New 12" Releases @ Amoeba Hollywood 3/8 - Kai Alce, Theo Parrish, Wolfram, Delano Smith, Skudge, ASC & More

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Kai Alce/Theo Parrish/Loosefingers
Assorted Elements EP

We don't need to tell you how massive this will be. Theo Parrish, Kai Alce, and Larry Heard, under his Loosefingers guise, all on the one EP. Limited as always -- and you'd think at this price, you'd get more than a paper sleeve....but the tracks are great and not available for download!

Purchase Assorted Elements EP here

West Norwood Cassette Library

Blonde On Blonde 12”
Teal Recordings

Following the critically acclaimed debut-release of Bob Bhamra's West Norwood Cassette Library alias, Teal Recordings presents Blonde On Blonde as its seminal release. This one is surely meant for the dance floor: an addictive bassline and a stomping house beat executed as if it were a hidden gem dug out in a New York pawnshop. The ubiquitous Ramadanman hits the flipside under his Pearson Sound moniker, with a rehash of 'Blonde On Blonde;' with subtle references to the original version David Kennedy takes the remix to quite different, but equally interesting, places. Lush early morning vibes! A must have! Support from Untold, 2562, Ben Ufo, Shortstuff, Mosca, Pariah." 

Purchase West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde on Blonde here

Cut Out (City Raw) feat. Disconine 12"
Compost Black

Sizzling hot boogie house stuff from Portuguese duo Johnwaynes, combining a diverse blend of styles between acid house, full-on orchestra, disco funk and boogie. After a package of releases on labels like Brique Rouge and Bloop Recordings, Johnwaynes found their way to Compost Black Label, opening doors to further releases on labels like Mule Musiq, Endless Flight, Groovement or Optimus Discos. Their uplifting sets are a universe of possibilities with constantly exceeding style barriers and an assured, catchy energy.

Purchase Johnwaynes - Cut Out here

Wolfram feat. Hercules & Love Affair

Fireworks 12"
Permanent Vacation

Fireworks is the first single from the highly-acclaimed self-titled debut album by Wolfram Eckert aka Wolfram. It features nobody else than one of the biggest disco pop phenomena of recent times on the mic: Hercules & Love Affair. On the Eurodance-infected song "Fireworks," Andy and his band colleague Kim Ann Foxman present a stunning, emotionally-charged performance, refurbishing the torch song genre with a contemporary touch of sparkling synthesizer melodies. The all-Swedish remix package features Axel Boman and Tiedye.

Purchase Wolfram - Fireworks here

Advent/The Glow 12"
Pushing Red

"Longtime producer and innovator ASC steps to Pushing Red with two fantastic pieces of Detroit-tinged techno. He's well known in many circles for his wonderful drum & bass releases which more recently have brought him success on such labels Exit, Nonplus and his own Auxilary. He is also known for other tempos and this release is pure evidence that he is just as deadly in this realm as his drum & bass! 'Advent,' punishing 4/4 kicks things off before distorted, crushing bass and effects propel this monster into Detroit territory! While this tune is a monster, everything is perfectly layered and everything within the tune makes sense. Reverbed keys and delayed effects pull everything together! Definitely one for the fans who like their beats with a little teeth! 'The Glow' harks back to the glory days of Warp Records and mid 90's techno & electronic. A subtle 4/4 keeps the momentum going while the bassline could work out any sound system. Lush keys and pads sit perfectly on top, creating that wonderful melodic and nostalgia feel! Definitely one for fans of deeper, melodic techno!"

Purchase ASC - Advent/The Glow here


More killer output from the Skudge factory. "Below" is a brand new side of refined diva-haunted techno, while "Phantom" bites like it was designed specifically to turn Berghain inside out -- huge sound. TIP!

Purchase Skudge - Below/Phantom here

Oliverwho Factory
Rush Hour

The Oliverwho Factory returns to Rush Hour with their single Galactic Transit. The title track is another hot slice of raw and sexy Detroit house music. A great piece of 21st century soul! Includes a Recall mix and instrumental mix.

Purchase Oliverwho Factory - Galactic here

Delano Smith
My Life

Delano Smith had some great feedback on his release and it's no wonder why! He is one of the most consistent house producers around. Delano is only delivering a handfull of releases a year and they're always the highest quality. Overwhelming warm tracks with classic grooves and that fresh vibe. Quality house music with the capital H. Hearing these tracks, we feel like going to a party tonight!.

Purchase Delano Smith - My Life here

CASSIUS: I <3 U SO 12"
DJ LE ROI: Valdemossa EP 12"
DEWALTA & SHANNON: No Rest For The Wicked EP 12"
COMA: Famous 12"
AGARIC: Who Made Up The Rules 12"
IKE: Supernatural 12"
BREAKAGE: Fighting Fire 12"
KONIKA & OPTIMUM: Aqueous Cream/Ampersand 12”
FREEZE & LX ONE/SP:MC & YOUNGSTA: Foreseen/Unidentified 12"
SYNKRO: Angels VIP/Good Loving 12"

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