Record Store Day Was "Totally Awesome, Insane, and Busy": RSD 2011 Report Pt III

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Wow! What a Record Store Day 2011 at Amoeba Music! And there's still a couple of hours left. "Today has been a total and complete success. Totally awesome and insane and busy. I haven't seen anything like this before in the nine years I've worked here. It certainly seems like the biggest Record Store Day we've had, Xmas-style busy all day," said Rachael from the Hollywood Amoeba at 6:30pm this evening, when things had slowed down a bit but by no means come to a close for RSD 2011.

The same was also true for both the Berkeley and San Francisco Amoebas, where people in line earlier today included such folks as the guys from SAVE KUSF and musician Jeff Glave, who was interviewed by Audra (see video below).

At each store Amoeba shoppers lined up outside from hours before opening this morning, jockeying a spot in line to cop some of the approximately 300 exclusive and rare RSD 2011 releases. What set this year's RSD apart from previous years was not just the volume of releases but the musical diversity that appealed to a broad cross-section of Amoeba customers.

Since it was launched just three short years ago, Record Store Day (RSD) has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of both record stores and record labels participating. Beginning in 2008 the first RSD tallied 300 independent record stores across the US, including all three Amoeba Musics, among its retail participants. Back then the number of exclusive RSD 2008 releases amounted to a total of ten special edition records being released. Fast forward to this year and the number of special RSD 2011 releases was approximately 300 with approximately 1500 record stores participating -- and no longer confined to the US. There are now RSD-rocking stores in 20 countries overseas, too, in Europe,  Japan, and Australia. In each of those countries today, as well as here at the three Amoeba stores, it was the special RSD 2011 releases that seemed to be the main attraction for attendees.

Among the many popular RSD 2011 releases being sold at Amoeba today were Jimmy Eat World, who sold out right away. A band that may be under the radar but were in demand today was A Day To Remember. Other popular items included releases from Ryan Adams, the Beach Boys 10" record (the band's Al Jardine was at the Berkeley Amoeba today), Joan Jett, the Flaming Lips, and Pink Floyd. Karen P at Amoeba Hollywood said that the most popular RSD releases overall at Amoeba were Foo Fighters, White Stripes, and Nirvana. Other sought after releases included 13th Floor Elevators, Kate Bush, Big Star, The Kills, and Tron. As seen in the video by Audra at Amoeba SF in the first of the three RSD 2011 Amoeblog posts I did today, many folks in line had come prepared with their RSD 2011 releases PDF page printed out.

But to speed things up for those who didn't print out the list at the Hollywood Amoeba, a staffer walked along the line handing out menus of the RSD releases so most people could fill 'em out and the folks inside could take the lists and get the bags prepped for when folks got inside. Outside, where it was hot this morning, Amoeba staffers handed out fans to help keep those in line cool.

Below are a bunch photos from the three Amoeba Stores today including shoppers and artists such as Henry Rollins and  Evidence. To get IDs and text info on each photo simply place your cursor over the image. Also, check out Part I and Part II in this RSD 2011 series. And be sure to check back here on the Amoeba website over the coming week for more updates, pics & reviews of RSD 2011.


Earlier today as hundreds lined up to get into Amoeba Music San Francisco for RSD, Audra at the Amoeba SF talked to musician/record collector Jeff Glave, who came prepared with his "must get" RSD 2011 list in hand. See video above.


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