Sunday Bloody Sunday: Halloween at Amoeba Music San Francisco, 2010

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by Audra and Tarin

On an uncharacteristically sunny Sunday in San Francisco, a skeletal hand released a needle onto the crackly ridges of Bauhaus’s “Bela Lagosi’s Dead.” Ghouls flocked from the far reaches of their cavernous haunt to the stage as the lights dimmed over the oldies section. The omnipresent CLACK-CLACK-CLACK of browsing slowed to a near stop. It could mean nothing else…it was time for Amoeba San Francisco’s annual Halloween employee costume contest!

halloween 2010 amoeba 

The festivities were led by the musical styling of DJ Tay the Ripper (also known as Security Taylor). Luckily, Tay the Ripper was able to take off time from his busy schedule of murder and mayhem to spin spooky songs all afternoon. The set was perfectly chosen to get everyone in the mood for a fierce costume competition. And fierce it was. Kaitlin, our mistress of ceremonies for the afternoon, rallied the ghoulish group together and brought them out one by one.

First up was Willie as "Beavis, from down the block."

halloween 2010 amoeba

Next up was Nick as one of our favorite customers.

halloween 2010 amoeba

Then Aaron appeared as a pink furry Giants fan.

amoeba halloween 2010

Matt was a depressed Demon with the message, "We're all gonna die soon..."

halloween 2010 amoeba

Robert doubled as Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson and required audience participation.

amoeba halloween 2010

Gabi dressed as a typical San Francisco hipster (minus the fixie).

amoeba halloween 2010

Tarin stunned as The Mighty Boosh character Old Gregg... "Do you love me?"

halloween amoeba 2010

Finally, Kelly and her friend Jamie marched in as LARPers (Live Action Role Players). Fans of Darkon, anyone?

amoeba halloween 2010

After our exclusive guest panel of judges voted, the 2010 costume contest winners were announced. 

Third place went to…Tarin as Old Gregg!

Second place went to…Kelly and Jamie as LARPers!

And in first place…Nick as our favorite Amoeba shopper!

But why read about it when you can experience it on video?!

Watch the Halloween Costume Contest

Watch interviews with contestants and audience members!

Thanks to all the employees who participated in the costume contest! We hope you all had a spooktacular evening. Stay sick.

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