Amoeblog Black History Month Series Salutes Leroy Moore & the Krip-Hop Nation, Pt I

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Leroy Moore
Leroy Moore
, the founder of the Krip Hop Nation -- the burgeoning global umbrella organization for hip-hop artists with disabilities -- may appear to have the proverbial chips stacked against him. The Berkeley, CA artist, activist, organizer has cerebral palsy, which significantly affects his speech and slows down his mobility. But in no way does that deter Moore who, in the five years since he founded the growing global Krip-Hop organization, has gotten increasingly busier with every turn.

This Black History Month Amoeblog is part one in a two-part salute to this amazing, hard-working, positive & productive individual. The much longer second part, which will run on Thursday, Feb 24th, will include an in-depth interview with Moore and present a detailed overview of the numerous Krip-Hop artists (hip-hop artists with disabilities) around the world that Moore has been documenting via a series of compilation releases and other projects.

2010 was an incredibly busy year for Moore who, besides Krip-Hop Nation, is involved in a myriad of activities including the Sins Invalid arts & education organization. In 2010 Moore spent a good deal of time out on the road traveling to Krip Hop related events back East, down South, and over in Europe, where he and his group were presenters at the UK's DaDa Fest (Disability & Deaf Arts). We're only seven weeks into 2011 and this new year is already shaping up to be an even more hectic one for the man and the Krip-Hop Nation organization he founded five years ago.

He's planning an event with a CUNY college back east. He's busy at work planning the big annual event in April at Theater Artaud in San Francisco for Sins Invalid, the non-profit arts organziation he co-founded six years ago with Patty Berne that hosted a successful event last month. He and Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp is also wrapping up final stages on the soon to 1st Krip-Hop Mixtape featuring disabled woman hip-hop artists in the ongoing series of Krip-Hop compilation CDs he's been producing. Additionally, he's involved in both a documentary project on the life of Joe Capers and a book on Krip-Hop Nation.

Add to this seemingly never ending list of 2011 events three more for this weekend in celebration of Black History Month. Today, Friday, Feb 18th at 7pm, Moore will be at a book reading event at Modern Times Bookstore in San Francisco where black disabled authors & friends of Krip-Hop will read from their new books. These will include Toni Hickman of Texas, whose Krip-Hop release "Cripple Pretty" is a riveting hip-hop recording (see/hear excerpt below); Adarro Minton of New York; Allen Jones of San Francisco; and friends of Krip-Hop Nation, DC Curtis and Bones Kendall, whose recently published Truth & Pain: starring the Gangsters & Retards and featuring the fictitious emcee MC Cripple Crip, is both an uplifting and (to borrow a KRS-One coined phrase) a most edutaining read.

Excerpt from "Crippled Pretty"  by Krip-Hop artist Toni Hickman

Tomorrow, Saturday, 1pm - 3:30pm, at the Main Library in San Francisco the celebration of the Krip-Hop Nation and all other disabled arts will continue their Black History Month activities with more readings, music performances, discussions and panels all highlighting the artistic contributions of black disabled artists/authors/activists and those who support them. Performances scheduled will include songs and spoken word/poetry by Bay Area black disabled artists/activists Lee Williams and Avotcja and Krip-Hop artist Roxx Da Foxx will also perform, while visiting Boston, MA Krip-Hop artist, activist, & actor Keith Jones will talk about his new documentary and why his latest hip-hop CD will be his last. There will also be a tribute to late great disabled East Bay music producer Joe Capers, who worked with such artists as MC Hammer and Digital Underground back in the day. And DJ Kabia of South Africa, who is disabled and has his own campaign to reach out to other disabled musicians, has been invited to the event. For more information on these events visit the Krip-Hop Nation website. And check back here on the Amoblog Monday for the more detailed Part II in the Black History Month salute to Leroy Moore and the Krip-Hop Nation.

Leroy Moore on Black Disabled Artists, Authors, Activists & Friends Events This Weekend

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