Fat Tuesday Celebration at Amoeba Hollywood

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Text by Lauren
Images by Jessica Teller

When Amoeba’s natural tendencies to draw and congregate music and culture from the world over combine with live spectacles, partying, and silly hats, Mardi Gras is effectively in (dis)order. This is exactly what happened on Fat Tuesday! Need more convincing? Do you want more evidence of the fun that was had? Read on, fellow reveler.

The day began as usual, but with an extra fresh scent of king cake and King Terry in the air! DJ Humble Bee was spinning amazing jams ranging from marching band covers of “Sexual Healing” to classic dance joints made for movin’. Then, as the clock struck 4:30, the Amoeba House Band burst through the Jazz room and onto the rock floor, where golden trombones and wee, polished piccolo trumpets blared into the air. Guitars, mandolins, and banjos sang as the drums kept beat, and the clarinet went strolling through the whole march. Cats put on their dancin’ shoes and let the good times roll. Dozens of musicians joined in the parade, including guys and gals from Vaud and the Villians, who positively dazzled onstage later on in the day.

Hundreds watched and experienced the joyous gathering of merrymakers as the spirit of N’awlins was brought to Los Angeles. Out on Sunset Boulevard, people, masks, and floats abounded, all covered in beads and confetti! Friends past and present were celebrating and celebrated, and floats commemorating our friend Lee “Flash” Gordon and Captain Beefheart kept us all close at heart and in spirit. The classic Yellow Submarine made its annual jaunt ‘round the record store in high fashion, as always, and Karen even managed to give beads to passers-by--in the middle of the road, in their cars—naturally.

All were delighted, young and younger, to share in the Mardi Gras festivities that continued back inside of Amoeba, out of the summery February sun. In the jazz room, lucky wheel-spinners were regaled with gifts and all the blues tunes fit for Fat Tuesday until Vaud and the Villians, resplendent with beautiful bass- and reed-toting ladies, dancers, singers, and washboard players, came together in a performance fit for any church, any day of the week. Their timbres were as pure as their tailored garments, and both were du bon ton.

Have you ever seen such a party go down at Amoeba? It was another good day on the books for us here, and we hope you had a marvy, marvelous time celebrating Mardi Gras in your own way. Hopefully, wherever you were, there was plenty of food, good times, good friends, and, above all, good music to mix it all up like hot sauce in jambalaya. Join us at our home on Sunset next year on Tuesday for more frenzied fanciness!

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