The Social Network

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the social network

The Social Network
. I had no interest in seeing it, but once I did, I can admittedly agree with the critics that despite its potentially yawn-inducing Facebook-saga topic, it is one of the most compelling films of the year. It moves at a frenetic, breakneck pace, just as the events of the film must have felt to its main characters, who in the space of months go from nerdy Harvard students to (nerdy) millionaires entrenched in legal action and beyond.

The dialogue is snappy and well written by Aaron Sorkin, who has a little cameo in the film as well, and I must congratulate director David Fincher for creating a film that easily held my attention throughout the two hours, and not just because I was gaping at the flawlessly created Winklevoss twins, actually played by one actor and a lot of digital trickery.

Even if you are not a fan of Facebook or overly self-important Harvard-types, this film is gripping as a real-life based character study alone and definitely worth checking out.

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