T-West's Black History Month Rap Series

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T-West "Black History Month 2011"

For this year's Black History Month (BHM) talented Canadian rapper T-West wraps up his four part series of edutaining Black History Month raps with the above final BHM rap in the well received series. The first three T-West Black History Month raps (2006, 2009, & 2010) focused on praising the accomplishments of various Black figures that not everyone may have been aware of. As he said in introducing last year's BHM rap, the reason T-West writes and records these songs is, "Because I want young people to be excited about Black History Month. It was frustrating when I would be in class and none of my Black peers would be aware of some of the great things that Blacks had contributed to history." For T-West's latest and final Black History Month rap, released two weeks ago, the MC addresses (in the form of a letter been written) the individuals that he saluted in his past BHM raps. All four in the series are here and also on T-West's website.

T-West "Black History Month 2010"

 T-West "Black History Month 2009"

T-West "Black History Month 2006"

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