The Town Part VII: Oakland Faders DJ Collective Proves There's Strength In Numbers

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The super-talented East Bay based Oakland Faders hip-hop DJ collective has grown in its ranks since founding members DJs Spair and Platurn formed the party rockin'/turntablist group, originally a DJ duo, a dozen years ago. These days Spair, while still officially a member, resides down in Las Vegas where he DJs clubs, casinos, and big parties, while back in The Town (Oakland) DJ Platurn is now flanked by such renowned fellow Oakland Faders as Joe Quixx, DJ Zeph, DJ Enki, DJ Mere, and Ammbush. Meanwhile, another Oakland Fader in exile, DJ Icewater, currently resides in Brooklyn, New York but makes regular trips back to the East Bay to collaborate with his crew. Same with DJ Spair, who was up from Nevada in the Bay two weekends ago with the crew to DJ for the monthly Fade at Era party in Oakland at Era Art Bar & Lounge.

Each DJ of the eight member Oakland Faders has his own rich Bay Area hip-hop history that collectively dates back to before the Faders formed. And if you were to round up all of the productions, remixes, records and mixtape CDs that the Oakland Faders are responsible for, both individually and as a crew, you'd fill several crates with some top quality hip-hop. At Amoeba look for these releases as well as for their PCKPR (Piece Keeper Clothing) line T's with an exclusive CD.

One thing that I have always loved about the Oakland Faders is their Oakland Raiders derived logo above, something that has evolved slightly over the years. "The first time we did the Oakland Faders logo we actually used the [Raiders] logo. That was back about ten years ago in the Stray Records days. And that was a straight rip but you can only run with that for so long," said Platurn in reference to the common knowledge of how well guarded copyrighted NFL logos can be. "So right now it's kind of a cartoon derivative of it at this stage. Basically we took the swords and made them into [turntable] tone arms, and instead of a helmet he's wearing headphones."

For Platurn and his fellow Faders, being part of a DJ crew versus rolling solo has advantages and is something that seems to be more common in the Bay Area and in California than in other places like back East. "Yeah, getting together as a group and working together seems to be something that is a traditional element of society here in the Bay Area, so it makes sense that it translates into DJs and hip-hop in general," said Platurn. "There's a real sense of community here in the Bay Area and indeed in much of California. And being part of a crew, you learn more from others plus you inspire one another. And, sure, crew members come and go because people have their differences, but ultimately you always feel it is like a place that you can go to and feel at home. And as much as DJing is honing your own personal style it is also honing your crew's style."

For more on the Oakland Faders and its eight members, plus their upcoming events and releases, visit the official Oakland Faders website.  One of the upcoming Oakland Faders events is the DJ Platurn curated monthly The 45 Sessions which recently moved its monthly residency from The Layover to its new home, Yoshi's Oakland down by Jack London Square. The next party is Wednesday, Feb 23rd with DJ Shortkut joining as special guest. More info here.
This is the latest installment in the ongoing The Town Amoeblog Series, dedicated to celebrating artists & other talented individuals, independent businesses & non-profits, and unique organizations from the city of Oakland, CA (aka The Town).

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