Despite Being a Minority, Femcees Continue to Put It Down in the Male Dominated World of Hip-Hop

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Medusa "Choclet Giddy Up" (2011)

Before the month of March, aka Women's History Month 2011, comes to a close I wanted to shine some light on a sampling of the female hip-hop talents out there today and what they're up to, including both some well known, longtime women artists and some new up-and-coming female artists. For a myriad of reasons, namely the genre's prevalent macho attitude, even all these years later female artists remain a clear minority in the male dominated field of rap music. Hence, those women who continue to make hip-hop music demonstrate a true dedication and passion for their art form.

As with any musical genre, hip-hop goes through different waves and stages. Since its beginnings, trends in the popularity of female artists have periodically come and gone. And right now, following the meteoric rise to fame of Lil Wayne female protege Nicki Minaj and the breakout success of her late 2010 debut album Pink Friday, it looks like we might be set for a new wave of female MCs in the mainstream. If this occurs, as many industry insiders predict, it will not only make it easier for new female artists to get heard but it will also be easier for longtime female artists putting out new releases. One longtime female rapper who will not give credit to Nicki Minaj for the album she is reportedly dropping this year is Lil Kim, who you'll recall had a very public verbal beef with the younger rapper and who, back in November, unleashed the uncomplimentary rap "Black Friday" in response to Pink Friday. This week Nicki fired back with her latest Lil Kim diss track "Tragedy."

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out 3/22 & 3/29...the strokes...radiohead...james blake...pains of being pure at heart...

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tv on the radio nine types of light
It really has been a fantastic couple of weeks for music -- I think this year has already been amazing, and so many more great albums are right around the corner! I seriously already almost have my top 50 of the year and it is only March! Tomorrow is April. And May comes afterwards. We have only had three months of new music so far but I already have many favorites. I am still listening to awesome new albums by PJ Harvey, Joy Formidable, Mogwai, J Mascis, Adele, Toro Y Moi, Bright Eyes, The Twilight Singers, La Sera, Esben & the Witch, Cut Copy, Hercules & Love Affair, & Wanda Jackson! I am telling you, this is turning out to be an incredible year for music! I am tomboy panda bearabsolutely in love with the new Kurt Vile and Puro Instinct. Those will most likely end up being my favorite albums of the year. It just keeps getting better. Last week we had new albums by The Strokes, Keren Ann, James Blake, Beach Fossils, & Duran Duran. This week we have the new Radiohead, Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Hunx & His Punx, Moon Duo, Josh T. Pearson & The Obits! There are new albums by Bill Callahan, Cold Cave, The Raveonettes, & The Kills next week! Later in April we have new albums by The Crystal Stilts, TV on the Radio, The Vivian Girls, Sonny & the Sunsets, The Gorillaz, Dengue Fever, Jonny, Panda Bear, & Explosions In the Sky. New Okkervil River album comes in May, and later in the year there will be new albums by Patrick Wolf, Battles, Fleet Foxes, Wild Flag, A Place To Bury Strangers, Mars Volta, M83, The Shins, & Jens Lekman!

The new Strokes album came out last week. I still remember that feeling I got when I first heard Is This It by The Strokes. Their debut album came out in late July of 2001. 10 years later they have released their fourth album, Angles. Is This It came out right before I moved to Los Angeles for the first time, a couple of months before Amoeba Hollywood opened. It was an exciting time. I was obsessed. It is hard to describe my love for The Strokes, but they were one of those bands that you either loved or hated. Those of us that loved them will always have a special place in our heart for The Strokes. I do have to admit that I sort of lost interest in them over the years, though, but I still love that first album, and I also love Julian Casablancas' solo album from a couple of years ago. It got me interested again. It got me wishing for another Strokes album. Angles is sort of everything I want it to be. It is the Strokes. It is short and catchy and full of great, addictive songs. The Strokes may never capture that energy of that first album again and they may never get those kind of rabid fans they had around that first album but they are most definitely back in my life. The album sounds a bit 80s, but if you know me at all, you know I have absolutely no problem with that. Speaking of, the album cover is sort of painfully '80s, like some sort of skater t-shirt, but it has grown on me and I sort of love it. If you were ever a Strokes fan before, you should let this album in your life. Give it a chance. You just might end up loving it.

Listen to one of my favorite songs, "Taken For a Fool," by The Strokes from the new album Angles..

Here is the video for the "Under Cover of Darkness" by The Strokes from the new album Angles...

the new album Angles by The Strokes

Another one of my old favorites is back in my life. I have liked Radiohead since Pablo Honey came out in 1993. I know everyone has their favorite Radiohead album and their favorite period of the history of Radiohead, but the Pablo Honey/Bends/OK Computer era is my favorite. 1993-2000 was the height of my Radiohead obsession. Kid A came out in 2000, and that was the last album that I was really obsessed with. I never stopped liking them but my obsession did fade a bit. Then came Amnesiac in 2001, followed by Hail to the Thief in 2003. In Rainbows was released in 2007. It was the first album by them to be released digitally first and it was put out digitally by the band itself. You were allowed to pay what you wanted for a digital download, remember? I think I paid 10 bucks. There were months in between its digital and physical release and I quickly fell in love with In Rainbows. The King of Limbs was released digitally a couple of weeks ago, but the CD and LP have just been released this week. This album has been a bit harder for me to fall in love with. None of the songs really stand out like they did on past albums, but it still is Radiohead quality and still good stuff, it just doesn't hit you over the head. I do respect these guys -- they have been in my life for so long, after all! The first album came out the year after I graduated from High School, so I lived through my 20s with them. I am happy that they are still around and relevant. I know a whole new generation of fans is falling in love with Radiohead. I imagine that at this point there are parents obsessed with Radiohead who also have teenage kids who are also in love with Radiohead. I noticed this happening at the last couple of years of Cure concerts -- the original fans are now old enough to have kids that are also into them, too! Radiohead has sort of become the Grateful Dead of our generation! I never would have thought they would end up having such a long and prosperous career in music, but I am happy that they have!

Listen to the new song "Little By Little" by Radiohead from the new album The King of Limbs

the new album The King of Limbs by Radiohead

I know you have probably been counting down the days until our new Music We Like books were going to come out. The day has come! You can now find the new books with our staff recommendations in all three of our stores. Click here for a selection of hand picked Music We Like titles for only $10.98. And here is a larger selection of Music We Like titles with special online only prices. Today is the last day of Free Shipping in March for our buy stuff section on You really should be taking advantage of this! Don't forget to check back daily for tons of new and used items added every day. And we will also be having some special deals for you throughout next month.

Last Day of Free Shipping is Today!!!

Record Store Day is Saturday, April 16th!

This is the third Record Store Day, a day to celebrate the fact that record stores still exist around the corner and that they are still relevant! Tons of artists get behind Record Store Day ever year and do instores and events at record stores around the country. They also release a ton of exclusive LPs, 7"s, and CDs just for Record Store Day. You can't find these releases at Target or Walmart, and you can't find them online or digitally. You actually have to go to a record store on April 16th to buy these releases! It is actually taking over Halloween and Christmas and becoming my favorite day of the year! I will include a link to the complete list of Record Store Day titles later in the week, but here is a short list. There are a ton more -- almost 300 unique releases this year! -- so if you love record stores, then go and visit your local shop on April 16th and buy something nice for yourself.

Here are some of the artists putting out exclusive releases for Record Store Day this year...

AC/DC, Adele, Bad Brains, The Beach Boys, Beady Eye, Black Angels, James Blake, Blitzen Trapper, Built To Spill, Caribou, The Civil Wars, Crowded House, Cults, Daft Punk, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Deerhoof, Deerhunter, Deftones, Beth Ditto, Dom, The Doors, Duran Duran, Bob Dylan, Earth, Flaming Lips, Fleet Foxes, Flying Lotus, Foo Fighters, Fucked Up, Gorillaz, Green Day, Grinderman, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Joan Jett, Joy Formidable, The Kills, Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga, Mastodon, Matt & Kim, Midlake, Mumford & Sons, New Pornographers, New York Dolls, Nirvana, Off!, Roy Orbison, Ozzy Osbourne, Panda Bear, Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Phish, Pink Floyd, Polvo, Queen, REM, Rancid, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rise Against, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, The Rolling Stones, Rush, Ryan Adams, Ty Segall, Paul Simon, Sonic Youth, Regina Spektor, Bruce Springsteen, Television, Peter Tosh, Velvet Underground, The Vivian Girls, The Wake, Wavves, The White Stripes, Wild Flag, & The Yardbirds!

also out 3/22...

Music Sounds Better With You
by The Acid House Kings

by Keren Ann

United Nations of Sound
by Richard Ashcroft

What a Pleasure
by The Beach Fossils

James Blake
by James Blake

All You Need is Now
by Duran Duran

Most Incredible Thing
by Pet Shop Boys

by The Strokes

also out 3/29...

Too Young To Be In Love
by Hunx & His Punx

Best of 00-10
by Ladytron

by Moon Duo

Moody Standard & Poor
by The Obits

by Pains of Being Pure At Heart

Last of the Country Gentlemen
by Josh T. Pearson

Gimme Some
by Peter Bjorn & John

Something To Die Fo
r by The Sounds

by Wagon Christ

Gillian Welch Playing Henry Miller Library, Big Sur

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Tickets will be on sale April 2 here!

Interview with Skudge

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make raw stripped down techno for dark warehouses. They’ve taken the dance world by storm and Phantom makes for their highly anticipated debut album. Elias & Gustaf took some time to talk about the album and the aesthetic behind their project.

How & when did the production partnership come about?

First time we met was through Gustaf''s cousin, that is a friend of Elias; we didn't speak much then but later on we caught up when Gustaf booked Elias for a gig at his club at a bar in Stockholm. We changed our MSN addresses. We started to chat, discussed music and shared tracks that we had made, and g[ave] feedback on them. We found out we had a common taste in electronic music and decided that we should make some stuff together in Elias' studio, just for fun.

Was there a music scene there in Stockholm that you grew up in and informed you?

Elias: I grew up with techno with in the 90's and used to go to a warehouse club called Docklands and a lot of raves in the forests and industrial areas.

Gustaf: There w[ere] not a lot of good parties in Stockholm when I discovered electronic music, so of course, I got interested in arranging clubs/parties.

There is mysteriousness behind Skudge.
Is this intentional?

No, it's not; we want people to focus on the music.

There seems to be a strict analog approach both in music production and artwork, etc. Explain your philosophy in regards to both.

It sounds and looks better.

There is a diy aesthetic which seems necessary for electronic music today when it comes to releasing vinyl. Can you explain? Do you control every aspect of the process?

We have control of the whole process and Rush Hour helps us with the distribution.

Who does record design and production of hand made jackets?

We make the design together and Elias does the artwork for the records and other stuff.

How did the relationship with Rush Hour come about?

We mailed them and asked and they were up for it.

How does your production time work?
What's the studio set up consist of?

We try out different sounds, melodies and rhythms until it sounds good and then we arrange it. A lot of synths, drum machines, effects and a computer.

Explain your recording process, I know you record to tape, right?

We record everything to the computer and then we do a pre-mastering on the tape recorder.

When you write a track do you have preconceived ideas about how you want it to sound or does it naturally progress?

A combination of them.

Do you usually spend a session working on one thing, or do your ideas jump around?

We jump around from time to time, but mostly we concentrate on trying to finish what we started, but if we can't then we put it aside and start on something else.

Some artists have a palette of sounds that they use with each record before they move on. Was
Phantom intentionally designed this way?

No, but sometimes we use samples/presets from older tracks that we have made.

Phantom sees the debut of some non dancefloor tracks such as the opener "Ursa_Major" and the acid grower "Blackout." Is this an area you think you will explore more?

Yes, it's always fun to try new things.

When do you work best? Late at night? Mornings?

Late nights.

You have been playing some live shows, upcoming Fabric date even... 
Do you bring a lot of equipment with you?

No, we have a special live equipment that we use.

Do you both DJ?

Not a lot, but we are thinking about starting to do it more.

First record you ever bought? The last?

Gustaf: First: Gez Varley - Shon and last: DJ Rush - Mind Games.

Elias: First techno vinyl was from a Swedish label called Loop Records and the last was Joy Orbison-Wade In.

Future plans?

SKUDGE004R, SKUDGE005, remixes, 12" record for the Danish label Echochord, a track to Marcel Fengler's Berghain mix and doing the album tour.

Current top 10?

In no particular order:

Instra:mental - "vicodin" (Skudge's warhouse mix)
MORPHOLOGY - "Zircon Affair"
CONFORCE - "State of Mind"
DATA - "Burning Paradise"
The ABSTRACT EYE - Cool Warm Divine EP
COSMIN TRG - "Separat Ars"
LARSON - "1 8"
Joe SEVEN - "Restionaire"

Purchase Skudge - Phantom here!

Tindersticks to Accompany Films at SF's Castro Theater

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As part of the upcoming SF International Film Festival, Amoeba faves The Tindersticks will make an appearance at our gorgeous Castro Theater this May 2!

They will be accompanying what the release calls "a meticulously prepared montage of scenes from [Tindersticks frontman-scored] Claire Denis films Nénette et Boni, Trouble Every Day, Friday Night, The Intruder, 35 Shots of Rum and White Material. Sounds like this is guaranteed to be one incredible show! You can get all the info about it right here. Tickets are on sale now.

Something In the Way He Moves: The Magic of Mansai Nomura

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When there's something strange in the imperial court, who you gonna call? During Japan's Heian period, an era of classical Japanese history spanning from 784 to 1185, most folks relied on powerful ghostbusters called onmyoji, wizard-like masters of yin and yang, to ease the energies of vengeful spirits (most famously that of Prince Sawara) who'd stir up all kinds of trouble from plagues and famine to earthquakes and typhoons and other natural disasters mistaken as superstitious punishment. As we have witnessed in recent weeks, perceiving catastrophe as divine comeuppance has changed little over the centuries thanks to Shintaro Ishihara and Glenn Beck, among others, for their knuckleheaded remarks --- no "that was then, this is now" about it. But this is not about jabbing trashy speculation at fresh wounds, this is about a cheesy, historic fantasy movie that I recently caught in my Heian Culture class called Onmyoji (2001, Yojiro Takita) starring Mansai Nomura as Abe no Seimei, a person of historic origin, legendary in Japanese folklore, who was in fact the Merlin of his time and place. Being one of those so-called "super seniors," it's a small miracle I didn't skip said scheduled movie day, I might add.

When it comes to guilty pleasure-esque cinema, for me, seeing Onmyoji fits right in there between Excalibur and Labyrinth, the only big difference being the sometimes-dazzling-yet-mostly-delightfully-laughable CG effects the likes of which predate the aforementioned films. However, Onmyoji doesn't rest on technical SFX innovation. There are actual puppets, impressive feats of make-up, hypnotic costuming and set design that set the stage for this well-known tale concerning the legendary Heian capitol city (now modern day Kyoto), her court drama, her heroes and enemies and, of course, her imperial ghostbuster #1 Abe no Seimei (if you're ever in Kyoto you may want to check out his shrine). All in all I give Onmyoji a solid A for pulling off history-buffing fantasy film excellence amid what could have been a potential "rotten tomatoes" recipe for disaster in terms of what feats and imagery the legend behind the story dictated. Besides, I have a feeling that seeing this flick will have proved helpful when it comes time for final exams. I mean, you try saying the name Sakanoue no Tamuramaro three times in a row without gagging on your tongue --- that's how difficult it is to keep facts straight in this class.

Anyway, on to the real subject of this post; casting noted kyogen stage actor Mansai Nomura for the lead role was a genius move as far as I'm concerned, as his eccentric performance carries the story and, much like Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow, makes one want to watch the sequel if for no other reason than to enjoy a broader scope of Nomura's skills in motion (Onmyoji II is arguably less fully realized than the first film, but I'm sure more is more as far as Nomura fans are concerned). No doubt foxy Nomura was in part considered for the role due to the legend that Abe no Seimei was born of a curious union between man and fox-wife, but it is the actor's honed movements, gracefully balletic yet arresting at times in their precision, that truly cast a spell and sell his performance as an unparalleled magic-maker. This evidence of his background in traditional theater arts showcased by way of fantasy entertainment brings to mind yet another comparison: get this guy in a Star Trek spacesuit and let's see if he can give Patrick Stewart's Captain Jean-Luc Picard a run for the neutral zone. Though most of what makes Nomura's presence in this film memorable to me is sadly lost in the trailer for Onmyoji, I feel I should post it below nonetheless as there are other people in this movie (I guess).

Here's a bonus look at Mansai Nomura as he appeared (with actress Kayoko Shiraishi) in a stage play he directed called Kuninusubito, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III. It looks like it was probably an absolutely amazing production!

Love and Hate—The Night of the Hunter

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There’s an overriding feeling to 1950s films that everything is happy to the point of sedation. The men have fine posture and slick hair; the women are always starched, enthusiastic and dressed for appearance; the children are trite Osh Kosh cutouts. Such play-acting is a perfect backdrop for something leery, an underexposed set-up that precious few directors back then made use of. Yet, that’s why Charles Laughton’s The Night of the Hunter (1955) can’t help but slip into our times as a cult classic.

As with such forgotten films that warrant recirculation, Criterion has brought the film back out on DVD and Blu-ray, and it’s a good thing (one of our staff's fave picks in this issue of Music We Like). There are remarkable things at play, such as it being the only time Laughton (an actor) sat in the director’s chair. As sometimes happens with one-offs, he made it count by forever parting ways with ordinary. It was no small feat. He got Robert Mitchum—the kingpin of film noir—to deliver one of his best performances. Some might argue it was his best work. It’s one of the reasons the film was protected by the National Film Registry.

The movie is an adaptation of Davis Grubb’s book of the same name, published two years earlier. Mitchum plays Reverend Harry Powell, a minister of divine word and adage who yet has a criminally black heart. While spending time in the clink, he learns that a cellmate, set to be hung for murdering two people in the act of a bank robbery, has a stash of $10K hidden back at home. With the slithery suave of a seasoned conman, Powell goes about pursuing this treasure upon his release by moving in on the freshly executed man’s family. What he encounters is a guilt-riddled widow, Willa—played excellently by Shelley Winters—and two children who alone share the secret of the money’s whereabouts (sworn to secrecy by their dead father). Enter darkness.

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California Fool's Gold -- An Eastside Primer

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People are weird about Los Angeles' Eastside/Westside thing. The same wannabes from Midtown, HollywoodSilver Lake and Echo Park that throw up "W" hand signs and exaggeratedly say, "West-side" when they're ironically enjoying rap music are the same jerks that claim, despite the fact that they live in Central Los Angeles, that they live on The Eastside. If you call them on it, they usually claim that the real Eastside (the communities east of the Los Angeles River) are all East Los Angeles -- which is incorrect but more likely a sign that they've never been to the region that they claim -- and not some willful act of subterfuge. 


To be fair to these noobs, ill-informed Westsiders, transplants, and weirdos who insist on dividing the entire city or county into just two regions (I count 20) -- there is more than one Eastside... sort of. The other Eastside is sometimes referred to as the Black Eastside (even though it's currently mostly Latino) and has a long claim to the Eastside name. To many black Angelenos and South Los Angeles residents,  the traditional division between the Eastside and Westside is the 110 freeway (and before that freeway's existence, Main Street).  However, when "The Eastside" is used in this respect, it's implied (and usually understood) that one is talking about the Eastside of South Los Angeles.

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New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/30 - Mike Dehnert, Ellen Allien, Saturn V, Stephen Beaupre, Panda Bear, Steve Bug & More

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Mike Dehnert
Framework 2LP

2LP version. Berlin-based new school techno producer, DJ and live performer Mike Dehnert releases his first album proper. In just three years, Dehnert has gone from unknown talent to underground hero with (as revered record store Hardwax calls it), his very own "raw techno" sound making waves on labels like his own imprint Fachwerk, hallowed Dutch outlet Clone Basement Series, as well as dub techno stable Echochord Colour, super reticent outlet MD2 and now Delsin, where he finds himself at home amongst the future music of talented cohorts Redshape, A Made Up Sound, Delta Funktionen and more. Framework -- as you'd expect of a man who performs genuinely live for hours, often only ever calling on his own tweaked, edited and skewed productions -- is an uncompromising album made up of pure techno tracks of the sort you'd expect to hear on the dancefloors of places like Berghain or Tresor. They go from pulsing and classic sounding to skipping and glitchy, through greyed-out and sandy via swinging and syncopated but always with a sense of restraint and control whether they are abstract, apocalyptic, atmospheric or whatever else. Drawing from a dusty, dirty toolbox of sounds, the echo-y, cavernous chambers and dusky warehouse aesthetics of Dehnert's moody music betrays the purity and simplicity of his arrangements. Although his records are undeniably functional, at the same time, they are neither nondescript nor forgettable: somehow, through masterful sound designs and an accomplished knack for blending real tension and atmosphere with his obvious Basic Channel and Berghain influences, Mike Dehnert manages to lock you into whatever mood takes his fancy with apparent ease. Make no bones about it (he doesn't), Framework is an album of tracks. Each one is made with various dancefloors in mind, and each is informed by the hundreds of hours Dehnert has spent working away in such places. The results are to-the-point without being unsubtle, each track has a job to do and does so efficiently. Whilst outlining a Framework for his many live sets to come, this debut album also makes for engaging listening and confirms Dehnert to be one of contemporary techno's most exciting current incumbents.

Purchase Mike Dehnert - Framework here

Ellen Allien
Dust Remixes
BPitch Control

After Ellen Allien's album Dust (BPC 217CD/LP) kicked up a lot of the same in 2010, it was only a matter of time until the right remixers for the album were found. No less than the crème de la crème of today's house scene were allowed to have their way with these tracks, and the results are more than fitting. This 12" features three powerful club tracks from three outstanding remixers: Ripperton, Camea and Shonky.

Purchase Ellen Allien - Dust Remixes here

Saturn V / X2
Rhythm Relics
Nation Killer Nation

Saturn V (Traxx & James T Cotton) turn out a sick wave-dipped bomb (live playing: no samples!), while X2 enter bleep warehouse-style territory with dark acid vocals. Immense.

Purchase Rhythm Relics here

Stephen Beaupre
It's Gl'amour When You Have It
Musique Risquée

Stephen Beaupré is back on Musique Risquée with a really solid record. "Gl'amour" bears his distinctive signature with a subtle use of vocals and strings colored with warm echoes layered over a big and chunky drum beat. On the flipside, "When You Have It" is an excellent way to summarize Stephen's electrifying live sets: funky, melodic hypnotic and sexy.

Purchase It's Gl'amour When You Have It here

Panda Bear
Surfers Hymn

Kompakt is honored to release the final installment from Animal Collective's Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear in a limited 7" series following previous 7"s on his own Paw Tracks, Fatcat and Domino. Surfers Hymn eases the mind like the ocean crashing against the beach. Noah's voice ebbs and flows in harmonious grace with a sample of that very sound while the blissful thump of a bass drum keeps the song together. Actress makes a rare, stunning remix appearance. Artwork by Scott Mou.

Purchase Panda Bear - Surfers Hymn

Rene Hell

The Terminal Symphony LP+CD

LP version. Includes a 40-minute bonus CD, The Hilton, featuring previously-unreleased material. Since Porcelain Opera (TYPE 077CD), his debut for Type, U.S. noisenik Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell has put out a whole series of collaborations, 7"s, tapes and splits. Looking to his love of classical minimalism, Jeff took it as the starting point for this new record. The result is a deeply electronic rendition of a classical electronic formula; the digital and analog synthesizer and drum machine sounds that brought Porcelain Opera to life are reframed and transferred into a very different compositional structure. The Terminal Symphony is Jeff's attempt to write tighter, more composed pieces of music -- something of a reaction against the glut of long, often-flabby drone compositions that have become a mainstay in the scene. The pieces here are short, concise, and packed full of ideas that can take multiple listens to unravel, and the album as a whole is almost obsessively structured and complex. Each side of the record is composed very specifically with a beginning, middle and an end, and when we begin with the familiar grunt and grind of "Chamber Forte," it is only mere minutes before the track dissolves into the main theme of the album. An appropriate enough comparison might be arch-recluse Aphex Twin, but there is no pandering to dance music culture here. Rather, Jeff has used his enviable background in noise, punk and synthesizer music to come up with something totally removed from the current Kosmische revival. The album comes to a close with the hauntingly melancholy and purposefully referential "Adagio For String Portrait." The dancing synthetic blips that pirouette across Witscher's mournful electronic waves not only re-enforce the decades-long love affair between electronic and classical music, but help to define it in 2011.

Purchase The Terminal Symphony here

Steve Bug / Martin Landsky

Jack Is Back/V2U
Poker Flat

Poker Flat presents a split 12" by Steve Bug, with an album edit of the track "Jack Is Back," and Martin Landsky with an album edit of the track "V2U." All tracks exclusively produced for the new Poker Flat compilation Forward To The Past (PFR 027CD/LP).

Purchase Steve Bug - Jack Is Back here

My Hidden Playground

Acker Records presents a 12" from Mollono.Bass with tracks off of his debut full-length (ACKER 002CD). The lively hustle and bustle on My Hidden Playground happens in many different ways: sometimes it's the frisky bounce of hopping bass lines and stimulating house rhythms, sometimes it's the hypnotic sound structures that take you on an adventure. But above all, it's the unmistakable sound of real instruments which create that earthy, organic groove. Also includes non-album track "Ballet In The Dark."

Purchase Mollono.Bass - My Hidden Playground here

CONNAN MOCKASIN: Forever Dolphin 12”
BUDZILLUS: Der Untergang Remixes 12"
VA: Quality Street 12"
TERROR DANJAH: Air Bubble Remixes 12"
D.O.K.: Chemical Planet/Keep On Making Grime 12"
DANIEL MALOSO: Hijos De José 12"
BRUNO GAUTHIER: Existing Reality 12"
EDDIE C: We Need We 12”
DJ T. (FEAT. NICK MAURER): Burning 12"
DJ AGEISHI & ACKIN': Rain Parade 12"
TANDEM: Himmel & ääd EP 12"
WOLS: Unframe LP
JIN CHOI: You've Done Me Wrong EP 12"
VA: Deep, Real And Raw Part 4 12"
NICO PURMAN: Visions EP 12”
YOUANDME: Nightvisions EP 12"
BLOCKS & ESCHER: Shadow Play 12”

March 29, 2011: Clash (Bay Rong)

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"Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" Helps Willie Nelson Beat Texas Weed Rap

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                          Willie Nelson in concert singing the song that he sang in a Texas court this week

Good news this week for Willie Nelson, his fans, and for those who agree that there are already way too many people overcrowding US jails as a result of sentencing for possession of marijuana for personal use. The 77 year old country music legend and longtime weed activist was arrested in Texas after crossing the border from Mexico last November when his tour bus was stopped and police found weed in Nelson's possession. He could have faced a lengthy jail term, but luckily for him, this week Texas prosecutor and Hudspeth County attorney Kit Bramblett presented a favorable deal when he said, "I’m gonna let him plead [guilty], pay a small fine and he’s gotta sing “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” with his guitar right there in the courtroom." Obviously a fan of Nelson's music, he added, "You bet your ass I ain’t gonna be mean to Willie Nelson." County Judge Becky Walker agreed to the deal as did, not surprisingly, Nelson, who, as a longtime open advocate of legalizing pot, is co-chair of the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

The agreement is not unique or new since oft times judges sentence musicians to community service that taps into their skills rather than jail time. Other instances include when Keith Richards long ago was busted in Toronto and instead of a sentence he was made to do a concert for the blind. The song "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" -- a hit for Nelson and a longtime favorite with fans -- can be found on several different albums by the artist including Red Headed Stranger (the 1975 album that it first appeared on and has since been reissued), The Essential Willie Nelson, Willie Nelson's Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be), Willie Nelson & Friends, Stars & Guitars, and (as a duet with Shania Twain) on Willie Nelson & Friends: Live & Kickin', released in celebration of Nelson's 70th birthday in 2003, on both CD and DVD formats. 

Flavor Personified: Aloe Blacc feat. Baby Boogaloo

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From the album Good Things, this is my go-to video for inspiration as of late. If you're just cruisin' by wondering why go ahead and tune in at the one minute mark, sit back and let the flavor splash up on you.

Aloe Blacc - "Loving You Is Killing Me"

Click here to buy a copy of Aloe Blacc's Good Things from Amoeba Music today and get free shipping (until March 31st)!

California Fool's Gold -- An Angeles Forest Primer

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Angeles National Forest is a vast 650,000 acre wood that serves as a residence for few humans and mountain playground for a population already spoiled for choice with ocean, desert and urban options… all available to be enjoyed in a single day. The National Forest was established by Executive Order in December 1892. It stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Mojave Desert along the San Gabriel Mountains, spreading across five counties. 


Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Angeles Forest

In the LA County portion, the Angeles Forest is divided into two halves; one in Northwest Los Angeles County and the other, larger section, to the east, separated by the Antelope Valley Freeway and a series of small canyons formed along the seasonal Santa Clara River. This larger area of Los Angeles County's portion of the forest is known as the Angeles Forest District, which includes three sparsely populated neighborhoods, Angeles Crest, Lopez & Kagel Canyons, and the Tujunga Canyons. Angeles Forest is surround by San Bernadino County/The Inland Empire to the east, Pomona Valle to the southeast, Antelope Valley to the north, Northwest Los Angeles County to the west, San Fernando Valley to the southwest, and the Verdugos and San Gabriel Valley to the south. 


The Late, Great Farley Granger

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Farley Granger as Phillip, a man with a secret, in Alfred Hitchock's Rope. He died.

March 28, 2011: Paul

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(Wherein Spring Fever takes over the jukebox.)

Posted by Job O Brother, March 28, 2011 04:25pm | Post a Comment

Well my little dreamlets, we’re ten days into Spring, and it’s already clear to me what music is going to carry me through into Summer – it’s all about synthetics. Synthpop, that is, of the late 70’s and early 80’s variety.

This amuses me, because for much of my life I detested a lot of the music I’m going to celebrate here. A lot of the hatred stemmed from being so unhappy in the 1980’s; by association, the music “sounded” like unhappiness. Think of it this way: When was the last time you were taking a shower and felt like listening to the soundtrack to Psycho? Exactly.

Some say that synthpop began when Giorgio Moroder teamed up with Donna Summer and created the hit single "I Feel Love." Calling this the “start” of synthpop is convenient, but an over-simplification, because so much came before that informed it. What can be said is that the song was influential, both in terms of inspiring artists who would go on to develop the synthpop genre, and give mainstream audiences a taste for it.

What follows are some synthpop songs that bring me joy. Many can be claimed by other sub-genres of music, but they're all related. Some are guilty pleasures – the sonic equivalent to a Snickers bar, in that they are bad for me, but make me feel great for the duration I’m imbibing – and others I stand by as solid accomplishments. I’m also putting a spell on them: listening to these songs will make you feel a little ticklish in the deepest part of your brain, which will result in your not hating your fellow man as much (even though they totally deserve your hate). Enjoy!

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New World Music Vinyl Releases For March/April 2011

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V/A-Waking Up Scheherazade Vol 2

This is the second volume of rare garage and psyche rock from the Middle East. 14 tracks from garage bands from Iran, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria and Sudan. So what is the difference between Middle Eastern groups playing garage and psyche vs. the western groups who did the same thing? Think of all the western groups who tried to mimic sounds of the Middle East in their music... Now take the musicians trained in classic Middle Eastern music and listen to them play rock. The Psyche movement owes plenty to the music of South Asia and the Middle East, that’s for sure. This is a vinyl only release. The first volume sold out quickly so you may not want to sleep on this.

Solla Solla – Maestro Ilaiyaraaja & The Electronic Pop Sound Of Kollywood 1977 to 1983 – Vol 1 & 2

Kollywood, you say? Everyone knows Bollywood and there have been a few Lollywood compilations in recent years. Kollywood is film music based in the Chennai Kodambakkam area, where films are made in the Tamil language, thus the K for Kollywood. The two separate LP releases feature the work of composer Ilaiyaraaja. Like many film composers in India & Pakistan, Ilaiyaraaja was as prolific with his music as the Indian film industry was with making films. Over the span of 1977-1983, the years that the two volumes focus on, Ilaiyaraaja recorded hundreds of scores. The music on these two LPS contains some heavy funk, dirty guitar and electronic exploration, all with Ilaiyaraaja's South Indian flavor. This is a must for any Indian Music soundtrack junkie.

Grupo Oz-S/T

This is not the most Latin or World music-sounding release; perhaps if the band were not from Mexico you would find this in the soul section. Grupo Oz was a super group of Mexican studio musicians put together by the label Discos Raff, who also released such Mexican rock bands as Three Souls In My Mind, La Cosa Nostra and El Ritual. All vocals were done in English to try to break into the U.S. market. When crossover success did not happen, the group disbanded. Their one and only album was heavy on the funk, and comparisons have been made to Funkadelic and to many of the great Chicano Funk bands of the same era. Because the original version of this album has become quite the collector’s item, Grupo Oz LPS have been heavily bootlegged over the years. Secret Stash's legit LP version comes with a download card with bonus tracks, including a version of Malo’s classic "Suavecito."

Lucho Bermúdez y Su Orquesta3 x 7”vinyl & MP3 Download card
Colombia 453 x 7”vinyl & MP3 Download Card

Two triple 7” vinyl sets from Soundways Records. The first is dedicated to Lucho Bermúdez, whose big band Cumbia is always a hit on the dance floor. Colombia 45 features a variety of Colombian artists, including the gaita of Banda 20 De Julio de Repelón and the legendary big band Cumbia of Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros. Both 7” sets come with a download card and are limited to 1000. A must for all the Cumbia heads out there!

The Sacred Juggalo Aesthetic: A Family Underground (2009)

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"Look at us now," Joe lamented in his often moving 2003 autobiography, Behind the Paint. "We're still scrubs. No Grammys, no Hollywood parties, no celebrity appearances, none of that. We just don't count. Even after selling 5 million albums, we just don't count. It's in our blood. For eternity, we're gonna be the fucking underdog. No matter what happens."
-- Violent Jay on being Hip Hop's homo sacer, from the LA Weekly interview

At the two extreme limits of the order, the sovereign and homo sacer present two symmetrical figures that have the same structure and are correlative: the sovereign is the one with respect to whom all men are potentially homines sacri, and homo sacer is the one with respect to whom all men act as sovereigns ["sacred in the antithetical sense of the word now all but lost to us, ... accursed, at the mercy of all."].
-- Giorgio Agamben, quoted by Hal Foster

For it is the original exclusion of homo sacer, Agamben contends, that authorises the sovereign and ‘founds the city of men’; this act forges ‘the originary “political” relation’. 
-- Foster explaining the foundational role of scrubs, ibid.

March 27, 2011: No Strings Attached

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The Buck 65 Amoeblog Interview

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Canada's ever musically creative hip-hop artist Richard Terfry, who is best known by his stage name Buck 65 (the primary alias of the many that the artist employs), may be celebrating two decades of making music, but many of these 20 odd years were spent under the radar and beyond the glare of the mainstream where the prolific abstract hip-hop artist has been free to delve off into far off musical corners, away from the sometimes restrictive confines of what is often considered "hip-hop." Along the way the always innovative Buck 65 has built an impressive back-catalog of releases.

As well as being an extremely prolific recording artist, the ever active Buck 65 also hosts a radio show on Canada's national station, CBC. His current album, 20 Odd Years, released by Warnera few months ago, is perhaps the artist's most musically adventurous to date. This diverse, collaboration-heavy collection of songs ranges from unbridled b-boy flavor to lushly produced, ethereal-sounding productions. Since its release, the self-described "rap weirdo and international romantic" has been busy getting the word out via Twitter updates, interviews, and shows, including a series of dates at SXSW last week.

This week the Amoeblog caught up with the hella cool and always insightful & articulate MC and turntablist (and fan of Amoeba) to ask him about the last 20 odd years of his music career.

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New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/25 - Genius of Time, Conforce, Pearson Sound, Move D, Dog Eat Dog & more

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Genius of Time

Drifting Back
Royal Oak

After Space Dimension Controller, the Clone Royal Oak series is coming with another young talent. This time it's Swedish Genius of Time, known for their debut release on Aniara records. Three takes on classic house music done by young producers in their unique, almost serene style that reveals their nordic roots. Genius of Time shows that house music can still sound fresh.

Purchase Genius Of Time - Drifting Back here

Pearson Sound

Night Slugs

Two white hot remixes by Pearson Sound aka Ramadanman on the Night Slugs White Label series. This guy is one of the hottest (and more importantly, best) producers around just now. STRICTLY LIMITED EDITION.

Purchase Pearson Sound - NSWL007 here


State of Mind

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Hip-Hop Rap Up 03:25:11: Zion I & The Grouch, Pharoahe Monch, Equipto & Mike Marshall, DMC 2011, E-40, Azeem

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Zion I & The Grouch "Rockit Man (feat. Silk-E)" (2011) - this week's #1 @ Amoeba

Amoeba Music San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending March 25th, 2011

1) Zion I & The Grouch are Heroes in the Healing of the Nation (Z&G Music)

2) Pharoahe Monch W.A.R. (We Are Renegades) (W.A.R. Media/Duck Down Music)

3) Equipto & Michael Marshall Keep it Movin' 2 Love Changes-Solidarity Records

4) Raekwon Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang (Ice H2O Records)

5) Lupe Fiasco Lasers (Atlantic Recording Corp).

Thanks to Luis for this week's Amoeba Hip-Hop Top Five for the San Francisco store where the highly recommended new Zion I & The Grouch's latest collaborative album Zion I & The Grouch are Heroes in the Healing of the Nation is number one after only hitting Amoeba Music's shelves on Tuesday (March 22nd). A sequel to Zion I & The Grouch's similarly themed, successful 2006 collaboration, Heroes in the City of Dope, this latest teaming of hip-hop talent even surpasses that critically acclaimed release. Joining producer Amp Live and emcees Zumbi and The Grouch throughout this release are such guests as Fashawn, Casual, Mystic, Brother Ali, Eric Rachmany, Freeway, Roy Ayers, Jacob Hemphill of Soja, Eligh, Codany Holiday, The R.O.D., and Silk-E, whose soaring vocals elevate the single "Rockit Man," as seen in the brand new video above.

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A History Lesson, Part 1: Punk Rock (A film by Dave Travis)

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In the early-1990s, while walking down Hollywood Boulevard as a cluck from Colorado, I remember coming across a videotape of The Misfits playing live from 1983 and thinking “dude, no fucking way.” I’d never seen actual footage of them, but perpetually carried one of their sadistic Elvisy horror-themed songs stuck in my head (particularly “Queen Wasp”). I wanted to see their devil locks, the face paint, those signature Crimson Ghost insignias and battle ax basses and the basement crowd reacting to one of their purportedly awful performances. Danzig the former grave robber. “Skulls.” Green Hell. Only and Robo and Doyle and Mr. Jim (god bless him). Ed Wood and Plan 9 From Outer Space. All that stuff. I bought it. And everything was as I’d hoped it would be, from the shit-quality to the clam notes to the indecipherable lyrics from a lurched over Danzig. I brought it back to the 303 and impressed would-be Fiend Club members. There’s something irretrievable about this kind of history that gives you a pang of inflated significance.

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March 23, 2011: Cedar Rapids

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California Fool's Gold -- A Harbor Primer

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Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of The Harbor

The Harbor
is the region of Los Angeles County centered around San Pedro Bay. It is the site of both the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach, which together form the fifth-busiest port facility in the world (behind the ports of Shanghai ( 上海), Singapore, Hong Kong (香港), and Shenzhen (深圳) -- all in Asia). It was originally a shallow mudflat known to the indigenous Tongva as the Bay of Smokes. It was dredged in modern times to an average depth of ten to twenty meters. Natural islands in the Harbor included Terminal Island, Mormon Island and Dead Man's Island. The latter was removed, the second was connected to the mainland and the first is a highly augmented mudflat. There are four artificial islands built around oil rigs; Freeman, Grissom, White and Chaffee Islands. If one figure can be credited with the Harbor's transformation, it's Delaware-born Phineas Banning.


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RIP, Richard Leacock, Pioneer of Direct Cinema and Cinéma Vérité

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Richard Leacock and Robert Drew discuss the origins and philosophy of 'Direct Cinema'

While not nearly as famous as movie icon Elizabeth Taylor, film director Richard Leacock, who also died today, was arguably a more important figure and more influential upon the art form of film and the world of cinema at large as one of the pioneers of Direct Cinema and Cinéma Vérité. Along with partners D.A. Pennebaker and Robert Drew, the British born Leacock, who was 89 years of age, was instrumental in creating the two filmic styles that we take for granted these days.

In the above video clip Leacock can be seen along with Drew discussing the origins and philosophy of Direct Cinema. While Direct Cinema and Cinema Verité are sometimes confused with one another or believed to be the one and the same, they are actually two different styles with the most distinct difference being that in Direct Cinema the film's subjects become so involved with what they are doing that they forget the presence of the camera and the film-maker. 

Bid on Britney Tix in SF, Help Japan

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If you are already pumped up about the Britney Spears concert outside the Castro Theater this coming Sunday in San Francisco, something that might get you even more psyched -- you can bid to win 2 VIP passes to the show here. Highest bid wins, with all proceeds going to help the people of Japan via the Salvation Army's charity. Auction closes later today, so jump on this!

Either way, see you out there this Sunday in your best naughty school girl garb!

UPDATE: The venue has been changed due to threat of rain: Read more here.

March 22, 2011: The Lincoln Lawyer

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Check Out an Exclusive Wavves Performance and Interview

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Wavves Performance at Amoeba SF

Interview with Wavves

The Late, Great Elizabeth Taylor

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Elizabeth Taylor teaches discipline in John Huston's Refections in a Golden EyeDead at 79.

New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/22 - Bubble Club, Komaton, Barricade, Prins Thomas, Burial Mix & More

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Bubble Club
The Goddess
International Feel

Bubble Club is Dan Keeling. While leaving Island last year to set up a new record label, he recorded and launched the Bubble Club project and released 3 singles, including the lauded Violet Morning Moon. The Goddess is his first single for International Feel and continues his journey into deep space production, beautiful, uplifting melodies and chunky beats. Backed by an oh-so deep and mesmerizing rework from Quiet Village.

Purchase Bubble Club - The Goddess here

Sweet Princess

Komaton now joins the Pro-Tez family. "Sweet Princess" is a bass-bin filling, dancefloor-destroying track from the hottest Austrian export since Arnold Schwarzenegger. The A-side has the original version that deeply pulsates through some lonely piano with noise fractals and druggy vocals. A2 follows with a sublime aural dub version by Bvoice & Khz. SCSI-9's remix has the power to fill the room with sound in a way that only Pro-Tez releases do. A must-have!

Purchase Komaton - Sweet Princess here

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(Où l'on considère les chanteurs français.)

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When you work at Amoeba Music there’s certain questions you answer over and over again:

“Where’s the restroom?”

“Why’s this one this price and this one this price?”

“Where can I find Edith Piaf?”

That last question is occasionally (to my endless amusement) pronounced as, “Where can I find Edith Pilaf?” to which I always want (but never) answer:

“We file her in-between Condoleezza Rice and Tim Curry. They all go great together.”

My internalized snarkiness aside, I’m all for Edith Piaf. Who could hate La Môme Piaf (her French nickname, literally translated as “That short woman in the black dress with the amazing voice but tragic make-up which someone should seriously having a talking-to-her about”)?

But I think too many people stop with Piaf and don’t investigate the chanson française of her peers, which is a shame because there’s so much to love. Below I offer some performers I think are à l'opposé de terrible.

Lucienne Boyer

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The Latest from Our Classical Section

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romeo et juliettehelene grimaudives copland


Classical Guy

Do you need information about a Classical composer, conductor or performer? Need to know if a favorite recording is still available? Contact [email protected]!
If you need a recommendation for a composition we will share our expertise. If we have what you want in stock either new or used we can quote you a price or send it to you!
Classical News

Box Set Sale
We are having a blowout sale on Vinyl Box Sets! We have Opera and non Opera sets at incredible prices. Come check 'em out!

Sell Us Your Used CDS
We want your used Classical titles! Bring us your used Classsical CDs and trade up to new music or let us pay you cash on the spot!

Buy Classical Albums on
If you can’t visit our store you can always check out our Classical section on!
Iconic Classical Artists

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Heavy Metal Film Fest in LA

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heavy metal film fest

HEAVY METAL FILM FEST – March 31st – April 3rd at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles! 

The world’s first-ever film fest dedicated to heavy metal music is coming… with an international lineup of feature films and documentaries from Lithuania, the U.K., USA, and Finland!

The festival opens with the Guatemalan feature Las Marimbas Del Infierno (Marimbas From Hell) and brings you four nights of cinematic metal, including Until the Light Takes Us, pictured above. More info and lineup of films and special guests here!

Earth Hour This Saturday

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Earth Hour- Saturday, March 26 from 8:30-9:30pm PST! Get involved and participate -- it's easy!

Earth Hour has been organized by the WWF, one of the most respected independent conservation organizations in the world. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth's natural environment and build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

Help out -- turn off the lights between 8:30-9:30pm and be a part of the program on March 26! Get more details about Earth Hour here!


The Missing Cogito: I Am (2010)

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Admittedly, I went into this hoping for a completely laughable mess. I Am is ostensibly a documentary about Tom Shadyac -- the director of such shit as Ace Ventura, Bruce Almighty and The Nutty Professor remake -- and his road to enlightenment following a near death epiphany. The self-described near death experience was a bike crash where he broke an arm, banged up a knee and received a concussion. The concussion was similar to what football players sometimes receive, which results in an ongoing bout of depression. Since some such sufferers have killed themselves, Shadyac reckons that he faced death. After a few months, his depression lifted, so the world wasn't tragically deprived of another of its artists. His epiphany was that it's unnecessary -- an obscene display -- for one man to own seven mansions and profligate to fly around on private jets. He came to see that wanting more and more stuff that he couldn't practically use as a social cancer. So Shadyac got rid of his personal jet and the mansions, started filming this doc (evidently before he even had his epiphany) and is now roughing it at a trailer park beach community in Malibu. He's learned to live without jets and mansions and multiple cars, so why can't the rest of us? The film is to help us cope with the deprivation.

The title is a clue to the narcissism: Shadyac's mere existence is enough to celebrate and take inspiration from, not his thought. Rene Descartes' res cognitans is elided over by the gobbledygook Shadyac learns from the new age experts at the Institutes of Heartmath and Noetic Sciences. They preach the same kind of nonsense that made The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know? so popular. The former institute explains that the ontological center is in the beating heart, sending out electromagnetic waves that connect us with everything. For example, Shadyac is shown having his feelings electrically registered in some yogurt. Similarly, the latter institute suggests oneness with everything is our true essence, not individualism. Greed (the director doesn't take a stand on capitalism) is thus working against our essence. To support this, he interviews a bunch of nonscientists speaking on the scientific evidence of cooperation in nature, such as flocks and herds turning in the same direction at the same time. (Despite receiving prominent billing, Chomsky is in the film for about 2 minutes -- if that -- with Zinn given slightly more time. Their notable critiques of capitalism would've been too negative, I suspect.) The film never bothers to connect the dots here: if cooperation or "oneness" is our default position why then such a vast differential between the haves and the have-nots? Well, most obviously, social hierarchy is a form of cooperation that sustains the biological existence of the human species. A monarchy works as long as enough people support it -- this is an example of cooperation. Saying we need to cooperate doesn't mean jackshit, it's how we cooperate that's either moral or not. In place of critical thought, the film amounts to a rich guy using his star power to tell the hoi polloi that we're better off not striving after what he has, that he's to be applauded for realizing this, like an extended version of US Weekly's "Stars, They're Just Like Us." His solution? "Love."

Far more entertaining and worth the price of admission was the Guyanna-styled Q&A with Shadyac after the movie. Following his standing ovation from the zombies, he informed us that by coming to tonight's show, we were freeing slaves in another part of the world! Then the comments and questions began (if only I had a recording): One woman compared the director to Siddhartha (living in Malibu surely can't be that different from self-mortification and a total deprivation of worldly pleasures). Shadyac wasn't the least bit embarrassed, and agreed. A guy asked if the director had any change of heart regarding Ace Ventura (presumedly a cheap commodity that adds nothing to our collective existence). No, said Shadyac, if anything, he's more sure than ever that his film is part of the solution to the world's problems. People need to laugh. Another person asked how we could help get the film and its message of love translated into as many languages as possible. I'm forgetting stuff, but the final question came from a blind black man (who turned out to be an old acquaintance of Shadyac). He said the movie really helped him to see what's important. When you're helping the blind with sight, what more could you do? Shadyac's in talks with Oprah about having a show on her network. Of course he is.

For KRS-One's "What's In My Bag?" The Teacha Takes His DJ Son Shopping For Some Real Hip-Hop

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 KRS-One's "What's In My Bag?"

The KRS-One "What's In My Bag?" video above, filmed last summer in the hip-hop aisle at Amoeba Hollywood, opens with the hip-hop pioneer also known as The Teacha reading aloud the liner notes' shout-outs off the back of BDP's Edutainment album as his teenaged son (also named Kris Parker) listens intently and asks, sincerely puzzled, why was it then that his his dad gave special thanks to wack radio DJs (who he said fronted on BDP's previous album) and to then President George H. Bush. "I was being sarcastic and giving special thanks to people who just screwed up everything," explained his hip-hop icon dad, who throughout his active quarter of a century hip-hop career has never been at a loss for words.

This video segment was recorded about a week after KRS-One had done an instore reading of his book The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument presented by KRS One for the Temple of Hip Hop (Powerhouse Books), at the LA Amoeba and right around the same time as his son's 18th birthday (August 9th). The primary goal of the Amoeba shopping trip was to get the younger Kris Parker set with some quality hip-hop music before joining his dad as his DJ for the then soon approaching Rock The Bells dates in LA, SF, and NYC. At the time not too many people were aware of KRS-One's son. In fact, most only knew of KRS's other, older (step) son Randy Hubbard Parker, who in 2007 was tragically found dead in his Atlanta apartment at age 23; he was reportedly the victim of an apparent suicide following a bout of severe depression.

Ferlin Husky, R.I.P. (December 3rd, 1925- March 17th, 2011)

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Country music legend Ferlin Husky passed away this Thursday. He was best known for his string of late 50's singles including the legendary track "Drunken Driver." The Missouri native got his start entertaining sailors in WWII. After moving to Bakersfield, CA for a DJ gig, he began performing in honky tonks under the name Terry Preston.  Reverting back to Ferlin Husky for his Capitol and King LPs, he soon found major success through marketing to the Rock and Roll crowd. Although already in his early 30's, ten years older than the King, Capitol pushed him as a hearthrob type aimed at the youth market through albums such as Teen-Age Rock, featuring his tracks alongside artists such as Tommy Sands and Gene Vincent. After his initial string of success Ferlin settled into a steady country music career with the occasional low budget film appearance. Hillbillys In A Haunted House, Las Vegas Hillbillys and Swamp Girl are his best know films. Although decidely B-level, he worked alongside Basil Rathbone, John Carradine, Mamie Van Doren, Lon Chaney Jr., Zsa Zsa Gabor and Patty Duke. Unfortunately his later years were fraught with health problems but he went out on a high note with last year's induction to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Although the country section of my personal collection is amongst the smallest divisions, Husky's Boulevard of Broken Dreams from 1957 is tied with Miles Davis' Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud for my favorite LP of all time. Less a country record, more in an intimate pop crooner vein with country flavor around the edges, Boulevard's production is pure tube studio & echo chamber magic from an era that could never be recreated. Unfortunately I can't find any safe links to post a track so I'm including the appropriately titled "Gone."

Hip-Hop Rap Up 03:19:11: Lupe, Talib, Raekwon, Blu, Elzhi, Moe Green, De La Soul, Skratchpad, Bootsy Collins + More

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 03:19:11

1) Lupe Fiasco Lasers (Atlantic) CD

Love him or hate him, Lupe Fiasco’s new one was last week’s best seller by far, selling out the first day we received it and steadily moving units since. Lasers has apparently been disowned by Lupe himself in interviews, which is somewhat of a testament to his testy personality, but he’s clearly tapped into a special realm of the pop music spectrum if he can appeal to Top 40 crowds and seasoned rap listeners alike.

2) Talib Kweli Gutter Rainbows (3D/Javotti Media) CD

Back in stock! I wrote up a bit on this one the other week, but it was out of stock for a sec and now that it’s back on the shelves it’s moving quick. Talib Kweli’s latest is his first independently released solo project in a minute, boasting production from the likes of Oh No, Marco Polo, S1, and Khrysis amongst others. Gutter Rainbows is one crafted for Talib’s long-time fans for sure.

3) Blu Amnesia (Nature Sounds) 10”

New limited 10” single from everybody’s favorite new school West Coast MC, Blu. Taken from his upcoming full length HerFavoriteColour, which was released as a download a while back but is now newly remastered and available to the DJs on wax. The title track and two additional songs on this 10” highlight not only Blu’s natural flow, but also his interesting lo-fi soulful production. Limited and smooth as hell.

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The Foo Fighters Hate Glee

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Unlike the much clicked on & commented upon Charles Reece penned post Diamanda Galás Hates The Foo Fighters, this Amoeblog has nothing to do with Diamanda Galás but it does have something to do with her nemesis Dave Grohl. As reported last evening by the Hollywood Reporter, the Foo Fighters' frontman and his bandmates share the view held by such other rockers as the Kings of Leon and Slash in that he does not want his band's music used on the popular TV show Glee, and is willing to get into a licensing battle if needed to ensure that the Foos' music never ends up as a Glee musical number. 

"It’s every band’s right, you shouldn’t have to do fucking Glee,” Grohl told the Hollywood Reporter in Austin at SXSW this week following the premiere screening of the band's new documentary Foo Fighters: Back and Forth. “And then the guy who created Glee [Ryan Murphy] is so offended that we’re not, like, begging to be on his fucking show… Fuck that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee," Grohl told the Reporter, echoing a similar sentiment by Guns N Roses' former guitarist Slash from two months ago.

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March 17, 2011: Hellraiser Revelations

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Help Northeastern Japan: Let Your Donation Take You to the Movies!

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In the wake of a devastating week for Japan, especially the northeastern Touhoku region where seaside towns and villages were washed away by a tsunami last Friday while the world watched in disbelief, many are exploring what they can do to help survivors and evacuees of this extraordinary catastrophe. Well, here is something fabulous happening this Saturday in San Francisco: New People, a specialty gallery/shopping/media complex located in Japantown, will be holding three special screenings of Hula Girls, a wonderfully heart-warming comedy featuring some of my favorite things: dancing, Polynesian pop, head-strong young heroines (coal-miner's daughters!), perseverance in the face of stodgy adversity and, of course, Japan. Based on true events that took place in 1960's Fukushima Prefecture, the same paralyzed zone experiencing a nuclear crisis having been hard hit by the recent natural disasters, this film is being shown as a fundraiser at $10 a ticket with 100% of the proceeds to be donated to NORTHERN JAPAN EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUNDS by Japantown's JCCCNC. Check out the trailer below:

The Roots of the Irish Disco/Dance Club Scene

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Paul Tarpey (Cheebah crew, Limerick, Ireland)
In keeping with the theme of Saint Patrick's Day for today's Amoeblog, I invited my good old friend, fellow Irishman and longtime fan of hip-hop and electronic music Paul Tarpey to be a guest Amoeblogger. For this post Paul, who is a Limerick-based DJ, photographer, & writer from that Irish city's Cheebah crew (who throw amazing parties and run the Cheebah and All That website), has sketched out a history of the Irish dance music club scene. Nowadays dance / electronic music and clubs are an integral part of the Irish music landscape. But it wasn't always that way; on the contrary. Long resistant to both hip-hop and electronic dance music, the homeland of U2 and countless other rock bands was for the longest time supportive of rock to the point of being discriminatory against disco and later dance/beat driven genres, something the guest Amoeblogger calls "rockist."

Tarpey said he felt compelled to research and write this piece when he "realised that the period before 1993 was overshadowed by the rockist history of the Irish music scene and that these early days merit some sort of record before memories fade and we forget about that scene’s pioneering activities." Here is what the Irish hip-hop/electronic music historian had to say:

Assemble any metropolitan club history, from the Paradise Garage in New York to The Hacienda in Manchester, and the same details are arrived at: innovative DJs within a specialised environment create their own rules to soundtrack a communal experience while being spurred on by a dedicated crowd. These classic night spots build slowly and peak after a few influential years, leaving behind them reputations and energy flashed memories. The Irish files to be dusted off from this period contain sections marked Flikkers and Sides. In remembering the history of these Dublin dance clubs, we consider the roots of an Irish dance movement that is as important in its own place as those overseas mythical dance palaces with their own associated cultural legacies.

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New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/17 - Joy Orbison, Lawrence, BNJMN, Skudge, Falty DL and Tons More

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Debut LP from UK prog-drone trio is heady mix of beautiful yet dour space rock that recalls PINK FLOYD & TANGERINE DREAM with soundtrack-like bliss. Melodic but with grit and bite, it's for fans of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, EXPO 70 & DEMDIKE STARE. 4 stars in MOJO! One-time pressing!

Purchase Transept - TRSPT001 here

Joy O

Since his debut anthem "HYPH MNGO" was dropped in 2009, JOY ORBISON (now JOY O) has been making waves globally. Taking a more straightforward, classic house approach, "WADE IN" has rolling, acidic basslines and "JELS" is full of uplifting melodies.

Purchase Joy O - Wade In here

Sorry Sun

With his first release on his co-owned Smallville label, Lawrence, aka Peter M. Kersten, celebrates another tribute to more than 20 years of house music. Beyond his club influences, Kersten was mainly driven by slow Detroit jazz from the early '70s and classical minimal music which colors the palette of this EP. With "Sorry Sun," Lawrence invites us on another adventure into the miracle of a cozy dancefloor, letting only the music shine and the people close their eyes and smile.

Purchase Lawrence - Sorry Sun here

Plastic World
Rush Hour

Rush Hour is pleased to announce the debut release of a young producer from the UK, BNJMN. His adventurous electronic sound is one not heard in a while. While on one hand his music has a traditional sound (early '90s UK), BNJMN does create a world of his own due to the versatility in his productions. It is this versatility that creates an exciting hybrid sound, therefore pushing the envelope and making it sound very current -- futuristic, even.

Purchase BNJMN - Plastic World here

Norman Nodge
The Happenstance
Ostgut Ton

Norman Nodge offers up his first full EP for Ostgut Ton with three contemplative tracks."The Happenstance" is a warm and fresh embodiment of '80s wave electronic, like a classic Carpenter score. "Body To Body" floats into spacious, acidic zones, taking us in a very different yet equally rewarding direction. An ornate exercise in reduction, "Breakdown" is a slow and measured display of Nodge's unique synthesized visions -- a hint of what's to come next from this talented producer.

Purchase Norman Nodge - Happenstance here

Photek Prodcutions

A bonafied success of the 90's drum & bass/jungle scene returns to the bass frontier with this genre bending single. B-side "101" is an epic track of cinematic scope that takes a slo-mo house approach for a sensual feel good vibe to sweep late night dancefloors.

Purchase Photek - Avalanche here


Coming on strong like APHEX TWIN on electro crack (no surprise from the frontman of label WERK DISCS, home of LONE, LUKID, & ZOMBY), the A-side is the frenetic, hyperkinetic sibling to the hazy smokers paradise of B-side "GERSHWIN." Equal parts sublime and austere.

Purchase Actress - Harrier Attk here

D’Marc Cantu
Set Free
M>O>S Recordings

Next up in the 10'' series on M>O>S Recordings is the solo project of D'Marc Cantu. D' Marc delivers two melodic, sexy and hypnotizing house tracks. "Set Free" opens with a hard-hitting, flanged bass sound and a devastating kick, slowly evolving into a dreamy, mysterious, atmospheric track. "Tonight" is a hypnotic and haunting late-night dancefloor track, combining stretched melodic stabs, an ultra-deep bass line and D' Marc's whispering vocals taking you down into the eerie underworld of his soul.

Purchase D'Marc Cantu - Set Free here

Remixes Part 3

Rolando and 2562 on Skudge remix duty this time... and both delivering! TIP!

Purchase Skudge - Remixes Part 3 here

Falty DL

Future garage superstars grace RAMP RECORDINGS with their best new single in ages, the cut & paste, shuffle groove of "HIP LOVE." The flip features a wonky, off-kilter remix from JAMIE XX of indie heroes THE XX (fresh off his huge new remix album of GIL SCOTT-HERON tracks).

Purchase Falty DL - Hip Love here


The 2nd release from VISIONQUEST comes from FOOTPRINTZ, who create a couple of pop tunes with guitar led melodies over poetic lyrics and dreamy synths. The title track gets a straight up dancefloor remix from EWAN PEARSON, who also mastered the EP for this Montreal based duo. Solid release!

Purchase Footprintz - Utopia here

White Elephant

Consisting of BENJAMIN SMITH from SMITH & MUDD, JIM BARON, & CHRIS TODD (CRAZY P), this collaboration exceeded expectations and produced this slab of rare balearic bliss. On the flip, MARK E remixes the tune for a solid floor-shaking interpretation while keeping the vibe of the original.

Purchase White Elephant - Sir John here


LEIF from Sweden graces us with 3 original tracks of smooth deep house! The title track features DONNA LEA on vocals, while "TELL YOU SOMETHING" is a fresh groove of chunky goodness. "BIDE THE TIME" is a shuffling tune with Detroit-esque chords. MOVE D comes in for a bangin remix of "SO LONG." Tip!

Purchase Leif - So Long here

Daz-I-Kue/BLOODFIRE VOL. 7 12”
Kryptic Minds/CAN'T SLEEP 12”
Seba & Paradox/THE LIGHT 12”
Various/DISCO CAKES VOL 2 12”
Disco/CATCH ME OUT 12”
Consequence/SNAKES & SKULLS 10”
Hizatron & Mr Scruff/PRODUCER #3 12”
Shaolin Afronauts/JOURNEY THROUGH 12”
Clockwork/IT'S YOU AGAIN 12”
Migrant/MONOLITH 12”
DJ Marky & Makoto/AQUARIUS 12”
Soul Renegades/PART 8 12”
John Heckle/THE 4TH DIMENSION EP 12”
Joe Drive/RD-2452 12”
Nicholas/BRING BACK 12”
Martians/BONITOS EP 12”
Rio/RIO EDITS 07 12”
Tanz Tanz/OKAY EP 12”
Todd Terje/TT REMIXES EP 12”
SEUIL: The Nightwalker's Discovery 12"
LUCY & XHIN: LX2/LX3 12"
CHAIM: Alive 12"
ROBERT OWENS: Art Remixes EP 1 12"
JIN CHOI: Use Your Mouth 12"
DJ MADSKILLZ: Carnival Chaos 12"
LIL TONY: Anton's Groove EP 12"
VON SPAR: Soarex 12"
B.H.F.V: ET 01-06 12"
AGARIC: Who Made Up The Rules 12"
MELON: Money (Sascha Dive's 15 Minutes Melodrama Remix) 12"
DINO SABATINI: Small Steps EP 12"
MICROTRAUMA: Colorblind EP 12"
Gentlemen Drivers/ASPHALT 12”
George Benson/LOVE X LOVE (KOKO EDIT)12”
Pablo Sanchez & Uriel E/WE CAN DUB...12”
Minus Yogi/ALL TIED UP 12”
Francis Inferno Orchestra/NIGHT HE.. 12”
Chris Carrier/SUNRISE 12”
Coleman & Ta'Raach/LA #9 10”
Gunnar Bjerk/BACK THEN - STAY 10”
Lee Burridge/HERE'S JOHNNY EP 12”

out this week...3/8 & 3/15...kurt vile smoke ring for my halo!

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Kurt Vile has just released his brilliant 4th album called Smoke Ring for My Halo. I am obsessed. He released his 3rd album and his 1st for Matador about a year and a half ago, in October of 2009 and somehow it just passed me by. I just had to go back and see if I even mentioned it in my blog, and I only briefly did but I never got around to really giving it the time it deserved. That album is called Childish Prodigy. I really wish I could go back in time and fall in love with it right there and then but there was a lot going on that week to distract me! The new album from A Place To Bury Strangers had just come out, and new Dead Man's Bones and Gossip albums had just come out as well. I was busy! So when I first heard about the new Kurt Vile album, I really was not that excited and I didn't know what to expect. I had heard some good things about him -- I knew my friend Zack was obsessed, but I really had no idea what he sounded like. From the look of him, I expected him to sound like Andrew WK or Jay Reatard. I had no idea he would sound more like Mark Kozelek or Jose Gonzalez. He is sort of a combination of all your favorite folk musicians: Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Bert Jansch, and Fairport Convention. I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard Smoke Ring for My Halo. I had absolutely no idea that this would be one of my favorite albums of the year!

Anyway, as I was saying, Kurt Vile signed with Matador in 2009 and released Childish Prodigy that same year. He had put out 2 albums before his debut on Matador. Constant Hitmaker was released on Gulcher in 2008 and God Is Saying This To You was released on Mexican Summer in 2009. I have not had a chance to go back and listen to these albums yet but they are high on my priority list -- I just can't stop listening to the new album! It's so good that it is almost too good. I literally have been listening to it over and over again. I just can't get enough of that first track," Baby's Arms." It Kurt Vile Smoke Ring for my Haloreminds me of some of my favorite songs by Mark Kozelek and the Red House Painters. But my favorite track is probably "Society Is My Friend." I still am trying to figure out what this song is about. I really have no idea...but it has not kept me from loving the song. Every track on the album is fantastic. Kurt Vile and his band have managed to somehow make one of the best albums of the year and I know some of his fans knew that this album would be that good since they have been loving Kurt Vile for years, but I know there are still many of us who are just discovering him for the first time, which is one of the magical things I love about music. There is nothing like that feeling of hearing an artist for the first time and falling immediately in love! It is sort of like love at first sight -- it doesn't happen that often but it is amazing when it does. There is nothing like that feeling -- so go get yourself some Kurt Vile!

Listen to the Kurt Vile song "Society is My Friend" from the new album Smoke Ring for My Halo...

the new album Smoke Ring for My Halo by Kurt Vile

Check out the Kurt Vile What's In My Bag video filmed at Amoeba San Francisco...

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Everybody Loves Lizzy!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! This year I thought I'd round up a Thin Lizzy tribute comprised of covers in a celebration of the rocker legacy Phil Lynott & friends gifted to inspired vagabonds the world 'round.

I am firm believer that there might not have been a "Run to the Hills" if it weren't for Thin Lizzy. Here is Iron Maiden's rather straightforward yet bad-ass version of "Massacre" from Lizzy's Johnny The Fox album. This track appears on the b-side of Maiden's "Can I Play With Madness" UK 12" single.
"Massacre" covered by Iron Maiden

The Cure covering Lizzy came as a bit of a surprise but I think they really pulled it off. Again from the Johnny The Fox album, here is the Cure's take on "Don't Believe A Word," keyboards 'n' all:
"Don't Believe A Word" covered by The Cure

For a band that is seemingly so often compared to Thin Lizzy, it comes as no surprise at all that The Sword have gotten in on the homage. Here is their version of "Cold Sweat" (a very popular Lizzy tune for hard-rockin' cover jams) from the final Thin Lizzy record, Thunder and Lightning. Dig that pencil-on-notebook-paper artwork tribute to the original Thunder and Lightning album sleeve as well! This track released as a limited 45rpm vinyl single:

"Cold Sweat" covered by The Sword

Click these links to check out some other versions of "Cold Sweat" like the throaty metal of Kalmah and the much tamer Sodom jam.

Motorhead, having shared the stage with Thin Lizzy in the past, make every effort to keep the legacy alive with their frequent covers of Lizzy jams, most notably "Rosalie," the Bob Seger penned single from Lizzy's Fighting. Check out this slick capture of Motorhead doing the "rock 'n' roll band" thing at the Montreal Jazz Festival. Indeed!

"Rosalie" covered by Motorhead at Montreaux 2007
Here is another cover I hadn't expected, however much sense it makes: Mastodon doing one of Lizzy's epic action-adventure jams, "Emerald," from the classic Jailbreak album.
The cover originally appeared as a bonus track on Mastodon's Japanese release of their album Remission.
"Emerald" as covered by Mastodon

Check out another triumphant cover of "Emerald" by Dragonlord here.

In keeping with the recurring western themes of cowboy life and hard livin' on the wild American frontier, here is a cover of "Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo)" from the Chinatown album by Running Wild as it appears on their Little Big Horn EP.

"Genocide (The Killing of the Buffalo)" - Running Wild

By far it seems that the proto-metal Thunder & Lightning garners the most cover jams of all; here's yet another one:

"The Sun Goes Down" covered by Sinner

But I've saved the best for last, and no, I'm not talking about Metallica's cover of "Whiskey in the Jar"...

I remember the first time I saw Huey Lewis talking about his friendship with Phil Lynott in a documentary, he seemed really touched by Phil's creative spark and, like so many others, offers a fresh (okay, I admit this video is kinda tired) perspective on the breadth of Thin Lizzy's influence on rock 'n' roll from top 40 pop to metal's sludgy bottom feeders. "The Boys Are Back in Town," yes, but I have a feeling they'll never really leave.

Still want more? Here's Pearl Jam and Bon Jovi's covers of  "Boys Are Back In Town" plus Anthrax's take on "Cowboy Song" (I was disappointed) and, fuck it, click here for Metallica's vid. Cheers!

This Week At The New Beverly: Dazed and Confused, Grindhouse Kung Fu, Pretty Maids All In A Row, Robert Mitchum & Johnny Cash plus MORE!

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For his birthday month, Quentin Tarantino programs the whole March 2011 calendar!


The full upcoming schedule is available online: 

Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair  


Advance tickets for April 3, 4 & 5 Kill Bill performances go on sale this Friday at 11:00am PDT. Tickets for April 6 & 7 shows will be sold at the box office the night of the event ONLY - no advance tickets for the final two shows.

California Fool's Gold -- A Mideast Side Primer

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As regular (and probably irregular) readers of Eric's Blog know, a big part of my focus is writing about the culture, character and history of the many diverse communities of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Although so far there have been around 800 votes from readers, I thought it would be fun (and hopefully entertaining) to focus on the regions and provide a brief summary of them with the hope of encouraging informed voting for the neighborhoods within. In this entry I'd like to focus on what I refer to as the Mideast Side.



The Mideast Side is a name that I made up. Like most of my clever ideas, I was probably beaten to it by someone else because it's natural to want a label for one's region and the Mideast Side doesn't have one besides being part of the larger Central Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles Times covers the Mideast asi part of Central Los Angles -- which it is -- but the other regions of Central Los Angeles (Downtown, Hollywood, and Midtown) having their own recognized identities, the Mideast's has long been (in the words of Phil colli a land of confusion.

Meanwhile, Hollywood secessionists want to claim parts of the Mideast for their town, all the local gangs represent the Westside (since it's on the Los Angeles River's west bank, not east), the cops consider most of it to be in the Northeast Division, downtowners and developers claim parts of it as Central City West

Adele Playing LA's Greek Theater June 6; Presale Tomorrow

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MIss Popular, aka Adele, will be performing at LA's Greek Theater on June 6 with Wanda Jackson as her opener! What?!? Awesome. Adele's new record, 21, is selling like hotcakes here at Amoeba! Tickets go on sale March 19, but Adele's official site says there will be a special presale tomorrow at 10am, so go here for more info!

Spill A Lil On The Curb For Nate Dogg (RIP)

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Warren G "Regulate (feat. Nate Dogg)"

In honor of Nate Dogg, who tragically passed yesterday, here is the 90's G-Funk mega rap hit "Regulate" by Warren G that featured the rapper/singer. Nate Dogg, who made his debut on Dr. Dre's 1992 landmark album The Chronic, had suffered strokes in both 2007 and 2008, and yesterday he died of complications from them. He was only 41.

In addition to his own solo recordings, Nate Dogg also made numerous cameos on other artists' releases over the years, including albums by 50 Cent and Fabolous. But it is his 1994 duet with Warren G above that will remain his most remembered collaboration track. Hours after news of his passing got out, longtime friend and collaborator Snopp Dogg called the artist via a Tweet "a true legend n hip hop n rnb."

Watch Harmony Korine-Directed Die Antwoord Film Here

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Gummo director Harmony Korine has helmed a short film called Umshini Wam starring Die Antwoord's Yo Landi and Ninja and you can watch the whole thing right here!

A Report From Japan From Shin Miyata on Earthquakes & Music

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Shin Miyata and I have been friends for over ten years. He owns a record company called Music Camp Inc, which distributes such labels as Six Degrees and Nacional Records in Japan. But if you ask him, his true love is his own subsidiary label called Barrio Gold, dedicated to reissues of classic Chicano Rock and Soul artists as well as new Chicano artists coming out of the barrios of East L.A, San Francisco and Texas. Back in 2006, I was fortunate to go on package tour dedicated to promoting Chicano culture in Japan with the band Quetzal and writer Luis Rodriguez, author of the infamous book Always Running. It was an honor and something I’ll never forget. When Shin visits L.A., its always a great time. It’s about seeing lots of great music, going to his favorite Mexican and Japanese restaurants, having a few drinks and digging for vinyl. Truly, a man after my own heart!

Naturally, after the earthquake and tsunami hit, I contacted Shin. Even though he lives on the outskirts of Tokyo and far from the damage of the north, I was still concerned about my friend’s wellbeing, as are many of his friends across the U.S. All those horrible images on the news and the threat of nuclear fallout doesn’t help, either. After e-mailing back and forth over the last couple of days. I asked him if he wanted to do a quick interview just to let some of his friends know how he is doing. I thank Shin for taking time to do this in a very difficult time for him and all of Japan.

So where were you when the earthquake hit?

I was at the train station, just about to get on a train to get to work. The train started to sway, so I rushed to get out because the station is currently under construction. It was really scary. Once I got out of the station, I realized that it was a big quake because there were so many people out of the buildings and out in the street. I did not get hurt and no one got hurt around me. After the quake, all the trains were shut down. I went back home and rode my bike to my office to see if there was any damage.
What were your thoughts when it was happening?

I thought to myself that this must be the big one, the one that [was] expected to hit Tokyo for some time.

When did you become aware of the damage that happened in the northern part of Japan? Do you have any ties to that region?

I didn’t realize how dire the situation was until I returned home and watched the news. There was a live satellite feed from the coast that was near the quake’s epicenter. The news showed an unbelievable big wave that rushed the port. Some of my friends are from that region. It took one friend a few days just to find out that his family was safe.

What was the damage to your business and home?

My home was fine. My CDs and books fell from the shelves, but nothing major.

How often are the rolling blackouts? How has business been affected by the earthquake & tsunami? Are people panicking about the fate of the nuclear power plants?

All business is slow, due to all the trouble from the nuclear plants. The power company started rolling blackouts in the greater Tokyo area, section by section. It affects the transportation system and many offices and stores have closed down since employees cannot get into town. We do not complain because we know it's helping people in the damaged areas. Today we went home earlier because a blackout was scheduled for our area, but it was canceled. Of course, they announced it after the time it was supposed to start! We are forced to cut down electric usage, so now is not the right time for entertainment. The group Los Amigos Invisibles, which my company distributes in Japan, was supposed to perform in Japan this week. They were booked for an event in Tokyo, but  it was cancelled. Also, this week we are releasing two titles: Legendary East L.A. soul singer Ruben Guevara and Turkish belly dance/dub group Baba Zula. We are just trying to keep our business going.

We just had another aftershock two hours ago. It was happened in nearby Mt. Fuji [which] is very far from the northern area, but it shook Tokyo hard. I woke up from a nap and ran to the nearest escape just in case. The aftershocks continue and there are so many of them. People are starting to get used to it.

The tremendous damage caused by the earthquake and Tsunami, followed by the fear of the nuclear fallout are getting people real nervous. People are panicking a bit. People are running to get food and gas. There was a big line of housewives around the bakeries and supermarket this morning.
What do you think is next for you and for the country of Japan?

I do not know yet, but I hope this tragedy will change our society both spiritually and financially. Mostly I think that people need to establish a new social and business system independent from nuclear power. It will be a main theme, I think. Even people in Japan not in northern region are exhausted by this situation. I realized how much of our lives are full of joy and peace. 

Is there any music you are listening that helps you forget about everything going on around you?

Yes. Last night I got two 7-inch singles from the USA in the mail. One is by Hank Crawford on CTI label and the other is by Ismael Quintana accompanied by Eddie Palmieri on the Coco label! Both are so good, and it helps me to forget this crisis. But again, it is not the right time to use electric power. But I think that God will forgive me for playing just two singles!

Again, people are really frustrated by this chaos. Music is a necessity to get out from this reality. People in Califas, Pray and Play for us!

UK Reggae Star Smiley Culture Dead, Allegedly From Self Inflicted Stab Wounds

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Smiley Culture performs "Police Officer" on BBC's Top Of The Pops, 1985

Word is trickling in from British music media and news outlets that acclaimed UK 80's reggae star Smiley Culture's life came to a tragic end earlier today (Weds, March 15th) from fatal stab wounds. The 47 year old reggae DJ/MC born David Emmanuel, who is known by many reggae fans for his 1985 UK top 40 hit "Police Officer" (a song that ridiculed British police's treatment of blacks), died of stab wounds this morning after police officers raided his home in Warlingham, Surrey at 7am as part of a planned arrest. The artist was due to face trial after being charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in September last along with four other individuals.

According to UK news sources a spokesman for the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) confirmed they were now investigating a "death following police contact." These initial news reports also said that it was believed that the artist took his own life by stabbing himself shortly after officers gained access to his home. However the fact that it was several stab wounds has caused many to suspect foul play on behalf of the police officers at the scene. Hence the IPCC UK police watchdog group has launched an inquiry into the musician's suspicious death. "We will be looking into the planning of the arrest, the way in which it was carried out and the actions of all the officers who were present at the time of the incident," said IPCC Commissoner Mike Franklin in a prepared statement this afternoon.

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California Fool's Gold -- A Downtown Los Angeles Primer

Posted by Eric Brightwell, March 15, 2011 11:00am | Post a Comment

As regular (and probably irregular) readers of Eric's Blog know, I'm a bit of a Southern California wonk and a big part of my focus is writing about the culture, character and history of the many diverse communities of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Although so far there have been around 800 votes from readers I thought it would be fun (and hopefully entertaining) to focus on the regions and provide a brief summary of the districts within with the hope of encouraging informed voting. First I'd like to focus on the center of the southland, Downtown Los Angeles.


Before I moved to Los Angeles, a Chicagoan told me that LA had no downtown. I could see the cluster of buildings although it wasn't that much different from the many others that rise above the sprawl. Having visited it in the late '90s I disagreed with my acquaintance but could see her point. During the day the western portion was a commotion of be-suited bankers and accountants. The middle was absolutely bustling with Latino businesses and I found a great source for white denim and pupusas. The eastern portion was covered with tents and I saw people performing acts in exchange for crack that should only be done in private... and not for crack. When the sun set, metal doors and gates closed and it was desolate. I was occasionally threatened although I never was robbed or assaulted and to me it seemed that most visitors were from safe middle or upper class backgrounds who needed a bit of danger and prescribed, structured, punk rock rebellion to feel alive.  

Danielson’s Best of Gloucester County—Dancing in Tall Clover

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I don’t know about you, but usually whenever I hear there’s a new Danielson album coming out I feel a curious little pang of nervous energy—the kind that you get whenever dealing with the “touched.” It’s like that with Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre, and it’s like that with his spiritual antipodes, Daniel Smith, the Light of the Danielson Famile tree. This time though, after five years of zero new recorded output, it was more just simple curiosity.

Would Brother Danielson still hold as art-pop’s askew? Would he still bring the Spirit kicking and screaming (and finally rejoicing) through the music? Or, heaven forefend, would the pendulum have swung so that the indie-Bible jubilee of the previous seven albums was compelled towards darker forces . . . towards, indeed, the dastardly craw of the Beelzebub? And would it be possible for him to perform this new set of songs dressed as a nine-foot fruit tree with a backing female faction of nurses (like he used to do)?

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(In which we celebrate the birth of Georg Philipp Telemann.)

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I'm... too sexy for my justacorps

Today would have been the 330th birthday of one of my favorite composers, Georg Philipp Telemann, if he hadn’t tragically passed away in 1767. What follows here is a brief history of his life which isn’t entirely a made-up lie.

1681–1701: Childhood and early youth

Telemann was born in Magdeburg, the capital of the wild and swinging Duchy of Magdeburg, Brandenburg-Prussia, into an upper-right middle of center just-under-the-yellow-bit class family. His parents were Heinrich “The Tickler” Telemann, deacon at the Church of the Holy Spirit & Wafflehouse in Magdeburg, and Maria Haltmeier, daughter of a clergyman-turned-female impersonator (most famous for his rollicking version of O, Thar’s a Terryble Byrn in Mye Nawty Place which he’d perform while re-enacting the signing of the Treaty of Bakhchisarai in a particularly saucy fashion involving a few busty courtesans, a trained parrot and some offensively-molded birdseed sculptures).

Telemann's father died in 1685, leaving Maria to raise the children, protect them from their grandfather and his birds, and oversee their education. Telemann studied at the Altstädtisches Gymnasium and at the Domschule, where he was taught the catechism, Latin and Greek, and American History (then a very short and easy class). At age 10 he took singing lessons, studied keyboard playing, and learned some tips on how to make perfect pancakes for two weeks with a local gourmet organist. This was enough to inspire the boy to teach himself other instruments (recorder, violin and zither), start composing, and dabble in making his own syrups. His first music pieces were arias, motets, some freestyle rap and instrumental works, and at age twelve he composed his first opera, Sigismundus, a drama which told the story of a young man who was eager to see a woman naked but was thwarted by having acne and a reputation at school that he was a “total fag.” The opera was not a success.

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Acid Rumba: Spanish Gypsy Grooves 1969-1976

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It took me a long time to warm up to flamenco music. My interpretation of Flamenco music came from living in the U.S. To me, Flamenco meant those awful guitar duos with white puffy shirts playing at restaurants or soft jazz instrumentalists such as Struntz & Farah or Willie & Lobo, who played what most Americans considered Flamenco. Then, there are The Gypsy Kings; do I really need I say more? On top of that, most Mexicanos have some sort of grudge against The Spanish for being one of our many oppressors. Even though I am first generation, I still held the grudge of my indigenous ancestors.

I soon discovered that Flamenco came from Spain’s Moorish roots and not from the awful Christians who conquered the Americas. In fact, the Christians hated it. The music was mostly improvised and lyrically has lots to do with love, life, death and sex, but mostly sex. Most Mexican music I love (Son Jarocho and Son Huasteco) has the same African and Arabic roots. I soon embraced Flamenco and dove into a much needed Flamenco listening session. My taste grew and I became a fan of Manolo Caracol, La Niña de Los Peines, El Agujetas, Camaron De La Isla and Paco De Lucia. I also became a fan of the new school flamenco: Buika, Radio Tarifa and Ojos De Brujo.

But until I started working at Amoeba, I had no idea there was a movement in the seventies that merged Flamenco with Rock, Funk and Psyche. The mixture makes perfect sense to me, as there are many similarities with the music. The minute I heard it I was an instant fan. Acid Rumba: Spanish Gypsy Grooves 1969-1976 captures that moment in time in Spain where the progressive movement met its past. Every artist on this collection is immensely talented. You can tell each singer and guitarist could kill it on the traditional front. From Los Amaya’s “Bailen Mi Rumbita” to the heavy meets sweet Morena Y Clara’s “Dejé De Quererte,“ there is no denying the fusion of fuzzed-out Flamenco Rock and funky rhythms. It was also a time when established Flamenco artists stretched out, as in Dolores Vargas "La Terremoto" and El Noi’s “Zorongo Rock.”

Hundergrum Records has put out some amazing collections in the past, including the must find Atenshion! Refleshion! Spanish Psychedelic Grooves, 1967-1976, which was one of my favorite Psyche collections to come out of Spain. Like Atenshion! Refleshion!, Acid Rumba will only be on LP and it’s limited to 600 copies. We have a few at Amoeba, so don’t sleep on this!

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South Africa's Spoek Mathambo's Inspired Cover of Joy Division's "She's Lost Control"

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Spoek Mathambo "Control" (2011)

I've heard a great many Joy Division covers over the years, but this version of "She's Lost Control" (retitled simply "Control") by South Africa's Spoek Mathambo ranks among the most inspired covers; especially when coupled with the ever compelling Pieter Hugo and Michael Cleary directed video above. Johannesburg's Spoek Mathambo, who before going solo was the front-man for the electrorap outfits Sweat-X and Playdoewho, labels his African fused electro/hip-hop musical hybrid as "Afro-beat, new wave, & rap." The artist has the distinction of being of Ndebele royalty, descended from the Maraba royal family of Polokwane.

Spoek Mathambo, who has been described as "a slippery post-Apartheid glam-rap prince from Soweto" and whose sound has been labeled "Afro-futurism," counts among his many talents being a DJ, singer, rapper, songwriter, dancer, graphic designer, illustrator, and fashion figure. His version of [She's Lost] "Control" can be found on his current solo 14 track CD Mshini Wam, released last August by BBE. Look for it under electronica at Amoeba, and look out for a lot more from this artist in 2011. Below is a live version the original "She's Lost Control" by Joy Division including the late great Ian Curtis doing his trademark dance moves onstage.

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White Magic, 3 Leafs, Dominique Leone, Moe Staiano and Ava Mendoza in Oakland Tonight

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All this tonight, plus a special appearance by White Magic!

Hip-Hop Rap Up 03:11:11: Cut Chemist, Lupe Fiasco, Raekwon, Strong Arm Steady, Sims, Atmosphere, Watoto From The Nile

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 03:11:11

Lupe Fiasco
1) Lupe Fiasco Lasers (1st & 15th/Atlantic)

2) Raekwon Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang (Ice H20/EMI Records)

3) Strong Arm Steady Arms & Hammers (Blacksmith / Element9)

4) Cut Chemist Sound of the Police (A Stable Sound / Soul Kitchen Records)

5) Eminem Recovery (Aftermath/Interscope)

Thanks to Ray Ricky Rivera from Amoeba Hollywood, who supplied this week's Hip-Hop Top Five. He also offered his favorite pick of forthcoming new hip-hop releases: "Wiz Khalifa's album, because of the hot single and because the mix tapes of his are such fun to listen to," said Ray of his top pick. He also noted that people are still talking about last week's Amoeba Hollywood instore with Cut Chemist. "It was a really dope show ...for his Sound of the Police album. Especially impressive given his setup. He had just one turntable and one mixer and his pedal effect that he manipulated." He added that the famous LA turntablist/producer also had cupcakes (dubbed "Cut Cakes") to pass out to some lucky folks at the well attended show. 

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Prizehog, Wildildlife and Mammatus Tonight in Oakland

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March 10, 2011: Beastly

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Fat Tuesday Celebration at Amoeba Hollywood

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Text by Lauren
Images by Jessica Teller

When Amoeba’s natural tendencies to draw and congregate music and culture from the world over combine with live spectacles, partying, and silly hats, Mardi Gras is effectively in (dis)order. This is exactly what happened on Fat Tuesday! Need more convincing? Do you want more evidence of the fun that was had? Read on, fellow reveler.

The day began as usual, but with an extra fresh scent of king cake and King Terry in the air! DJ Humble Bee was spinning amazing jams ranging from marching band covers of “Sexual Healing” to classic dance joints made for movin’. Then, as the clock struck 4:30, the Amoeba House Band burst through the Jazz room and onto the rock floor, where golden trombones and wee, polished piccolo trumpets blared into the air. Guitars, mandolins, and banjos sang as the drums kept beat, and the clarinet went strolling through the whole march. Cats put on their dancin’ shoes and let the good times roll. Dozens of musicians joined in the parade, including guys and gals from Vaud and the Villians, who positively dazzled onstage later on in the day.

Hundreds watched and experienced the joyous gathering of merrymakers as the spirit of N’awlins was brought to Los Angeles. Out on Sunset Boulevard, people, masks, and floats abounded, all covered in beads and confetti! Friends past and present were celebrating and celebrated, and floats commemorating our friend Lee “Flash” Gordon and Captain Beefheart kept us all close at heart and in spirit. The classic Yellow Submarine made its annual jaunt ‘round the record store in high fashion, as always, and Karen even managed to give beads to passers-by--in the middle of the road, in their cars—naturally.

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Dante vs. Zombies to Play Free Show at The Echo on Monday with Spirit Vine and Others

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Dante vs. Zombies - Yes, I'm Stalking You from KR Videos on Vimeo.

Super-talented art/punk LA band Dante vs. Zombies will be playing in their hometown at The Echo on Monday night (March 14th)! Their set will no doubt include their addictive new track "Yes I'm Stalking Spirit VineYou," which they recently released as a 7" single on Albino Crow, followed by the attitude-filled video just a few days ago. The video (above), which is the band's first official music video, was directed by Kyle Safieh, shot by Cooper Dunn, and edited by Ryan Andrus. Formed in September '09, the five member Dante vs. Zombies features Dante White of Starlight Desperation as well as members of Jail Weddings (who, note, will be opening for the Jim Jones Revue at The El Rey on Saturday, March 12th). 

If you miss the Dante vs. Zombies show at The Echo on Monday you will have more opportunities to see them on the same stage since they are scheduled to have a Monday night residency at that club for the month of June. In addition to Dante vs. Zombies, also on the bill Monday are Spirit Vine, Dark Moon, and Rumspringa with DJs on the back patio. Click here for all the details!

Interview with Virgo 4

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Resurrection is the follow up to the reissue of Virgo 4's S/T album, which was released by Rush Hour in 2010. This album is a collection of unreleased tracks that were produced over a 6 year period between 1984 and 1990 in various home studios around Chicago.

Resurrection really shows the the rich, diverse and unique quality of Virgo 4, which leaves you wondering what impact they would have made on the (Chicago) house scene if their music had been released back in the day.

Merl Sanders took some time out to discuss the Resurrection of the Virgo 4 project. Our conversation follows below.

Purchase Virgo 4 Resurrection here

How did you guys meet?

We met in grammar school, about 4th grade or so. It was known that I played drums and a couple other guys played guitar or bass, and Eric and I along with two other friends started playing together. My parents had moved into an apartment building back then from our house and the building had a large basement laundry area. So we used to go down there to practice and the landlord would always come eventually and kick us out for bein' too loud! At that time I didn't even actually have a drum set; the only time I played a real set was in Church! I think I was probably the first bucket boy (kids who drum on plastic buckets to make money on the streets). At 9 or 10 or somethin' I began coming up with ways to make my mom's tupperware sound like a Tama set I was dreaming to have! You know how stereos back then had those big plastic domes as covers for them? Well, that was my kick drum! Sounded pretty good!

(Photo @ Right -  Katherine Nguyen)

What was it like being part of the birth of Chicago House music?

It's funny to hear it stated in that way, "being part of...." Back then it was just what was happening. Eric and I were very streetwise in a sense, knowing a lot of the guys who would eventually be involved in drug or gang activity. Morgan Park was an interesting area in that it was right next to Beverly Hills Chicago, which at that time was predominately white, so you had this line of black and white on one side AND another line of gangs and drug dealers on the other, and we were crossing both, meaning, we might be on the basketball court playing basketball with some neighborhood gangbangers or having snowball fights with some white guys because we were walkin' down their street. I say this because, one side of our world saw House music as that "preppy" music or "gay" music and another side that was goin' crazy over it, and again we were somewhere in between. I had started DJing early so that was a big appeal about it to me, also. The music just came natural because we were already into Kraftwerk, Yellow Magic Orchestra, to name a couple, so our interest in electronic music had us trying to buy a keyboard and drum machine as soon as we learned about them. So of course we were gonna' do House music! It was a very cool period. And back then it was more of a mixture of the old disco stuff, but more rare, less mainstream stuff, like Candido-Thousand Fingered Man to the Euro dance stuff like Klein & MBO-Dirty Talk and then all the new House stuff that was comin' out! So the music was more of a mixture of things and a lil' more creative back then, to me! The vibe was just different than it is now. That was the beginning!

Were there any socio-economic factors involved in the progress of your music or the Chicago scene as a whole?

Yes. Eric and I couldn't afford a lot of gear at the time. So it was a matter of gettin' a summer job or savin up allowances to get what we wanted to do music. That's the reason Eric got the Roland 505. It was the most affordable one that sounded halfway decent at the time. I think that helped shape how we ended up sounding, of course. You know, it's often said necessity is the mother of invention. We needed better gear, so at least we thought, but that made us make the best of what we had! We could give seminars on what one could do with just and only a Roland Juno 2 and a Roland 505 drum machine now, probably.

What clubs did you frequent in the early days of Chicago house music; Any favourites?

We were always at Mendel High School, but we also liked the Music Box. There was another place called the Playground that was cool at the beginning. You know, there were a few [--] Sauers, COD's, stuff at the Riviera! But mainly our stomping ground was Mendel Catholic High School!

What inspired you to start making music back then?

My dad was a musician, uncles, my mom sang and all her siblings. An uncle co-founded a company called Opera Ebony in New York! Eric had music in his family. A brother who DJed. Church was a big inspiration for me! I went to Christian Tabernacle Church with Pastor Maceo Woods, who is one of the great gospel musicians in this world. My cousin played drums for the church, [and the church] would often appear on a gospel tv show called Jubilee Showcase back then and I would fill in and play drums during church service every now and then! So it came from everywhere with us.

What is the music/club scene like in Chicago now versus when you were making music in the 80's?

Hard to say, really. We don't go to any of the places here anymore or do the club thing at all, but if there was any place that was like how it was back in the day, I'm sure I would have heard somethin' about it by now, and I haven't!

When did Rush Hour approach you about Ressurection project?

They approached me early 2010 through Facebook about doin' the reissue. I think they wanted to see how that would go over and when it seemed like there was some interest or like for the reissue, they inquired about what we might have lyin' around. Told them, yeah, we got stuff! But by this time, Eric and I were very used to where this usually goes -- which is, somebody kinda' tellin' us what they're lookin' for and us tryin' to send what we think they're lookin' for only to realize what we sent is not close, and with boxes and boxes of recorded material, we didn't even feel like that dance anymore. So I just told Christiaan at Rush Hour, look man, there's boxes and boxes, we don't know what to send. So he came here, and for two weeks went thru' the music, selected 50 and then narrowed it to 30.

What equipment was used for the tracks featured on the
Ressurrection release?

The same equipment for the first Trax release, actually. But the drum machines may be a combination of a Linn Drum, the Roland 505, Alesis HR16, a Boss drum machine and a Roland R8. And the keyboard is primarily the Roland Juno 2. They should have us endorse a revived version of that board, you know!!! Same board but add a better power supply to make it international voltage wise, add usb to it to interface with or work better digitally! Call it the Juno V4 or somethin!!! That would be cool!

Is there new material in the works?

Well, we've been doing music since and currently! We look forward to putting some of it out also and soon!!!

There have been a few recent live engagements like the recent show at the Bunker. Are you planning on touring?

We also did a small European Tour back in October 2010 and are in the works to plan more soon!

Future plans?

We want to start doin' charitable things with our music, work with kids, especially regarding education and the arts! i want to do a gospel release at some point! We would love to do dance versions of other known artists' songs! Right now an Australian tour is in the works, possibly April 2011! More music!!!

Listen to "Crayon Box" here:

Listen to "Sex" here:

Purchase Virgo 4  - Resurrection here

New Die Antwoord Video for "Rich Bitch"

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die antwoord amoeba

Everybody's favorite South African import, a group that defies description, Die Antwoord, has a brand new video featuring lots of shiny gold bits for one of their album $0$'s best tracks, "Rich Bitch" -- check it out below!

Winter Music Conference 2011 Underway in Miami

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The Winter Music Conference 2011 (WMC), the annual electronic / dance music industry event in Miami Beach, FL, kicked off last night and goes through the weekend (March 8th - 12th) with an action packed schedule that looks like even more events (parties, panels, etc) this year than any previous year. Even though yesterday was the official first day, today and tomorrow is when most folks typically arrive in South Florida for this annual DJ/producer/radio/media dance music party event that each year conveniently happens within a week of (or overlapping) the more indie rock themed SXSW music & film festival in Austin, TX, which this year runs from Friday, March 11th to March 20th. Many artists and labels attend both events.

The $395 registration fee for the WMC 2011, while not cheap, does gain you admission to a lot of stuff for the five days, including some great DJ parties (countless pool parties) and many very interesting panels about music production and the ever changing music industry. Panels this year include topics like music distribution in the digital age, revenue streams, and one titled Innovations in DJ and Production Technology that is kind of a follow up to the recent NAMM convention in Anaheim with an examination of the very latest in the art of DJ themed production and digital mixing.

There's also panels about getting electronic music on radio that envelopes internet, satellite, and terrestrial formats; and the fundamentals of effectual and solid contracts, copyrights, licensing, online retailing, digital distribution and the intricacies of publishing laws -- all important legal stuff.

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Just Announced James Blake Show in SF

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Get this: there's gonna be a James Blake show at Great American Music Hall in SF on Sunday, May 22! Tickets go onsale this Saturday, March 12 at 10 am, right here. They're gonna be gone in a snap, so if you want in, you're gonna have to be on top of it!

james blake

Santa Monica Baykeeper Seeking LA Residents Concerned About Their Environment

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Santa Monica BaykeeperIf you live in the LA area, are concerned about your immediate environment and have a little bit of spare time, you can make a direct contribution to your community by volunteering with SoCal's Santa Monica Baykeeper! The group currently is seeking DrainWatch volunteers to work at their site during the Great LA River Cleanup. Tomorrow, Thursday, March 10th at 6:30pm, this acclaimed coastal conservation nonprofit, who have done so much work for the Santa Monica Bay and surrounding waterways already, is holding a DrainWatch "volunteer social" and inaugural information session at their Santa Monica headquarters (120 Broadway, Suite 105). 

At tomorrow's meeting staff and current volunteers will talk about what it takes to become a volunteer citizen monitor for their new DrainWatch program, which involves getting trained in water sampling techniques and monitoring procedures -- something that ultimately will improve water quality in the region's bays and streams for future generations. Yesterday I caught up with Santa Monica Baykeeper's Lara Meeker, who is the nonprofit's Water Quality Coordinator, to ask her more about the organization, its history & goals, and why LA area residents should become involved.

Amoeblog: How much has pollution control improved over recent decades and how did these improvements initially come about?

Lara Meeker: Since an amendment to the Clean Water Act in the late ‘80s, Los Angeles County and its 88 cities have been issued stormwater permits. These permits play a large role in promoting management of stormwater and urban runoff to ensure safe water quality. In the late ‘90s, Santa Monica Baykeeper used litigation to enforce parts of the Clean Water Act, requiring the establishment and enforcement of safe target levels of pollutants. So far safe target levels of certain pollutants have been established, but we are all still working to make sure they are met – that’s what DrainWatch is all about.

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The Spotnicks, The Shadows & The Ventures - When Instrumental Bands Ruled the World

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To check out extensive LP label and price guides, head to the Vinyl Beat website!


It looks like the Spotnicks must have influenced DEVO! This wacky early ‘60s Swedish band was the number two instrumental band in Europe behind the Shadows.


The Shadows were originally Cliff Richards’ backing band. John Lennon said, “before Cliff and the Shadows, there had been nothing worth listening to in British music.” Their instrumental career began with “Apache.”


Since we’re playing “Apache,” here are some other famous versions. Below is the 1961 hit version in the U.S. by Jorgen Ingmann, a Danish guitar player.

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New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/8 - Kai Alce, Theo Parrish, Wolfram, Delano Smith, Skudge, ASC & More

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Kai Alce/Theo Parrish/Loosefingers
Assorted Elements EP

We don't need to tell you how massive this will be. Theo Parrish, Kai Alce, and Larry Heard, under his Loosefingers guise, all on the one EP. Limited as always -- and you'd think at this price, you'd get more than a paper sleeve....but the tracks are great and not available for download!

Purchase Assorted Elements EP here

West Norwood Cassette Library

Blonde On Blonde 12”
Teal Recordings

Following the critically acclaimed debut-release of Bob Bhamra's West Norwood Cassette Library alias, Teal Recordings presents Blonde On Blonde as its seminal release. This one is surely meant for the dance floor: an addictive bassline and a stomping house beat executed as if it were a hidden gem dug out in a New York pawnshop. The ubiquitous Ramadanman hits the flipside under his Pearson Sound moniker, with a rehash of 'Blonde On Blonde;' with subtle references to the original version David Kennedy takes the remix to quite different, but equally interesting, places. Lush early morning vibes! A must have! Support from Untold, 2562, Ben Ufo, Shortstuff, Mosca, Pariah." 

Purchase West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde on Blonde here

Cut Out (City Raw) feat. Disconine 12"
Compost Black

Sizzling hot boogie house stuff from Portuguese duo Johnwaynes, combining a diverse blend of styles between acid house, full-on orchestra, disco funk and boogie. After a package of releases on labels like Brique Rouge and Bloop Recordings, Johnwaynes found their way to Compost Black Label, opening doors to further releases on labels like Mule Musiq, Endless Flight, Groovement or Optimus Discos. Their uplifting sets are a universe of possibilities with constantly exceeding style barriers and an assured, catchy energy.

Purchase Johnwaynes - Cut Out here

Wolfram feat. Hercules & Love Affair

Fireworks 12"
Permanent Vacation

Fireworks is the first single from the highly-acclaimed self-titled debut album by Wolfram Eckert aka Wolfram. It features nobody else than one of the biggest disco pop phenomena of recent times on the mic: Hercules & Love Affair. On the Eurodance-infected song "Fireworks," Andy and his band colleague Kim Ann Foxman present a stunning, emotionally-charged performance, refurbishing the torch song genre with a contemporary touch of sparkling synthesizer melodies. The all-Swedish remix package features Axel Boman and Tiedye.

Purchase Wolfram - Fireworks here

Advent/The Glow 12"
Pushing Red

"Longtime producer and innovator ASC steps to Pushing Red with two fantastic pieces of Detroit-tinged techno. He's well known in many circles for his wonderful drum & bass releases which more recently have brought him success on such labels Exit, Nonplus and his own Auxilary. He is also known for other tempos and this release is pure evidence that he is just as deadly in this realm as his drum & bass! 'Advent,' punishing 4/4 kicks things off before distorted, crushing bass and effects propel this monster into Detroit territory! While this tune is a monster, everything is perfectly layered and everything within the tune makes sense. Reverbed keys and delayed effects pull everything together! Definitely one for the fans who like their beats with a little teeth! 'The Glow' harks back to the glory days of Warp Records and mid 90's techno & electronic. A subtle 4/4 keeps the momentum going while the bassline could work out any sound system. Lush keys and pads sit perfectly on top, creating that wonderful melodic and nostalgia feel! Definitely one for fans of deeper, melodic techno!"

Purchase ASC - Advent/The Glow here


More killer output from the Skudge factory. "Below" is a brand new side of refined diva-haunted techno, while "Phantom" bites like it was designed specifically to turn Berghain inside out -- huge sound. TIP!

Purchase Skudge - Below/Phantom here

Oliverwho Factory
Rush Hour

The Oliverwho Factory returns to Rush Hour with their single Galactic Transit. The title track is another hot slice of raw and sexy Detroit house music. A great piece of 21st century soul! Includes a Recall mix and instrumental mix.

Purchase Oliverwho Factory - Galactic here

Delano Smith
My Life

Delano Smith had some great feedback on his release and it's no wonder why! He is one of the most consistent house producers around. Delano is only delivering a handfull of releases a year and they're always the highest quality. Overwhelming warm tracks with classic grooves and that fresh vibe. Quality house music with the capital H. Hearing these tracks, we feel like going to a party tonight!.

Purchase Delano Smith - My Life here

CASSIUS: I <3 U SO 12"
DJ LE ROI: Valdemossa EP 12"
DEWALTA & SHANNON: No Rest For The Wicked EP 12"
COMA: Famous 12"
AGARIC: Who Made Up The Rules 12"
IKE: Supernatural 12"
BREAKAGE: Fighting Fire 12"
KONIKA & OPTIMUM: Aqueous Cream/Ampersand 12”
FREEZE & LX ONE/SP:MC & YOUNGSTA: Foreseen/Unidentified 12"
SYNKRO: Angels VIP/Good Loving 12"

International Women’s Day 100th Anniversary

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Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day and this year is a landmark one since it is the 100th anniversary of this annual event! The day both celebrates the achievements of women and also addresses questions about inequality and discrimination that still exist and concern women around the world today. AboveInternational Women's Day is the captivating video starring James Bond actor Daniel Craig released in the past week for today's 100th anniversary of Women's Day by the UK based collective Equals. Joined together under the leadership of musician / activist Annie Lennox, Equals is a loose knit community of charities including Amnesty International, Oxfam, and CARE, who on their website's homepage today have published many interesting statistics about the inequalities women face, including that fact that rural women produce half the world's food, yet they own only one percent of the farmland.

With ads like the one above, which has been showing on UK TV this week, Equals, whose name is followed by a question mark with the tag "Join The Big Inequality Debate," addresses the still-existent imbalances and unfair gender treatment of women in 2011. For more information on this organization visit And in honor of International Women's Day, below is a sampling of some great empowering-women songs from the past several decades, including the aformentioned Annie Lennox classic "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves" in which she collaborated with Aretha Franklin, whose "Respect" is also below along with songs/videos from such other artists as Pink, Queen Latifah, and Ani DiFranco.

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Disney Fluffs Their Ghibli Cushion: Tales from Earthsea DVD Released Today

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I love me some Disney but, please, if you're going to hoist their banner alongside yours, give Studio Ghibli the treatment their works deserve! While I'm ecstatic that visually gorgeous though plot-muddled Tales from Earthsea gets a slick, English-dubbed (featuring Willem Dafoe, no less) U.S. release today (on DVD/Blu-ray), it comes with the sinking feeling that some of the works included in the famed Disney-Tokuma (Ghibli's parent company Tokuma Shoten Publications) deal struck in the mid-80's will never see the light of the silver screen stateside. [*sigh*]

However, Tales from Earthsea, originally released in Japan in 2007 and the directorial debut of Goro Miyazaki --- son of acclaimed Ghibli auteur Hayao Miyazaki, is a tepid mess of thrilling animation that could take the edge off the recent disappointing news that Disney will be delaying the U.S. theatrical release of Arrietty the Borrower (Studio Ghibli's most recent work, currently enjoying top billing in France with DVD release expected soon in Japan, Europe and elsewhere) until February 2012 --- that is, if Disney decides to release it here at all. What an incredible understanding these two studios have! 

Still this magical fantasy about the once-embattled relationship between humans and dragons and wizardfolk, whether clad in humble Gandalf garb (the good) or androgynous drag (the bad and the ugly), should leave fans of DreamWorks' How To Train Your Dragon feeling pants'd, in a good way. I've always felt that when comparing Disney and Studio Ghibli the difference is as much in the impression as it is in the message received; watching Disney reminds me of how rotten it used to feel when grown-ups talked down to me as a child, whereas watching Ghibli makes me recall those childhood instances when I was as excited as I was afraid of "growing up." Disney makes me want to stay in, but watching a great Ghibli film, and Tales from Earthsea is nowhere near the greatest, yet still pretty good, makes me want to go out afterwards and drink in the sweetness of existence. And not even the culture-washing power of Disney, what with their sometimes sub-sub-par English translations that carry over in to the dubbing and subtitles and wonky promotional trailers (see below), can bleed the beast of Studio Ghibli dry. In any case, if you're dying to get your Ghibli fix ASAP, you can bet your bottom-self "Chinatown special" that Amoeba will likely have bargain Arrietty the Borrower DVDs on sale soon after the rest of the world does, just like we did with Tales from Earthsea three years ago. In your face, Magic Kingdom!

Celebrate African Guitar Tradition at Acoustic Africa in Oakland

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Join California Institute of Integral Studies and Amoeba Music Friday, March 25 at the gorgeous Paramount Theater in Oakland for Acoustic Africa, an exhilarating musical journey that focuses on the richness of the African guitar tradition. This spectacular event features performances by Habib Koité, the Malian superstar whose exciting concerts have endeared him to audiences worldwide; Oliver Mtukudzi, the best-selling artist in his home country of Zimbabwe; and Afel Bocoum, a guitarist, singer, and composer from Mali whose songs evoke the evolution of traditional Malian society. 
Get your tickets today right here OR enter to win a pair of tickets at the Amoeba San Francisco or Berkeley store locations. Enter before March 16th!

acoustic africa habib koite oliver mtukudzi afel bocoum

Raphael Saadiq and Los Lonely Boys at Grammy Museum This Month

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raphael saadiqlos lonely boys

The GRAMMY Museum’s The Drop welcomes Raphael Saadiq on March 23! Saadiq has carried the torch for old-school R&B and in the process has established his place as one of music’s most highly regarded recording artists and producers. 

On March 25, The Drop welcomes Los Lonely Boys! The Texican Rock’n’Roll trio meld Blues, Classic and Modern Rock, Soul and beyond. 

Both performances and discussions begin at 8pm in the Museum’s 200-seat Clive Davis Theater. Presented by American Express. Get all the details on the shows right here!

The Art of the LP Cover- Masks for Mardi Gras!

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For more mask themes covers check out my Halloween blog from 2009 here.

(Wherein Mardi Gras is given an in-depth assessment.)

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How it appeared before they annexed Poland.

I’ll give you two guesses as to who was at Disneyland yesterday.

Your first guess was Charles the Bald, Holy Roman Emperor and King of West Francia which makes you sound well-educated – even astute – but because he’s been dead since 877 AD, over one thousand years before the opening of Disneyland, it was ultimately a stupid, stupid guess – even more so when you learn that Charles II thought Donald Duck was “so retarded.”

Your second guess is that I was at Disneyland with my boyfriend, two of my sisters, and some of their children. Now that’s using your noggin’! (Nice, noggin’, BTW.)

It wasn’t long ago that I was at Disneyland with rock superstar Micayla Grace (currently playing with Rachel Fannan) for her first time. I told you about that, right? No? Well, it was super. Micayla and I got high on rainbow-swirled lollipops (if you cut them into a powder and snort it you’ll hallucinate so hard that the blood gushing from your nose looks like juicy, red licorice whips [but will taste awful]) and had our picture taken with Goofy (or someone we thought was Goofy but turned out to be a soft-spoken teenage boy with neuropathic heredofamilial amyloidosis and very grumpy parents) before being given a tour of the infamous Disney "jail" after a botched assassination attempt on the animatronic Abraham Lincoln during the Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln show on Main Street, USA.

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Madea's SCUM Manifesto: For Colored Girls (2010)

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The conflict, therefore, is not between females and males, but between SCUM -- dominant, secure, self-confident, nasty, violent, selfish, independent, proud, thrill-seeking, free-wheeling, arrogant females, who consider themselves fit to rule the universe, who have free-wheeled to the limits of this `society’ and are ready to wheel on to something far beyond what it has to offer -- and nice, passive, accepting `cultivated’, polite, dignified, subdued, dependent, scared, mindless, insecure, approval-seeking Daddy’s Girls, who can’t cope with the unknown, who want to hang back with the apes, who feel secure only with Big Daddy standing by, with a big strong man to lean on and with a fat, hairy face in the White House, who are too cowardly to face up to the hideous reality of what a man is, what Daddy is, who have cast their lot with the swine, who have adapted themselves to animalism, feel superficially comfortable with it and know no other way of `life’, who have reduced their minds, thoughts and sights to the male level, who, lacking sense, imagination and wit can have value only in a male `society’, who can have a place in the sun, or, rather, in the slime, only as soothers, ego boosters, relaxers and breeders, who are dismissed as inconsequents by other females, who project their deficiencies, their maleness, onto all females and see the female as worm.

-- Valerie Solanas, S.C.U.M. Manifesto

If thine balls offend thee, cut them off. With his adaptation of Ntozake Shange's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enough, Tyler Perry lets us know that he's a card-carrying, auxiliary member of SCUM. Regardless of Solanas' intent, Perry takes the word as an acronym for cutting up men -- in particular, black men. I'm not sure why Perry is so popular among black women, but his success surely suggests there's a serious disconnect, even animosity, between the distaff and staff halves of the black community. To 1995's Million Man March's suggestion that black men weren't living up to their moral responsibilities, Perry's For Colored Girls answers that women shouldn't expect them to, since morality isn't part of their nature. Masculine representation here is summed up by Judith Levine's list of misandrous stereotypes. With only one exception, men are cheats, rapists, incestuous pedophiles, cowards, wife-beaters, murderers, dimwitted poon-hounds, and/or dominated homosexuals. Solanas portrayed the last type in a relatively positive light ("faggots who, by their shimmering, flaming example, encourage other men to de-man themselves and thereby make themselves relatively inoffensive"), but Perry wouldn't take them off the target list, since trusting a gay man can turn deadly. The narrative conflict is that of the epigraph, women struggling to transcend the monstrous masculine.

Alice (aka White; Whoopie Goldberg) is the most dominated and purest of Daddy's girls. She's devoutly committed to God, the Holy Absent Father, and insists on trying to live by His law. Perpetually seeking absolution from whatever original sins He saddled her with, she lives a life of abstinence and penury, having to beg for change from strangers when her meager stipend runs out. The stipend comes from her dead father who left her elder daughter Tangie (Orange; Thandie Newton) in control of his estate lest the mother give it all to the Christian spin-off cult to which she belongs. But that's only the father's version. Tangie's a "slut" in chauvinist lingo -- using men as barely sentient dildos -- who fell into this life after being raped by her grandfather. What little control was bequeathed her might've been a sign of her grandfather's repentance, but was more likely a way of sticking it to his daughter one last time (Alice was "touched" by the old man, too). But, wait, it gets worse: Tangie is the result of her grandfather pimping her mother out to a white man when she was fifteen to better the chances for a light-skinned grandchild. If there's feminine sin here, it's in assuming the masculine will as her own. The daughter adopts the male gaze, seeing others as objects of either pleasure (the fetishized men) or property (ownership of her mother). The mother plays the proxy for eternal "male" judgment, sternly condemning and casting aside any woman, including her own daughter, for failing to live up to divine law. Their antagonistic relationship is the traumatic stain left by an originary battle of machismo, earthly versus heavenly. 

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March 6, 2010: Take Me Home Tonight

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Amoeba Hollywood World Music Best Sellers For January & February 2011

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   1. Afrocubism-S/T
   2. V/A-Rise Of Bossa Nova
   3. Celso Piña-Sin Fecha De Caducidad
   4. Serge Gainsbourg-Historie De Melody Nelson
   5. Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos-Cantan En Español
   6. V/A-Psych Funk: Sa-Ra Ga!
   7. V/A-Sofrito
   8. Enrique Iglesias-Eurphoria
   9. Cristan Castro-Viva El Principe
  10. V/A-Pomegranates

Hands down the biggest world music seller over the last three months has been the Afrocubism CD. However, giving it a good chase is The Rise Of Bossa Nova compilation on Soul Jazz Records. There's a CD version, two separate double LP sets and a book (all sold separately) with all the classic original Bossa Nova tracks that DJ’s have brought back into circulation over the last ten years.

Celso Piña’s excellent in-store performance on February 17th fueled the sales of his latest release, Sin Fecha De Caducidad. Although Celso’s performance was high-octane Cumbia, Sin Fecha is an album that is both subtle and sublime, with more Son and Paseo than Cumbia. Special guest vocalists on the album include the likes of Latin Alternative darlings Natalia LaFourcade and Ely Guerra, rockero Alex Lora and even a great performance by former talk show host and Latin gay icon Laura Leon.

Speaking of Latin gay icons, Ricky Martin’s Musica+Alma+Sexo is out now and along with Enrique Iglesias' Euphoria and Cristian Castro's Viva El Principe, shows that the Latin Pop machine continues to thrive while other pop genres in World Music are quickly losing steam.

On the World Music hipster tip, the latest Soundway Records release, Cartegena!, is out now. Cartegena! focuses on the music of Colombia with vintage Cumbia and Descargas from the Discos Fuentes label. This is easily as good or perhaps even a little better than Soundway’s brilliant Colombia! compilation that was released a few years back.

Coming out on March 8th is the latest release from Portuguese diva Ana Moura, entitled Colliseu. Also out on 3/8 will be another Psyche-Funk compilation on Now Again entitled Those Shocking Shaking Days, which is a look at Indonesia’s various underground 70s musical scenes. This release is heavy duty and much better than the average World Psyche releases. Finally, March 8 will bring new Fania LP reissues from Tito Puente, Vaya Puente, and Tipica 73’s self-titled.

March 15th brings us a release from legendary Malian guitarist Boubacar Traore, Mali Denhou. Nacional Records brings us two Los Amigos Invisibles related projects; Not So Commercial is a collection of remixes and b-sides from Los Amigos Invisibles’ Commercial album, and DJ Afro, Los Amigos Invisibles' guitarist and composer, releases his own solo album, Free. DJ Afro is the best part of Los Amigos Invisibles and is known across the world as one of the best house music remixers.

March 22nd has Reggaetoneros Alexis & Fido's latest, Perreologia, and another in the many tributes to Fela Kuti, this one by Mamud Band and called Opposite People: The Music Of Fela Kuti. Mexican bad girl Gloria Trevi returns, blonde and fierce, with Gloria, her first album since 2007's Una Rosa Blu. Fania Records will release the soundtrack to John Leguizamo’s Broadway play, Ghetto Klown: Music From My Hood that features many classic Fania cuts. Just in case you want to see John Leguizamo’s play, it currently running at The Lyceum Theatre in Manhattan.

For the last release date in March (3/29) we will have the domestic release of Hello Seahorse!'s latest, Legos: No Tan Legos. 21 year-old Corrido phenomenon Gerardo Ortiz will release a live version of last year’s hit, Morir Y Exstistir, entitled Morir Y Existir En Vivo. Lastly, there will be yet another Fania compilation, this time released by Strut Records out of England; Fania Records 1964-1980: Original Sound is a two CD/2 LP set of all the gems you come to love from the beloved Salsa label.

Coming in April, the latest from Mana, Aventura and Cachao’s final recording, The Last Mambo!

The Art of the LP Cover- Hoop Earrings

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Hip-Hop Rap Up 03:04:11: Strong Arm Steady, Cut Chemist, Trackademicks, Beans, Murs & Terrace Martin + More

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Murs & Terrace Martin "We On Melrose" (2011) = Number one Hip-Hop release at Amoeba

Amoeba Music San Francisco Hip-Hop Top Five Week Ending March 4th 2011

1) Murs & Terrace Martin ...Are Melrose (Murs 316)

2) Livewire I Pledge Alliegance To The WIre (LivewIre Records)

3) Strong Arm Steady Arms & Hammers (Blacksmith/Element 9)

4) Beans End It All (Anticon)

5) Trackademicks State of the Arts (Honor Roll)

Thanks to Luis at Amoeba San Francisco for this week's Hip-Hop Top Five chart that features the brand new, fun & upbeat collaborative release from Murs and Terrace Martin on the Murs 316 label, Murs & Terrace Martin Are Melrose. On this concept album these two Left Coast talents morph into a pair of party animal alter egos with tales of partying on such tracks as "We Are Melrose" (above), "Fresh Kicks," "We Got Sumthin (feat. Coi Mattison)," and "Ding Dong (feat. Uncle Chucc)."

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Norwegian Duo Röyksopp's Upcoming North American Tour Selling Out Fast

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Röyksopp "Forsaken Cowboy" by video competition winner Matt Phantom

Tickets for Röyksopp’s upcoming North American tour, that kicks off in two weeks, are selling briskly with their Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Montreal concert dates already completely sold out. If you want to try to score tix for their San Francisco show (March 28 at Grand Ballroom @ Regency) or their LA show, the final gig of the tour, on March 29 at The Wiltern (both with Jon Hopkins opening), my advice is get them while you can.

Known for putting on great shows, on this tour the 13 year strong, acclaimed Norwegian electronic two-man group, whose sound has constantly evolved through various strains of electronic styles, will feature a lot of music from their current album, Senior; released in September on Wall of Sound.

Recently, the duo, comprised of high school pals Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland, invited fans to submit music videos for tracks off the ethereal sounding Senoir as part of the competition. The results were wide ranging interpretations including the winning video above for the second single, “Forsaken Cowboy,” and the ones below for the album tracks "The Fear" and  "Coming Home." For more detailed info on the band and their tour click here.    

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This Week At The New Beverly: Ralph Bakshi, Rod Taylor, a Grindhouse Revenge Triple Feature and MORE!

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For his birthday month, Quentin Tarantino programs the whole March 2011 calendar!


The full upcoming schedule is available online: 



Friday & Saturday, March 4 & 5


1975, USA, 100 minutes - Not available on DVD!
Bakshi's newly made 35mm print!
written & directed by Ralph Bakshi; featuring the voices of Barry White, Charles Gordone, Scatman Crothers, Philip Michael Thomas
Fri: 7:30; Sat: 4:00 & 7:30, Trailer

New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/1 - Locussolus, Moritz Von Oswald, Benoit & Sergio, Sven Weisemann, Golf Channel & More

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Harvey presents Locussolus
I Want It 12”
International Feel

Harvey is back with the third and final installment of his Locussolus adventure before his album release. "I Want It" tells the story of midsummer heat that builds into a cacophony of phuture discostep tension and shuddering, dubbed-out synths. "Next To You" finds the Disco Administrator in a slinky mood, with Harvey's crooning bedside manner competing with sultry female vocals. This is liquid funk/nocturnal vibes for lovers, Harvey-style.

Purchase - I Want It here:

Moritz Von Oswald
Horizontal Structures 2LP
Honest Jon’s

Gatefold 2LP version. This is the third album by The Moritz von Oswald Trio, comprised of members Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), Max Loderbauer (NSI, Sun Electric), and Sasu Ripatti (Vladislav Delay, Luomo). This time, the album is enriched and expanded by guitar contributions from Paul St. Hilaire (also known as Tikiman), and double bass courtesy of Marc Muellbauer (via ECM). Horizontal Structures is palpably a more open, more expressive album than the previous studio recording, Vertical Ascent. There is more contrast, more light and shade. St. Hilaire and Muellbauer add fresh drama and swing to the intimate tonal and rhythmic interactions of the core grouping. The coherence of the five-piece is remarkable, the boundary between acoustic and electronic undone. The group's evolution is firmly signaled in the opener, "Structure 1." There's a lush, romantic quality to the playing and arrangement that has not been heard before: the guitar licks have a bluesy lilt, the bass imparts melody as well as physical presence, the synth sequences are more painterly, looser somehow, and Ripatti's percussion roams feelingly. "Structure 2" is like '70s spy-flick jazz or groove-heavy Krautrock stripped to its barest essence, Loderbauer and von Oswald's electronics glistening in a sticky cobweb of reverb and delay. The languidly stepping "Structure 3" faintly recalls von Oswald's work with Mark Ernestus as Rhythm & Sound, with St. Hilaire's chords hanging thick above bone-dry drum machine drift. Lastly, "Structure 4," the track structurally closest to techno, is pervaded by a sense of mischief, with Muellbauer's strings -- plucked, bowed, scraped -- coming to the fore. For all its complexity, this is also a very playful album, and the Trio's increased confidence and empathy as improvisers allows them to indulge flights of percussive fancy, sudden about-turns, and vectors into the unknown. Horizontal Structures sounds, above all else, free.

Purchase Moritz Von Oswald -  Horizontal Structures here:

Benoit & Sergio
Boy Trouble 12”

BENOIT & SERGIO's new ep & DFA debut."BOY TROUBLE" has an exigent beat, a beckoning synthline & bassline of understated funk w/ SERGIO lethargically singing about the ups & downsides of girls. There's also an amped up remix from VISIONQUEST w/ "FULL GROWN MAN" & "WHAT I'VE LOST" on the flip.

Purchase Benoit & Sergio - Boy Trouble here:

Sven Weisemann

Emphasized 12”

MR. WEISEMANN brings this amazing release to MOJUBA that has a distinct dirtier and basement edge. The title track holds some deep chords and a driving rhythm. "CAPRICE" on the flip is a super stripped tune with a ton of dubbed out elements perfect for chilled out sessions. Quality 12".

Purchase Sven Weisemann - Emphasized here:

Deaf Center

Owl Splinters LP

It's hard to believe that six years have gone by since Deaf Center's Pale Ravine hit the shelves. In the time that's passed, the distinct melodies of Norwegians Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland have become almost synonymous with a specific shard of mysterious imagery so it feels high time that the duo should return to add a new next chapter to their shadowy story. In contrast to Skodvin and Totland's previous work, Owl Splinters was recorded in a studio setting (Nils Frahm's Durton studio, to be exact), and the lo-fidelity, haphazard techniques of their early recordings are now all but gone. With the benefit of some high-end engineering and analog equipment, Skodvin and Totland's murky compositions have been transformed from sketches into glorious widescreen spectacles. The blackened, scraping tone of Skodvin's strings ring out on the album's opener "Divided" before seismic bass drones push up from beneath with a cacophonous, earthy clarity. This is the same Deaf Center we fell in love with all those years ago, but bigger and more powerful than ever before. Between these epic compositions, the two musicians take time to give their own solo instruments the time to breathe -- Totland on the piano and Skodvin on the cello. These small vignettes are crucial to the overall narrative of Owl Splinters, allowing a crack of sunlight through the oppressively bleak atmosphere. Everything slots into place on the album's centerpiece "The Day I Would Never Have" -- piano and cello tumble into each other, forming a dense, affecting cloud of sound. Echoes of half-remembered horror movies, love songs and the dark arts come together in a Norwegian cauldron to reveal something that at its heart is deeply moving and beautiful. Deaf Center are back, and Owl Splinters might just be their most defining statement to date.

Purchase Deaf Center - Owl Splinters here:

Richard Sen & Cazbee
Gone Crazy 12”
Mixed Blood

Second 12" from MIXED BLOOD CUTS done by PADDED CELL's RICHARD SEN & CAZBEE and featuring two funky Euro disco re-edits. The orig track was from a new wave band doing dance music in the early 90s now turned into a high energy dancefloor bomb that's moody and atmospheric.

Purchase - Richard Sen & Cazbee - Gone Crazy here:

Sirko Mueller/REEXPLORED 12”
Coyote/REMIX EP 12”
Sid Le Rock/Miso Honey 12”
Mike Dehnert / Before Frame 12”
Rick Howard – Do What You 12”
Reso/VALKEN EP 12”
Tomba/JAWS 12”
Disco Plumber/HOUSE TRAP VOL. 1 12”
Killer Funk Disco Allstars/VOL.5 12”
Martin Buscaglia/JAULA DE MOTOS 10”
Ill Blu/MELTDOWN 12”
Chase & Status/BLIND FAITH 12”
Downlink/BIOHAZARD 12”
Tal M. Klein/HOUSE ON THE LEFT 12”
DJ Nature/WIN LOSE & DANCE 12”
Try To Find Me/GET TO MY BABY 12”
Roy Ayers & Bah Samba/POSITIVE VIBE 12”

out this week 2/22 & 3/1...puro instinct!

Posted by Brad Schelden, March 3, 2011 11:34am | Post a Comment
This is really turning out to be a great year for music! So many fantastic albums are right around the corner. We will have new albums by The Strokes and James Blake on March 22nd; New Radiohead and Pains of Being Pure at Heart albums out March 29th; New Fleet Foxes album out May 3rd! And these last couple of weeks have also had some amazing albums come out. The new Adele record is fantastic, if you like that kind of thing! New records also were released last week from Toro Y Moi and Puro Instinct. I have been obsessed with Puro Instinct for a while now, but more on that later.

The new album by Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher and Andy Bell from Oasis, is out this week. You may also know Andy Bell from Ride! I was never a huge Oasis fan -- I was always more of a Blur guy -- but for some reason I am excited about this album. There is also a new EP out from The Dum Dum Girls this week. Have you heard their album, I Will Be, from last year yet? You need to. Like, right now! The new Lykke Li album is also out this week. I honestly never really paid her much attention when her last album came out but this new one is great! I seriously did not think that I would be liking it but it somehow cast a spell over me. The new Dustin O'Halloran album is also fantastic. It is more indie classical music from Fat Cat, the label that brought us Max Richter. There is so much to listen to! I know everyone is all excited about the new Lady Gaga and I just found out the single will be out as a 12" for Record Store Day, which is also right around the corner, on Saturday, April 16th. There are tons of great exclusive 7"s and 12"s coming out this year, but what I have been really excited about is the new album by Puro Instinct. I can't get enough of this band...

I have been obsessed with Puro Instinct for a while now after becoming an instant fan once I saw them open up for Ariel Pink last year. They were known as Pearl Harbour before thankfully changing their name to Puro Instinct. I think the first time I actually heard them was at this show. They sounded like some 90's shoegaze band but they also had a distinct sort of 70s Los Angeles feel to them and they also reminded me of Fleetwood Mac. I was hooked. Imagine Cocteau Twins mixed with Puro Instinct Headbangers in EcstasyFleetwood Mac! They had some albums out on LP and just released Stilyagi as a 7" not too long ago but I was waiting patiently for this debut album. Mexican Summer just released Headbanger in Ecstasy last week and it totally delivered me exactly what I needed. The album is wispy, dreamy and a little bit spooky. It's similar to Cocteau Twins in that I have no idea what they are singing about yet I can't help but sing along all the time -- like last night in my car, even though I realized that I didn't know any of the words. I have no idea what they are singing yet the songs are crazy catchy. I really do love this album. I will need to sit down and look over the lyrics so I can actually figure out what they are saying, though it really doesn't matter. It's really all about the music and the sort of mood and feeling I get when I listen to this album cause it just puts me in the perfect mood. I hope you also get some Puro Instinct in your life soon! I think you need it.

cocteau twins


fleetwood mac

puro instinct!

buy Headbangers in Ecstasy by Puro Instinct

Don't forget! You can now buy all these new releases listed below by simply clicking on the link...All these albums are on sale at with special web only pricing. And the entire month of March is free shipping! Free Shipping! The Adele CD is only 9.98 for a limited time. Pick up these albums now! They are all recommended by me!

also out 2/22...

by Adele

No Witch
by Cave Singers

Music's Not For Everyone
by Chain & the Gang

Cult of Youth
by Cult of Youth

Angels of Darkness Demons of Light
by Earth

by Dustin O'Halloran

We're New Here
by Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX

Asleep on the Floodplain
by Six Organs of Admittance

Underneath the Pine
by Toro Y Moi

also out 3/1...

Different Gear Still Shifting
by Beady Eye

Anna Calvi
by Anna Calvi

100 Lovers
by Devotchka

He Gets Me High
by The Dum Dum Girls

Wounded Rhymes
by Lykke Li

Fading Parade
by The Papercuts

March 2, 2011: Drive Angry 3D

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Broadway 100 - Bringing Back Broadway's Centennial Events

Posted by Eric Brightwell, March 2, 2011 03:00pm | Post a Comment

Los Angeles
' Broadway Theater and Commercial District in the downtown Historic Core is the oldest historic theater district listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Million Dollar Theater, Roxie Theater, Los Angeles Theater, Loew's State Theatre, Globe Theater, Tower Theater, Rialto Theater, Orpheum Theater and United Artists Theaters were mixed movie and vaudeville theaters, dedicated movie palaces and nickelodeons that became movie theaters. With twelve of them within a six-block stretch of Broadway, it is also the only large concentration of picture palaces in the US and the largest historic theater district in the county.



Broadway was originally named Fort Street when it was laid out in 1849. It was renamed Broadway in 1890 and runs from Lincoln Heights through Chinatown, the Civic Center, (Old) South Park, South Central, (New) South Park, Florence, Broadway-Manchester, Willowbrook, West Compton, to Carson where it ends. The twelve theaters were built between 1910 and 1931 with a combined filmgoing capacity of 15,000. At that time it was the entertainment hub of Los Angeles. After World War II, it began to decline as first-run moviegoers began to favor theaters in Hollywood and Westwood, and later, the suburbs. 

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Just Announced: Matt & Kim To Play Fox Theater in Oakland, Tickets Onsale Tomorrow

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matt & kim

Matt & Kim are coming to the Bay Area and playing the Fox Theater in Oakland on Saturday, June 18 with opener The Thermals! The show has a special presale happening tomorrow, March 3, so click here for all the details on this sure to be sold out show!

Sandwitches, Carletta Sue Kay and Suicide Dragons This Sunday at The Makeout Room, SF

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Free Shipping Today Through March 31 on

Posted by Amoebite, March 1, 2011 12:34pm | Post a Comment

amoeba music

Attention, loyal customers and fans!

We wanted to clue y'all in on some exciting happenings in the Amoeba universe!


In honor of our newly expanded Buy Stuff section on, enjoy free shipping on any order for the full month of March!

The free shipping applies to all North American orders only and is good for all New, Used, and Collectible CDs, LPs, DVDs and Blu-Rays in all genres!

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Suze Rotolo Passes at 67

Posted by Miss Ess, March 1, 2011 09:56am | Post a Comment

The woman who shared the cover of Bob Dylan's The Freewheelin' and both dated and inspired the artist for 3 highly influential early years, Suze Rotolo, has passed away in New York City at 67 after a long illness. She wrote a fascinating autobiography a couple of years back in great part about her life with Dylan that is recommended reading! Sure am glad she was able to share her thoughts and write it before she died. Rest in peace, Suze Rotolo.


Posted by phil blankenship, March 1, 2011 09:15am | Post a Comment


For his birthday month, Quentin Tarantino programs the whole March 2011 calendar!


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