New Electronic 12" Releases 9/29 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Marko Furstenberg, Phonique, Isolee, Luke Hess, Holger Zilske & More

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Counter Mode EP 12"

The Mojuba sub-label brings you two new tunes from the vaults of dub techno ambassador Marko Fürstenberg. These two tracks of pure dub techno magic build a seamless connection to his previous releases and capture the special sound and feel of a true Fürstenberg track -- how it can only be done for this label.

Listen to "070120" here:


Perfect Stranger 12"

"Perfect Stranger" is taken from Phonique's album Kissing Strangers (DES 015CD) and is a powerful modern house cut reflecting the many elements of Phonique's intricate sound. Blending raw, soulful throw-downs with tight and crisp next-level production, perfect for those late-night moments when rave is the only option. Phonogenic & Sasse carefully craft an ear-tingling remix -- ever so funky, clear and direct. Guti remixes "Perfect Stranger" into a roaring percussive journey, full of tumbling congas, dramatic fills and fx.

Listen to Phonogenic & Sasse remix here:


The Fantastic Researches Of Yushin Maru 12"

The Fantastic Researches Of Yushin Maru is one of those 12 inches Dial has been waiting patiently for and now Isolée is back from another journey into sound and space. Again, this is a psychoacoustic experience that takes over the contemporary dancefloor. Even the loopiest track will not feature a single second of repetition -- room and structure are constantly changing until the pleasure becomes you. Nick Mauss created the cover artwork.

Michigan Central Station EP 12”
Echochord Colour

Michigan Central Station, built in 1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad, was Detroit, Michigan's passenger rail depot from its opening in 1913 until the discontinuance of Amtrak service on January 6, 1988. At the time of its construction, it was the tallest rail station in the world. The building, located in the Corktown district of Detroit, still stands today, though it remains unoccupied. Infrastructural restoration and city development are fundamental elements in Detroit's recovery, and the recovery of cities worldwide. It is time for revival in our cities, but first, in our souls. The Michigan Central Station EP is a platform for this change. On teal-colored vinyl with a glossy insert of the station.

Listen to "The Problem Of Decay" here:


She Kissed Me First 12"

Alex Jones and Cedric Maison's Hypercolour re-asserts its big brother status with "She Kissed Me First" from Spanish producer El_Txef_A. Backed with remixes from Holger Zilske and Minilogue, "She Kissed Me First" is a superb slice of feel-good house with a smiley Balearic vibe. Zilske's version retains the soul of the original but adds a touch of drunken funk. Minilogue approach things from a more radical angle, turning in a slo-mo, heavily dubbed-out rework. Bottom of Form.

Listen to the Holger Zilske remix here:


Love & Hate EP 12"

"Love Hate" pretty well defines what's best in futuristik Motor City techno-soul-house music -- the sheer drama of this track as it ripples and swells shapes it for those who care: dense and modern, pressed deep in a new era for the physical medium. Generations of fans from Model 500 and Shakir should love this. Heady stuff that comes highly recommended! Cut at D&M.


Horny Morning Loop 12"
Jolly Jams

Horny Morning Loop by DJ Kaos features mixes by Eric Duncan and Till Von Sein & Aera. The first mix comes from Till Von Sein, who is well known for his production and DJ skills. The other mix is by Eric Duncan, who is part of Rub n' Tug & Still Going, and who has remixed several artists under the aliases Dr. Dunks and Keep It Cheap.

Listen to the Till Von Sein & Aera remix here:


Mi Estudio/Two Ninety One 10"

Top of Form This is the second 10" release in the 10 Years CLR cycle. While all tracks have been mixed by Chris Liebing for the massive 12-track compilation, they appear first as singles. Every track is exclusively and specifically produced for this purpose. This second installment features exclusive tracks by Function vs. Jerome Sydenham and Pfirter. "Mi Estudio" is one of the biggest tunes, and it causes major damage on the dancefloor. "Two Ninety One" is a consciousness-altering, dynamic track.

Listen to Function vs. Jerome Sydenham here:


Deft EP 12"

For this artist debut on Meanwhile, Pendle Coven Breakers have made a three-tracker shaking off any opaque guises, reveling in a deep intimacy with the music of early Prescription or original Harmony Park vibrations. Long-term mutual admiration and artistic relations with pioneers such as Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Mike Huckaby, David Moufang/Move D and contemporaries DJ Woody, Andy Stott, and Claro Intelecto have all bounced off and resonated with this artist's boundless invention and spirit of generosity.

PHYLYPS: 1 12"

GABRIEL ANANDA: Charming & Alarming 12"

SAMUEL L. SESSION: The Man With The Case Remixes 12"

MARCONI UNION: Glassworks 12"

BOYS NOIZE: 1010/Yeah 12"

AEREA NEGROT: All I Wanna Do 12"

JAMIE JONES: Summertime 12"

SAMUEL L. SESSION: Blue Ripple EP 12"

FORMAT:B: Dog Tag 12”

DON DISCO/LOSOUL: Swing Ibero/Nuin 12”

MURMUR: Fume EP 12"


TEELOO: Habitant 12"


ZUCKERHUT: Zuckerhut Remixes 12”

MARGARET DYGAS: How Do You Do? 12”


JULIO BASHMORE: Batak Groove/Around 12"

VA: How Can You Sleep At Night? 12"

PINCH/DARQWAN: The Boxer 12"

FAIRMONT: 3 Cities EP 12"

KIDKUT: ILove04/Lilt 12"

DATSIK: 3 Fist Style 12"

THE OTHERS: Off The Wall/Vertigo 909 12"

KUNIYUKI: Set Me Free 12"

DJ NAUGHTY: Goosebumps 12”

VA: Destination 2x12"

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