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I am a photographer, but these aren't necessarily my best photos ever. They are, however, photos from most of my favorite shows of 2010, in chronological order:


1/2/10 An Evening with the Melvins at the Great American Music Hall

I don't like to be late to shows, but I think I had to work this night, so I walked into the Great American Music Hall during the second song of the set. The show began with just Buzzo and Dale on stage. I brought my one of my brothers to the show, and it was his first time seeing the Melvins. We grew up listening to a lot of Beatles and both LOVE them, so when the band played "Let Me Roll It" by Paul McCartney, I kinda lost my shit. It was an amazing beginning to a rad show. Love those Melvins!

frank fairfield

 brendan benson

2/11/10 Brendan Benson supported by Frank Fairfield at the Independent

I love Brendan Benson and saw him twice this year but this show was extra awesome because I got to see Frank Fairfield. He plays old timey country/bluegrass music and he blew me away. I also grew up listening to Bob Wills, the Carter Family, Johnny Cash, among others. I was pleased when Frank played at Amoeba Music later this year to support Terry Zwigoff's DVD signing.  


3/7/10 Shrinebuilder at the Independent

This shit was amazing. Dale from the Melvins, Al from Sleep and Om, Wino from The Obsessed and Saint Vitus and Scott Kelly from Neurosis...  I don't think I really need to say more, except that these dudes seemed to be having a lot of fun playing together, and that always makes a show more fun for the audience.  

dead weather


4/16/10 The Dead Weather at the Fillmore and Earth at Slim's

I saw Jack White and Dylan Carlson in the same night. IN THE SAME NIGHT!! I mean, do you understand the awesomeness that this night was?! First off, I didn't think I was going to make it to Slim's in time to see Earth. I had my Dead Weather ticket before the Earth show was even announced, and I was a little bit butthurt that I wasn't going to be able to see Earth. But as it turns out, I made it to both, saw the full sets and dreamed the sweetest dreams that night.  

eagle twin

eagle twin

8/10/10 & 8/11/10 Eagle Twin at DNA Lounge and TERMINAL, respectively

Eagle Twin is one of the raddest bands I've ever had the pleasure to see live. And they are super rad dudes to boot! The show at the DNA was awesome, but the show at TERMINAL was extra special to me. TERMINAL is the longest running underground venue in the East Bay, and I know the folks who live there--I'm dating one of them. On top of that, my boyfriend knows the singer/guitar player in Eagle Twin from way back, so, it was a small, intimate show at my boyfriend's house and friends were the headliner... But for some reason I didn't take a single photo of either show, so the first image, at the DNA, is from here, and the second image is by Deletist.


9/9/10 The Gories at the Independent

I hadn't been waiting as long as some friends of mine, but hot damn was I excited to see these Detroit garage rock legends play in San Francisco! And they didn't disappoint. I was overwhelmed with pure rock bliss at this show and was not the only one. I went with a gang of friends and right up until the very last minute we were moving and shaking all over the place. I mean, you can't NOT dance when you see the Gories. If you ever get the chance again, GO SEE THE GORIES!!  



9/11/10 & 9/12/10 Sleep at the Regency Ballroom

Another band I've been waiting a long time to see, these shows were properly heavy and stoney. Seeing Matt Pike and Al Cisneros on the stage together again was fucking phenomenal. I mean, how many bands were born after listening to "Dopesmoker" over and over and over again? These San Jose natives brought the heavy and I brought some weed! 9/11-- Happy Birthday, Doug... NEVER FORGET.

black keys

9/30/10 The Black Keys at the Fox Theater

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!! My wonderful cousin surprised me with tickets to see the Black Keys and it was my first time at the beautiful Fox Theater in downtown Oakland. I have a soft spot in my heart for rockin duos, and these boys did not disappoint me! As a drummer, I was mesmerized by the drumming stylings and danced the night away. I wouldn't have had it any other way on my birthday!

flaming lips

10/1/10 Flaming Lips at the Fox Theater

Yep, that's right! To continue my birthday fun, I went to the Fox Theater for the second time the very next night to see one of the best live bands I've ever seen, Wayne Coyne and the fabulous Flaming Lips. He had these giant hands with what looked like laser beams shooting out that he reflected off of 2 disco balls.


11/29/10 Grinderman at the Warfield

Nick Cave, how I love you. You are much like a fine red wine--you grow better and better with time.  


12/8/10 Greenhornes at the Independent

Yet another long awaited show. On my 21st birthday (almost a decade ago) I saw the Greenhornes play with Holly Golightly, and I've been waiting to see them again ever since. Not only are all of their previous albums amazing, but their most recent is so so so good! This was the show where I was up front dancing the entire show. Patrick Keeler is one of my drumming heroes.  

In sum, 2010, you were one of the best years EVER so far for live shows. I saw a bunch of bands I thought were forever defunct and went to some venues for the first time. I will remember you fondly...

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