherwise, this list was already cemented in my subconscious. Ordered by the year of release:

talking heads remain in light

motley crue too fast for love

bruce springsteen nebraska

lords of the new church self-titled

hanoi rocks back to mystery city

cyndi lauper she's so unusual

the the infected

metallica ride the lightning

faith no more introduce yourself

tom waits franks wild years

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