2010 Instore Favorites by Kaitlin

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2010 In-store Favorites:

This year in San Francisco, Amoeba Music was host to 48 live music performances! Here are some of my favorite photos that I edited for's "In-store photos" section. While I did not take all of these images, I had the pleasure of editing them and they are some of the most fun photos I've edited this year.


This Japanese female rock trio was loud and got the crowd into it.

Die Antwoord

die antwoord amoeba

I was bummed to have missed this instore. As the photos show, this short performance was jam packed with fun!

Grass Widow

grass widow

These local ladies were wonderful to see live, and they brought with them a choir of sparkly clad ladies.

Blind Boy Paxton and Frank Fairfield performance during the Terry Zwigoff DVD signing

terry zwigoff amoeba

I'm a Frank Fairfield fan, so it was awesome to hear some songs live again. Blind Boy Paxton was also fantastic. But the gal who performed with them, who as it turns out is Terry's sister-in-law, was particularly charming and she played a jug!


dwarves amoeba

They played an acoustic set, but spared no fun with costumes, or lack there of...

Reflection Eternal -- Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek

talib kweli amoeba

The kids dig their hip hop, and it's always fun when the audience is into it and waving their arms in the air like they just don't care.

Jonsi on Record Store Day

jonsi record store day amoeba

RSD is always a ton of fun, but this year we had a particularly special event when Jonsi (of Sigur Ros) played a set. The store was almost full to maximum capacity.

Violent Soho

violent soho amoeba

Not only were these Australian dudes super nice, but there was so much hair on stage and it made for some rad photos.

Black Cobra

black cobra amoeba

These Southern Lord artists were loud and awesome to get to see live! They filled the store with sonic waves.

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