Friend to Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios Trying to Pay Off Mortgage

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Legendary engineer and head Shellac player Steve Albini's Electrical Audio studios has a friend in Tim Midgett. The fan launched an effort asking others to help pay off the mortgage on the studio. Apparently there's still $189,689-ish to pay, and it has brought in about $40,000 already!

According to the message on the site left by Midgett, "Your pledge is only taken if the goal is MET. So it’s not like you’re throwin’ money down a hole." Midgett apparently started the campaign to find out how many people find the studio as important to music as he does.

Staffer Greg Norman clarifies: "We are doing fine financially. There is no threat of us missing payments, or any other money calamity. We would feel awful if someone pledged money for charitable reasons. Tim started this, it appears as a collective gift, and that is an awfully generous gesture. None of us at Electrical Audio knew about this until the campaign launched, and have nothing to do with this."

If you are so inclined, you can give here.

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