Three Mile Pilot is Back with a New Album

Posted by Amoebite, September 28, 2010 11:44am | Post a Comment
San Diego's Three Mile Pilot has always been incredibly popular with Amoeba customers, even though the band has not put out any new material in 13 years. Well, today all that changes -- Three Mile Pilot has a brand new album out now called The Inevitable Past is the Future Forgotten!

The band had splintered into Black Heart Procession and Pinback in the meantime, and finally came back together, returning to the collaborative process 5 years ago. Pall Jenkins says, "It was always our intention to continue with Three Mile Pilot; then suddenly all these years had passed." Finally, their record is ready to hit stereos across the country today!

Brave the sun and come out to snatch up this album for some heat wave listening!

inevitable past is the future forgotten three mile pilot

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