Sebadoh's Bakesale To Be Reissued This April

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sebadoh bakesale
Musically loud and appealingly sloppy while lyrically quite sentimental and soft, Bakesale by Sebadoh is one of the best records of the 90s. It will be reissed by Domino in early April with a full disc of singles, EP tracks and rarities, which includes the beloved Rebound EP I clung to so dearly back in those hazy college days...
Bakesale Bonus Disc Tracklisting

1 MOR backlash
2 Not a friend
3 Foreground
4 40203
5 Mystery Man
6 Drumstick Jumble
7 Lime kiln
8 Fancy-ass / Destitute
9 Perfect Way
10 Give The Drummer Some
11 Cementville
12 Social Medicine
13 On Fire (acoustic)
14 Magnet's Coil (acoustic)
15 Rebound (acoustic)
16 Punching Myself In The Face Repeatedly, Publicly
17 Sing Something / Plate Of Hatred
18 III Screams (wet synth mix)
19 Monsoon
20 Rainbow Farm
21 Hank Williams
22 Careful
23 Dramamine
24 Not Too Amused
25 Shit Soup

"Magnet's Coil" from the o.g. version of Bakesale:

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