When White Flags Won’t Do, Red Flags

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Excess leads to the palace of wisdom; how many recreational drug users have rolled out that William Blake quote to warm their hands after a little binge? I’ve known a few bunch. There’s justification for that last fat rail, if you squint good and hard with an open mind. “It’s not the high dude,” one can infer, “it’s that we’re road-tripping to the palace of fucking wisdom!” Anyway, excess also leads to West Jordan, Utah.

Did you hear about the high school girl’s basketball team in Utah, the West Ridge Academy Lady Eagles, that got thumped 108-3? That’s almost unfathomable on at least three levels—how does a team manage only three points in a 40-minute game? How does a team manage 108 points in a 40-minute game? And were the St. Joseph’s Crusaders—the squad that hung all those points on the home team like perfect Lady Machiavelli’s—essentially having what boils down to one of those John Lennon “lost weekends?” Were they snorting Lady Eagles through a straw and blaring the Scissor Sisters and basically having an orgy on the hardwood? It seems that way. There was a wild hair up somebody’s ass for sure. A 105-point thrashing ranks up there with out-of-hand frosh hazing rituals and Glenn Danzig’s old grave-robbing days. It’s just sort of piling on against feeble (or dead) things.

But not according to the coach of St. Joseph’s coach, Rob McGill. He said that if his team of “at risk” students let up any that they’d be essentially taunting and embarrassing the Lady Eagles by implication. So, in a show of good sportsmanship for the integrity of the game, he went about embarrassing them more directly.

“Too many people in the world allow the youth to not be as good as they can be, allow them to be lazy,” he said after the game about that particular can of whoop ass. “I'm giving them an opportunity to live up to the best of their abilities and be proud. If that’s what I’m being blamed for, then OK, I accept it.”

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This either means he’s got a rotten nephew who’s growing up a ninny because that brother of his—that pushover—refuses to discipline him. Or it could be that what Coach was essentially saying was, eh, another beer bong wouldn’t hurt…and dude, who’s down for an 8-ball? He went about abusing something (West Ridge Academy) through a recreational medium (basketball) to uphold a bigger lesson for his girls' developing worldviews (“Sweep the leg. Do you got a problem with that Mr. Lawrence? No mercy.”) Hope somebody had the good sense to at least take his car keys.

I don’t know. People are debating this (BCS supporters are like, what’s the big deal?). But it all seems like the kind of competitive gluttony that zooms right past the finer points of what it means to keep people from tipping over to laziness. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ploy has a sort of character backlash. Or if it had no effect on them whatsoever, Apathy being the new Enthusiasm and all.

At the same time, I feel compelled to question the amount of pride they’re instilling at poor West Ridge Academy. There should have at least been some hard fouls late by those Lady Eagles, some retaliation via Mutombo-like elbows, a little hip-check meant to send a message, a flagrant foul -- anything! But it looks to me like they just got packed into a bowl and smoked by a gang of really focused partiers.

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