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PJ Harvey
is back! I love this lady like no other. I really get so excited every time she has a new album. She never stops impressing me and all her albums are so different but they are all uniquely PJ and they are all uniquely brilliant. This new album again switches things up and you might not like it at first but you can never go into a new PJ Harvey album expecting it to sound like any of her older albums. Dry and Rid Of Me remain two of my two favorite albums of all time and I would love to have those albums come out all over again but she has already done that. She doesn't need to go back and recreate the same style or energy she was working with back then. If you want those albums again then just go back and listen to them again! Her new album is called Let England Shake. It deals with some dark stuff, but remember, this is still PJ Harvey. The album deals mostly with war and fighting but not just in England, and it is a beautiful album at the same time. The album is what you make it. I am so happy she continues to impress me and make one great album one after the other.

PJ Harvey got her start way back in 1992 with her brilliant debut Dry. It came out in the beginning of summer, just weeks after I graduated from high school. As soon as one of my best friends played me the cassette in her car...I was in love. I think we all needed this album in our lives. It came at the perfect time for me. "Oh My Lover," "Dress," Sheela-Na-Gig," "Plants & Rags," "O Stella," & "Hair" are all on this album. I actually love every single song. It is one of those records that stands up almost 20 years later! I can't really even believe it has been that long. The album was dark and weird, powerful and full of this crazy energy. She seemed to just come out of nowhere. Other than Siouxsie, I really didn't love a whole lot of female musicians at the time. I pj harvey rid of meneeded some more in my life for sure. Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos had come out earlier that year. Debut by Bjork was right around the corner. Rid of Me came out the following year, in May of 1993. I was so excited to check out her second album -- I really had probably listened to Dry hundreds of times already at that point. Rid Of Me was perfect. It was even louder and more aggressive than Dry. I am sure it was not exactly the album that her label wanted her to make but it was another brilliant album and I couldn't get enough. The album featured "50ft Queenie," "Man Size," "Rid of Me," "Legs," & "Yuri-G." I actually didn't get around to seeing her live until her third album. I regret to this day that I didn't see those first two tours!

Her third album was To Bring You My Love in 1995. The album featured "Down by the Water," "C'mon Billy," "Long Snake Moan," & "To Bring You My Love." "Down by the Water" was the first single and I think the first time I heard the song was when I saw the video on MTV. It was for sure a different direction for her. The song became one of her biggest singles. I was still in love and I couldn't get enough. I finally got to see her live and PJ was, of course, amazing in person. I have never missed a live show since. She has continued to release a new album every couple of years. Is This Desire? in 1998, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea in 2000, Uh Huh Her in 2004, White Chalk in 2007, and now her new album, Let England Shake, in 2011. Not everybody liked White Chalk but I have loved them all. Stories from the City is one of my favorites of the later albums. I have been listening to this new album a bunch -- I just keep it on repeat. I didn't really fall in love until about the 4th or 5th time through. PJ Harvey stands up there with Siouxsie as one of my favorite female musicians of all time and her 8 albums all have a special place in my heart, coinciding with different parts of my life. I feel like I have grown up with her! She has been there with me from the month after high school right until now. I look forward to where she takes me on her journey. I love you, PJ Harvey.

Check out the video for PJ Harvey's new song "The Words That Maketh Murder" from her new album Let England Shake...

Check out the PJ Harvey video for "50ft Queenie" from the album Rid of Me (You might remember this video from Beavis and Butthead)...

buy Let England Shake by PJ Harvey

There really has been a ton of great stuff out the last couple of weeks. Sub Pop released the fantastic debut album from La Sera and the new album from The Twilight Singers. There's also a fantastic and weird new album from Conor Oberst working as Bright Eyes once again,  Mogwai is back with another great album, I heard a new spooky album from Esben & the Witch, a new EP from one of my new favorites, Dom, a brand new Cut Copy, new Asobi Seksu and a Sonic Youth soundtrack! So much music I barely have time to listen to it all! And you can now click on these albums below and buy all of them in our buy stuff section! Exciting times at!

also out 2/8...

Vol. 2: Cosmic Birth & Journey of Shinju
by Akron/Family

cut copy zonoscope

by Cut Copy

Violet Cries
by Esben & the Witch

LTD. Form
by Silk Flowers

also out 2/15...

by Asobi Seksu

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods
by Dom

People's Key
by Bright Eyes

La Sera
by La Sera

Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will
by Mogwai

Simon Werner A Disparu
by Sonic Youth

Dynamite Steps
by The Twilight Singers


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