Treasure Island Music Fest Artists Have Rocked Amoeba

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This weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco is sure to be quite the scene! Many of the bands on the bill, including Belle and Sebastian, Die Antwoord, !!!, Surfer Blood, Broken Social Scene and Wallpaper have rocked one or more of our stores. Read on for interviews, a What's in My Bag, performance videos and photos with these artists and more and get ready for a fantastic festival!

Die Antwoord What's in My Bag?

Surfer Blood Interview, and click here to watch their performance!

!!! amoeba
!!! 4.26.07 Amoeba Hollywood

Wallpaper 9.22.09 Amoeba Berkeley

papercuts amoeba
The Papercuts 6.13.09 Amoeba San Francisco

phosphorescent amoeba
Phosphorescent 3.13.09 Amoeba San Francisco

rogue wave amoeba
Rogue Wave 1.21.06 Amoeba San Francisco

broken social scene amoeba
Broken Social Scene 5.4.10 Amoeba Hollywood

belle and sebastian amoeba
Belle and Sebastian 3.20.06 Amoeba Hollywood

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