Hip-Hop Rap Up 08:27:10: Messy Marv, Berner, Cut Chemist, Tha Dogg Pound, Timeless, B+, J-Rocc, Park Jam, Ava DuVernay

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Amoeba Music San Francisco Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 08:27:10

1)  Messy Marv and Berner Blow (Blocks and Boat Docks) (Bern One Entertainment)

2) Exile Am/Fm (Traffic)

3) Camu Tao King of Hearts. (Fat Possum/Def Jux)

4) Cut Chemist Sound of the Police (A Stable Sound/Soul Kitchen)

5) Tha Dogg Pound 100 Wayz (Gangsta Advisory Recordingz Inc)

I would not be surprised if you were to look up the word prolific in the dictionary -- at least in the Bay Area rap dictionary -- and a picture of Messy Marv popped up beside the definition. The longtime Bay Area rapper has been consistently releasing new material at such an astonishing rate that it would appear that he never sleeps, never leaves the studio. If you recall just two short weeks ago the new Messy Marv overseen SF collection Thizz City was on the Amoeba Top Five chart. Now this week Marv is back with another new collaborative release, Blow (Blocks and Boat Docks), which shot straight to number one at the San Francisco Amoeba. Released on Bern One Entertainment, this collaboration with Berner features Messy Marv on every track, and is a sequel to their joint project Blow, released late '09. As the title and album cover above implies, this more of that drug slanging school of rap music.

Many of the same players who appeared on the last Blow release return here, including ShoBoat, San Quinn, B-Legit, Ampachino, Lee Majors, The Jacka, Gold Toes, Equipto, Freeze, and Mazerati Rick; production duties are shared by several producers, including Cozmo and D-Wells, who are responsible for the new album's first hit single, "Picture Me," featuring mic spots by Berner, Brisco and Messy Marv. You can hear the track below.

Messy Marv + Berner "Picture Me (feat. Brisco)" (2010)

Another West Coast gangsta themed new release (more on the pimp than the drug slang lyrical tip) on this week's chart is the brand new album 100 Wayz from Tha Dogg Pound on Gangsta Advisory Recordingz Inc., which is Daz & Kurupt's best sounding album in almost a decade, with a mixture of laid back and in-your-face beats and grooves backing the rappers. There are appearances by Snoop Dogg, Soopafly, Nate Dogg, Butch Cassidy, Lady of Rage, RBX and the Bay Area's Celly Cel, and Dru Down. Below is the lyrically sexist track "Cheat'n Ass Lover" featuring Soopafly, Nate Dogg, and Dru Down.

Tha Dogg Pound "Cheat'n Ass Lover (feat. Soopa Fly, Nate Dogg, Dru Down)" (2010)

Also on this week's Amoeba San Francisco hip-hop chart, thanks to Luis, is an album that's been out for a minute (on both vinyl and CD) and has been popular at both the Hollywood and Berkeley Amoeba stores -- the unique Cut Chemist recording Sound of the Police. Comprised of African and South American inspired music from around the world, It was, according to the LA turntable artist, constructed for the first of Mochilla's Timeless series on February 1st, 2009. At that show Cut Chemist used just one Technics turntable, one Rane mixer, a Boss RC50 loop pedal, a pile of singles and LPs, and a ton of talent.
Bobbito J-Rocc
Speaking of Mochilla and Timeless, a few nights ago at St Nicholas Park in Harlem I caught an inspired live video remix of the concert film Timeless (3 orchestral performances of music composed by Mulatu Astatke, J.Dilla, & Arthur Verocai filmed in LA) by J-Rocc (Beat Junkies), who, using Serato's video program, did an amazing live remix of the film, condensing it down to about 40 minutes. Also present was the main-man behind the TImeless project, B+ (Brian Cross), who right before the screening told me, "Timeless is with orchestras and is real big. We made three films and then J-Rocc, who is using the new Serato technology, we gave him high res files so actually finally it is able to be complete. We are able to take the film and then live re-edit it. So it's pretty bugged out. No one's ever done it before."

And the Limerick, Ireland native was correct. It was bugged out, with J-Rocc killing it, effortlessly adapting his audio turntablist skills to the video format. Also in the park that night, which was the second to last in the Tools Of War produced summer Park Jam series' Diggers Delight segment, were Lean Rock, Jazzy Jay, and Bobbito, all of whom DJ'ed. Pictured above at the Park Jam are J-Rocc andRoxanne Shante Bobbito.

Another LA based filmmaker (and hip-hop artist) is Ava DuVernay, who you'll recall directed the wonderful underground LA hip-hop documentary on The Good Life, This is the Life, which last May screened as part of the Amoeba Music Monday Movies series at Space 15Twenty near the LA Amoeba store. Since last year DuVernay has been far from idle, juggling a few projects, two of which will be aired on TV over the coming days. On TVOne, her two-hour concert documentary, which chronicles this year's fourteenth annual New Orleans Essence Music Festival, will air. She told me Essence "is the largest African American entertainment gathering in the nation" and this year was pretty darn impressive, featuring performances from the likes of Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jill Scott, Monica, Gladys Knight, and many more -- all captured in the two-hour concert special that airs on Saturday and Sunday, depending on what time zone you are in. Look here for more details.

Then on Monday (August 30th) evening on BET at 10pm DuVernay's in-depth documentary on women in hip-hop, My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women In Hip-Hop, will air. Via countless interviews with artists including Missy Elliot, Jean Grae, YoYo, and Roxanne Shante, the film examines such crucial topics as sexism and attempts to decipher the reasons behind the uneven ratio of male to female emcees in hip-hop. Yesterday I caught up with the director to discuss this documentary. That interview will be posted to the Amoeblog on Monday, the morning of the BET broadcast.

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