2010 DMC US Finals DJ Battle at Santos Party House in NYC Today

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DJ Shiftee
Just an hour and a half from now (4pm until 10pm EST) this year's DMC US Finals - National DJ Battle competition will take place at Santos Party House in New York City. DJs from all over the country will be competing for the prestigious title and a grand prize that includes flying them over to London in October to compete in the DMC World DJ Battle. Last year US DJ Shiftee won the title and went on to the UK for the World Finals and won, becoming the reigning DMC World Champion DJ. With that title his life has changed dramatically. "My life as a DJ has been catapulted into overdrive since winning the 2009 DMC World Championship. I have way more gig offers, way more press, way more props/respect, and a much bigger platform to put forth my projects and personality," the talented and quick-witted DJ told me recently, adding, "I also now have probably the best coffee table in the world. All in all, I think it's a good thing I won."

Today's DMC DJ battle will determine who will be the 2010 DMC US Champion and the 2010 DMC US Vice Champion (runner up). Contestants include Florida's DJ Concept; Denver, Colorado's DJ Notch; California's DJ Etronik; Colorado DJ Cysko RokwelSteel from New Jersey; South Carolina's DJ Swift; Colorado DJs Skip Ripkin, B'Money, & Jeff C; Cali DJs Juyadek DJ Image; and self-described "Center of the Universe" DJ, Grandmaster Supreme. And for this battle each DJ has put in ridiculous amounts of time practicing for their few moments at a chance to take the title. "I practice six hours a day," DJ Swift told me yesterday during a WFMU pre-DMC Finals radio special.

New Jersey's DJ Solo is another DMC contestant who has put in hours upon hours over many years of practicing on decks to perfect his turntable skills. That practice paid off and at the DMC East Coast Battle in New York earlier this year he took the title to become the reigning 2010 DMC US Supremacy champ. "I expected it to be a highly competitive battle because I heard a lot of big names entering from all over. The supremacy final was pretty sick just on paper. Even as a competitor myself in the battle I was impressed with the names for the final," he told me after that battle. And on the topic of the importance of winning a battle, he said that for him, "It is such a big honor that I don't think it really has sunk in how big of a deal this really is. My first ever battle was DMC NJ and making it to the finals in that battle was a dream in itself. It's also funny how I consider myself strongest in supremacy battles given the fact that I used to hate head to head battles and disses. The battle was my most difficult in terms of opponents and strategy but I was pretty confident going in because I try to have routines that can be effective against a variety of styles."

DJ Solo at the DMC East Coast Battle in May 2010

As for today's big battle, which he will attend but not have to participate in, and the next one over in London, DJ Solo said, "I anticipate the US Finals and World battles to be solid like they always are. I'm a fan just as much as I'm a competitor so I'll be looking for inspiration like the people in the crowds." As well DJ Conceptas the DJs going head-to-head in battle today, there will also be a lot of showcases and entertainment, including DJ Shiftee doing a half hour set that will incorporate many styles and a special set by legendary Bronx hip-hop DJ Jazzy Jay of Soul Sonic Force & The Jazzy 5. Other performers will include DJ Slyce, Mysterio, and DJ Rockin' Rob. The host of today's battle will be Kool DJ Red Alert. Along with San Francisco DJ Mista-B (last year's DMC USA Vice Champ), DJ Precision, DJ Slyce, and DJ Perseus, I will be one of the judges -- so expect a full follow up report here on today's US DMC Finals.


Today, August 7th 2010, 4pm – 10:30pm. All Ages. $20. Santos Party House 96 Lafayette St. (between Walker and White) New York, NY 10013

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DJ Swift puts in a last minute practice on live radio (WFMU) yesterday

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