The West Side Record Show in Culver City Today is a Digger's Delight

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Amoeba Music will be one of the many vendors at today's big record collector's swap meet in Culver City, CA. The West Side Record Show, produced by Record Collectors News, happens from 10am sharp this morning until 3:30pm this afternoon.  According to the organizers, the show typically promises a lot of rare vinyl finds. Jim Kaplan, who runs the Record Collectors News website that tracks all of the vinyl swap meets across the country, told me that typically vendors "have some very rare collectors items of all genres. There are guys that usually have funk and hip-hop, and a lot of Northern Soul too; usually some very rare stuff." He added that Amoeba Music Hollywood actually plays a major role in the SoCal vinyl collecting world. "Amoeba is such a positive part of the scene here and I don't think Amoeba gets enough credit for the amount of interest and dedication they have generated towards record collecting!"

As both an Amoeba employee and an Amoeba shopper I totally agree. But then, I love digging for vinyl anywhere and everywhere, from record shops to swap meets, and from yard sales to old thrift stores. I also love just visiting fellow vinyl fiends' homes to thumb through their lovingly compiled collections and talking music and record collecting. Interestingly, every record collector has their own way of filing and storing their music depending on what the focus of their collection is or whether they actively use their records to play on the radio or out in clubs. Not everyone files strictly alphabetically. I divide mine by sub-genres of hip-hop such as Bay Area hip-hop, turntablism (including battle records), Miami bass, old school, etc. Some collectors divide by years or decades of release while others divide theirs into genres and subgenres, but everyone has their own unique take.

The UK's Skint Records supremo Damian "Midfield General" Harris divides his collection into sub-genres such as big beat and breaks. Check the video interview with him below. Also in the record collectors themed videos below is one by Collectors Quest with collector Ron talking about his approach to collecting and another about the Roots' drummer ?uestlove's vast record library (shot a few years ago -- so the collection has no doubt expanded since).  

Today's West Side Record Show happens from 10am to 3:30pm at the Veterans Memorial Complex Teen Ctr., 4117 Overland Ave at Culver Blvd in Culver City. $5 admission price. More info 818-308-4695 and online here. If you stop by be sure to visit the Amoeba Music table.

Collectors Quest's Record collector Ron talks about dedication to vinyl

?uestlove Record Library

6 Mix's Inside Damian Harris, aka Midfield General's, Record Collection

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