Masochistic Baby: Amer (2010)

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Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani's homage to the giallo genre was filmed on Super 16, but what I saw was from a really crummy digital source. It  looked like a theatrically sized YouTube video. There were so many of those digital Lincoln logs that Inland Empire now compares favorably to Casablanca. At times, there was little more than some blur of color being eaten by a surrounding black blob. (For the record, the digital Carlos looked a lot better than this.) So see a 35 mm print if possible. 

Style is substance in Amer, just as it was for Seijin Suzuki, who would elide generic contrivances in his yakuza action films with radical cuts and by omitting psychological development, assuming the audience would fill in the details. Cattet and Forzani take a similar approach, but because they're working within a psychosexual genre, they omit sociological filler (friends, jobs, etc.) and drive the film inwards. Freeing the narrative from external, objective constraints and a rational narrative structure, the giallo is reduced to pure primal desire, which has always been its most appealing feature, anyway. However, they more or less replace the genre clichés with ones from psychoanalytic film theory. Ana, the protagonist, likes to watch, but really wants to be watched (she, of course, sees her parents in coitus -- the second primal scene of late, the other being in Enter the Void). She wants to be captured, bound and punished, as fetishized by the recurring presence of a black glove and shaving razor. And behind every masochist is the death drive, which begins to show up early on in Ana's fascination with her grandfather's corpse. (If it weren't for artists, would we still need Freud?)  All of which is sexualized and stylized in a surrealistic montage of saturated hues, body parts and objects, conjoined by the sounds of metal scraping, leather squeaking, heavy breathing and the directors' favorites tunes from Italian cinema (Morricone, Nicolai, Cipriani, etc.). Some scenes are indeed perversely beautiful (particularly where a face gets symmetrically sliced up), but there are far too many close-ups to create any real horror or suspense. It feels like a perfume commercial borrowing from Argento instead of Resnais, with the hypnagogia of Chanel or Gucci.

To its credit, Amer doesn't interpret (interpellate) the gaze as inherently masculine. With one possible exception, the cine-eye is Ana's mind's eye view at three different stages of her development: pre-adolescence, adolescence and adulthood. Therefore, any scopophiliac urges are her own. She's the object of The Gaze, but a willing one. The ambiguity comes in with that exception I just mentioned. (If this sounds like the kind of movie that can be ruined by details of the plot, stop reading now and come back after you've seen it.)  The ending of Ana in the morgue suggests two readings: either Ana's really dead from self-inflicted wounds and the cine-eye becomes objective, detailing her treatment on the slab for the viewer alone, or her post-mortem manipulation is her fundamental fantasy, with the camera remaining in first-person. If the former, the ending violates a coherent voice and comes across as preaching against the pleasures of voyeurism. As Michael Haneke might, it says to the viewer shame on you, look at what you're taking pleasure in, see what it leads to. Well, fuck that. I prefer the latter interpretation, which is more consistent with Cattet and Forzani's obvious love of giallo and exploitation. If there's something erotic about pain, that's because it's not easy to keep sex and violence as discrete categories to explain the human psyche. Like Ana, Amer is there to be watched. If the viewer takes pleasure in looking, it's likely because he or she shares some of the erotic thrills as the fictional heroine. Viewing gialli might be a contract in depravity, but it's not an exploitative determination of the spectator's will.

A Happy (and Hairy) Heavy Metal Halloween Top Thirteen!

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If you missed banging your head during the three hour heavy/hair metal sets DJ BJ (who shared many glory stories of nights spent in the trenches of the glamorous Hollyweird sleaze-rock scene) and I spun this past Friday at Amoeba Music San Francisco, here's a wee cross-section of the darkest and most sinister selections you can spin for your pleasure whether you're spending this Halloween night in your inner oubliette or amongst fiends!

1.) "Halloween" - King Diamond

2.) "Touch of Evil" - Judas Priest

"God Bless the Children of the Beast" - Motley Crue

"Madhouse" - Anthrax

5.)"Walk in the Shadows" - Queensryche

"Close My Eyes Forever" - Lita Ford feat. Ozzy Osbourne

7.) "
Fear of the Dark" - Iron Maiden

8.) "Black Sabbath" - Black Sabbath

9.) "
Gail" - Alice Cooper

Midnight/Tornado" - Skid Row

11.) "
Scared" - Dangerous Toys

12.) "Iced Earth" - Dracula

13.) "Halloween" - Helloween

The Art of the LP Cover- Halloween Special Pt 3.

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Happy Halloween!

Hip-Hop Rap Up 10:29:10: Lyrics Born, Von Pea, 2Mex, Skillz, Ninja Tune XX, C-Bo + Yukmouth, Casual, Souls of Mischief, Halloween, Geto Boys, DJ Apollo, Mochipet

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Amoeba Music San Francisco Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 10:29:10

Lyrics Born As U Were
1) Lyrics Born As U Were (Decon)

2) Von Pea Pea's Gotta Have It (Interdependent Media)

3) Skillz The World Needs More (Big Kids Music)

4) 2Mex My Fanbase Will Destroy You (Strange Famous Records)

5) Cunninlynguists Presents: Kno-Death is Silent (A Piece of Strange Music)

Lyrics Born's newest studio album, As U Were on Decon, arrived at Amoeba Music on Tuesday (Oct 26) and within three days shot to number one on this week's hip-hop chart for the San Francisco store. With a diverse and accessible sound that ranges from old school disco beats ("Coulda Woulda Shoulda") & old school electro (think Bambaataa) to post-hyphy Bay rap ("Black Bots"), alternative grooves and more, the album features guest spots from Lyrics Born's long time Solesides/Quannum rhyme buddies The Gift of Gab from Blackalicious and Lateef (who joins him on both "I Wanna B W/U" & "Pushed Aside / Pulled Apart"). Other contributors include Sam Sparro, Trackademics, and Francis and the Lights. The low points on the 15 track As U Were CD are the three unnecessary & not-funny skits, while the high points include the sharp critical commentary on prescription drugs, "Pillz (feat. The Gift of Gab)" and the mad raw & fast breakbeat driven "Oh, Baby!" To coincide with the new album, Lyrics Born's Auto Reverse tour is currently underway along with fellow Decon artists Rakaa and Chali 2na. There is one week left of the tour that stops in Victor, ID tonight at Knotty Pine and finishes next Friday (11/05) at Dante's in Portland, OR. Meanwhile, to peep pics of Lyrics Born doing an instore at Amoeba San Francisco back in '03 click here.

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Feist Documentary To Be Released on DVD December 7th

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feist look at what the light did now

Sure to be a popular seller at Amoeba this winter, the Feist documentary Look at What the Light Did Now will be released on DVD December 7th and it will come with a 13-track bonus CD. Like any good DVD, there will be extras as well, stuff not included in the film's theatrical release -- unseen footage, music videos, a collection of short films and more! In the meantime, you can still catch screenings of the film in Berkeley and around the world.

Watch Feist perform the title track with its original (in all ways) author, Kyle Field, aka Little Wings:

and here's the film's trailer:

This Week At The New Beverly: Halloween Treats & Universal Horror Classics, Van Damme, Stieg Larsson & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our full upcoming schedule is available online:

Friday & Saturday, October 29 & 30

Trick 'r Treat writer / director Michael Dougherty will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, Friday to discuss the film & host a costume contest!

Halloween III writer / director Tommy Lee Wallace will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, for a Q&A following the Saturday 9:20 show.

Director Michael Dougherty brings his time-shifting horror anthology Trick 'r Treat (2009) back to the New Beverly for two nights on October 29 and 30. The movie is a clever confluence of tales all spinning and interweaving on a fateful Halloween night in a glowing-orange neighborhood where the unexpected is always right around the corner, or just beneath a deceptively simple scary costume. The gasps come mixed with laughs courtesy of fine actors like Dylan Baker, Brian Cox, Anna Paquin and Leslie Bibb, and the crackling pleasure with which Dougherty unfolds his horrific yarns makes for a movie that is a shivery hoot to get lost in. Dougherty will answer questions and host a costume contest during Friday night's screening.

I love halloween!!! favorite horror movies of the season ...the exorcist ...psycho ...nightmare on elm street ...halloween!!!

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I love this time of year more than anything! I love everything about this Halloween month. I love the pumpkins and the costumes and the traditions. I love how Halloween seems to take over the month of October. But most all, I love all the horror movies! Every year I looked forward to the Halloween specials on TV. The horror movie marathons. The late Elvira movie nights. The midnight screening at the movie theaters. The horror movie remakes that are sometimes not as horrible as you would expect. The newest Saw movie! I also love the special Halloween episodes of my favorite sitcoms. Roseanne did a Halloween episode every year. Roseanne is now long gone but you can still catch it all the time in repeats on TV or you can get all the Halloween episodes together on one DVD. This is one of the many things that I watch every October. I also watch all the old Elvira Movie Macabre movies that were put out on DVD. Now Elvira is back with her show on TV! She looks exactly the same and she is just as funny as ever. Her show is on at midnight on Saturdays. And she was also nice enough to film a little episode of What's In My Bag. It just got put up on the check it out here. I love Elvira and love just hearing that theme music! I remember watching Elvira as a kid late at night. I just thought she was the coolest thing. She for sure was instrumental in my love of horror movies....

There are certain horror movies that I love to watch around Halloween time. I obviously like to watch the Paul Lynde Halloween Special. It is an amazing piece of television history. I watch Mad Monster Party every year as well. The original Halloween movie is still one of my favorites too. It is still scary even after watching it one hundred times! I just love the feel of the first part of the movie -- so brilliant and perfect. The best horror movies came out of the 70s and least, that is my opinion, but I guess it just really depends on what decade you grew up in.

In honor of the season, I present to you my list of my top favorite 30 movies to watch around Halloween...Some of these are guilty pleasures, like Final Destination. Many of them are movies I saw when I was younger that still manage to freak me out. They are all classics, to me at least. They are essential movies that everyone who loves horror movies should see....

Nightmare Before Christmas
Sleepaway Camp

Slumber Party Massacre
Final Destination

Amityville Horror
Friday the 13th
The Omen

The Birds
The Fog
The Thing

Children of the Corn

Dawn of the Dead
Nightmare on Elm Street
The Shining

Rosemary's Baby
The Exorcist
Silence of the Lambs

Many of these films are starting to come out on blu-ray. Both The Exorcist and Psycho are two of my favorites and they both just came out on blu-ray this month! I also just watched House of the Devil for the first time last week. It came out last year but has the feel of a late 70s or early 80s horror movie and it was brilliant. House was just released by Criterion this week. It's a haunted house horror thriller movie from Japan that originally came out in 1977. You can read Kelly's excellent review of it right here. The Slumber Party Massacre 3 DVD set also just came out from Shout Factory. I also highly recommend the new documentary Never Sleep Again. I just finished watching it this morning. It is a new super in-depth documentary about the Nightmare On Elm Street series. I love these movies and it was super fun learning more about the making of all them. It is narrated by Heather Langenkamp and features interviews with most every cast member from all the movies. They really did a great job of tracking everyone down! They even found the hall monitor from the first movie! Hope you all have an awesome Halloween week! I have some movies to go watch now. You can find all the above movies at any of the Amoeba stores. Some are available on our website with special pricing just for you...

Never Sleep Again-Collector's Edition DVD

Exorcist Blu-ray

Psycho 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

House Blu-ray

out this week 10/12 & 10/19...Belle & Sebastian...Antony & the Johnsons...Sufjan Stevens....Morrissey Bona Drag 20th Anniversary

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sufjan stevensOctober is always one of my favorite months. I love when summer starts to go away and it starts to get cold again. We have been having some October rain out here in Los Angeles that has been fabulous! This also means that Halloween is right around the corner! Many labels save their big releases for the end of the year, which also makes this time of year exciting for those of us that love music. October 12th is a big release day -- three of my favorite artists have releases on this date! It's almost too much to handle! Sufjan Stevens, Belle & Sebastian, & Antony & the Johnsons all have new albums -- all in one day! I have been patiently waiting for Sufjan to continue his series on all the 50 States. He gave us the brilliant Illinois and Michigan and then nothing else. I am of course wanting California and New York, but also all the States in between. I am hoping that he has actually been working on them in secret. He just continues to release these other albums to distract us, right? But then in a couple of years he will release a comprehensive 50 state box set. It will have an album for each state and also contain 2 7"s for the commonwealths and it will come with a puzzle. I could even be satisfied with an album of 150 songs with 3 songs for each state -- just give me something, Sufjan! A 7" for each state would also be amazing! His new album is called Age of Adz. I sort of had a strange reaction to it at first. It incorporates some electronics and at times sounds like a Lil Jon album...but it is still Sufjan, and I still love it. I just takes a couple of listens.

Belle & Sebastian
's new album Write About Love also took a couple of listens to fall in love with. I was sort of still on my Belle & Sebastian high from seeing them in Vegas. And I do love the contest they ran to get fans to write about love. There are some great songs on Write About Love for sure but I really could have lived without the Norah Jones duet. I know this band is both easy to love and hate. Some people are very proud of their hatred of the band. I am one of the lovers of the band and I always will feel the same.

Antony & the Johnsons also has a new album called Swanlights. I still think that Antony sort of peaked at I Am a Bird Now in 2005. The new album is still good. It is just not great. I don't keep going back to it for more like I did with his first two. I still think he has some more briliant albums in him; I am not giving up on him yet. And I will also not give up on this album. There has just been a lot out this year to distract me. I still might love it yet! And Antony is absolutely brilliant live so perhaps getting to see him perform might just make me fall in love with the new material.

One of my recent favorites, Zola Jesus, also just released a new album, Valusia. The album is also known as Stridulum II. And yes, there is a Stridulum I. It is hard to believe that Nika Rosa Danilova, the woman behind Zola, is only 21. She has already done so much. She is like a more dreamy or shoegazey version of Siouxsie. It is music made for me and I love it! I am now a Zola Jesus fanatic and collector, trying to get my hands on everything she has put out. This is some amazing stuff! Thank you, Zola Jesus!

Can you believe Bona Drag was released by Morrissey 20 years ago? I am having a hard time grasping that Morrissey has been in my life for over 20 years already. I was in 10th grade when Bona Drag was released. By that point I was a full time Morrissey fan but it had really only been a year. I was too young to be a Smiths fan when The Smiths actually existed. But I was in 8th grade when Morrissey's first solo album, Viva Hate, was released in 1988. It took me a couple of years to really get into Morrissey and The Smiths but by the time Bona Drag came out in 1990, I owned every album that I could find. I honestly always thought that Bona Drag was a new album. It had 12 new songs on it that had not been on any other albums yet. "Suedehead" and "Everyday Is Like Sunday" had both already appeared on Viva Hate but everything else was new to me. I was just happy to have a new Morrissey album to call my own. He had been putting out a ton of singles and had a bunch of unreleased songs so putting out Bona Drag was a smart idea, but Kill Uncle was just right around the corner in 1991. Bona Drag included some of my favorite Morrissey songs of all time: "Piccadilly Palare," "Interesting Drug," "November Spawned a Monster," "Ouija Board, Ouija Board," and "Lucky Lisp." I basically love every song on this album. It is my favorite Morrissey album or collection or whatever you want to call it. The 20th Anniversary Edition is all remastered and repackaged and includes some great bonus tracks. I can't really think of anything more exciting than hearing a song for the first time from 20 years ago that you never heard before. I was not really a singles collector back in 1990 -- that phase in my life didn't come until a couple of years later when bands like Blur, Pulp, and Suede put out about 10 singles every year all with amazing b-sides. So hearing the bonus tracks on Bona Drag was pretty awesome. The first bonus track is "Happy Lovers at Last United." This is an outtake from the "Everyday is Like Sunday" sessions. The next track is "Lifeguard on Duty." This is a track from the Viva Hate sessions. The album also includes "Please Help the Cause Against Lonliness," "Oh Phoney," "The Bed Took Fire," & "Let the Right One Slip In."

Bona Drag still holds up as a brilliant collection of songs. It is reissued as both a CD and an LP and is just an import at the moment but I imagine a domestic release will be sometime soon. And maybe those Smiths reissues that we are all hoping for will finally happen too! What we all really want is a box set by The Smiths. I have my Cure and Siouxsie box set; I have my Depeche Mode boxes and my Joy Division box set; Jesus & Mary Chain and New Order have great boxes as well; but what we really need is The Smiths box set! Somebody please make this happen! I know I will most likely never see a Smiths reunion show but at the very least I would like deluxe 2CD reissues from all albums by The Smiths and Morrissey and one amazing comprehensive box set by The Smiths. I also wouldnt mind seeing Hulmerist, The Malady Lingers On, Live in Dallas, and Oye Esteban on blu-ray! But wouldn't a reunion by The Smiths be amazing? One can dream. I do have some friends that I idolize that actually got to see them live. I imagine a whole month of performances for this reunion show. You know that some of us would go to every single one. Maybe something like a month of performances at the Greek or the Orpheum? I would even fly to London for something as amazing as this. I never thought that I would get to see Yaz or My Bloody Valentine but they both had reunion shows in the last couple of years! Stranger things have happened. But for now at least you can enjoy this reissue. It is just as fantastic as you remember. It has been 20 years but it really does feel like just last week that I listened to my Bona Drag cassette for the first time. It was a friend's tape that I listened to on a cassette player during our lunch break at high school. I went out and bought my very own copy that weekend. Morrissey, I love you. And thanks for being in my life for over 20 years!

also out 10/12...

Chateau Crone by Agent Ribbons

Swanlights by Antony & the Johnsons

It's What I'm Thinking by Badly Drawn Boy

Write About Love by Belle & Sebastian

Blood Bunny by Black Heart Procession

$0$ bt Die Antwoord

Post Electric Blues by Idlewild

Metallic Spheres by The Orb featuring David Gilmour

Social Network Soundtrack

Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens

Valusia by Zola Jesus

also out 10/19...

Undercard by Extra Lens

Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon

Can of Bees reissue by The Soft Boys

Underwater Moonlight reissue by The Soft Boys

Acme + Extra Acme Expanded reissue by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Orange + Experimental Remixes Expanded reissue by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

New Electronic 12" Releases 10/28 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Morgan Geist, John Daly, Lukid, Omar S, Marcellus Pittmann, Four Tet & more

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Storm Queen
Look Right Through12”

Morgan Geistʼs new project STORM QUEEN marks a return to his roots with an analog approach towards modern house music with a disco pedigree. STORM QUEEN is made for DJs, but doesnʼt sacrifice atmosphere and songwriting. STORM QUEEN owes a debt to classic house music from New York, Chicago and Detroit, as well as disco and boogie.

Listen to "Look Right Through" here:

John Daly
Drum Poet

Ireland's JOHN DALY brings this 4 track EP of house perfection. The title track brings back the feeling of 90s KERRI CHANDLER; "REACH" continues the deepness with a warm sound; "LONG DISTANCE" adds more of a tech texture & "ATLANTIC DRIVE" finishes the 12" with a serene mood.

Listen to "Big Piano" here:

Chord 3LP

3LP release. Chord is a vital body of work from an important member of the Werkdiscs group of questing artists. Lukid tunes unfold and ripen into sonic screenplays that you can re-discover and re-immerse yourself in on each listen. In a review of his late 2008 album Foma (WERK 007CD), Resident Advisor opined "he may as well re-christen his production alias The Master Of Musical Subtlety. This collection of perplexingly complex hip-hop instrumentals takes the low-slung, late-night pace of his first, Onandon, and runs headlong with it through a room full of wilting vinyl into a sample bank of bitty drum hits and scuzzed-out, succulent synth swells." Presented as a vinyl-only triple pack limited to 500 copies, Chord extends and develops the sonic themes of Foma, taking three tracks from that CD-only release into the vinyl realm for the first time as augmentation to the eight brand-new pieces on display.

Listen to "Spiller" here:

These Complimentary Tracks 12"

Another Omar-S 4 track banger!! DJ Tools for the non-lazy DJ's of today! These are some tracks that Farley Jackmaster Funk would jack in and out of a set back in the day on WBMX..Don't Sleep!!

Marcellus Pittman
Unirhythm Green 12”

The first edition of the Unirhythm Green Series. Two brand new, smooth as ice tracks from the Motor City Madman Marcellus Pittman. The A-Side is "TOM Remix," a dynamic DJ tool that will keep the heads bouncing in the club. The B-Side, "If the Earth Could Talk," is equal parts deep and dubby, but still has that lo-fi Detroit grit in the sound. This is a record that will stick around in many DJs crates for a long time. This record is the first of a series of collaborations between Unirhythm and FIT.

Listen to "If the Earth Could Talk" here:


Young Turks

Very limited, one-sided, official promo only release from the label YOUNG TURKS. These indie darlings, winners of the UK's prestigious Mercury Music prize this year, get possibly their best remix to date from FOUR TET in the form of this percolating, melodic, and uplifting remix!

Listen to the Four Tet remix here:

King & Hound
Golden Goose

San Fran's KING & HOUND (JAMES GLASS & DJ GARTH) strike again with two more disco rock edits: "LOVE BUZZ" is an obscure 70s psyche rock album cut re- mastered and extended for adventurous dancefloors b/w "CAN'T GET ENOUGH," a percussive 80s boogie groover for the disco trains...

Caribou/SUN & LEAVE HOUSE (M.C.D.E.) 12"
Morphosis "Running Out / Musafir" 12”
Reggie Blout " Hard Times EP" 12"
Kyle Hall "The Dirty Thouz" 12”
Kyle Hall "The Perfekt Sin" 12”
Steven Tang "The Verged Sessions" 12"
Psycatron "She Is Music" 12”
Badboe/I BELIEVE EP 12"
Mike Dehnert "The Many Roots" 12”
Roy Davis Jr./Omar-S "All I Do" 12"
Roberto Rodriguez/COMPOST BLACK #69 12"
Noisia & Ed Rush/BRAIN BUCKET 12"
Mock & Toof/NORMANS EYES 12"
Lukatron-Luke Solomon/FACTS OF LIFE 12"
Space Ranger/CHOCOLATE BAR EP 12"
Chicago Damn/HOLD ON 12"
TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE: Traversable Wormhole - The Remixes Pt.0312”
STOJCHE: Whack Whack 12”
MENDES & ALCADA: Night Of The Bath/In The Morning 12"
METOPE: Defender/Zonic 12"
IAN POOLEY & SPENCER PARKER: Kinderteller/Jolesch 12"
AZARI & III: Reckless With Your Remixes2 12"
LOSOUL: Care Remixe Pt. 3 12"
FLATNER & LOPAZZ, ALEX: Dinosaurs 12"
MONOLITH: Volume 1 12"
FRITZ ZANDER: For Your Love EP 12"
LONE: Once In A While 12”
LADY BLACKTRONIKA: First Lady Of Beatdown EP 12"
PLANT 43: Burning Decay LP

Roger Sterling's Autobio to Be Published

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All you ravenous Mad Men fans out there (myself included) will be delighted to learn that the autobiography Roger Sterling was working on this season on the show will be published for real (well, kinda for real) next month! While this autobiography, entitled Sterling's Gold: Wit and Wisdom of an Adman, isn't guaranteed to give us the juicy details the one on the show did, it will no doubt be entertaining, as it is filled with the bons mots Roger is so famous for, such as "Remember, when God closes a door, he opens a dress." Truly stuff to live by! Find out more here.

Hollywood Amoebite Ervin Arana on B-Boying, Teaching, DJing, the Rock Steady Crew, and How Hip-Hop Can Save Your Life

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Ervin Arana
If you are a shopper at Amoeba Hollywood you know that you can usually tell who works there by the round and bright Amoeba Music stickers they wear on their shirts. But beyond that, on the surface, it is hard to tell who each Amoebite really is or what exactly their music expertise might be. Much like the average Amoeba shopper, the folks that work here are equally knowledgeable & passionate about music, and more often than not involved directly in music in some way or another.

A prime example is diehard hip-hopper Ervin Arana, whose rich background includes holding down a weekly DJ residency at Root Down, was a member for many years in the Rock Steady Crew -- the legendary b-boying crew and hip hop group that was established in the Boogie Down Bronx back in seventies.

A full time b-boy or "full time music enthusiast!," as he describes himself on his blogspot, Ervin (who is sometimes known as Servin Ervin) has been working at the SoCal store for about a year. He spreads his time between the hip-hop and soul sections and can also be found at the registers. I recently caught up with the hip-hop fanatic to talk about music and hip-hop and how he got initially got involved in the Rock Steady Crew (RSC). Originally a b-boy, he got noticed by members of the RSC about eight years ago, he told me, and they invited him to join the much respected organization. As a member he has participated in numerous RSC events in "different cities throughout the world including Moscow, Mexico City, and London." Sometimes he has performed and other times he has acted as a judge for competitions, such as on one RSC trip to Japan he took. He has also DJ'ed at many different RSC events. But Ervin is happiest, he says, when he is sharing his knowledge with others. "What Rock Steady CrewI mostly like to do," he told me, "is to teach at workshops, b-boy workshops."

Continue reading...

October 25, 2010: N-Secure

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Happy Hundredth Birthday, Tyrus Wong!

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Tyrus Wong is a Chinese-American artist who's most best-known work was as the background artist largely responsible for the look of Walt Disney's 1942 film Bambi. He's also worked as a landscape painter, muralist, ceramicist, lithographer, designer and kite maker. Some of his well known paintings include Self Portrait, Fire, Reclining Nude, East and West. At 100 years old today and one of the earliest successful Chinese-American artists, he is a living legend.

Tyrus was born 黃齊耀 on October 25th, 1910 in (Taishan), China. When he was nine, he and his father moved to Sacramento, leaving behind his mother and sister, never to see them again. Father and son subsequently moved to Southern California where Wong attended Pasadena's Benjamin Franklin Junior High. It was there that his teachers noted his artistic ability and, after receiving a summer scholarship at Otis Art Institute, he left junior high.

He graduated from Otis in 1930. Wong’s first job was painting a brassiere ad that would appear on a large building on Hollywood Boulevard… although Wong reportedly didn't know what a bra was and mistakenly thought the that it was some sort of breast warmer.


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The Art of the LP Cover: Halloween Special - Satan and Co.

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I've included a Pan cover or two since he helped forge our western Devil character.

Johnny Cash Belongings Up for Auction

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Johnny Cash is one of music's most celebrated bad-asses. His family will be putting some of the iconic artist's belongings up for auction in December and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

Check out the jumpsuit Cash wore in rehearsals for his famous San Quentin performance...the man in blue!

Here's a sweet note he wrote:

And a pair of his famous boots:

While we're talking about him, the Johnny Cash Show is one of Cash's lasting legacies. I nabbed a few videos of him duetting with folks on the show:

"Silver Thread and Golden Needles" with Melanie at 3:05 mark

"Girl From the North Country" with Joni Mitchell

What's Got Into That Cat!? Japanese Cult Classic Hausu Out Today on Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray!!!

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Everybody knows that old cats can open doors, but did you know that only ghost cats can close them?
Well, to quote the great Levar Burton, don't take my word for it, find out for yourself! Here's to the joy of lessons learned from Nobuhiko Obayashi's 1977 cinematic freak-out Hausu (or House if you speak American), a film that'll give you a trick-or-treating of horror-infused psychedelia like you've never ever experienced, not even in your wildest, most delightfully random-ass frightmares. While it's difficult to know where to begin in reviewing this amazing monkeyshine, it should not go without saying that supposedly the story was dictated to the director by his 11-year-old daughter, which pretty much makes the movie itself just as crazy as, well, a story told by a demented little girl with cat fancy, Auntie issues, and campy ideas about "indecent" piano behavior. Add to that the fact that Hausu seems to be a visual exercise in testing the limits on how many times a movie can one-up itself, utilizing a lightning round of every stylistic technique known to film-making all the way, as if daring viewers to exclaim "this shit is bananas!" to which the movie quite literally delivers a shit-ton of bananas, no kidding.

Until today this flick had yet to see a home video release in the US and the prospect of all the goodies that Criterion has surely to heaped into their special edition of Hausu is enough to make one's eyes fiendishly hungry. Here are the specs on the features: 

• New, restored high-definition digital transfer, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition
Constructing a House, a new video piece featuring interviews with director Nobuhiko Obayashi, story scenarist and daughter of the director Chigumi Obayashi, and screenwriter Chiho Katsura
Emotion, a 1966 experimental film by Obayashi
• New video appreciation by director Ti West (House of the Devil)
• Theatrical trailer
• New and improved English subtitle translation (which may or may not be such a good thing)

For those who haven't seen it, all I can say is: get ready to have your senses and any sense-making ability you possess rocked beyond recognition. To quote a reviewer I admire, Hausu is "filmmaking by any means possible. This movie is a marvel. If you're inclined to skip it, your life's lack of fulfillment is your problem." Amen, brother! Check out the trailer below:

California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Skid Row

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This blog entry is about Skid Row. Joining me on the adventure were Aussie-Chinese film-producer Diana Ward and Colombian-Chinese-American designer/illustrator/downtown resident Wendy Chin -- both used to playing "traveling companions" to my Doctor.

Skid Row
is a neighborhood in Los Angeles' Central City East District. It's known to locals as "The Nickel" because it's centered on 5th. It's neighbored by the Fashion District, Little Tokyo, The Toy District, The Flower District and The Downtown Industrial District.

To vote for other Los Angeles neighborhoods to be covered on the blog, vote here. To vote for Los Angeles County communities, vote here. To vote for Orange County communities, vote here.

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Cruise to Mexico: Part 3

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Day 2

Monday. September 13, 2010


The boyfriend and I woke-up to the sounds of two billy-goats fighting to the death using spoons, blankets and old cassette tapes as weapons. At least, that’s what it sounded like; in actuality it was room service delivering our breakfasts.

I use the term “breakfast” lightly, as what our silver-domed trays revealed was something more akin to after-birth than food. What must have been powdered eggs had a texture that reminded me of the phlegm I used to cough up back when I smoked clove cigarettes. And the bacon? It was like really juicy, succulent, pan-fried Dr. Scholl’s inserts.

Chop and fry and add to omelette!

The boyfriend, too sleepy to deal quickly with the delivery, neglected to tip and felt guilty as a result.

“I’ve got a tip for them,” I growled, “Don’t bring me this garbage to eat!” We determined then and there to forgo the “luxury” of room service and take our morning meal at the buffet, where we could be discerning, from then on.

Our first excursion of the day was to the upper deck for hot-tubbing. There were options: there was one side of the ship with swimming pools and hot tubs for people who wanted a “party feeling” – this is what you always see on TV commercials for cruises; the fantasy: a bunch of twenty-somethings jumping around in their bikinis (showcasing trim abdominal regions), laughing and splashing as teeth-bleached service personnel graciously hand them exotic beverages.

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California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Fullerton, The Education Community

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is a city located in northern Orange County, California. On this blogventure, I was accompanied by Chronicle Books' Southern California Trade Sales Representative and Fullerton native Dave Erlich.

 Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Fullerton

Fullerton is bordered by La Habra and Brea on the north, La Mirada on the northwest, Buena Park on the west, Anaheim on the south, and Placentia on the east. To vote for more Orange County communities to be the subjects of future blog entries, vote here. To vote more Los Angeles County communities, vote here. To vote for Los Angeles neighborhoods, vote here.


Reggae Great Gregory Isaacs Dead at Age 59

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Gregory Isaacs "Night Nurse" (live @ Reggae Sunplash, 1983)

Reggae great Gregory Isaacs died earlier today, Monday, October 25th, in his London, England home following a year-long battle with lung cancer. The singer was only 59 years of age. A purveyor of roots Gregory Isaacsreggae and lovers rock, the Jamaican born artist will be best remembered for his song "Night Nurse" taken from the 1982 album of the same name that he recorded at Bob Marley's Tuff Gong studio. Above is a live version of the song by Isaacs with Roots Radics from 1983 at Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Isaacs, aka the "Cool Ruler" (also the name of the album he released in 1978), was born in 1951 in Kingston, Jamaica and began his reggae recording career while still in his teens. He made his recording debut in 1968 -- a duet with Winston Sinclair titled "Another Heartache." Soon after, he teamed up with two other vocalists in a short lived trio named The Concords. After that he went solo and in 1973 had a hit with the song "My Only Lover." In 1974 he scored a number one hit in Jamaica with the single "Love Is Overdue." This was followed by many other hits and by the end of the 1970s he had become one of the biggest reggae performers in the world, helped in great part by signing to the Virgin Records imprint Front Line Records, and appearing in the film Rockers.

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The Day of Carlos: Olivier Assayas' Carlos (2010)

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Starting with Steven Spielberg's Munich, films about terrorists have caused me to change my general dismissal of biopics. Dramas about revolutionaries are entertaining: The Baader-Meinhoff Complex, Che, The Social Network and, now, Carlos. Thanks to the Egyptian Theater, I was able to see the whole 5 and 1/2 hour version of Olivier Assayas' film. I'm sure that it's going to be taken as a big, epic picture (of Farber's white elephant variety), but it works just as well as a diverting adventure, although the over-reliance on close-ups keeps it from achieving the aesthetic level of David Lean. Whether I'll feel like watching it as much as Lord of the Rings only time will tell. One major problem with the long version is that it was shown with digital projection, rather than a 35 mm print. The constantly moving camera was too blurry and a lot of the outside shots were too bright and digitally blocky. Unlike Steven Soderberg's ideological sympathizing with Che Guevara, Assayas is fairly critical of his subject, Ilich Ramírez Sánchez aka Carlos the Jackal. In fact, I don't see how most Western liberal democrats (that includes conservatives, too) could find much to object to in the derisory treatment of left-wing revolutionary politics in the film (with the notable exception that victims aren't dealt with in much, if any, detail).

Carlos begins the picture as a devoted leftist willing to put his life on the line for his ideas (in particular, anti-imperialism and the Palestinian cause), but has to continually modify those ideas in order to get money and protection from various states (Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran). As he does so, his celebrity status becomes more important than any of the causes he was ostensibly fighting for. Carlos says in an interview within the film that his only ideology is based on saving the oppressed from the oppressors, but as his story makes clear, it takes a good deal of money to do that, which inevitably corrupts the ideology by having to rely on an oppressive power elsewhere in a constant state of displacement. Who cares about Iranian tyranny, for example, if it helps you with your current anti-imperialist struggle? In this way, Carlos wasn't all that different from the realpolitik of his global superpowered opponents (recall Donald Rumsfield shaking hands with Saddam Hussein). And there are many scenes showing the way revolutionary rhetoric has been reduced to little more than advertising slogans, primarily to get into a female radical's pants (he even has one gal sucking on a grenade using communism as foreplay) or to get more funding (although a supposed Marxist, he identifies with the Iranian Islamic revolutionaries at one point). All of which is played somewhat satirically. And Assayas makes it clear that he's not arguing for some contrastive uncompromising form of revolutionary politics when he portrays Gabriele Kröcher-Tiedemann aka Nada as more comically hysterical than ideologically righteous for refusing to take money in lieu of assassinating a Saudi oil minister, Ahmed Zaki Yamani (which was a primary goal in the OPEC hostage situation of 1975). Instead, Carlos comes across as more rationally minded for taking the money and not sacrificing his life for his mission. Which I guess is a way of saying it's difficult for everyone, including terrorists, to completely denounce petit bourgeois concerns like just getting by one more day.

Intelligence, violence, sex and entertainment -- what more could I ask for?

Paul McCartney to Return to Jools Holland's BBC TV Show to Promote Reissue of Classic Wings Album Band on the Run

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Paul McCartney with Jools Holland

On Tuesday (October 26th) Paul McCartney will appear and perform on the BBC2 TV show Later...with Jools Holland to promote the reissue of Band on the Run. The classic 1973 Paul McCartney & Wings album is being re-released in a new fully remastered version. McCartney has been a guest on Jools Holland's show before, as seen in the interview above from a few years ago. On this week's show other guests will include Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello, The Black Keys, and Aloe Blacc. More info here.

Paul McCartney & Wings "Band On The Run"

Band on the Run was Wings' third album and Macca's fifth after the break up of the Beatles, and was the last McCartney release to appear on the Apple label. Commercially successful and critically acclaimed, it went on to become the top-selling studio album in the UK and Australia in 1974. It also stayed atop the US Billboard chart for over two years thanks to such songs as "Helen Wheels" (only on the 1973 US version), "Jet" (see live version below), and "Band on the Run" (hear audio of original version above).

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Amoeba Hollywood Vinyl Insider -- Main Room Wall Overhaul

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It's a rare occasion when we change out the entire main room's wall item LPs, so head down & check out hundreds of new collectibles. Here's a small sampling of what you'll find...

Remix Philip Selway Track and Win $500

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Radiohead's Philip Selway has just released a solo album, Familial, and now he's having a remix competition where you can win $500 and signed copies of the record, among other things! All you have to do is create your own remix of the track "Beyond Reason." If you want in, check out all the details here.

philip selway

Antony Hegarty To Quit Touring?

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antony hegarty

According to a recent interview with NME, Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons is exhausted and burnt out at the idea of touring again. After his lengthy tour supporting his last album, The Crying Light, he took a year off to recuperate and now has only booked one date, in NYC, thus far, even though he has a brand new album just-out, Swanlights. If you are in NYC, head out to the Alice Tully Starr Theater on Oct 30! Who knows when we'll be able to see Antony perform live again.

Vote On Nov. 2 and Get $2 Off at Amoeba!

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Election Day is Tuesday November 2, 2010 -- just around the corner! After you vote, bring in your voting stub to any Amoeba store on 11/2 and we'll give you $2 off your purchase (of $2.99 or more).

Celebrate the power and the privilege of voting with a limited edition Shepard Fairey VOTE t-shirt! These special VOTE shirts are only available through and at the Amoeba Hollywood store. They are 100% Cotton Unisex T's. Get yours here.

East Bay Mini Maker Faire in Oakland this Sunday

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The East Bay Mini Maker Faire comes to Oakland 10/24! DIY science and technology, urban farming and sustainability, alternative energy, bicycles, hand-made crafts, music, local food, and much more! More info.


Chico Mann At Sonido 10/24... Don't Miss It!

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With the reissue of Chico Mann’s Analog Drift album on Wax Poetics Records comes another chance for you to experience the brilliance of Marcos Garcia. Analog Drift was one of my favorite releases of last year, a limited self-release by Marcos (aka Chico Mann) that was only on sale at his shows and a few stores, like Amoeba Hollywood. Chico Mann’s blend of Afro Beat and 80’s Freestyle over Cuban & Puerto Rican influences is still one of the freshest sounds around. The energy that Chico Mann’s three-piece group puts out live is so contagious; you’ll find yourself on the dance floor busting a move to their Afro Cha-Cha rhythms.

Sunday, October 24th finds Chico Mann performing live at Sonido, located at the Little Temple. I have been blessed to also be on the bill with the gregarious DJ Sloe Poke and Mando Fever. King Steady Beat, a long time Los Angeles Ska and Reggae aficionado that also kills it with the Cumbias will be playing too. All in all, it should be a great night.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 10:22:10: Lil Wayne, Lyrics Born, Kool Keith, Andre Nickatina, DMC World Finals & Shiftee's Video Tribute, DJ Premier, SF Jazz Fest, DJ Muggs vs Ill Bill + More

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Amoeba Music San Francisco Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 10:22:10

Lil Wayne
1) Lil Wayne I Am Not a Human Being (Cash Money/Universal Records)

2) Atmosphere To All My Friends (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

3) Foreign Exchange Authenticity (Foreign Exchange Music)

4) Trademark Da Skydiver Super Villain-Issue #2  (iHipHop Distribution)

5) Pigeon John Dragon Slayer (Quannum Projects)

Thanks to Luis at the Amoeba Music San Francisco store for this week's hip-hop top five chart. The still incarcerated Lil Wayne is at the top of the chart with his latest CD I Am Not a Human Being, which continues to garner positive reviews and sales round the country. He continues to cool his heels in solitary confinement in Riker's Island in New York for the next two weeks and is scheduled to be released on November 4th. Let's hope for his sake that at once released he can stay out of trouble and out of jail and that people can pack away their "Free Weezy" t-shirts for good. And while I Am Not a Human Being is way better, nearly all agree, than last year's long delayed Rebirth, it is clearly not as strong an album as 2008's The Carter III. Human Being was rush recorded right before Weezy began his stint behind bars and there are cameos many from his Young Money crew, including Drake, who makes five appearances here. As an album that was rush-recorded, it is a damn good offering but my guess is that once Lil Wayne gets out of jail and is free to go into the studio to record The Carter IV that he will truly appreciate his freedom and deliver perhaps the best work of his career.

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Die Antwoord Instore Brings the Zef to SF

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Last Friday's Die Antwoord instore completely packed the house and got everyone in attendance fully revved up and ninja-like. If you missed it and wanna see a whole lotta shakin' goin' on, here's the full performance. Truly, it's a must-see...

Before the in-store, we had the pleasure of interviewing Die Antwoord. Check out this clip on YouTube.

New Electronic 12" Releases 10/19 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Swayzak, Donato Dozzy, Jamie Woon, Nebraska, Rick Wilhite, Fritz Kalkbrenner & more

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Workshop Split EP 12"
Greta Cottage Workshop

"Two mixes not available digitally. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, poly lined sleeves, hand stamped labels by the artist. Limited edition of 350 copies... to prove a point, that vinyl is still worth making and is still desirable whether you got a turntable or not! Bored with the dull digital downloads of today's so called dance music scene, Swayzak & Greta Cottage Workshop bring you a 100% vinyl only release. This is the first release on vinyl for GCW and we hope to continue the series. It seems DJs only want to play what they get for free these days and this baby they have to pay for(!), so don't expect it in too many charts. Positive feedback from Michael Mayer, Damien lazarus, Patrice Baumel and Eddie Richards, to name a few. A seriously underground release from the always alternative thinkers Swayzak."

LIsten to "Seriecultur" here:


Candent Songs

The original on the A-side is a downtempo gem of blue-eyed soul co-produced by BURIAL. On the flip the remix comes from dubstep/techno crossover don RAMADANMAN, who adds a subtle overlay of intricate percussion.

Listen to Ramadanman remix here:



A chunky funky nu disco groover from former punk TIM SULLIVAN out on CUT COPY's own CUTTERS label. The B-side "WRONG" comes in both original and remix form. The remix by KINK & NEVILLE WATSON is "a proto-house dub..that goes deeper than deep." Described as YMO recording for DFA.


Four For Four EP 12"
Rush Hour

This is the fourth Nebraska EP for Rush Hour. With Four For Four, he delivers four good-spirited and uplifting house tracks. "This Is The Way" is an infectious, building disco groove which climaxes midway through. The other three tracks are also fun-loving, playful disco cut-ups in true Nebraska style that will make any crowd smile. Addictive stuff.

Listen to "Ras El Hanot" here:


Kuar EP 12"

Two remixes of Sudanese musician Emmanuel Jal by Henrik Schwarz and Olof Dreijer (The Knife), originally compiled for the Sudan 365 -- a beat for peace campaign. In this campaign, several organizations across the globe have come together to promote international awareness for the referendum in January 2011 in which the people of South Sudan will vote to decide whether they wish to remain part of a united Sudan or whether they want to become an independent country.

Listen to the Henrik Schwarz remix here:


Vibes New & Rare Music Part E 12"
Rush Hour

The fifth and last EP in the Vibes series features 3 tracks by new recording artists from Detroit. First up is Mark King, who gives us an emotive, deeply soulful vocal workout that lasts close to nine minutes. Detroiter DJ Raybone teams up with TJ as well as Rick Wilhite for two more deep Detroit late-night house tracks. The B-side tracks are exclusive to this 12" and won't be on the CD release.

Listen to "Can U Feel It" here:


Facing The Sun 12"

This is the debut single from Fritz Kalkbrenner's album Here Today Gone Tomorrow. His brother Paul Kalkbrenner and his long-time friend Sascha Funke are both on board for remixes, so expect nothing less than phat, dope shit! Facing The Sun was released as a non-vocal version on his first Suol EP, Wingman. He just couldn't resist recording some vocals on top. If you liked Wingman, you will love Facing The Sun.

Listen to "Facing the Sun" here:


Terje Edits

Three track EP of remixes/re-edits done by TODD TERJE. Subtitled the "T.T. RE-EDITS VOLUME 2" EP, this white label 12" features ISAAC HAYES "ZEKE THE FREAK," DISCO VERY "GET IT ON" and last, but not least, the "KNIGHT RIDER THEME." Limited edition colored vinyl pressing.



"CONSCIOUS OF MY CONSCIENCE" by WOMACK & WOMACK is the first of two edits by MR. BEEDLE that are featured here on this 12". Riding out the full vocal on the WOMACK tune will keep you happy while the flip's "TIME IS RUNNING OUT" by LITTLE STEVIE WINWOOD gets a nice dubbed out edit.


Fist or Finger

Debut 12" on FIST OR FINGER done by JOZIF GOODWIN. A "bass driven slice of sinister analogue space funk complete with dark, ominous stabs" that fans of JAMIE JONES, PEZZNER or ROBERT JAMES will dig. CRAIG RICHARDS does an ambient remix on the flip with spoken word samples and piano. 300 only.


Further Records

Donato Dozzy’s debut album finally sees its way to vinyl. Deep, gorgeous dubby techno from the Labyrinth master. Must Have!

Cassius/RAWKERS EP 12"
Baobinga & Mensah/NSG 12"
Roberto Rodriguez/COMPOST BLACK #69
Mighty Mouse/DISCO BATTLE WEAPON #1 12"
Pedders/AKULA - BOMA YEA 12"
Common/GO (DJ PRIME REMIX) 12"
The Glimmers/WHOMP THAT VINYL! 12"
Youthman & Bulletproof/FREESTYLE... 12"
Paris Underground/VOLUME 1 12"
Riya & Skream/SEEMS LIKE & THE CYCLE 12"
Floored Capri/L PLATES 12"
Popular People's Front/STEALING IS...12"
Findlay Brown/PROMISED LAND 12"
Peverelist & Hyetal/THE HUM 12"
San Laurentino/LOVE POTION EP 12"
Burnski & Robert James/MALIBU EP 12"
Bar 9/PIANO TUNE 12"
Joey Negro Pres Kola Kube/WHY 12"
GORGE: Mood 12"
HELIXIR: Undivided - LP Sampler 12"
WILL SAUL & MIKE MONDAY: Sequence 1 EP 12"
DANCE DISORDER: Zusammen Remixes 12"
UMANI/NICONE: I Come To You/Hanaetano 12"
MICHEL CLEIS: Un Dolce 12"
JOHNNY D: Love Or Leave Me/Triva Mango 12"
ONUR OZER: Clavichordrama 12"
VA: Grand Cru 2010 12"
MIKE DEHNERT: Air Frais EP 12"
DJ GIULIO: EP 003 10"
LUKE MILLION: Italo Journey/Octobussy 12"
DJ T.: The Inner Jukebox Remix EP 12"
JAVIER LOGARES: El Sueño Español 12"
LOPAZZ, BETOKO & ZAROOK (FEAT. IMAGINATION): Lopazz & Friends (Feat. Imagination) 12"
TRAKS BOYS: Starburst/Yellowbirds 12"
A GUY CALLED GERALD: Tronic Jazz: The Berlin Sessions Vol. 3 12"
KAB & MAC: Local Report 12"
THE MOLE: Dreamer Keep On Dreaming 12"
KAISERDISCO: In No One's Shadow 12"
MARCO PASSARANI: Colliding Stars Pt. 1 & 2 12"
ROBERT BABICZ: Immortal Changes - The Vinyl Edition Part Two 12"
GORGE: Freaky Flies EP 12"
VA: Unlucky Number Thirteen 12"
TOLGA FIDAN: Rezil 12"
SILKIE: City Limits Volume 1.2 12"
DEVNIK: 5 Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique/The Fifth Sense 12"
EDDIE K: Serial Killa/Starlight 12" SPHERIX: In A Hole/In The Dark 12"
SILVERMAN: Can't Stand The Rain 12"
TERROR DANJAH: Reinforced 12"

Ari Up of The Slits Died at Age 48

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On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, Ari Up, the charismatic and energetic frontwoman of influential punk band The Slits, died at age 48.

John Lydon posted this message on his website:

Ari Up
Arianna RIP

John and Nora have asked us to let everyone know that Nora's daughter Arianna (aka Ari-Up) died today (Wednesday, October 20th) after a serious illness. She will be sadly missed.

Everyone at and PiLofficial.Com would like to pass on their heartfelt condolences to John, Nora and family.

Rest in Peace.

The Slits are one of the most influential bands to emerge from the initial British punk rock explosion, and are known for combining punk with reggae, world music, and experimental sounds. Although their lineup has changed over the years and has included men (Bruce Smith and Budgie), they are primarily identified as a female band and had a significant impact on the Riot-Grrl movement of young female-fronted bands in the 1990s.
The Slits formed in England in 1976 when a 14-year old Ari Up and her friend Palmolive decided to start an all-girl band together. Palmolive had already been the drummer in a short-lived band, Flowers Of Romance, which included other early punk luminaries Sid Vicious, Keith Levine, and Viv Albertine. They were soon joined by guitarist Kate Korris and bassist Suzy Gutsy. Gutsy left to form the band The Flicks, and was replaced by Castrators' bassist,Tessa Pollitt. Palmolive originally asked her old bandmate Viv Albertine to join them on second guitar, but by the time Albertine joined, original Slits guitarist Korris had left to forSlits- Cutm her own band, Mo-Dettes.

Continue reading...

Hollywood Amoebite Monalisa Talks About Hip-Hop, Wu-Tang Clan's Early Days, DJing, and Working at Amoeba

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If you're a regular shopper at Amoeba Music Hollywood, you may have already had the pleasure of crossing paths with the ever knowledgeable Monalisa. Maybe she helped you track down a rare hip-hop record or locate some soul CD you've been seeking for a while. Perhaps you sought her advice at the vast SoCal store's information desk and she ended up turning you on to some music or artist that you had never heard of but are now a converted fan of. Amoebite Monalisa has been an amazing asset to the Hollywood store since she began working there sixteen months ago. She's brought with her a vast knowledge of music -- from classic soul & golden era hip-hop up to contemporary hip-hop, to rock, jazz, funk, and more -- all accumulated over two intense decades of being deeply embedded in the music world as diehard fan/collector, DJ, and putting in countless hours working behind the scenes at important hip-hop record labels such as Loud, Delicious Vinyl, and Wild Pitch during their 1990's heyday.

While taking a break from work at Amoeba one day recently I caught up with Monalisa to ask her about her music history, about working with the Wu-Tang Clan in their formative days, what some of her all time favorite records are, and what she likes about working at Amoeba Music, among other things. "The first thing, of course, that I like about working at Amoeba is the music -- the musical atmosphere and all aspects of it," she said. "I like interacting with people and finding out what music they are into and helping them find the music that they are looking for." As for her history in the music industry, she informed me that she worked in the music biz "for about fifteen years. I worked at a lot of record labels over the years -- Loud, Wild Pitch, Delicious Vinyl, PMP [a subsidary of Loud Records], A&M, to name a few, and I held several positions, from local retail manager to street team coordinator. I also did national college and commercial/mixshow promotion and national street team accounts for corporations, clothing companies and entertainment firms." This included setting up her own independent promotions and marketing business to facilitate music and sports related "lifestyle marketing" projects, she said.

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This Week At The New Beverly: British Noir, Hammer Horror, Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard, the Grindhouse Film Fest & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our full upcoming schedule is available online:

Thursday, October 21

Co-presented by Sergio Leone & the Infield Fly Rule

Seed Of Chucky writer / director Don Mancini, stars Jennifer Tilly & Brad Dourif, Chucky master puppeteer Tony Gardner, and producers David Kirschner & Corey Sienega will appear IN PERSON, schedules permitting, for a Q&A on Thursday!

Strange things keep happening to the members of the family who have adopted little Esther, and she has some strange ways of going about making her new life just the way she wants it. Dismissed as sadistic trash by the majority of critics, Orphan (2009) is actually one of the best pure horror films of the past 10 years. Directed with maximum efficiency and finesse by Jaume Collett-Serra, the movie stakes its claim to a long tradition of stories about fearsome, murderous movie children. As Esther, Isabelle Fuhrmann is indeed the true and rightful heir to nasty little Patty McCormack's Rhoda Penmark. If Ms. McCormack was The Bad Seed, there is, as the movie progresses, increasingly little doubt that Esther is the worst. Screenwriter David Johnson will participate in a Q&A after the screening on Wednesday, Oct. 20. Co-presented by Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule.

Happy Missouri Day, Frankie & Johnny!

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In recognition of Missouri Day, here's a brief breakdown on Missouri's second most famous couple (after the fictional Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher), a real-life couple usually referred to as Frankie and Johnny. After Frankie caught her man in flagrante delicto with another woman, Alice Pryor, and shot him dead, it was commemorated in numerous songs and films.

Frankie Baker was a 22-year-old St. Louisan dancer who was dating 17-year-old Allen "Al" Britt. Britt had another girlfriend on the side. Britt's friend Richard J. Clay warned Britt about dating two women at the same time but Britt carried on. Then, on October 15th, 1899, around 3:30 in the morning, Baker headed home to her apartment at 212 Targee Street in Chestnut Valley and caught Britt in bed with Pryor. An argument ensued with Baker's roommate, Pansy Marvin, testifying that Britt threw a lamp at Baker and cut her with a knife. In return, Frankie shot him once with her Harrington & Richardson .38. Britt died of his wounds two days later. Baker claimed in her trial that she'd acted in self-defense. She was acquitted but didn't escape notoriety.

Al Britt's grave

Happy Missouri Day, Stagger Lee!

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Stagger Lee
is one of Missouri's most celebrated characters in song. Loads of people have sung about the seemingly amoral anti-hero, but here are the facts, ma'am.

Lee "Stag" Shelton
was born on March 16, 1865. As a young man he drove a carriage cab and pimped. He also operated a "sporting club," the Modern Horseshoe Club in St. Louis's "Bloody Third" Ward, in an area known as Chestnut Valley. Chestnut Valley and the sporting clubs located there were instrumental in the development of ragtime. Shelton was part of a pimp clique called The Macks. His trademarks included a high roller stetson, rings, an ebony cane, spats and St. Louis flats -- mirrored shoes with pointy, upturned toes. Oh yeah, and a .44 Smith & Wesson.

On St. Stephens Day, 1895, Shelton and Billy Lyons were at a the Bill Curtis Saloon (described by the paper as "the envy of all its competitors and the terror of the police") together, in the "Deep Morgan" neighborhood. Initially they were cordial, but after more drinks, began smacking each others' hats after the conversation turned to politics. First, Shelton grabbed Lyons' derby. Lyons then removed Shelton's stetson. According to witnesses, Shelton demanded either the hat be returned or Lyons pay with his life. Lyons pulled out a knife he'd borrowed in advance from his friend and companion at the bar, Henry Crump. Shelton then shot Billy Lyons.

Stagger Lee's old residence

According to a witness, Lyons dropped the hat, at which point Shelton yelled, "Give me my hat, nigga!," picked it up and walked back to his home on Sixth in "Tamale Town," gave his gun to his landlady and hit the hay. At 4:00am, Lyons died in the hospital.

Shelton went to trial (twice) and ended up getting sent to Jeff City to serve his 25 year sentence. He was paroled in 1909 but went back two years later after robbing a house and bashing owner William Akins's head in with his gun. In 1912, Stagger Lee died in prison of consumption. He's buried at the Greenwood Cemetery in Hillsdale.

John Lomax
published the first known version of a commemorative song which he was given by Ella Scott Fisher in 1910. Mississippi John Hurt wrote what many consider the definitive version. In 1959, Lloyd Price had a massive #1 hit with his version, recorded the previous year.

It's also been done by Beck, Bill Haley & His Comets, Dave Van Ronk, Doc Watson, Dr. John, Duke Ellington, Fats Domino, Frank Hutchison, Furry Lewis, Huey Lewis and the News, Ike and Tina Turner, James Brown, Johnny Dodds, Ma Rainey, Memphis Slim, Neil Diamond, Nick Cave, Pat Boone, Professor Longhair, Sam the Sham, Sidney Bechet, Snatch and the Poontangs, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, Taj Mahal, The Isley Brothers, Tim Hardin, Tom Rush, Wilbert Harrison, Wilson Pickett, Woody Guthrie and many more...

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Tom Bosley (aka Happy Days' Dad) Died Yesterday at Age 83

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Happy Days scene with Tom Bosley as Howard Cunningham

As reported by Associated Press, the actor Tom Bosley, best known for his role as the dad in the Tom Bosleylong-running and popular TV sitcom Happy Days, died yesterday after suffering heart failure at a hospital near his Palm Springs home. He was 83 years of age.

As father Howard Cunningham to Ron Howard's character Richie in ABC TV's comedy Happy Days, which ran from 1974 to 1984 and more recently in reruns on TV Land, Bosley's role became a familiar and always reassuring figure. Mr. Cunningham was typically propped in his armchair, offering fatherly wisdom from over his outspread newspaper. For this role Bosley was ranked number 9 in the "50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time" by TV Guide.

While the TV show Happy Days was how most people became familiar with Bosley, he had enjoyed a successful stage career prior to his Happy Days role. Fifteen years earlier in his career he won a Tony for his performance as the lead/title role in Fiorello! on Broadway. Post Happy Days Bosley played roles such as the lead in the crime-solving priest TV show The Father Dowling Mysteries in the late 80's/early 90's.

Zooey Deschanel to Perform at Giants/Phillies Game Today

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Giants fever has reached a frenzied, fevered pitch here in San Francisco and today's Giants/Phillies game is gonna be crazy!

A random item of note for indie rock fans: She & Him's Zooey Deschanel will be singing "God Bless America" in the 7th inning stretch at AT&T Park! While she may not reach the heights of Whitney Houston's famous rendition of "Star Spangled Banner" back in 1991, Zooey's no doubt gonna be putting those pipes to the test! And whatever will the fashion plate wear?! Tune in to find out!

zooey deschanel

Peaches Christ's All About Evil Haunted Theater Spectacular

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all about evil

For the ultimate evil experience, don't miss All About Evil: The Peaches Christ Experience in 4-D, hosted by Peaches Christ, of course, and a host of Midnight Mass players Oct 21-24 at the Victoria Theater in San Francisco! Peaches' alter ego, Joshua Grannell, has created a fabulously fearsome feature film, All About Evil, and it was shot at the Victoria Theater here in San Francisco. You can visit the Victoria Theater and experience the horror All About Evil brings for yourself, if you dare!

Tickets are just $20 and are available here.

all about evil

New Best Coast Video

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Even here in Indian summer-happy San Francisco, the sun has finally faded and we are unmistakably headed into fall. For a tiny taste of that heat again, check out this new video from one of the most indisputably sunny bands out there, Best Coast. Here's "Boyfriend":

CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival Kicks Off In NYC Today

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The kick off of this year's CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival is today in NYC! The CMJ (College Music Journal) event, now in its 30th year, runs from today (Tuesday, Oct 19th) through Saturday night (Oct 23rd) and features so many different bands and artists and films (and workshops and music panels) playing at countless venues (mostly in Manhattan and Brooklyn) that it is physically impossible to attend all of them. Thus, if you are attending this year's festival, you'd best carefully plan each day ahead of time. Here is the overwhelming list of all the artists to play over the next five days and here is the guide to the films screening.

Films include the documentary Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone, which is directed by Lev Anderson & Chris Metzler. The film tells the story of the unique Cali punk-funk outfit that is Fishbone (who are still around and gigging -- they played the DNA Lounge in SF last Thursday) and also covers the political and racial environment (namely Reagan’s America) during which they rose to fame. With members of Fishbone offering their insights, the documentary is narrated by Laurence Fishburne and also includes figures like Ice T, George Clinton, Flea, Gwen Stefani, Perry Farrell, and Branford Marsalis all offering their thoughts and stories. It screens at 4pm Friday at Norwood Private Club in Manhattan. Another film is the French language L’Enfant Prodige (The Child Prodigy) directed by Canadian Luc Dionne, which tells the true story of six-year-old child prodigy Andre Mathieu. He wowed concert halls in Paris, London, New York, and other major metropolitan centers around the world and was billed as the “Little Canadian Mozart” but when all was going well his story took a tragic turn. Screens at 10pm Thursday at Clear Cinemas on 23rd Street.
As a hip-hop fan I of course tend to gravitate toward the hip-hop shows. Though once not very well represented at this traditionally indie rock themed event, now there are a decent amount of hip-hop events that include Mickey Factz and GZA this year. One of the best all hip-hop shows this year is tonight's big retro (as in mid to late nineties) event with Boot Camp Clik crew's Buckshot, Sean Price, and Smif-N-Wesson, Pete Rock, Jean Grae, 9th Wonder, Pharoahe Monch, Strong Arm Steady, and Skyzoo and Illmind. This guaranteed-to-be-packed showcase is at Le Poisson Rouge in the Village tonight at 10pm.

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Mash-Up of the Week: Maiden Goes to Bollywood (Iron Maiden vs Dhoom 2) by Wax Audio

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"Maiden Goes To Bollywood (Iron Maiden vs Dhoom 2)" by Wax Audio

Australian producer/remixer/mash-up master Wax Audio supplies this week's brilliant mash-up of the week. He effortlessly melds metal with Bollywood in "Maiden Goes to Bollywood (Iron Maiden vs Dhoom 2)." "Let Bruce Dickinson and the boys, along with a stunning cast of Bollywood studs and starlets, get you doing choreographed gyrations and headbanging all at once as Iron Maiden meets the crew from Dhoom 2," says Wax Audio. He finished producing this brand new video in the past week, and it was made to match the mash-up audio track he produced two years ago.  The track can be found on his Mashopolos release and can be downloaded for free (along with others by Wax Audio) on his website.

Two Great Shows On Wednesday, 10/20/10

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The problem with living in a town as big as Los Angeles is sometimes you have too many choices. October 20th will be one of those days.

Celso Piña's monster hit, "Cumbia Sobre El Rio" was the best song that came out of the last decade, in my opinion. Its crossover appeal makes people of all ages dance their ass off when the track is played in a club or party. It’s the first song in recent memory that was championed by immigrant culture, gangsters and by hipster Latinos. It's also said that this song was key in influencing the whole Cumbia remix, mash-ups and Digital Cumbia culture of the last several years. Celso was already one of Mexico's biggest Cumbia artists when 2001’s Barrio Bravo was released. But with the help of Blanquito Man and Toy Selectah, they gave Cumbia a new twist, adding their Hip-Hop and Dancehall Reggae influences and making Celso Piña became a household name. Celso has released dozens of excellent Cumbia albums before and since Barrio Bravo, but that was his brightest moment.

Celso returns to L.A., along with Blanquito Man (formerly of King Chango), with dj sets from the Mas Exitos Crew.

Celso Piña-"Cumbia Sobre El Rio"

Also on Wednesday and just a few blocks away is the return of the Austin, Texas based Maneja Beto. Maneja Beto continues on a path that bands from Mexico no longer follow. Maneja incorporates traditional Mexican musical influences with their Anglo and Roc N' Español influences. They are part early Café Tacuba, part The Smiths and part Texas flavored Cumbia. They write great songs and play all assortments of electric and traditional Mexican instruments. A trip to L.A. for Maneja Beto is a rare thing these days, as one of the main songwriters, Alex Chavez, has become a college professor at Notre Dame. Maneja Beto will be rocking out at Mucho Wednesdays, located at La Cita. Also performing will be a new group called Chicano Son, a mixture of L.A. and Austin Texas Son Jarocho musicians with a different take on the classic traditional Mexican music.

Maneja Beto-"Los Cerros"

My advice? Park near La Cita. Walk to the Conga room or take the metro. After Celso Piña, head back over to La Cita and catch Maneja Beto!

Wednesday, October 20th

Celso Piña w/ Blanquito Man & The Mas Exitos Crew
800 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
(near Staples Center)

Maneja Beto at Mucho Wednesdays
Located at La Cita
336 S. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Horror, The Universal Language 4: Freedom vs. Conformity in Blind Beast (1969) & Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

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Halloween's coming, so why not continue with my horror double-feature suggestions? Although based on an early 1930s story by Edogawa RampoBlind Beast can be seen as Yasuzo Masumura's inverted take on John Fowles' abduction classic The Collector (made into a 1965 movie by William Wyler, which might've been recommended here if it were a better adaptation). Fowles' book is about class and the empty exercise of capital, in which an alienated office clerk moves up the economic ladder by winning the lottery, but remains on the outside looking in. His only passions are in the form of commodity fetishism: collecting butterflies and fantasizing about a beautiful young female artist whom he obsessively watches from afar. He uses his newfound wealth to kidnap and imprison her with the hopes that she'll discover who he truly is, you know, on the inside. But what he is is nothing more than a guy who collects things, with no more connection to those things than that they fulfill some mental checklist. His is a life reduced to reification where an emotional bond is seen as two stamps being placed together in a book.

In Blind Beast, the kidnapper, Aki, is a blind sculptor who poses as a masseur in order to get tactile inspiration for his art, surrealistic walls of female body parts. Being a sadist, Aki finds his perfect model, Michio, a woman who begins as his victim, but with the transgressive sexualization of pain (or, perhaps, the Stockholm Syndrome) is transformed into a willing masochist. As Luis Buñuel explained his attraction to surrealism:

For the first time in my life, I'd come into contact with a coherent moral system that, as far as I could tell, had no flaws. It was an aggressive morality based on the complete rejection of all existing values. We had other criteria: we exalted passion, mystification, black humor, the insult, and the call of the abyss. Inside this new territory, all our thoughts and actions seemed justifiable; there was simply no room for doubt. Everything made sense. Our morality may have been more demanding and more dangerous than the prevailing order, but it was also stronger, richer, more coherent. -- quoted here

Whereas The Collector's Frederick never sees his captive as more than an object, thereby reinforcing his own alienation, Michio's abduction is cause for an aesthetic release from objectifying social restrictions. In a spiraling dialectic of slicing and dicing, she and Aki achieve an intersubjective bond through sensuousness (more painful than I'd prefer, but you get the picture).

There are three good variations on Jack Finney's The Body Snatchers, but the best is Don Siegel's from 1956, due in no small part to Kevin McCarthy as Miles Bennell, the doctor who discovers something's amiss with the neighbors. With a Cold War sweat constantly pouring out of him, he's the panicking embodiment of middle America's fear of atomic bombs and communist infiltration. His rapid sideways glances keep the viewer feeling anxious for the film's duration. The alien collectivist consciousness that each stolen body is mentally linked to and controlled by suggests an extreme version of Orwellian totalitarianism (the goal of the ideologically pure language Newspeak was, if you'll recall, to rid the individual of the ability to think outside the mandated system). So, on the one hand, the film is, as oft-noted, a critique of communism. But, on the other, there's the auto-critique implicit in the way the possessed Americans are difficult to distinguish from their unpossessed counterparts. In other words, the real horror is that there might be no difference between what most do with their supposed freedom and living in a totally administered society.

When there's nothing left of moral behavior but habit, the perversity of surrealism and Blind Beast becomes paradoxically a moral act in defiance of the totalizing will. From 1984, consider Winston's reaction to Julia's admission that she'd slept with so many Party members:

His heart lept. Scores of times she had done it; he wished it had been hundreds -- thousands. Anything that hinted at corruption always filled him with a wild hope. Who knew? Perhaps the Party was rotten under the surface, its cult of strenuousness and self-denial simply a sham concealing iniquity. If he could have infected the whole lot of them with leprosy or syphilis, how gladly he would have done so! Anything to rot, to weaken, to undermine! -- p. 127-8

As two dead perverts, Aki and Mishio are libidinal martyrs for Miles and Winston's cause.

Blind Beast is available on a fine DVD from Fantoma. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) is available on a serviceable DVD. Philip Kaufman's 1978 version featuring a man's head on a dog that gave me nightmares as a kid is now out on blu-ray. And Abel Ferrara's Body Snatchers (1993) is out of print, but should be fairly cheap used.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Emcee Eyedea Dead At Age 28

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Eyedea & Abilities "Smile" (Rhymesayers Entertainment) (2009)

More sad news for the hip-hop nation today. Emcee and renowned freestyle battle champ Eyedea suddenly passed today (Oct Eyedea17th). Actual cause of death is not confirmed yet but reports all indicated that the rapper born Micheal Larsen was found dead by his mother, Kathy Averill , earlier today. He was only 28 and a few weeks shy of his 29th birthday.  

Down with Rhymesayers and one half of the indie hip-hop duo Eyedea & Abilities (with DJ Abilities, as in video above from last year), the gifted Twin Cities emcee first came to fame a decade ago via battles like the Scribble Jam and the Blaze Battle.

Earlier today on her son's FaceBook wall Averill wrote, "It is with great pain and sadness that I tell you my son Mikey (Eyedea) has passed away. At this time we kindly request your respect and our privacy as we process this devastating loss. On behalf of Mikey's family, close friends and fans, thank you."

A PayPal account has been set up to accept donations to help cover the cost of the funeral services. If you would like to make a donation to the Michael Larsen (EYEDEA) Fundraiser-Memorial, donate by clicking here. And click here to see photos of Eyedea & Abilities along with Atmosphere and Bluprint at Amoeba San Francisco during an instore from some years ago.

Propaganda Anonymous Talks About His Politically Charged Forthcoming Album Squat The Condos & The Joell Ortiz Tour

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Currently in the third week of a national tour with Joell Ortiz, underground NYC emcee Propaganda Anonymous (aka Prop Anon) is gearing up to drop his musically & politically abrasive new album Squat The Condos in the coming weeks. Recently I caught up with the emcee, whose music is as much inspired by punk rock as hip-hop and who always has some engaging socio-political message to share. I wanted to know about the concept behind Squat The Condos, and how an artist like him, who has shared bills with punk rockers and alternative hip-hoppers in tiny dive bars in NYC, would end up on tour with a more mainstream rap artist like Joell Ortiz.

Of the tour with Joell, which came together via his booking agent, he said, "This type of tour is something new for Joell. It's more of nation wide grind out variety -- the type of stuff that artists like me are used to, but that more industry cats are not usually known for doing. It's a smart move on his part, because there have been cats who have done tours like this, and those MC's have a strong and loyal following now. People like Talib Kweli and Mos Def are two who come to mind. And I've done a number of tours like this, so when they reached out, I knew it would be a good match." 

But he notes that life on the road, while great and truly satisfying, is a lot of serious non-stop work. "I'm working my ass off, as I have three jobs on this tour. I am the opener for Joell. I am the main driver, clocking insane amounts of miles behind the wheel, and I am the tour/road manager," he said, adding that getting on stage every night is one part of the pay off. "It's a good feeling to watch a crowd full of people throw their hands in the air when you are killing it on stage." But how different is his show when he is playing to a more mainstream Joell Ortiz audience vs. playing some small dive club with a mixed punk/hip-hop audience? "My show is not be much different, to be honest. One thing that people who know me as a musician will tell you is that my style is extremely versatile. So, while Squat The Condos has that electro-punk hip-hop feel to it, for the past five years, I've been rhyming to a more traditional hip-hop back beat over at Sin Sin Lounge. I've been doing this for nearly every week for the last five years. Plus, the one rule for rhyming at Sin Sin is that it all has to be from the top of the head. On the last tour I was on, I had to rhyme for a half an hour straight off the top in front of an audience while the headliner was getting ready to come on the stage. The crowd loved it. When I toured the Czech Republic, I rocked many of my verses over those old style 90's boom bap beats and the audience ate it up. So, in other other words, playing to different crowds is not hard for me. And I came up on that ole 90's boom bap shit. I was raised on a healthy diet of that. I've just chosen to make my own sound when I have the chance, but rocking over styles like that is easy for me. And I see Joell's music and his fan base as a positive throw back to those times, so this is not going to be much of a stretch, I don't think."

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The Art of the LP Cover: Halloween Special - Cemeteries

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I've got a solid Halloween themed three parter lined up for this season. 
This first batch starts things off gloomily with various cemetery & coffin covers. 
Check out my 2007 series for some great Halloween related LP ramblings.  

Witch Hunters, Strange Truths & Spooked Out Theremins

Vintage Bats, Exorcismic Funk & Poe

Barbara The Grey Witch, Chubby Checker & Don Shirley

Happy Birthday, Oscar Wilde!

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The second most-read writer in the English language is also, in my opinion, the funniest. Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was born on October 16th, 1854 in Dublin, Eire. He is probably the most quotable figure in the English language as well, having coined too many clever epigrams to choose just one to represent his wit.

Oscar Wilde was a married man with two children but an affair with Lord Alfred “Bosie” Douglas led to his imprisonment for homosexuality. After two years of hard labor, he was released a broken and broke man. He moved to Paris where he died at 46 years old in 1900 from acute meningitis, following an ear infection. By some accounts, his final quip was “Either these curtains [or wallpaper, by other accounts] go or I do!”

Our greatest comic, whose life was as much (if not more of) a work of art than his plays and short stories, Wilde’s been the source, subject or merely inspiration for many films in many languages. Consider these many films, most of which formerly were gathered together in an Oscar Wilde section at the end of comedy but now float around Amoeba Hollywood’s mezzanine in various locations. If you can't find them, ask at the info counter.

1908 - Salome

1910 - Dorian Grays Portræt

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Kelley Stoltz Record Release Show Tonight

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The show to be at tonight if you're in the Bay is the Kelley Stoltz record release party at Cafe du Nord! It's an all SF, all the time lineup with The Fresh & Onlys and Carletta Sue Kay filling out the bill. This show is guaranteed all killer, no filler, people!

Check out this brand new video for the Fresh & Onlys' "Waterfall!"

Hip-Hop Rap Up 10:15:10: Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Z-Trip, Die Antwoord Amoeba Instore, DJ Shortkut's Birthday, Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being & Zion I's Atomic Clock Listening Party

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 10:15:10

1) Eminem Recovery (Aftermath, Interscope, Shady)

2)  Skyzoo & Illmind Live From The Tape Deck (Duck Down Music)

3) Black Milk Album of the Year (Fat Beats)

4) Waka Flocka Flame Flockaveli  (So Icey Ent./Asylum Records)

5) Gucci Mane The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted (So Icey Ent./Asylum Records)

New releases on the latest hip-hop top five chart from the Hollywood Amoeba Music store include both Gucci Mane's third & latest (and best) album to date The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted and the anticipated debut from Mane's protege, Waka Flocka Flame, which surprisingly does not disappoint. Note this rapper's cameos to date had been kinda lackluster and the subject of much dissing on the Internet. (If you haven't heard it, check out the Shawt Bus Shawty parody that spoofs him, Gucci, etc.) Titled Flockaveli (no doubt in a nod to 2Pac's Makeveli), the 23 year old Waka Flocka Flame (known round the dinner table at home as Juaquin Malphurs) is part of the popular Atlanta based So Icey Boyz (signed to Gucci Mane's So Icey Entertainment) and also is a member of Gucci's Brick Squad. Waka appeared on Gucci Mane's last album, 2009's The State vs. Radric Davis. Also last year he created a buzz with his mixtape Shoot Me Or Salute Me. The title would prove to be darkly ironic considering that the rapper was shot some months later (January this year) in a roadside robbery when he stopped at a car wash on National Highway in GA. 

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The Balkanization of the Latino/Spanish DVD Section - Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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Just in time for the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, we've divided up the Latino/Spanish DVD section into smaller subsections based on a film's country of origin. Now there are separate sections for Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Cuba, Chile and... the most popular, American Latino films. This follows similar moves in Asian Cinema, Foreign (mostly European) Cinema and African Cinema. Of course, the key objection here is that all the films are in the same language... which isn't true. Within its confines are films in Aranese,  Basque, Castilian, Catalan/Valencian, Caló/Pachuco, Chicano, English, Galician, Llanito, Nuyorican, Occitanian, Silbo Gomero, Spanglish, Tejano and combinations of several.

It also covers a lot of genres that reflect the cultural diversity of the Hispanosphere. In addition, fans of pretentious -- I mean arty -- Mouvement panique movies routinely got all bent out of shape having to sully their hands with lucha libre movies. Likewise, homies looking for cholo movies weren't usually to interested in the works of Pedro Almodovar. Not to mention you, the customers asked us to divide it... so there you go!

The Mexican section obviously scooped up but retained the CantinflasIndia MariaSanto, Tin Tan and Viruta and Capulina sections. The charro movies, the rancheras and the vaquero movies were absorbed into the greater Mexican section. As far as "Los Tres Gallos," Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante still have their own subsections and Javier Solís continues (for whatever reason) to not.

The Spanish section acquired the Pedro Almodovar subsection. Otherwise, no surprises there.

The Argentine, Cuban and Chilean sections are too small to have subsections... and I'll be damned, but why isn't Memorias del Subdesarrollo on DVD yet?!

The most popular films in the former Spanish/Latino section are, with a few exceptions, all American Latino films. That's where you find titles like American MeBlood In, Blood Out, Boulevard Nights, La Bamba, Mi Vida Loca, ScarfaceSelena, Stand and Deliver and more. That section almost never happened. We have Asian-American and African-American sections but something about a Latino section was controversial. There are definitely well-meaning people (almost always white) whose heads are so twisted by PC that they're scared to recognize diversity. I understand their sensitivity but by that logic, a Gay section is homophobic, War and Action sections are pacifist, the Classic and Kids sections are ageist, and the Anime, Sci-Fi and Fantasy sections are nerdphobic! Talk about being through the looking glass!

There was also concern that it wasn't really a genre since it doesn't have a snappy name like Blaxploitation. I liked the ring of Brown Cinema but that didn't happen. But this is LA, carnal! You know, where one out of every two people is Latino, where 40% of the population speaks Spanish as a first language. I mean, I don't got offended that Ritmo Latino has an English section, you know? (I get more offended by Baja Fresh's insistence on blasting annoying Cuban music). So if you like the new set up, let us know! And if you can't find something, as always, holler at the info counter. Al rato, vato!

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When the Levees Broke

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I just had the opportunity to watch Spike Lee's documentary When the Levees Broke, about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, and I feel like it should be required viewing of all Americans. Lee leaves no stone unturned and the film is enlightening, disturbing and incendiary. I can't recommend it enough.

October 13, 2010: Devil

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Branchage Film Festival Review & Interview with the UK Festival's Philip Ilson & Xanthe Hamilton

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It may only be in its third year but the UK's small and fast growing Branchage Film Festival has already become a guaranteed fun four days that's unlike most other film festivals out there. With an idyllic location in the quaint town of St. Helier on the small island of Jersey in the UK's Channel Islands (off the coast of France), this year's Branchage Film Festival (September 23-26th) offered a richly diverse program that included documentaries, features, animation, and shorts, plus some classic films presented in entirely new ways. In addition to its picture-perfect & historic location, what sets Branchage apart from most other festivals is how it nicely weaves a wealth of live music (as both opening acts to films and/or its soundtrack) into its program. Equally important is how it magically transformed so many of its film screenings by taking them out of the stereotypical cinemas & screening rooms and onto screens in site specific locations in St Helier and around the historic island.

At last year's festival, which was the first time I attended, unique screening locations included Castle at Gorey (picture above) and the German War Tunnels (closer to France than England, the Channel Islands, including neighboring Guernsey, were the only parts of Britain occupied by the Nazis). There were also screenings in churches, something that was repeated this year with such films as Tatsuo Sato's Japanese anime Cat Soup, which was screened in All Saints Church (a functional church on loan at no coast from the Methodists). Japanese psych-metal group Bo Ningen replaced the original score of this gory 2001 animation with an amazing new score that went from quiet, soothing hushes to crazy wild n'loud screeching guitar and vocals. This year's other novel locations included the screening of Superman at a dam and The Battleship Potemkin on the deck of a tugboat in the St. Helier Harbour with an ever engaging live soundtrack provided by French electronic duo Zombie Zombie, who, as Branchage creative director Xanthe Hamilton told me with a delighted chuckle,"had sailed in from France to do their set." Truly this is a special kind of film festival.

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October 12, 2010: I Spit On Your Grave

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Frisco Freakout October 16

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This Saturday at Thee Parkside, us lucky Bay Area-ites will be able to partake in some of the finest musical freaks on the scene at this year's Frisco Freakout! Wooden Shjips, Howlin Rain, Sic Alps, Greg Ashley and many more are on the awesome bill, which also will include a set from former-SF-now Nashville- band Mass at Dawn! There will also be art, DJs and probably more than a few brewskis involved. Click here for full info and lineup!

frisco freak out 2010

Amoeba at Long Beach Flea Market This Sunday

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The Amoeba Clearance Outlet is coming to the Long Beach Antique Show & Flea Market!

long beach outdoor market

Pack up the car and head down to Veterans Stadium on Sunday, October 17 for what Good Housekeeping calls "The Best Flea Market in the US." Look for the Amoeba booth at space C-653 and pick up some great finds in vinyl, CDs and DVDs in all genres at rock bottom prices! Hours are 5:30am-2pm, admission is only $5 and parking is free! Click here to find out more!

Belle and Sebastian Signing at Amoeba Berkeley Oct 18

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UPDATE 10.16 - The event has unexpectedly been canceled. Read more here.

Just announced -- don't miss it! All the details are right here.

belle and sebastian signing

Fishbone at DNA Lounge This Thursday!

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This Thurs, Oct 14:

Opening night party for the 9th Annual SF Documentary Festival!


See the Fishbone documentary Everyday Sunshine at the Roxie Theater that night at 7:15pm

Film + Show ticket $20. One screening only! 

Tix and more info avail at SFINDIE.COM 
sponsored by Amoeba Music

Everything Must Go
The Loyd Family Players 
@DNA Lounge 
314 Eleventh St @ Harrison, San Francisco, CA 94103 
$12/adv $15/door 
Tickets are available right here!

Treasure Island Music Fest Artists Have Rocked Amoeba

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This weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco is sure to be quite the scene! Many of the bands on the bill, including Belle and Sebastian, Die Antwoord, !!!, Surfer Blood, Broken Social Scene and Wallpaper have rocked one or more of our stores. Read on for interviews, a What's in My Bag, performance videos and photos with these artists and more and get ready for a fantastic festival!

Die Antwoord What's in My Bag?

Surfer Blood Interview, and click here to watch their performance!

October 11, 2010: My Soul To Take

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Chateau Notes: In Conversation with Agent Ribbons -- Their Shophomore Release, Chatueau Crone, Drops Today!

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Agent Ribbons
is, plainly put, one of the most bewitching band of ladies I've ever encountered in a live setting. Their raw feminine energy and rosy demeanor create an infectious dynamic tension when they perform their songs, almost as if they dare the shadowy figures sulking (most likely) at the bar to rise on invisible strings and sway like moths enchanted by the shine of the widow's web. Yes, lawd, these salty sirens have the ability to spellbind when their signature sibylline sound mingles with such fetching aesthetic fury --- it's a lusty mix heady enough to have you hooked in an instant.

A little while back I had a chance to chat with the missus Ribbons after they played a brief but burning hot set at the Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Here guitarist/vocalist Natalie Gordon, drums/accordion/vocalist Lauren Hess and violinist/cellist/vocalist Naomi Cherie dish about their newest release, Chateau Crone, on Antenna Farm records, which hits the shelves at Amoeba today, their move from California to Texas, upcoming projects and other sundry subjects!

First of all, fabulous show! I think I can speak for everyone when I say I only wished it had been longer (it was a short set, but people were fist-pumping!). Are there plans in place for a proper Chateau Crone tour?

Natalie: Ha ha, I don't know if any tour we ever do is a 'proper' anything tour, but we definitely intend to do a great deal of touring in the next year.  We'll be in Europe for the winter, on the west coast for late January and early February (you can bet your money on a longer set this time around!), and we're planning a New Zealand tour in the spring with Uni and her Ukulele. We hope to tour the U.S. one more time before taking the summer of 2011 off so that we can write new material.
Lauren: Hopefully during that west coast jaunt in January or February we'll be able to hit up some spots we weren't able to on this tour, namely Sacramento, Modesto, Nevada City and Portland.
So, the last time I saw Agent Ribbons in San Francisco was at the Fillmore Auditorium (which was super exciting!); please talk about what that was like. Natalie, you were barefoot right?
Natalie: Yes, of course I was barefoot! Shoes -- at least, the attractive kind that I prefer --tend to be fairly unpractical for unruly stage behavior. I feel like I'm running around in my backyard if I remove my footwear, but I do keep the shoes on for some occasions...usually if I'm concerned about the electricity being well-grounded. Going barefoot on a stage full of electrically-powered gear is a big gamble, but I like risky business.
Lauren: The Fillmore show was the absolute best show of the Camera Obscura tour. It was basically a homecoming show, so many of our friends and family were there. My family was treated with VIP status and had a little section of their own to watch the show. I was really touched that my Grandma, who is a big supporter of us, was able to see us on such a legendary stage.

Naomi: Playing at the Fillmore was such honor especially since I've studied a lot of music history. My favorite part was walking through the halls and looking at the walls, which were lined with hundreds of show posters from decades past. It was also neat because there are all these little traditions like the barrel of apples when you walk in and the fancy dinner all the bands get to sit down to upstairs before the show.

The Fillmore show was the first time I saw (and heard) Naomi with the band; is the vibe onstage any different playing as a trio?
Natalie: Adding Naomi to the band was a big change for the band in many ways, but I see it as a much-needed challenge that came at the perfect time. Not only do we have more at our disposal dynamically, but there's another world of nuance, dissonance, harmony, etc. that wasn't available to us before. When the band was just drums, guitar and vocals, it almost didn't even matter if my guitar was in tune or not! Now, that is quite a priority for obvious reasons, but it's so great because the added dimension has opened a floodgate of ideas for us and I think we are running with all our new freedoms. Lauren has begun to do quite a bit of vocal harmonies now and after adding a new instrument, and feeling secure about it, we feel as though we can try whatever we want without fearing change. I think it was weird at first to have another presence onstage that was standing up and moving around next to me since I'm used to having run of the place! But it's really wonderful and I enjoy working off of her energy so much...we're finally finding our balance and it makes performing so much more fun!

Lauren: Natalie and I had a very strong dynamic as a duo, which was great but also problematic since we basically molded our sound live and knew how to play together exclusively. Having Naomi in the band has forced us to propel forward and get to know our songs and instruments much better. I really love how the live show feels now; there is another person to interact with and play off of which really helps our stage
Has Naomi's coming aboard at all shifted the songwriting/music-making process for Agent Ribbons?
Natalie: Well, I honestly felt my songwriting taking a weird shift right before she joined the band, which is one of the reasons we spontaneously invited her to be a part of Agent Ribbons despite the frowning logistics. It just didn't seem right to only have guitar and drums when we started working with the new material...something was definitely missing and we didn't know what it was. When Naomi started to play with us, it was weird because she fit perfectly into the new songs, but the older material was a bit awkward for her to play on since it had been designed for sparseness. However, we make it work now, and pretty much all the new songs we come up with have a definite place for her, so I guess the short answer to your question is "yes!" The song structures have changed some, and also melodically I'm more attracted to lines that will sound good with harmonies since Lauren is singing now.

Lauren: I also say "yes!" We have an amazing violinist who is not only capable of playing anything but [also] coming up with really beautiful parts as well; we have more room to be more elaborate and experimental.
I love the concept around your new album Chateau Crone, it is really the sort of place I can fathom losing myself in, like, forever. How did that idea for the album come about?
Natalie: There are so many different chapters to this story. A lot of it has to do with my mom because I remember her always telling me that falling in love was a beautiful thing but that it wasn't always forever, and that if I didn't end up finding "the one" that I couldn't let that effect my sense of self-worth. I'm always open to the idea of a life-partner or a true love, but I don't rely on it and definitely don't fear the idea of never finding it. My closest friends are very passionate people and I watch them fall in and out of love all the time -- as I do -- but the real love story is in our friendship and our sincere investment in each other. I love reading about matriarchies or societies where groups of women run communities with the help of men that are not their lovers, such as brothers and sons and grandpas. Men that are romantic interests are sometimes in the picture, sometimes not. Sometimes forever, sometimes not. We want a community where we can grow old together and support each others' dreams whether or not we have husbands or wives or other permanent installations! A place where you don't feel like you need a boob job to look extended family that has plenty of sources of advice and inspiration. The nuclear family is dead, in my opinion, and in an era where aging women are still not considered more valuable to society, I would like to start from the ground up and redesign the template for happiness.
You pointed out that night at the show that you not only cherish the effect the legendary Little Edie Beale has had on your life, but that you also have a "little Edie"-esque aunt who inspires and supports Agent Ribbons. What's her story?
Lauren: My aunt Lisa, who now is our band aunt or "bant," has been a big influence on my life from as long as I can remember. From playing the Cramps, Rubella Ballet and the Cure for me super early on to her free spirit nature, Lisa has always left an impression on me and is continuing to do so with our band and friends. She has gone on a couple tours with us and just has the best outspoken attitude and ends up being everybody's friend. On our last tour with her, she brought a whole slew of costumes and assumed different characters at our shows including a deranged circus clown, a psycho baby and an international spy. She basically blows us outta the water when it comes to theatrics! 

Natalie: Auntie Lisa is a brave and adventurous woman that has believed in us from the start. Since the day we met, I've looked up to her as a role model in many ways and she always makes our travels more interesting! Though she's Lauren's aunt, the band has collectively adopted her.

Naomi: Auntie Lisa is our Little Edie. She's helped the band out in a lot of ways like lending us money for instrument repairs, helping us secure a touring vehicle, etc. Her free spirited and kooky ways have been very inspiring and she's probably our band's number one fan. She's kind of like a nutty fairy godmother.
The song "Your Hands, My Hands" is clearly a masturbation jam: was this song intentionally written that way or did it, ahem, come organically?
Natalie: Hmmm. Well, let's just say that it, ahem, came organically and that we intended for it to do so.
For me, the song "I'm Alright" has a very girls of summer/Breeders sound to it, which I absolutely love. How  much does the whole 1990's mainstream "alternative"-to-riot grrrl spectrum of girl rockers influence Agent Ribbons, if at all?
Lauren: I'm the big riot grrl/girl punk fan of the band! I have over 250 all female/female fronted 7" records and am constantly collecting. I listen to a wide variety of music, but grrl bands will always be my favorite. I try to bring that DIY spirit and punk attitude to the band when I can. On tour we listen to Girls in the Garage compilations which were a big influence on that song.
Natalie: The 90's affected all of us simply due to [our] growing up in the 90's, but I'm more so a fan of bands like Guided by Voices and Built to Spill than I am of Riot Grrrl. I missed that boat somehow, so I wouldn't say that what we do is informed by it much. But yeah, The Breeders in particular are a stand-out exception and I've always loved the Deals' vocal ideas. Actually, one of the reasons we recorded much of Chateau Crone with Manny Nieto was because he did a lot of work on The Breeders' Mountain Battles and we were excited about that. He did all of the recording for "I'm Alright."
A friend of mine (who is a Morrissey fanatic) pointed out that "I Was Born To Write Sad Songs" possesses something of a Morrissey vibe, both musically and lyrically; is she far off the mark? What is the story behind this hit?
Natalie: I can totally see what your friend is referring to! I am a Morrissey fan but hadn't thought about any similarity before. It's funny because I actually originally wrote that song for the band Cake shortly after we toured with them. They said they were recording a new album, so I thought it would be cool if I could write a song for them to record. Unfortunately I never got around to finishing it in time to show them, but it was for the best because I think it's more suited to us anyway. We recorded it on the fly with our friend Chazz in Austin and I wrote the bridge that day. He set me up in a tile bathroom for the guitar and vocals, and Lauren wrote her drum part as we went along!
I really love the song "Grey Gardens" --- it's satisfying to hear it on the record after enjoying it live time after time. Natalie, you mentioned before how movies are a major influence to your song-writing. Are there any movies making songs in your head lately?
Natalie: YES! I only discovered Jodorowsky this year, and I'm totally obsessed. When I moved to Austin this year, I finally started catching up on loads of films I've always wanted to see but never could because I didn't have a computer or television! I want our next album to be totally Jodorowsky-inspired, especially Holy Mountain. And I want to take lots of pictures for the artwork in Arizona and Texas with my new Diana camera since it has a kind of color-saturated sensuality that matches that whole aesthetic. In Holy Mountain there is this scene of this couple in a wood-panel room and a four foot toilet, and the woman has green hair...this room is my inspiration for what I want my next bedroom to look like and what I hope the next AR album will sound like!
I gotta know: right now, today, what would be the ideal Agent Ribbons cinematic "sick day" triple feature?
Natalie: OH MAN, this is so hard...You said "right now" so my choices will reflect the present moment and not necessarily my favorite films, so here goes: The Karate Kid, Holy Mountain and Princess Mononoke. I wish I was sick right now!
Lauren: Personal Best, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Naomi: I can't even remember the last time I've been to the movie theatre. How about some old faves: Amelie, Vertigo and...The Little Mermaid!

It's exciting to know that Chateau Crone will be issued on vinyl! Any plans to have your debut album, On Time Travel And Romance, re-issued on vinyl?
Natalie: Unfortunately, I don't think so. We don't even have the masters because the awesome guy who recorded the album -- Jim Sandelius -- passed away recently. He had the only known masters and they're gone forever, I'm pretty sure. Oh well. It's not really an album meant for vinyl anyhow, so I'm not worried about it.

Naomi: I've never thought about that but I think an On Time Travel and Romance vinyl release would actually a really good idea!

It seems like, generally speaking, the songs on Chateau Crone pull from more autobiographical content than the more story-telling inspired vibe of your debut, could this be related to homesickness? Do you miss California?
Natalie: You're right, it's very autobiographical. And yes, I do miss California a great deal. The songs were all written before we moved to Texas, but since we were on the road nine months out of the year even when we were living back west, I was always thinking about home and the people I was far away from. There is probably every single emotion known to mankind on Chateau Crone because our lives were pure chaos and adventure and longing throughout the duration of working on it, seasoned with tragedy and doused with a gravy boat of pure luck.
Please talk about your move to Austin, Texas. Has the relocation affected Agent Ribbons very much?

Naomi: It's great for me because I'm from Austin and have been flying back and forth from Texas to California for tours and recordings for the past year. It's nice not to have to hop on a plane every couple of weeks and it's great to live in the same town and be able to practice and collaborate more often.

Lauren: I absolutely love Austin; it was great move for me on a personal level and an even smarter move for us as a band. Initially I was going to stay in California, but then it became very apparent that the band would lose so much momentum if I was in another state. It's been great for us all to be in the same state, it's given us time to practice and work on band stuff.

What are the biggest differences between Sacramento and Austin? How are the thrift stores, the food, the scene, the audience, etc?

Lauren: Austin is a much more active city in general but it still feels like a small town some days. I feel that people are doing so many art and music related things in Austin that encourage each other to create and participate. Sacramento has really creative and interesting people but sometimes the scene is not where it should be and has a tendency to die out for a while before getting great again. We accomplished so much in Sacramento, there is no way we would be able to be nurtured and supported in such a positive way anywhere else. Also, I think Sacramento has way better thrift stores! When I lived with my parents in a suburb of Sacramento before leaving for Austin I had access to an entire thrift store route that I would frequent, including a place where clothes prices started at 40 cents. I scored amazing finds all the time! I miss my Sac thrift stores!

Here's my "Teen Beat" question: do you have names for your instruments?
Natalie: Since my guitar is a Danelectro, I often refer to it as "The Danny" but I also think personifying instruments is a little bit creepy for some reason.
Lauren: Well, not exactly, but I describe my drum set as a mystical tiger eye set. My guitar, which I seldom play in this band, is called "Super Glorious."

Naomi: My old violin had a name but it got stolen out of our van last summer during our tour with Camera Obscura. My new violin doesn't have one yet, but it's an antique from France so it should probably be something French. I'm taking suggestions...
Is there a particular song you most look forward to playing every night?
Natalie: I love playing "Wood, Lead, Rubber" due to the built-in dance moves, but I think that when we are lucky enough to have a great sound system, "Wallpaper of Skin" is us at our best.
Lauren: Probably "Grey Gardens," "Bird in the Mirror" and "I'm Alright."

Naomi: "Wallpaper of Skin" is definitely one of my favorites and one of our most intense songs. "Your Hands, My Hands" is fun too, and of course "Wood, Lead, Rubber" which is usually our grand finale.

Do you think you'll ever write a particularly "maritime inspired" song for nautical nerds like me? (I can't help it: I grew up on a beach in NC famous for pirates and shipwrecks and things.)
Natalie: I'm on it, baby!

Naomi: A nautical song would be really fun...and we could all wear matching sailor outfits?

Are there any particular artists or records you're been listening to lately?
Natalie: I also want to answer this question without naming the usual suspects and actually talk about latelies, so music that I've listened to a lot of in the last couple months would be Robert Charlebois, Gogol Bordello, Broadcast, Pulp, Captain Beefheart and Jonathan Richman. Captain Beefheart is something that has always been around me, but I started listening to him a lot more this summer, and I'm also really feeling the 80s lately, though it seems to have no effect on my songwriting.
Lauren: I'm in a Kate Bush phase again, particularly the album The Dreaming. Also, Crass and Silver Apples and the Mamas and the Papas are some of my favorites right now.

Naomi: I've been checking a couple of fun girl bands like Wet Dog and The Coathangers. We also played with an amazing sister duo in Tucson called Acorn Bcorn. I don't think they have a CD out but you should really check them out if you get a chance.
It was super cool that you could get together with Dame Darcy for your release through Seven Inch Project. Do you have any other artists, visual or otherwise, that you dream about working or touring with?
Natalie: I really wanted to put out a split 7" with the band Paranthetical Girls last year. I wrote to them about it and they came to see us when we toured with Camera Obscura, but we played a dreadful show that night and I'm sure they're not interested anymore! I'm obsessed with this visual artist named Olaf Hajek that is big and famous, so maybe some day we'll have a big enough budget to have him do some artwork for an AR release!

Naomi: There is an embroidery artist in Austin called Jenny Hart who I would really love to get to do a band portrait for an album cover or poster for us.

I know you're concentrating on your touring Chateau Crone (just released today!), but are you working on anything new at the moment? Any future projects for Agent Ribbons in the works?
Natalie: We have a small pile of songs that we're planning on working on a bit during the holidays and then we'll hopefully flesh them out next year. Lots more vocal harmonies happening on this batch. It's hard to say what they'll sound like when we actually figure it all out though, since our material changes a lot as it drifts down the assembly line!

Naomi: We want to release another 7" as soon as we can. We have a lot of ideas in the works but we really need to invest in some pedals and proper equipment before we can pull some of it off. There are also a couple of songs we'd love to do once we replace our broken accordion and toy piano!
Thank you so much for your time, ladies! We're wishing you luck on your current and future tours and looking forward to your new material! Hope to see you again real soon.

Uncle Jamm's Army's Rodger Clayton, RIP

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Last night hip-hop lost another legend when Rodger Clayton, co-founder of LA's legendary Uncle Jamm's Army, passed following a heart attack. Uncle Jamm's Army was an extended collective of LA promoters, DJs, producers & emcees that Clayton (aka Mr. Prinze), along with Gid Martin,  took to wide fame. Back in the early 80's they would stage huge DJ parties at places like the Los Angeles Sports Arena where they would pack in five to ten thousand people. During the 1980's Clayton and the Army reigned supreme on the West Coast, even beyond playing hip-hop -- they specializing in electro-hop, a direct descendant of New York's electro old school hip-hop (a la Afrika Bambaataa).

Officially active during the years 1984 to 1988, the nexus of the group dated back to 1978 when Clayton and Martin initially formed Unique Dream Entertainment. Five years later the Clayton-led group had morphed into the regionally popular Uncle Jamm's Army with the music mastermind wisely enlisting many talented up-and-coming hip-hop emcees and DJs to flesh out the ranks and ensure popularity with a growing audience for hip-hop. This extended lineup featured such notable members as the pre-gangsta rap Ice-T, his DJ partner Chris "The Glove" Taylor, the Egyptian Lover, the Unknown DJ, and many later LA rap luminaries including DJ Pooh and DJ Battlecat.

Uncle Jamm's Army "Dial A Freak" (1984)

Big fans of funkateer George Clinton, the name Clayton and company chose was a direct nod to Funkadelic's 1979 album Uncle Jam Wants You. And, like the typically flamboyant Clinton led P-Funk ensembles, known for their wild onstage attire, Uncle Jamm's Army would also wear costumes onstage, although usually not as brightly colorful, instead favoring green army fatigues. Tapping into Clayton's promotional skills and wisely bringing name rap acts out from New York like Kurtis Blow, Run DMC and Whodini, the Uncle Jamm's Army parties became a phenomenon, attracting thousands of people to large auditorium and stadium scale venues like the Richmond Auditorium up north in the Bay Area. Luckily, I caught one of their gigs there, around when the crew's Egyptian Lover's "My Beat Goes Boom"/"What Is a DJ If He Can't Scratch" was a big hit. In the early days their LA parties were typically roller skate events, sponsored in part by stations KGFJ and KDAY, where the DJs would spin funk records like Zapp's "Doo Wa Ditty." By a certain point, Uncle Jamm's Army's name alone was enough of a draw. Of course, having their own records out that were radio hits only helped increase these crowds.

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The Art of the LP Cover- On The Fringe

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Solomon Burke, en Route to Dutch Concert, Died Today in Schiphol Airport Near Amsterdam

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Solomon Burke
He had just gotten off a flight from LA at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam in the Netherlands today when Solomon Burke, the self-proclaimed "king of rock and soul," was pronounced dead. While the actual cause of death has not been officially announced so far, reportedly the 70 year old soul singer had a heart attack on the plane and could not be resuscitated. 

Burke, whose hits included "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" (see great 2003 concert footage below of him doing this song from his famous throne), was scheduled to perform in Amsterdam on Tuesday with the Dutch rock band De Dijk. He was also set to launch their collaborative album, Hold On Tight, which would have been his second album out this year. Burke, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, released his first album for Atlantic Records in 1962, wittily entitled Solomon Burke's Greatest Hits.

One of the most memorable events of his career was a run in with the Ku Klux Klan. Due to his country style hits at the time and never having seen him, they mistakenly believed that he was a white singer and booked Burke to entertain at one of their rallies. This he did, and amazingly, not only did he not get attacked, he was also a big hit at the event. Burke's vocal styles included country but were mainly soul, gospel, blues, and rock and during his illustrious career he released about 40 albums and continued working up until his sudden death today. He played two incredible instores at Amoeba back in 2005 that will never be forgotten by all those who attended. Rest In Peace, Solomon Burke.

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Another Day, Another Woman: I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

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Why did I see this? One fact I wasn't aware of is that director Stephen Monroe formerly helmed It Waits, which I had mistakenly checked out on blu-ray thinking it was Larry Cohen's It's Alive. I made it through maybe 20 minutes, and now have blown 11 bucks on Monroe's remake of Meir Zarchi's Day of the Woman aka I Spit on Your Grave. Must check IMDb more often. Anyway, if you haven't heard, the plot is rape, then revenge (for a more thorough summary, see a professional critic -- Roger Ebert still hates the original and, now, equally hates the remake). The details remain pretty much the same, but scenarist Jeffrey Reddick adds the missing fifth male, who was promoted on the American poster for Zarchi's original. And although the redneck rapists are no less cretinous than before, they know their way around modern technology: they can use a Macbook, understand that a cellphone doesn't work when it's been dropped in the toilet, and, keeping with the most modern of horror clichés, one of them carries a videocamera. (Sidenote: In order to critique the viewer's implicit scopophilia, the film has to implicate him or her in the voyeur's place through identification, as in Lost Highway, Peeping Tom or Vertigo. Here, you identify with the female victim, so when she fishhooks the hillbilly auteur's eyelids, saying, "you like to watch, hunh?," there's no critique of the gaze, masculine or otherwise. Instead, the viewer will likely feel satisfaction at the spectacle of revenge.) The sheriff (the added fifth rapist) is smart enough to know that the digital recording is evidence, so he attempts to destroy it. On the other hand, he wasn't smart enough to stop the recording while the rape was going on. Not that it matters, since the victim, Jennifer Hills, isn't interested in proving her case to others.

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Stones Throw Presents: 10-10-10

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A friend was kind enough to drop this little birdie in my inbox, a little late, but whateves, I'll take it. Besides, how could I forget? Stones Throw's annual celebration 10-10-10! Happens every year, on the same date. Not exactly rocket science.

Later this afternoon, for ten hours straight ten djs will spin all 45s in the 10-10-10 marathon party. To all you ilovers, your shazam won't work in their arena. Trust me, the collective record collection of the players on this list is massive...Amoeba massive. Come out, let loose, and enjoy some of the grooviest $*it you've never heard.

And those DJs are: Baron Zen, Dâm-Funk, Danny Holloway, J Rocc, Madlib, Mahssa, Mayer Hawthorne, Peanut Butter Wolf, Prince Paul, and Rhettmatic. As Pitchfork put it, if you make it through the entire party without leaving, you're a champ.

740 S Broadway
Downtown LA, CA 90019

Remember John Lennon

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I think everyone who loves music is probably thinking about John Lennon today, on what would have been his 70th birthday. Though his life was tragically short, I think it's safe to say he will never be forgotten. His songs, thoughts, concepts, will continue to inspire people on and on....

It's impossible to choose a favorite track. Each of Lennon's best songs, especially over time as his career wore on in the Beatles and beyond, presents a different mood, a tiny world, a personal statement. And I think the thing that endears John to us is his brutal honesty and genuine, plain emotion coupled with the fact that he was clearly and continually grappling with the world and his place in it, just like all of us. That he was taken so tragically and unnecessarily is beyond heartbreaking.

"Look at Me" - Plastic Ono Band

"(Just Like) Starting Over" - Double Fantasy

"You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" - Help

"Don't Let Me Down" - Past Masters 2

"Mother" - Plastic Ono Band

"How Do You Sleep" - Imagine

Lennon's voice is indelibly entwined with so many of our lives. Pretty much my first memory is of being in my parents' car on a road trip and listening to Double Fantasy's "Watching the Wheels" (yes, I even remember which song was playing in particular), watching my dad drum along on the steering wheel. I can't have been more than 5 years old. The incredibly intense impact Lennon has had over the years on the world comes down to personal moments like that, times a zillion.

For more, you can check out a previous post with several more of his best songs collected together here, and one with a photo gallery here.

Moreover, you can read a review of the latest Lennon reissues by the always-on-target Richie Unterberger here.

belle & sebastian write about love! out 10/12!

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new Belle & Sebastian album
Write About Love

out Tuesday, 10/12, on Matador Records!

pick up the new album on CD or LP at Amoeba on Tuesday!
(there will be a limited edition free 7"..."suicide girl" b/w "last trip"... with purchase at the store...available while supplies last!)

or buy the CD now at

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love 
CD $10.98

all purchases of the cd or lp include the chance to get meet Stuart and have him write a song about you to be released on 7" next year!....more details here...

Aloe Blacc Latest to Cover Velvet Underground + Nico's Femme Fatale

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Aloe Blacc "Femme Fatale" (Stones Throw, 2010)

Aloe Blacc is the latest artist to cover the beautiful, timeless, Lou Reed-penned Velvet Underground & Nico track "Femme Fatale" from the VU's 1967 debut album (the one with the famous Andy Warhol banana cover art). As seen/heard in the above Alan Algee-directed video, Aloe Blacc's version appears on his recently released Stones Throw Records album Good Things, which also features "I Need A Dollar," his song that is the theme music to HBO's How To Make It in America drama series.  

Over the years numerous artists have covered "Femme Fatale," including Big Star, R.E.M., Tom Tom Club, Propaganda, Dramarama, Duran Duran, Pansy Division, Elisa, and Yo La Tengo featuring the late, great (Big Star founder) Alex Chilton. That 2007 concert-only version appears below. To see a great live version of the song by the VU + Nico click here.

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October 7, 2010: Chain Letter

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out this week 9/28 & 10/5...Beauty & the Beast Diamond Edition...Grindhouse Collector's Edition...

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In addition to the usual music releases, there are also two Blu-rays out this week that have me all kinds of excited. I have been obsessed with Disney since I can remember being obsessed with anything. I still think they are one of the most brilliant studios in the world. They somehow manage to get you when you are super young and then you are a fan for least that is how it worked on me! I am obsessed with Disneyland and all things Disney. I love the old movies but the best period was really the 90s. The "Disney Renaissance" started in 1989 with The Little Mermaid; next was the Rescuers Down Under in 1990; Aladdin came out in 1992, and The Lion King in 1994. The best of these and the first to be released on Blu-ray is Beauty & the Beast from 1991. The movies continued with Pocahontas in 1995, the Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1996, Hercules in 1997, Mulan in 1998 and Tarzan in 1999. Some of the older classics have also been released on Blu-ray -- Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, & Pinocchio -- but Beauty & the Beast is the first of the newer films to be come out. Beauty & the Beast is also the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar. Some of you may remember the 80's television show Beauty & the Beast starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. I found myself sort of freaked out by this show but also intrigued. I was not a loyal fan of the show but I imagine there must have been somebody out there who watched every episode. I did catch a couple of them. They sort of stayed with me forever. The show might have ruined the image of Beauty & the Beast for some but Disney reinvented it and brought it back to life in 1991. The movie starred the voices of Angela Lansbury, Jerry Orbach, and Jo Anne Worley. The music was by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman; Menken composed the music and Ashman wrote the lyrics. They worked their magic together on Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin,The Little Mermaid and then Howard Ashman passed away in 1991. The documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty covers this period of Disney. I have heard great things about this film and didn't get a chance to see it in the theater but it is out on DVD on November 30th. Beauty & the Beast is still one of my favorites and it looks amazing on Blu-ray! But of course it does! Hopefully the Little Mermaid and Aladdin will have Blu-ray release dates right around the corner. The Disney Diamond Edition includes the DVD and the Blu-ray, in total three versions of the film, plus audio commentary and a sing along mode! There are some extra documentaries on there as well. It is fun to relive these movies all over again when they get rereleased on a new format, almost like seeing the movie for the first time.

Buy Beauty & the Beast (Disney Diamond Edition) on Blu-ray

The other Blu-ray out this week is the Grindhouse Collector's Edition. We have been waiting for this since the movies first came out in the theater. Both Planet Terror by Robert Rodriguez and Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino are now together like they were originally released in the theater with the trailers in between. I love these movies and have been excited for a while for this release. I have not seen the trailers since I saw the movies in the theater. Overall, the movies did not do as well as expected in the theater but I loved them and loved the whole idea behind them. I blogged about the movie here way back in April 2007. I have not picked up my copy of the Blu-ray yet but I am sure it looks fantastic, right?

Here is a list of all the Blu-ray only extras on this Blu-ray Collector's Edition...

* Robert Rodriguez's 10-Minute Cooking School
* The Makeup Effects of Planet Terror
* The Hot Rods of Death Proof
* From Texas to Tennessee: The Production Design of Death Proof
* Extended Werewolf Women of The SS Trailer
* View Extended Cut Of Werewolf Women of the SS Trailer with Commentary by Director Rob Zombie
* The Making Of Werewolf Women of the SS Trailer
* Extended Don't Trailer
* View Extended Cut Of Don't Trailer with Commentary by Director Edgar Wright
* The Making of Don't Trailer
* Don't Storyboard/Trailer Comparison
* View Don't Storyboard/Trailer Comparison with Commentary by Director Edgar Wright
* Don't Storyboards Still Gallery
* Don't Poster
* The Making of Thanksgiving Trailer
* New York Times Talk with Quention Tarantino and Lynn Hirschberg at Comic Con 2006 Featuring the Directors and Cast of Grindhouse
* Grindhouse Trailer Contest Winner Hobo With A Shotgun

Grindhouse Collector's Edition on Blu-ray

also out 9/28...

Crush by Abe Vigoda

Halycon Digest by Deerhunter

Ring by Glasser

Invented by Jimmy Eat World

Matador at 21 Box Set

Music of DC Comics

Everything In Between by No Age

History of Modern by OMD

King Night By Salem

Telephantasm by Soundgarden

Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten by Three Mile Pilot

Public Strain by Women

Le Noise by Neil Young

also out 10/5...

Buy the Ticket Take the Ride by Black Ryder

Bubblegum by Clinic

Wreckorder by Fran Healy

Surfing the Void by The Klaxons

Doo-Wops & Hooligans by Bruno Mars

Waves by Tamaryn

Mixed Race by Tricky

1000 Years by The Corin Tucker Band

Interview with Dial's John Roberts

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This week sees the release of John Roberts' debut album, Glass Eights, on Hamburg's Dial label. A deep moody excursion through the sound of Electronic House music, Roberts' debut long player on the ever consistent Dial is a sure fire winner. Melancholic & oozing emotion, this album will stand the test of time.

John took some time out to answer some questions for the Amoeblog…

You are originally from Chicago, correct?

I was actually born in Cleveland and lived there for 17 years. I moved to Chicago for college and ended up living there for about five years.

When did you move to NY and what prompted the move to Berlin?

I decided to move to New York in 2007 and spent just about a year there. I was living with some close friends who decided to move to Berlin around the same time that I started working with Dial, so we all decided to go together.

What got you interested in house/techno music?

I started to get seriously interested in house by visiting a small record shop in Cleveland called Grand Poo-bas. I would go there about once a week and pick out one of these bootleg mixtapes that were coming from Chicago. I listened to those tapes repeatedly in the car and when I was at home on headphones. Shortly after I started buying some Dancemania records. (I also accidentally bought a bunch of terrible breaks records in the process because I had no idea what I was actually looking for.)


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Michael Hurley's Blue Navigator Released on 8-Track

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Michael Hurley
is one of the largely unsung heroes of the original 60s folk movement, and he's still around and putting out great music. If you haven't ever heard his stuff before, there's bunches of it to choose from. Might I suggest Blueberry Wine or Snockgrass or Armchair Boogie?

For your perusal, here is one of his most famous songs, "Werewolf," a version of which appears on Blue Navigator:

You can listen to "Who Ever Heard of You," also from Blue Navigator, here.

But if you are a seasoned fan, and perhaps a bit of a luddite too, I have some news for you! Secret Seven Records in conjunction with Mississippi Records is exclusively releasing one of Hurley's best albums, the previously way outta print Blue Navigator, on 8-track! Yes, you read that correctly: 8-track. We do sell 8-tracks here at Amoeba! Apparently Hurley was at some point in his long career an 8-track repairman, so this seems quite apt. The record originally came out in 1984 and has been unavailable ever since, as a fire destroyed the original master tapes. It's sound is classic Hurley: saloon-type piano rags, fine pickin' and songs about women, wine and wolverines, all crafted to loopy perfection. For more info on the release, check out the Secret Seven blog.

Blue Navigator will be available at Amoeba San Francisco this Monday, October 11, and is limited to 50 copies.

In further 8-track and Hurley-related news, there will be a screening of the 8-track collector themed documentary So Wrong They're Right at ATA Studios on Valencia in SF this Saturday, Oct 9th! Hurley is one of the many "experts" interviewed in the film, along with David Byrne, Tiny Tim, T-Bone Burnett and others.


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May your day be filled with awesome whateverness, motherlovers.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 10:08:10: Ski Beatz, Michael Franti, Motion Man, Ice Cube, Pharoahe Monch, Chuck D, The Pack, Louder Than A Bomb, B.A.R.T. @ ATL's A3C + More

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 10:08:10

Michael Franti
1) Michael Franti The Sound of Sunshine (Capitol)

2) Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Def Jam)

3) TIE: 
  Ski Beatz
24 Hour Karate School (Def Jam)
  Curren$y Pilot Talk (Def Jam)

4) Ice Cube I Am The West (Lench Mob Records)

5) Black Milk Album of the Year (Fat Beats)

Michael Franti & Spearhead, who last month produced and headlined their 12th annual Power To The Peaceful Festival in San Francisco, shot to number one on the new Amoeba Hip-Hop Top Five chart at the Berkeley store with The Sound of Silence on Capitol Records. Nationally, the new album, which is the group's seventh album to date, also did well, debuting at #17 on the Billboard album chart and making it the highest chart entry yet for the Oakland, CA artist and his group. This latest debut even surpassed the debut of 2008’s All Rebel Rockers, which came in at #39. On The Sound of Sunshine Franti and crew reunite with Sly & Robbie in Jamaica for parts of the new album. Even though it is charting on the hip-hop album list, the record is really a lot less hip-hop and a lot more of that upbeat, hook-driven, positive-message, sunshine-y (pun intended) reggae that has helped Franti win over so many fans around the globe. The album's title track follows.

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This Week At The New Bev: Federico Fellini, All Night Horror Marathon, Exit Through The Gift Shop, Diary of a Mad Housewife, Gone With The Pope & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our full upcoming schedule is available online:

Thursday & Friday, October 7 & 8

a Federico Fellini / Giulietta Masina double bill

La strada
1954, Italy, 108 minutes
directed by Federico Fellini; starring Anthony Quinn, Giulietta Masina, Richard Basehart, Aldo Silvani; music by Nino Rota; in Italian with English subtitles

Academy Award winner, Best Foreign Language Film

Signor Fellini has used his small cast, and, equally important, his camera, with the unmistakable touch of an artist. His vignettes fill his movie with beauty, sadness, humor and understanding.
- A.H. Weiler, New York Times

Sun Araw's Latest Head Trip, Off Duty, Out This Week!

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The new Sun Araw, Off Duty, is out this week on Woodsist and, man, is it as heavy as he's ever been...

...and the good news is that if you spaced on picking up Boat Trip on vinyl, the good folks at Woodsist have included it on the CD release of Off Duty. For those of you who've long been riding on the so-called "chill wave" (I prefer to call it "berm highs," but what's a girl to do) this release is as essential as Sun Araw's previous nuggets of music made by people taking drugs to make music to take drugs to, or music to not take drugs to because the music is so "druggy" you don't have to. Seriously, I don't see ever coming back from the next-next level trips that come of digging into Sun Araw with a juggernaut of a buzz on, just sayin. Anyhoo, if you like space, beaches, Spacemen 3, Lee "Scratch" Perry's 'Black Arc' period and never fake the funk, then consider this your next stop on the midnight train to oblivion....

"Last Chants"

Robin Williams to Hit the Berkeley Rep for Benefit Shows

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Robin Williams on David Letterman's show earlier this year

Riding high off the Broadway success of its Green Day soundtracked American Idiot production, in which Billie Joe Armstrong himself recently made his Broadway debut at the St. James Theater in Times Square alongside the rest of the cast, the Berkeley Repertory Theatre readies itself for three nights with Robin Williams this coming Sunday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (Oct 10, 12, 13 @ 8pm each evening) when the comedian will unleash his one-man show An Evening WIth Robin Williams Going on the Road Down Under Recharging the Batteries.....Again.

What's impressive is that Williams is donating proceeds from the door each night, with proceeds from the first show going to the Berkeley Rep itself, and proceeds from the second and third nights to the Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society and the San Bruno Fire Fund, respectively. The San Bruno Fire Fund was set up following the Sept. 9th gas explosion and fire that devastated that Bay Area community. And back in May the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, you may recall, also suffered a fire in which several felines perished. Tickets will be priced at $50 (plus a $7 service charge) for each show. Subscribers or donors to the Berkeley Rep get a first shot at tickets that, note, are only sold online here -- not at the downtown Berkeley box office and the theatre is not taking phone calls either. For now tickets are only avail to subscribers and donors but they will soon be avail to the general public. Check the Berkeley Repertory Theatre website for updates and all the ticket nabbing details over next couple of days.

Live UK TV Version of Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" on Later With Jools Holland

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Cee-Lo Green "Fuck You" live on BBC (2010)

Above is a charged live version of Cee-Lo Green's much buzzed about current song "Fuck You" from a couple of nights ago live on Later with Jools Holland on the BBC, where obviously cursing is not as much of an issue (especially past a certain hour) as here in the US on network TV. See the original music video for the song here.

Amoeba Hollywood World Music Top Ten for September 2010

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1. Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg- Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg (CD/LP)
2. Seu Jorge-Seu Jorge & Almaz (CD/LP)
3. Luis Miguel-S/T
4. V/A- The Afrosound of Colombia (CD/LP)
5. V/A-Afro-Beat Airways
6. Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos-Cantan En Español
7. V/A-Pomegranates (CD/LP)
8. V/A-Let’s A Go-Go!
9. Enrique Iglesias-Euphoria
10. Jacky Chalard-Je Suis Vivant Mais J'ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez  (CD/LP)

There wasn’t much movement from last month’s top ten to this month. The only newbies were the funky prog-rock of Jacky Chalard’s Je Sus Vivant, Mais J'ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez (B-Music/Finders Keepers) and, on the other end of the spectrum, the latest by romantic Latin Pop singer Luis Miguel, which landed him in the third spot. Also, compilations such as The Afrosound of Colombia, Pomegranates and Afro-Beat Airways benefited thanks in part to Amoeba’s latest edition of the Music We Like book, with heavy praise given to each release by the staff from all three Amoeba stores. Get your copy of Music We Like at any Amoeba store or you can view it online.

A few September releases  worthy of mentioning that didn’t make the top ten are the latest from The Nortec Collective, Bulevar 2000, Natasha AtlasMoungaliba and Issac Delgado tribute to Nat King Cole, entitled L-O-V-E. On the vinyl front, we had the reissue of Milton Nascimento and Lo Borges' classic Clube Da Esquina. Original copies of the LP go for collector's prices. For fans of Peruvian Chicha, we have the limited edition LP of Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical, Ranil's Jungle Party.

 Speaking of Chicha, The long awaited Roots Of Chicha Vol. 2 comes out on October 12th and it's just as good as the first. The best way to describe Peruvian Chicha is as a mix of Cumbia rhythms and Andean melodies with surf and psychedelic rock guitar. It was performed by many popular Peruvian party bands played during the 60’s and 70’s. Some of those groups still exist today, playing updated versions of their hits. Outside of Peru, many bands are picking up the style and doing their own version of it, such as Chicha Libre (New York/France), Los Chinches (England) and La Chamba (Los Angeles), just to name a few.

I saw Joan Soriano a few years ago on the Bachata Roja tour. A bit younger than the older men he was touring with, he pretty much stole the show. His latest album, El Duque De La Bachata, is out and also comes with an hour-long documentary on Joan’s life and music. The sublime romantic songs on Soriano’s album are the perfect cure for all Pop Bachata currently being written for tweeners and housewives.

Also out this month: Two more Fania re-issues -- La Perfecta Combinacion by Johnny Pacheco and Pete Rodriguez and Right On! Ahi Na Ma! by Pete Rodriguez, out October 12. Also out on October 12th is Rita Y Los Misterios' Juidero, which I wrote about last month. October 19th brings us what will probably the biggest release Latin release for October. Shakira’s Sale El Sol is an all-Spanish release, minus the English version of the single “Loca” featuring Dizzee Rascal. Other collaborators on Shakira's new album are Urban Merengue sensation El Cata, Residente from Calle 13 and Argentine legend Gustavo Cerati, who unfortunately has been in a coma since May, when he had a stroke on stage during a concert in Venezuela.

Famous Grey Raincoat - Or, Silly Goth, Vampires Are for Kids!

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In honor of this lovely weather we're having here in Los Angeles, I'm going to blog about the so-called Raincoat scene. Before Goth -- for that matter, before New Grave, Dark Wave, Cold Wave or any of those other overly specific scenes (that I will dutifully write about in time), the British music press took to lumping together a bunch of bands and their fans and calling them "raincoats." Why? Because since their invention in the 1850s, nothing has silently and eloquently conveyed, "I'm dark, brooding and Romantic" like slouching in a trench coat. OK, it could also convey, "I'm stealing porn and not wearing clothes underneath." That's a different sort of Raincoat Brigade.

The earliest usage of "raincoat" in this sense that I've found is in an edition of NME. "1982 was also a year of recession in the U.K. A broken economy, you could argue, enabled both genres to flourish: sleek synth-pop helped people transcend national gloom, glowering raincoat-rock authorised them to wallow in it." 

2 More Days Until Walrus Day!!!

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Sumptuously befuddled? Follow this link, rad human!

The Art of the LP Cover- Umbrellas

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In celebration of our early rainy season!

Die Antwoord's New Evil Boy Video

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The fine folks at Pitchfork have kicked off our morning with this insane brand new video from South African internet sensation Die Antwoord for their song "Evil Boy," which will be on their Oct 12 released album $0$

Perfect timing, because the rave rappers will also be performing live at Amoeba San Francisco Friday, October 15th at 6pm and we feel confident they are gonna pull out all the stops! You will not want to miss it.

And to get in the mood further, click here to check out what the crew bought at a recent visit to Amoeba Hollywood!

Interview with Zumbi of Zion I About Oakland Duo's Forthcoming Album Atomic Clock + Free Download of new Zion I Track

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Zion I Atomic Clock
Yesterday super-talented, longtime Oakland hip-hop group Zion I headed out on the road for the beginning of an intensive two-month tour in support of their soon-to- drop new album Atomic Clock on Gold Dust Media which will be arriving in Amoeba Music on its November 9th release date.  To download an advance free copy of the new album track "Many Stylez" featuring Rebulution (with whom they are out on tour with)_ click here. Yesterday while en route to the airport for the kickoff of the intensive Zion I tour (approx 40 dates over the next eight weeks).

I caught up with the hard working duo's emcee Zumbi to ask him about his and musical partner/producer Amp Live's latest album, which is their seventh full-length. I wondered how lyrically Atomic Clock is different from past Zion I releases, in particular their last album, The Takeover (Gold Dust), that dropped back in early 2009. "It's different from The Takeover because on The Takeover it was, I would say, a very conscientious process, like revising a lot of the record. Like I wrote [the song] "Antenna" about four or five Zion I The Takeovertimes. There was just a lot of thought about every aspect of that record, like editing little phrasing and a lot of hook editing over and over again, just different phases of redoing the songs," he recalled.

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Acceptance of Gays in 2010: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back? Despite More Inclusion of Gays in the Media, Violence Against Gays Escalates

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The Stonewall Inn
On the surface it seems totally contradictory that within the span of the very same week GLAAD announced visibility of gays is at an all time high for the new 2010 / 2011 television season, that news of some of the most heinous attacks on the LGBT community also surfaced. These include the cyber attack on 18 year old Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after being humiliated by his roommate taping/streaming him online having sex with another man. They also include the gay bashing of three men in Chelsea, NY's predominantly gay neighborhood, over the weekend, and the even more shocking brutal gay-bashing attack on 34 year old Benjamin Carver on Sunday night inside the bathroom of Greenwich Village, NY bar The Stonewall Inn (yes the Stonewall, as in the birthplace of the gay rights movement) by two violent homophobic Staten Island men. Add to this list numerous other hate attacks on gays across the nation (whether violent, verbal, or cyber) in recent weeks and months and you begin to wonder if we are regressing or progressing as a society.

If the LGBT community is more visible than ever (and hence supposedly more accepted), why the seeming increase in hate crimes? Is there possibly a backlash to this increased exposure, seen as Michael Mustooverexposure by some, of gays in the media? Do such things as the billboards in every New York City subway station and other major metropolitan TV markets advertising Logo TV's new gay reality show The A List trigger repressed hatred in some? Earlier today via email I asked noted author/journalist/TV personality and longtime La Dolce Musto columnist Michael Musto (described by the NY Times as a journalist "who has chronicled the lives of drag queens, club kids, and an array of freaks and celebrities for The Village Voice for 25 years") if he thought there was a direct correlation between the results of this study and the recent attacks on gays. "I feel that every time there is forward motion on the part of the gay community, there's some backlash from the haters," replied Musto. "They get extra panicky and desperately try to seize control back. So it's quite possible that the upsurge in gay characters on TV (and gay visibility everywhere) has had something to do with the recent incidents."

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Friend to Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios Trying to Pay Off Mortgage

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steve albini

Legendary engineer and head Shellac player Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studios has a friend in Tim Midgett. The fan launched an effort asking others to help pay off the mortgage on the studio. Apparently there's still $189,689-ish to pay, and it has brought in about $40,000 already!

According to the message on the site left by Midgett, "Your pledge is only taken if the goal is MET. So it’s not like you’re throwin’ money down a hole." Midgett apparently started the campaign to find out how many people find the studio as important to music as he does.

Staffer Greg Norman clarifies: "We are doing fine financially. There is no threat of us missing payments, or any other money calamity. We would feel awful if someone pledged money for charitable reasons. Tim started this, it appears as a collective gift, and that is an awfully generous gesture. None of us at Electrical Audio knew about this until the campaign launched, and have nothing to do with this."

If you are so inclined, you can give here.

Belle and Sebastian Write About Love Contest

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In the wake of this past weekend's epic Matador at 21 shindig, it was announced today that Belle & Sebastian will be having an amazing, unprecedented Write About Love contest!

When you buy their new album, coming out October 12 and aptly titled Write About Love, there is a special code inside. Enter the code here and write to them about what and who you love, and you can win a day hanging with the band during which they will write a song about YOU! And who you love! The song will be released on a 7" sometime next year. Wowza! A very cool opportunity. All details are here.

belle and sebastian write about love

Bungle Fever: Mr. Bungle's California Available on Vinyl...Finally!

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California dreamin'? Heck yes I am now that I got my paws on Mr. Bungle's newly issued third (and possibly final) LP, California, at long last! Originally released in 1999, Plain Recordings has done Mike Patton & company's stunning, genre-grinding "pop oriented" album nothin' but justice by offering this overflowing kitchen sink of experimental-rock on heavy wax for those of us who simply cannot get enough of the maelstrom of diverse influences --- ranging from swing, rockabilly, country & western, bossa nova, Hawaiian and Middle Eastern music, jazz, Zappa-esque doo wop, arty-funk, post-rock, space-age pop, spaghetti-Western music, warped circus melodies, new age, heavy metal and exotica --- that somehow manage to sound cohesive and linear against savage spates of juxtaposed music-making wizardry. Among many brilliant moments stitched into the body of this masterwork is the inclusion of stylistically head-banging kecak vocals (Indonesian "monkey chanting") on the album's final track, "Goodbye Sober Day." In this respect I reckon that Mr. Bungle's California could be reviewed as just another ripple in the weird "world beat" well, but I believe this record serves as proof that pre-Y2K global fusion, musically speaking, needn't entirely be remembered as naive Cirque du Soleil-caliber dregs of whimsical frivolity to be trampled by the likes of Michael Flatley. No, this album plays like rose-tinted muse blender on puree, partying with the lifetime achievements of Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach like it's 1999!

Mr. Bungle - "Sweet Charity"

Mr. Bungle - "Goodbye Sober Day"

Honduran-Americans - Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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In the US, the word "Latino" is used often, regardless of accuracy, as shorthand for a region's dominant Latino population. In the southwest it usually means "Mexican," in the northeast it means "Puerto Rican" and in Florida, "Cuban." Indeed, those are the three largest populations of Latino-Americanos in the country, although it goes without saying that there are many less-recognized groups of Latinos. Each have their own distinct culture, history, and place in America.

This entry is about Hondurans, who at an estimated 527,154 (although possibly as high as 890,317) currently living in the US, make up the eighth (or seventh, depending on figures) largest Latino population in the country.

Upon assuming the office of president in 1981, Ronald Reagan authorized the CIA to have their paramilitary officers from the Special Activities Division begin financing, arming and training rebels to advance right-wing interests in Nicaragua. Meanwhile, the US backed Honduran army and death squads, notably Battalion 316, waged a quieter conflict against the left in Honduras. The bloodshed and economic situation provided the impetus for many Hondurans to pursue work and residency in the US, especially in The Carolinas, New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, Florida, Virginia and Los Angeles. In the latter, they often settled in the Midtown neighborhoods of Westlake and Wilshire Center, although many Garifuna, whose blackness trumps their Latino-ness in Los Angeles, settled in predominantly black South LA neighborhoods.

Honduran-Americans's self-identify as 90% Mestizo, 7% Native, 2% Black and 1% white. Most of the indigenous people are Lenca, Xicaques, Miskitos, Payas or the Ch'orti' peoples. The food of the Honduras reflects their particular cultural mix of indigenous, European and West African traditions. Popular foods in Honduran cuisine include avocados, baleada, bananas, beef soup, carneada, catrachitas, chilaquiles, chimol, enchiladas, fried Yojoa fish, montucas, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, plantains, plums, sapotes, seafood soup, sopa de caracol, soap de mondongo, sopa mariner, tacos fritos, tamales, tortilla con quesillo and yucca con chicharrón.

When Hondurans came to the US, they also brought their music. Punta was originally developed by the Garifuna people in the 1700s. Contemporary punta and punta rock developed in Honduras, Belize and Guatemala and is popular in the US where Hondurans and those from neighboring countries have settled. Other forms of dance music popular amongst Hondurans include charikawi, gunchei, matadfgmuerte and sambai. However, I don't know of any Honduran-American musicians.

There are a handful of Honduran-American actors/entertainers who've made some inroads. They include America Ferrera, Daniel Zacapa, José Zúñiga, Carlos Mencia and Rocsi.

There haven't been a lot of American movies with Honduran characters. There is Sin Nombre, a US/Mexican co-production.

...and some Honduran kids...

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California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Highland Park

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Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Map of Northeast LA and Highland Park
As mentioned already, HLP is in NELA. Its neighbors are Pasadena to the northeast, Hermon and South Pasadena to the east, Montecito Heights to the south, Cypress Park and Lincoln Heights to the southwest, Mt. Washington to the west, and Eagle Rock to the north.

Roberto Reies Flores' Highland Park Tongva mural - The People of the Earth


The Chumash lived in the region over 10,000 years ago before moving further north as the Hahamog'na branch Tongva arrived from the south. For tens of thousands of years the landscape was predominantly rolling hills and grasslands with wild grapes, clematis, sycamore, California live oak, willows and black walnut trees growing along the Arroyo Seco, a seasonally dry creek fed by springs.



The many springs in the area allowed for the establishment of Sparkling Artesian Water (later Sparkletts) in 1925, Yosemite in 1926, Indian Head Water in 1928 and Deep Rock Water.
After the Spaniards conquered the Natives, they made it part of Rancho San Rafael. It was subsequently part of Mexico until the US won the Mexican-American War and took over. The founding of Pasadena in 1873 created the need for new transportation routes connecting it to Los Angeles. In 1876, the Sierra Madre Stage Coach began ferrying passengers through the area. Settlers began to arrive around what's now Highland Park shortly after, establishing the communities of Sycamore Grove, Garvanza, York Valley, Annandale, Hermon and others.

Figueroa and (New) York Blvd intersection in the 1880s


In 1885, the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Railroad built the first wooden trestle bridge across the Arroyo Seco where Avenue 64 crosses the Arroyo Seco Parkway. The following year, the Pasadena Street Railroad established a horse-drawn trolley line through the area. The same year, 1886, Judson and Morgan named their land The Highland Park Tract. The following year,  William Lees Judson and his three sons established t he Colonial Glass Company. Development followed, although by 1888, the land boom had gone bust. Nonetheless, Highland Park was largely spared and Sycamore Grove was annexed in 1895. Garvanza was annexed in 1899. Today, they, along with districts like York Valley are more often viewed as subdistricts of Highland Park rather than separate communities, although all have very distinct atmosphere. 

The California Cycleway


The area early on began to attract bohemians and bandits, resulting in brothels and saloons springing up around Sycamore Grove. In 1900, a section of the bicycle tollway, the California Cycleway opened, designed to connect Pasadena to Los Angeles (although it never extended past Avenue 57). Highland Park's cycle-loving spirit continues with the Bike Oven, the Eastside Bike Club, the Arroyo Seco bike bath and the ArroyoFest Freeway Walk and Bike Ride, which in 2003 closed the 110 freeway to cars for one night. 

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6 More Days Until Walrus Day!!!

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Sincerely intrigued? Follow this link, magic human!

Unsung Hero Dannie "Fut" James of LA's Impact Record Pool Dies of Cancer

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When tragedy strikes and a hip-hop artist dies, the sad news usually travels fast. The same is not always true with those behind the scenes soldiers in the hip-hop world: the promoters, the managers, the sound technicians etc. -- the unsung heroes working the unseen daily grind to help make it all work. Dannie "Fut" James of LA's hip-hop Impact Record Pool was such an individual. He quietly passed away from complications of multiple myeloma, a form of cancer, on September 23, 2010. He was 59 years of age.

A co-founder of the influential record pool that serviced both club and radio station DJs in SoCal and sometimes beyond, James, who was also a DJ, was described by colleague General Jeff as "a pioneer in the West Coast rap game. Back when hit records were determined by 'street buzz' first [he] had a strong hand in launching the careers of both West Coast and East Coast rap artists alike."
Jeff, a longtime LA rap industry insider and community activist, noted that the most striking thing about "Fut" was that he was a giving, selfless individual, who was all about the music. "He never wanted to be in the spotlight. When I first met him, I would always see him at all the record industry functions, like the BRE conferences and the R&R conferences and befriended him there." Jeff credits him with the rise of the first wave of West Coast rap. "Once West Coast rap started taking off big, I once asked James if he had a problem with not getting the recognition that he deserved," recalled Jeff. "He replied, "I don't do this for the recognition, I do this for the music! It's not about me, it's about Impact Record Pool!"

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Insanity vs. Rock: Everybody Wins! Amoebapalooza Hollywood 2010!!!

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words by Daniel Tures
photos by Pia Alvendia

As it does every Autumn, the peculiar form of mental instability known as Amoebapalooza descended again upon the employees of Hollywood’s finest record emporium! Once again, the results splattered out upon the King King stage in glorious 3-D scream-o-rama for the delight/bafflement of drunken spectators! Did you have to be there? Yes, you did. Will reading this chronicle and perusing these photos do? For now, it must and shall.

Amoebites are, as you may know, an incorrigible, shameless breed of rockers, and they love nothing better than for their employers to enable this addiction by engaging the King King for the night of musical mayhem known as Amoebapalooza. On this night, Amoebites may strut the stage, tread the boards and wail out their rock & roll demons, which often take the form of a bunch of crazy tribute bands. Every year there is eye-popping rock insanity onstage, wailing guitars, felonious wigs, Goodwill glamour and crazy silver stuff taped all over one’s jeans. Was this year any different? A bit more rockalyzing, a bit more crazy, but in essence, about the same as hanging out with a bunch of Amoebites any night of the week, plus a lot more Manic Panic hair dye and big amps! Did I remember every little thing? No, my own vodka intake did not allow that, so if I leave anybody out, forgive me, and let me just say now that it was all completely awesome. And you’re probably in the pics!

The whole mad affair was kicked off with the tuff rock sound of the Cigarette Bums, helmed by Amoeba’s own Steven Carrera but dominated by the wild sax stylings of whoever that guy was.  Little did he know that he was lighting the match that would send the whole Amoebapalooza shithouse up in flames over the next few hours!

Sade to Tour For First Time in 9 Years

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Sade will be bringing her baby making music to an ampitheater near you sometime in 2011! This will besade her first tour in 9 years. Tickets will go on sale for some cities Oct 16 here, with the rest on sale soon after and more dates to be announced in the near future.

Here are the confirmed shows thusfar:

Thursday, June 16 - Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
Sunday, June 19 - Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
Tuesday, June 21 - Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
Friday, June 24 - East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
Tuesday, June 28 - Toronto, ON Air Canada Center
Thursday, June 30 - Montreal, QC Bell Centre
Wednesday, July 6 - Boston, MA TD Garden
Friday, August 5 - Chicago, IL United Center
Friday, August 19 - Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
Tuesday, August 30 - Anaheim, CA Honda Center

Related: I still can't get this song out of my head, even though it was released almost a year ago! AND, does this woman ever age? Good lord, she's luminous!

Matador at 21 Fest Streaming Live Online This Weekend

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If you are missing Matador's 21st Birthday Par-tay in Vegas this weekend, fret not! You can catch all the action streaming online on Matador's myspace page! Ah, technology. The three day fest stars Sonic Youth, Pavement, Cat Power, Kurt Vile, Yo La Tengo, Cold Cave, and many more. The sets will be repeated again the morning after.

matador 21

Here's the schedule:

Chavez: 8:30 pm – 9:10 pm
Fucked Up: 9:35 pm – 10:15 pm
Sonic Youth: 10:40 pm – 11:30 pm
Pavement: 12:00 am – 1:00 am

Girls: 4:40 pm – 5:20 pm
Come: 5:45 pm – 6:25 pm
Perfume Genius: 7:55 pm – 8:15 pm
Cat Power: 8:15 pm – 8:55 pm
Superchunk: 9:20 pm – 10:00 pm
Spoon: 10:25 pm – 11:15 pm
Belle & Sebastian: 11:45 pm – 1:00 am

Shearwater: 6:30 pm – 7:10 pm
Ted Leo + The Pharmacists: 7:35 pm – 8:15 pm
New Pornographers: 8:40 pm – 9:25 pm
Liz Phair 9:50 pm – 10:10 pm
Guided By Voices: 11:30 pm – 1:00 am

Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker is a Tea Party Supporter

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moe tucker velvet underground

Wowza, legendary female drummer Moe Tucker of the much-loved Velvet Underground apparently is a Tea Party supporter! Speechless!

Here she is interviewed at one of their rallies at the 2:40 mark:

Kelley Stoltz Hangin' in SF

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kelley stoltz

Well, aw shucks, San Francisco stalwart Kelley Stoltz has a new album of his particular brand of melodic pop, To Dreamers, coming out on Sub Pop this Oct 12! To get the buzz going, Sub Pop has released this fun little video with Kelley, following him around our fine city, recording, playing, buying tape out in the Avenues...etc and being his always charming self. Check it out below:

Hip-Hop Rap Up 10:01:10: New Releases from Ice Cube, 9th Wonder + Nemo, Group Home, Skyzoo & Illmind, Pigeon John + More

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 10:01:10

Ice Cube
1) Ice Cube I Am The West (Lench Mob Records)

2) Nas & Damian Marely Distant Relatives (Republic)

3) Eminem Recovery (Aftermath, Interscope, Shady)

4) Black Milk Album of the Year (Fat Beats)

5) 9th Wonder Presents Big Nemo Entrapment (The Orchard/Traffic)

Released this past Tuesday, veteran West Coast rapper Ice Cube's new album  I Am The West (Lench Mob Records) has shot to the number one slot on the new Hip-Hop Top Five Chart at Amoeba Hollywood. Featuring the head-nodding, hook-driven lead single "I Rep The West" that's been out most of the summer, the album, although only dropping now at the end of the summer, is billed as a "celebration of summertime on the west coast." But really it's an anytime upbeat record that is not as strictly West Coast (i.e., G-Funk) sounding as one might expect it to be by its title. And while admittedly this is not Cube's finest work (that dates back to the first few years after he departed NWA), it ain't bad either. I rate it a 3 and half out of five star release, with strong cuts like the aforementioned lead single, plus "Nothing Like LA," "Hood Robbin'," and "No Country For Young Men." But the sixteen track album (that fortunately features no AutoTune and only a handful of his old school West Coat potnas) also has some filler, such as "Fat Cat." But considering the amount of time that Cube has been in the music biz (2+ decades) and the image challenge he faces with trying to balance being an actor and rapper (South Central gangsta rapper vs. family friendly figure in vehicles like Are We There Yet?), Cube somehow pulls it off, delivering bangers such as "No Country For Young Men" that remind one of the old Cube.

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