August 31, 2010: The Tillman Story

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Happy 65th Birthday, Van Morrison

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He is plainly one of the greatest singers and songwriters ever. Happy Birthday to Van the Man!

"Into the Mystic"


"And It Stoned Me"



"Tupelo Honey"

Miles Davis' Bitches Brew Legacy Edition Out Today

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Miles Davis' eternal Bitches Brew has consistently been one of the best selling albums at Amoeba over the years.

Today there is a new Legacy Edition version out featuring the remastered original album; a bonus disc of unreleased songs, takes and single versions of tracks; and a third disc containing a previously unreleased Copenhagen concert dated November 4, 1969!

miles davis bitches brew legacy

Oasis and Blur in One Room Together! Long Lost 1994 Interview Rediscovered

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blur oasis

Thanks to the folks at the Rad Report, we have learned that an amazing interview by Aaron Axelson with famously battling bands Blur and Oasis in the same room at the same time here in San Francisco at Live 105 back in 1994 has just been unearthed, and thanks to the crazy technology of the web, is now available for all our listening pleasure!

Interestingly, Pulp was also in town at the same time, opening for Blur at the Fillmore, while Oasis was playing at...wait for it...Bottom of the Hill! Wowza! And their opening band? Ye olde Brian Jonestown Massacre! Take a trip back in time to the early Stateside days of Britpop and give the interview a listen right here! It's pretty silly. You can check out the full story via Axelson on the Live 105 blog.

Arcade Fire's New Interactive Film, The Wilderness Downtown

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wilderness downtown

Arcade Fire has partnered with Chris Milk to create an interactive film called The Wilderness Downtown, featuring "We Used to Wait" from their new album The Suburbs, which has been selling like hotcakes here at Amoeba!

The film takes you on a personalized journey based on your childhood address. Pretty cool stuff, and we'd expect nothing less from a band as clearly nostalgia-driven as Arcade Fire! Click here to try it for yourself.

ade fire the suburbs

Jenny and Johnny @ Amoeba Hollywood Tonight!

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The Jenny and Johnny instore at Amoeba Hollywood tonight at 6pm is sure to be one of the biggest of the year! Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice have made an album together, I'm Having Fun Now, and it was released today as well! Come in to get special fan-pack buttons and pre-signed CD covers while they last! Click here for all the details about the show as well as a free download.

jenny and johnny

(In which we are wrongly censored.)

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Rich Good of the Psychedelic Furs waits for tacos after the Nevada City Film Festival.

Well, my little dreamlettes, I’ve returned from the Nevada City Film Festival. As vacations go, it was a pretty, exhausting one. (Note the comma after “pretty,” denoting two different adjectives, you little sex-kitten, you.)

It’s a funny thing when the boyfriend and I look forward to returning to Los Angeles for some peace and relaxation. Not that the scent of sun-warmed oak and sounds of a rushing mountain river stress us out (and, conversely, helicopter traffic jams overhead or the drunken homeless barfing taquitos ‘n’ semen on our precious parking spot is as a purification rite for our fourth chakras), it’s that, whenever we go to my tiny hometown, we jam-pack it with so many activities and loved ones that we barely have a moment to shop the boutiques for high-priced, cantaloupe-bubblegum scented soap!

My nephew, Orion, prepares for puberty.

If you’ve never been to Nevada City, you really ought to treat yourself, especially if you’re in some form of romantic relationship, because it’s a great place for all forms of cuddling. And if you’re a single, heterosexual man, you should visit Nevada City post-haste, because the ratio of gorgeous young ladies to males – high to low – is something frequently remarked upon (and because there’s such a shortage of handsome dudes, you don’t have to be a pretty boy to snag a “10”.). If you’re waiting for the punchline here, don’t – I’m being serious; it’s really like this.

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Interview with Ava DuVernay About Her Documentary My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip-Hop, Premiering on BET Tonight

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 Trailer for My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip-Hop (2010)

While making the documentary My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women in Hip Hop, which premieres on BET tonight at 10pm, what surprised director Ava DuVernay most was "the vulnerability of the women," citing one in particular, the Lady of Rage. "You think of emcees as invincible on the mic and my view of Lady of Rage is always in "Afro Puffs" [video below] Lady of Rageand she's got her leather jacket, and she's grabbing the mic, and she's killing it, and Snoop's to the right and Dre's to the left," said the LA based director, who herself started out as an emcee. "But then when you sit down with her [Lady of Rage] she's just, she's a woman. She's a sweet, kind of vulnerable artist who talks about her journey in a really transparent, beautiful way. And I found that again and again and again, whether it was Salt n Pepa or [MC] Lyte or YoYo or Rah Digga, that they are emcees but they are also women. So it was really just sitting down woman to woman and having some really great conversations and I think I was surprised by that. I was more prepared for the emcee side but I saw more of the sister side."

As a filmmaker, DuVernay came to critical acclaim with her 2008 feature debut, the documentary about the Good Life cafe in LA where coincidentally she began her own hip-hop career on the mic. Titled This is the Life, the excellent documentary won a slew of awards at various film festivals, was released theatrically, played on Showtime, and was one of the featured films in last year's Amoeba Music Monday Movies series at Space 15Twenty near the LA Amoeba store. The success of This is the Life led to many things for DuVernay, including her two-hour concert documentary on New Orleans' Essence Music Festival that aired on TV One over the weekend, and tonight's BET documentary, which includes interviews with such artists as Missy Elliott, MC Lyte, Trina, The Poetess, Roxanne Shante, The PoetessSalt n Pepa, Eve, YoYo, Lady of Rage, Jean Grae, and Rah Digga.

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Beach Blanket Divine Vengeance: Piranha 3D

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The bromidic High Tension and a remake of The Hills Have Eyes didn't exactly warrant high expectations for a remake of Joe Dante's Piranha, which was itself a low-budget remake of Jaws using The Birds as a template. There's not much to Dante's film except that scenarist John Sayles deserves credit for writing a goofy riff on Hitchcock's classic 2 years before John Carpenter did it with The Fog. So why see a film with such a lackluster pedigree? Well, a friend promised me as much boobs and blood simulated in 3D tactility as an R rating could handle. And, for once, director Alexandre Aja doesn't disappoint. There's a beautifully choreographed underwater nude balletic lesbian make-out scene that surely points to the future in porn on high-def 3D TVs. And the full-scale attack of the piranha on the vacationing college kids is delivered like Saving Private Ryan's Normandy invasion 
set in an MTV spring-break special, only with more carnage.

The central aspect to The Birds that neither Dante nor Carpenter got right was the Divine Vengeance angle where the mortal victims in their finitude couldn't come to grips with Judgement Day. At the end of Hitchcock's film, you're still asking why, whereas you're given a reason in the two derivations: In The Fog, the attack is payback for an act of theft on which the coastal town was founded; in Piranha, it's a matter of basic biological drive allowed to take its course due to a bureaucratic coverup so that a prime vacationing spot not be deprived of commerce (as was the case in Jaws). Piranha 3D doesn't achieve Hitchcock's metaphysical ambiguity, either, but it does provide for a more satisfying version of retribution.

For anyone who's felt a bit of sympathy with Robert Bork's Slouching Towards Gomorrah after enduring one of those aforesaid MTV specials or seeing the malignant Joe Francis on a late night infomercial, Aja delivers a wish-fulfilling comeuppance to America's future, primary breadwinning class (as well as an effigy of Francis played by Jerry O'Connell). Although both appeal to salacity, if there's a moral difference between Dante's original and the remake, it's similar to Orwell's more optimistic 1984 versus the cynicism of Huxley's Brave New World: In the former, the people are oppressed from without by dictates of an oppressive state, whereas in the latter, the people are imprisoned by their own desires. There's no coverup or doublespeak in Aja's film. When the sheriff's department tries to warn the partiers of the danger, they stubbornly turn the music up louder and jump into the water for their punishment. As with the bird's eye view of the burning gas station in The Birds, the viewer can't help but identify with the piranha.

What does James Cameron think?

I tend almost never to throw other films under the bus, but that [Piranha 3D] is exactly an example of what we should not be doing in 3D. Because it just cheapens the medium and reminds you of the bad 3-D horror films from the 70s and 80s, like Friday the 13th 3D. When movies got to the bottom of the barrel of their creativity and at the last gasp of their financial lifespan, they did a 3D version to get the last few drops of blood out of the turnip. And that’s not what’s happening now with 3D. It is a renaissance—right now the biggest and the best films are being made in 3D. Scorsese is making a film in 3D. Disney’s biggest film of the year -- Tron: Legacy -- is coming out in 3D. So it’s a whole new ballgame. 

Yeah, a much uglier sequel from the 80s and yet another kids film in 3D are signs of a "renaissance." I'm betting none of this will be as good as that ballet scene. Avatar certainly wasn't.

Los Lobos at Amoeba Hollywood 8/25 Reviewed by Gomez Comes Alive

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I admit, even though I love Los Lobos now, it took me some time to get into them. When I wrote a blog about their album Los Angelenos - The Eastside Renaissance, I admitted that as a 15 year old, their music “was the kind of music that could be easily digested by the readers of Rolling Stone as being adventurous.” There was no way I could understand Los Lobos as a kid. They were adults. They were men who were married and had children. They had been part of the East Los music community for years by the time their records on Slash were released. Los Lobos isn’t one of those bands you grow up with. It’s a band you appreciate when you are older.

Sure enough, as I got older, I not only began to appreciate them, but I feel that now I fully understand them. Their lyrics had the same artistry as other Chicano visionaries such as writer Rudolfo Anaya or painter Patssi Valdez, coupled with their ability to make art that was both personal and universal. Hearing the song “La Pistola Y El Corazon” is like having a shot of tequila when heartbroken. "One Time One Night" makes me think of all the people I have lost. I saw my childhood in “Kiko And The Lavender Moon.” I saw my own past fly before my eyes in “Oh Yeah.”

This past week's event was Los Lobos’ third in-store appearance in nine years at Amoeba Hollywood. They started with “Burn It Down,” a song from their excellent new album, Tin Can Trust. The song has lots of Alt-Country flavoring with a blistering David Hidalgo guitar solo that was part Richard Thompson, part Thurston Moore. They followed it up with “Don’t Worry Baby” from Will The Wolf Survive? That song is an instant jump-up number that can get any crowd going. But it was the new songs, such as the title track, "Tin Can Trust," and the standout “Jupiter And The Moon,” a song with shades of Traffic’s “Low Spark of the High-Heeled Boys” that shined the most. Those two songs easily fit with the other Lobos classics they played that night, such as “Will The Wolf Survive” and “Shakin' Shakin' Shakes.” They played two of Cesar Rosas' signature Cumbias, “Yo Canto” from the new album and “Cumbia De La Raza” from the album This Time. Both had many people dancing in the aisles to their East L.A. Cumbia rhythm.

David Hidalgo dedicated their cover of The Grateful Deads “West L.A. Fadeaway” to the 15th year anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death. Los Lobos toured with The Grateful Dead in the mid-eighties, a daunting task for any band due to the dedication Deadheads had for their beloved band. In a lot of ways, Los Lobos are more like the Grateful Dead than many of their knock-offs. For instance, the writing team of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter serves the same role as the Hidalgo/Perez team, and likewise with songwriters Cesar Rosas and Bob Weir. Rosas and Weir’s songs are the ones that everyone gets up to dance to. The Garcia/Hunter and Hidalgo/Perez team wrote all the songs that everyone quotes. Both bands have strong ties in roots music, The Dead with Bluegrass and Los Lobos with Traditional Mexican music. On top of that, each band has great musicianship, including two distinctive lead guitar players. The comparisons are so deep that even Robert Hunter has started collaborating with the Los Lobos of late.

Lastly, one of the best things said about The Grateful Dead was that they weren’t the best at what they did -- they were the only ones who did it. The same could be said about Los Lobos. Their blend of bilingual Classic Rock, Blues, Tex-Mex, Son Jarocho, Cumbia and East Los Soul rivals the eclecticism that The Dead brought into the world five decades earlier. Sure, there are many groups that may have one or two flavors of each band’s sound, but never the whole dish.

To see all the pictures from the Los Lobos instore, click here!

Amoeba Hollywood Vinyl Insider -- UK Indie & Modern Pop Rarities

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A nice batch of UK collectibles have just hit the wall at the Hollywood store. Whether you're looking for some scarce twee, a post-punk classic, shoegaze rarities or something in between, we've got a little bit of Anglophile heaven perched high above the goth section, just to the left of the jazz room entrance.

Austronesia - Don't Tease Ya

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Until recently, Austronesian wasn't a self-designation. The name comes from Latin auster (south wind) plus Greek nêsos (island). Of course, historically, Inuits and Aztecs never referred to themselves, in collective solidarity, as "Indians" or "Native Americans," but that doesn't mean we can't see similarities now. Having just  just returned from Taiwan, I've observed a growing pride by some Taiwanese Austronesians in their culture. In June, the International Austronesian Conference was held in Taiwan.

It's probably happening amongst other Austronesians, too, and if anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket to see first hand, I will be there as soon as possible.

Covering a vast area of the Earth, the Austronesians never established a large, centralized authority. Unlike the Mongols, Turks, English or Russians, the Austronesians didn't conquer and assert their sovereignty. Rather, they explored and spread, intermingling when they encountered natives, trading with neighbors and populating previously uninhabited islands. What they left is a vast cultural and linguistic umbrella, on par with the Bantu, Indo-Europeans, Afroasiatics and Uralics.

Madagascar's Austronesian President Andry Rajoelina

I first learned of Austronesians when I was channel surfing and randomly came upon an unknown TV program. I watched in fascination as I tried to figure out where the documentary was taking place. It turned out to be Madagascar, the large island originally settled sometime around 300BC - 500AD by Austronesian pioneers. I'm sure we didn't talk about Asians being indigenous to part of Africa in school, and my interest was piqued.

Taiwanese Aborigines

The ancestors of the Austronesians came from southern China and settled the Penghu Islands and Taiwan between 10000 and 6000 BCE. New evidence suggests they weren't the first on the scene. At the time, Taiwan was still home to the Australo-Melanesians who may've been descended from the first migration out of Africa and may've arrived arrived some 23,000 years earlier.

Between 5000 and 2500 BCE, population growth fueled the great Austronesian expansion. The early settlers landed in Luzon to the south where they again encountered and intermingled with the Australo-Melanesian natives, the Negritos.

Mentawai Islanders

From there they migrated to the rest of the Philppines, and then the islands of the Celebes Sea, including Borneo, Maluku, Sulawesi and Sumatra (now part of Indonesia and Malaysia). Around 1200 BCE, Austronesians settled in Fiji, Papua, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and the rest of Melanesia and then, to Micronesia, including Guam, Kiritbati, Nauru, Palau and Yap.

Rapa Nui

From there, in around 1000 BCE, they moved on to the previously uninhabited islands of Polynesia and the rest of the Pacific. Between 0 and 500 CE, a western group of Austronesians discovered and settled the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. By 300, the Austronesians discovered Rapa Nui. From there they may've traveled to Chile, and made contact with the Mapuche. By 400, they discovered Hawaii. Around 800, they discovered Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Ruins of the Champa Kingdom

From their Oceanic bases, some Austronesians returned to the Asian mainland. In the first millennium CE, they traded with China and India and established the kingdoms of Majapahit, Melayu and Srivijaya. Around 900, the Austronesian Kingdom of Champa thrived from its base in Vietnam. Today, Austronesian groups still live in parts of Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Not surprisingly, all the Austronesian cultures viewed the sea as the most important part of their existence. Their skill with watercraft allowed them to move far beyond the territory of their Australo-Melanesian neighbors to far flung, uninhabited corners of the world. Most Austronesians believed in an omnipotent being and also practiced animism, shamanism and ancestor worship. Body art was also important to most Austronesians. In fact, the word "tattoo" is Polynesian.

Today there are around 380 million people of Austronesian ethnicity. In Taiwan, there's something of an Austronesian reawakening taking place, especially in the south. In Taitung, the Tiehua Village regularly features indigenous performers and I caught a performance by Puyuma/Ami singer Panai. Traditionally, the voice is the most important instrument in Austronesian music. There are also various metal percussion instruments like the gangsa and kulintangs of the Philippines and the gamelan of Indonesia. Other percussion uses the performer's body, with clapping, knee slapping and stomping.

Thanks to Lai Xiao Mei for being my guide at Taiwan's National Museum of Prehistory, LanYang Museum and for being a helpful and informative hostess.

Two SF Promoters Throw Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Parties a Day Early

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Michael Jackson - Jackon 5 Medley, Live Mega Video Mix

Tomorrow, August 29th, may be the date that would have been Michael Jackson's 52nd birthday, but two Dave PaulSan Francisco party promoters & fans of the late, great pop star are celebrating a day early with MJ themed parties in both SF and the Midwest. The ever-successful traveling and San Francisco founded mash-up party Bootie will be celebrating tonight with an MJ themed mash-up event at the DNA Lounge! The playlist will include the mash-up of Michael Jackson and Nirvana -- "Smells Like Rockin Robin." Bootie begins at 9pm tonight at the DNA Lounge. First 100 get a free MJ CD. Click here for all the info!

Meanwhile, BOMB HIp-Hop's Dave Paul, who has been throwing his Prince vs Michael Jackson parties for over seven years now, will travel all the way to Chicago tonight for his MJ birthday themed Prince vs MJ party. Booked at the Windy City's Beauty Bar, Paul will be getting busy mixing album cuts, remixes, rare tracks and classics from his extensive Prince and Michael Jackson music collection. The party starts at 9pm tonight at the Beauty Bar. Click here for more info.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 08:27:10: Messy Marv, Berner, Cut Chemist, Tha Dogg Pound, Timeless, B+, J-Rocc, Park Jam, Ava DuVernay

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Amoeba Music San Francisco Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 08:27:10

1)  Messy Marv and Berner Blow (Blocks and Boat Docks) (Bern One Entertainment)

2) Exile Am/Fm (Traffic)

3) Camu Tao King of Hearts. (Fat Possum/Def Jux)

4) Cut Chemist Sound of the Police (A Stable Sound/Soul Kitchen)

5) Tha Dogg Pound 100 Wayz (Gangsta Advisory Recordingz Inc)

I would not be surprised if you were to look up the word prolific in the dictionary -- at least in the Bay Area rap dictionary -- and a picture of Messy Marv popped up beside the definition. The longtime Bay Area rapper has been consistently releasing new material at such an astonishing rate that it would appear that he never sleeps, never leaves the studio. If you recall just two short weeks ago the new Messy Marv overseen SF collection Thizz City was on the Amoeba Top Five chart. Now this week Marv is back with another new collaborative release, Blow (Blocks and Boat Docks), which shot straight to number one at the San Francisco Amoeba. Released on Bern One Entertainment, this collaboration with Berner features Messy Marv on every track, and is a sequel to their joint project Blow, released late '09. As the title and album cover above implies, this more of that drug slanging school of rap music.

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Los Lobos Pics from the Amoeba Hollywood Instore

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Los Lobos rocked Amoeba Hollywood yesterday and we've got the pics to prove it! Check them all out here and also check out the review the LA Times posted if you missed the show!

los lobos

This Week At The New Beverly: Night of the Hunter & Fritz Lang's M, Bill & Ted, Gone With The Pope, Dario Argento & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our full upcoming schedule is available online:

Thursday, August 26

Director Bill Fishman and star Clu Gulager will appear IN PERSON, schedules permitting, for a post film Q&A.

1988, USA, 93 minutes
dir. Bill Fishman, starring John Cusack, Tim Robbins, Mary Crosby, Clu Gulager, Katy Boyer

Ignored both at the cinema and on tape, this is a gem that is as happy sending up the music video world as it is poking fun at politics. - Film 4

out this week 8/10 & 8/17 & 8/24...blonde redhead...conan o'brien...antony & the johnsons...sufjan stevens

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It is hard to believe that September is almost here -- it seems like summer just started! But before we know it the kids will be back in school and we will all be getting ready for the holiday season. I love this time of year... The end of summer, I mean. I was actually one of those weird kids who didn't mind going back to school. I looked forward to the end of summer and the beginning of fall and winter. The award season is also right around the corner and the Emmy Awards are this Sunday! I am thinking they are actually going to be very funny this year since they are hosted by Jimmy Fallon. I do still love Jimmy Fallon from his SNL days. I am rarely up late enough to catch his show but I do like it whenever I manage to watch it. I still think that Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon should host the Oscars together. And yes, the Oscars are also right around the corner -- the Oscar nominations will be given out January 25th and the actual Oscars will be on February 27th!
It has been a couple of slow weeks for music new releases. Arcade Fire week was amazing a couple of weeks ago but it was all sort of downhill after that. Now things are getting exciting again this week! The great end of summer albums are coming out and there are some fantastic albums right around the corner to get us through the end of the year. Additionally, there are some exciting new EPs and singles and 7"s out this week. No Age put out a new single called "Glitter" on 12" and 7". They have a new album, Everything in Between, out on September 28th. Blonde Redhead released "Not Getting There" as a 12" this week. They are one of my absolute favorites who never let me down and I can't get enough of them! They have a new album out on September 14th called Penny Sparkle. I still remember the first time I heard Blonde Redhead. That girl has one of those amazing voices and I have never heard anyone like her. Glad to have them back in my life! I assume by now that everyone has heard them but if you haven't, check out A Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons and In an Expression of the Inexpressible first.

One of the coolest and weirdest releases this week is by Conan O'Brien. Jack White has released a new 7" from Conan on his very own label, Tconan o'brien 7"hird Man. Yes, you heard it right -- Conan has released a 7" single! I can't really remember the last time a late night show host put out a single or an album. I do own a couple of Joan Rivers albums...but it has been a while. The A side is "And They Call Me Mad?" It is basically a spoken word sort of storytelling. Conan tells a Frankenstein story in the style of Vincent Price. The B side is a previously unreleased interview with Conan and Jack White. It is actually more of Jack White interviewing Conan. I don't know about you, but I am super excited about the new Conan show. Team Coco! I actually really have not watched hardly any late night since Conan left the Tonight Show. I don't really know anyone who likes Jay Leno and I am getting a bit bored of David Letterman. I am ready for Conan to be back in my life! The new show airs on TBS in just a couple of months. The date is November 8th, so mark your calendar. I can't wait! I will be patiently waiting for the Jimmy Fallon 7". Or maybe a Jenny Jones or Sally Jessy Raphael 7"! I for sure think that Oprah should put out a 7"! Come on, Oprah! It is the last year of your show! I would probably buy an Oprah/Whitney Houston split 7".
                                                                                                                                                                       Also out this week is a new EP from one of my other favorites, Antony & the Johnsons! Antony releasesantony & the johnsons Thank You For Your Love as a CD EP. The vinyl version will be out in a couple of weeks. The new full length album is called Swanlights and is out October 12th. As you would expect, I can't wait. I fell in love with Antony when Amoeba Hollywood first opened. He was just starting to become a little well known. His first album was released on Durtro at the time and then later reissued on Secretly Canadian. It was one of those albums that you really only had to listen to once to fall in love with. He really seemed like he came from a different period in time. Somebody really could have told me that they had uncovered some recording from some husky lady vocalist from the 1940's. His vocal style is sort of amazing -- imagine a goth version of Nina Simone. I know Nina is already sort of goth! Maybe imagine Marc Almond or Alison Moyet mixed with Nina Simone. It is that good. You can't help but be physically and emotionally affected after listening to an Antony & the Johnsons album. I knew he would eventually get more popular over the years -- he was just too good to be ignored. He has gone on to record 2 more full lengths for Secretly Canadian. His first album was self titled, then I Am A Bird Now came out in 2005 and The Crying Light came out in 2009. He also released many singles and EPs over the years. The Another World EP came out in 2008 before his last full length. This new EP is also a sort of teaser for the new album and I am in love with it. I am just glad that we don't have to wait until 2011 for a new album! Anyway, Thank You For Your Love is a bit on the sad side, which is probably why I love it. It also includes a brilliant cover of "Imagine." Antony! Thank you for your love! I like to think that this EP is a thank you to his fans like me for our love for him. I am just so glad Antony decided to give us the gift of his music. If you have never seen this guy perform live, you simply must do it. His shows are up there on my list of my favorites. They are magical experiences.

Mash-Up Of The Week: Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP vs. Phantom of the Opera vs. Backstreet Boys vs. Benny Benassi vs. Bob Sinclair: Everybody Speaks No Americano

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Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP vs. Backstreet Boys vs. more "Everybody Speaks No Americano" (2010)

The mash-up of the week, "Everybody Speaks No Americano," comes care of Mashup Germany and was uploaded a week ago by YouTuber Ben Stiller. The irresistible audio/video concoction cleverly incorporates several sources, including the Backstreet Boys, but draws primarily from the current quirky-but-infectious surprise international pop hit by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP, "We No Speak Americano." 

The new mash-up takes the regular radio single version plus two remix versions (including the Chaos Club mix) of the summer novelty hit and then melds them with the Backstreet Boys' 1998 hit "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" plus the overture from Phantom of the Opera and segments from both Bob Sinclar Feat. Dollarman and Big Ali & Makedah's "Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)," and Benny Benassi's sexually charged 2009 club hit "Satisfaction."

The end result is a catchy-as-hell, sugary pop confection that packs a similar appeal to that of the main source the mash-up draws from, "We Speak No Americano." That electro pop record, a studio collaboration between Australians Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP, originally quietly surfaced back in February of this year when it was released on the Australian label Sweat It Out. The single is constructed around an old sample from the 1956 Italian recording of the song "Tu vuo fa l'Americano" by Italian singer Renato Carosone which was a satire piece about an Italian imitating the American lifestyle. The dance/pop song has topped charts all over and this week is #1 in such countries as Germany, Argentina, & Belgium.

Swell Season Offers Grief Counseling to Saratoga Audience

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sweel season

Undoubtedly you have heard by now that a man jumped to his death in front of both band and audience at last week's Swell Season show in Saratoga. If you were in the audience and want to talk to someone about what happened, the band has arranged for grief counseling via Kara, a Bay Area organization. Please see Swell Season's website for more info.

Just further proof of what lovely and generous people Glen and Marketa are, offering people solace in light of this tragic event.

The Art of the LP Cover- Cigarette Holders

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August 26, 2010: Piranha 3D in 2D Format

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Bonnie Prince Billy in Sausalito Oct 1

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Tickets for this special Bonnie Prince Billy show at Mission Blue Chapel, Cavallo Point on October 1 go on sale tomorrow, Wednesday, August 25th at 12 noon! Show is presented, but of course, by (((folkyeah)))!

The Town Part IV: The Layover's Prozack Turner Talks About His Popular New Downtown Oakland Bar

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Seven years later, listening back to Oakland (aka The Town) hip-hop artist Prozack Turner's funky-infectious, Oakland party rap anthem "Feelin' My Steelo" (DreamWorks, 2003), it would seem that the mic-wrecker turned bar-owner clearly envisioned himself one day running a popular music themed bar in Oakland -- something he does today at The Layover, which opened earlier this year.

"Make some noise! Let me know where The Town at. Hold up your drink now. Let me see you pound that. Home of the Silver and Black, killin' the track," enthusiastically rapped the talented East Bay emcee on the single (from the album Death, Taxes, and Prozack). He was "possessed by the ghost of Bukowski" as if penning the later soundtrack for his popular new downtown Oakland music bar which earlier this month got honored by the East Bay Express when it won the Best of the East Bay Awards for Best New Bar.    

Born Zachary Turner, Prozack has been a familiar figure for many years on both the local and international underground hip-hop scenes. A successful solo artist (producing as well as emceeing), he is perhaps best All That Glitters Isn't Platinumknown as a member of the super-talented but way underrated Bay Area hip-hop crew Foreign Legion along with his partner-in-rhyme Marc Stretch. Originally a trio, Foreign Legion formed back in the nineties along with DJ/producer DJ Design. Their impassioned ode to hip-hop, "Full Time B-Boy," released as a single by ABB Records, was also the opening track on the first Amoeba Music Compilation series, with their lyrics "All That Glitters Isn't Platinum" even lending the various artists Amoeba collection its title. 

A Grey Garden for All Seasons: Agent Ribbons Tour Their Chateau Crone

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There may be many preshy "dream-girl" bands performing nightly under the radar out there, but perhaps none of them so bewitchingly swoon-worthy yet so storybook-ready to bear both fang and claw as Agent Ribbons. Tonight the trio, who have rightly been equated to sounding like Girls in the Garage doing the Three Penny Opera, will be appearing at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco (along with Girl In A Coma and Gringo Star) as they tour in support of their sophomore effort entitled Chateau Crone, slated for release on Antenna Farm Records this October 12th.

Since starting out as a duo in 2007, singer and guitarist Natalie Ribbons and drummer Lauren Hess have toured the U.S. tirelessly, playing with such noteworthy acts as Camera Obscura at the Fillmore Auditorium last year as well as sharing stages with bands like Cake and the Detroit Cobras. Their debut full-length release On Time Travel and Romance first hit the shelves at Amoeba Music in the form of custom-crafted CDs housed in handmade sleeves that showcased a tangible penchant for bygone aesthetics held together by found feathers, bells, lace, ribbons, glitter, glue and more than a little bit of stitch-witchery. Said debut has since been re-released on Broken Carousel and the ladies have collaborated with visual artist Dame Darcy on their limited edition candy-apple green vinyl release for Seven Inch Project as well as delivering a second 7", Your Love Is the Smallest Doll, released on Acuarela Discos in Europe and Japan, which marked the first appearance of Naomi Cherie on violin and cello. Originally from Sacramento, Agent Ribbons uprooted to Austin, Texas, which may or may not have something to do with their being banned in the U.K. in 2008.

At first listen Chateau Crone comes across as an album spurred by a strange arrangement of influences and genres, both musical and visual, yet every minute of it sounds threaded like baroque pop gems beaded concertedly in a triumph of heirloom costume jewelry. From the opening track "I'm Alright," which plays like a sunny Breeders/Elastica-esque summer beach jam complete with three-part harmonies and hazy, post-feminist allure; to songs like "Dada Girlfriend," what conjures up heady visions of languid, balletic graces akin to women as "green fairies" in Art Nouveau absinthe advertisements; to the plaster-cracking rocker-track "Wood, Lead, Rubber," that comes very close to capturing the shock of the missus Ribbons' live performance sound, the record seems to suggest gypsies canvasing the limitless expanse of a tannin-stained teapot (see track four, "I'll Let You Be My Baby"), or getting down in the Winchester mansion via a rabbit hole guest starring the Shaggs (see track seven, "Your Hands, My Hands"), or a possibility-ridden attic of functionally aged wardrobes (see track six, "Wallpaper of Skin"), or a displaced estate where one might escape to meet the Beales of Grey Gardens (see "Grey Gardens," track two) for sweet tea with Golden Girls on their banana-leaf steeped lanai (see track eight, "Oh, La La!"). It is, frankly, all that and then some, yet, nothing quite beats seeing these girls pound out their otherworldly girl-next-door compositions in the bare-footed flesh, as they truly give 200% of themselves on stage, balancing honest minimalism with theatrical rawness given what they have previously referred to as their "limited means" of musical outfitting (of course, that was said before Miss Naomi joined the band). I would say that with the kind of gumption these girls pack into a stage show, instruments other than their very presence are almost unnecessary!

For a look at the fabulousness you'll be missing if you don't make it out to the show tonight check out this interview/performance piece put together upon our falling in love with Agent Ribbons after their live instore performance at Amoeba Music in Berkeley.


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A nite of dark, minimal electroniks in San Francisco.

Thursday August 26th

Nachtmusik presents:


The Knockout
San Francisco, CA

Secret Society of the Sonic SIx @ Taix, July 2010

Only Women Bleed? The Expendables, Salt, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Over the past couple of weeks I've watched the latest action films: Phillip Noyce's Salt, Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables and Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Each is sort of aimed at a particular target audience, at least to the degree that one accepts that we like to identify with an action hero who's more like us. Respectively, that means woman, man and teenager/young adult. I'm not so sure about that, since I just like to see people beating each other up, regardless of demographics. And I'm still hoping for a gay action film, but not one made for video or that takes place in prison. That is to say, I don't much care how close I am to the protagonist. But I still find it fascinating how these three films reflect age and gender.

The most old-fashioned of the bunch is The Expendables (if the 80s is considered old), not just due to the waxy countenances of its stars or to Stallone's preference for building sets and then destroying them with real-life explosives, but because women in his film are not to be hit. This rule isn't so much a moral one, but an effect of the way the women characters are used. Since we're dealing with a group of mercenaries, and killing for money isn't exactly a sympathetic endeavor, the script provides women for the star members -- Stallone, Jason Statham and Jet Li -- to care about. Although we never get to see Li's wife and kids, we're made aware that he kills in order to support them. Statham has a girlfriend (played by my favorite ex-Buffy cast member, Charisma Carpenter) who's shacked up with a new boyfriend due to the former's tendency to mysteriously vanish for months at a time. Her new beau is a yuppie who beats on her. In the scene that received the most cheers from the audience, Statham exacts punishment on the yuppie and his bros on a basketball court while the girlfriend watches in admiration. His comment to her is something like, "you should've waited for me." Using Rambo's moral calculus, bruising one woman's eye is far more evil than murdering a bunch of anonymous individuals for cash. As former Expendable turned tattoo artist cum team guru Mickey Rourke explains, if he had just saved one woman's life, his soul could've been saved. Thus, Stallone finds redemption in rescuing a Third World dictator's daughter (Giselle Itié) from being tortured by Eric Roberts' rogue CIA agent and his henchman, Stonecold Steve Austin. In order to do this, the Expendables have to lay waste to the imaginary Latin American country's capital, which will probably have disastrous effects on the country's infrastructure for years to come. But what's possible mass starvation and the death of who knows how many innocents when it comes to a man's soul? Perhaps if you feel bad about killing, you just shouldn't kill.

Salt is everything the Black Widow should've been in the last Iron Man movie. There's a cornball plot about Russian sleeper agents infiltrating the highest ranks of the United States' security divisions, which is ultimately to serve the goal of starting a mass nuclear war. Somehow that's supposed to serve the agenda of Party purists. Rather than two capitalist countries going to war, if we're believed by the Russians to have struck first, they'll decide to be communists again. One would think that if the communists were so adept at rising through the ranks of rival governments rather than having to settle on opening a Russian bakery or driving a cab, they wouldn't have to start wars to take over the world. But I digress. Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is clearly a compromised agent (I won't spoil how much so, but suffice it to say there'll be sequels) who attempts to kill the Russian president (the story's set in the near future). Unlike the women in The Expendables, she has her own agenda, resisting the attempts of the men (both the Russians and the Americans) to subjugate and define her according to their respective ideologies. That she should receive an occasional fist to the face is a sign of progress, of woman as action subject rather than object.

Despite its ironic retro-video game stylings and nerd-boy hero (Michael Cera, again), Scott Pilgrim is closer in spirit to Stallone's more earnest chivalry than Noyce's seemingly more contemporary feminism. Basically, Scott has to fight off all challengers -- the seven evil exes -- to win the love of Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). To modernize this fusty view of romantic conquest, one ex is a girl from Ramona's bi-curious phase. However, despite her having superpowers, striking first and the fact that no one bleeds in these battles, Scott won't fight her, so Ramona has to do it for him, sometimes using his body as a weapon. The ironic phrasing of the scene (including Scott saying, "I can't hit a girl") certainly makes it seem youthful, but it's just a mask for nothing much having changed with gender roles in action films. As Marx suggested of philosophy, awareness doesn't mean s

The West Side Record Show in Culver City Today is a Digger's Delight

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Amoeba Music will be one of the many vendors at today's big record collector's swap meet in Culver City, CA. The West Side Record Show, produced by Record Collectors News, happens from 10am sharp this morning until 3:30pm this afternoon.  According to the organizers, the show typically promises a lot of rare vinyl finds. Jim Kaplan, who runs the Record Collectors News website that tracks all of the vinyl swap meets across the country, told me that typically vendors "have some very rare collectors items of all genres. There are guys that usually have funk and hip-hop, and a lot of Northern Soul too; usually some very rare stuff." He added that Amoeba Music Hollywood actually plays a major role in the SoCal vinyl collecting world. "Amoeba is such a positive part of the scene here and I don't think Amoeba gets enough credit for the amount of interest and dedication they have generated towards record collecting!"

As both an Amoeba employee and an Amoeba shopper I totally agree. But then, I love digging for vinyl anywhere and everywhere, from record shops to swap meets, and from yard sales to old thrift stores. I also love just visiting fellow vinyl fiends' homes to thumb through their lovingly compiled collections and talking music and record collecting. Interestingly, every record collector has their own way of filing and storing their music depending on what the focus of their collection is or whether they actively use their records to play on the radio or out in clubs. Not everyone files strictly alphabetically. I divide mine by sub-genres of hip-hop such as Bay Area hip-hop, turntablism (including battle records), Miami bass, old school, etc. Some collectors divide by years or decades of release while others divide theirs into genres and subgenres, but everyone has their own unique take.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 08:20:10: Camu Tao, Spinderellla, Concrete Dreams Bay Compilation, Wu-Tang Clan Documentary, Rock The Bells, Ray Ricky Rivera, The 45 Sessions, MC Hammer and More

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Amoeba Music Hollywood Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 08:20:10

Big Boi OutKast
1) Eminem Recovery (Aftermath, Interscope, Shady)

2) Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Def Jam)

3) Rick Ross Teflon Don (Def Jam)

4) The Roots How I Got Over (Def Jam)

5) Drake Thank Me Later (Cash Money Records)

Thanks to Marques at the Hollywood Amoeba Music for this week's hip-hop top five chart which, as he notes, "has a lot of the same releases from the past few weeks" still holding it down, including Drake, Eminem, The Roots, Big Boi, and Rick Ross. But by next week expect some changes when, no doubt, the just released and already much hyped Camu Tao debut album King of Hearts takes over.

The album is already one of Amoeba SF's Luis' hot picks. The posthumously released album is the debut from this talented Brooklyn-via-Ohio emcee, singer, & producer, who died two years ago after a protracted battle with lung cancer. The late artist's CD, which could as easily be filed Camu Taounder rock as rap, is an effective blend of hip-hop sensibilities with melodic pop/rock & electropunk and may even remind some of a grittier version of B.O.B. and (longtime fan) Kid Cudi. Had King of Hearts been released when it was first recorded it would have been ahead of the curve. Knowing that these recordings, which executive producer El-P deliberately kept in their raw original form, date back many years only adds to their greatness.

The Art of the LP Cover- Jumpers Pt. 2

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Truth be told, jumping band members make up some of my least favorite album covers. Regardless, it seems that many bands enjoy jumping for the camera. You can check out last years collection here.

This Week At The New Bev: Nagisa Oshima, Michael Caine, Grindhouse Film Fest, Tapeheads & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our full upcoming schedule is available online:

Friday & Saturday, August 20 & 21

Two by Nagisa Oshima

In the Realm of the Senses
1976, Japan / France, 102 minutes
written & directed by Nagisa Ôshima
starring Tatsuya Fuji, Eiko Matsuda
Fri: 7:30; Sat: 3:15 & 7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Wavves Crash On Amoeba SF by Cas

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wavves amoeba

It’s been an unusually chilly and ridiculously gloomy summer in San Francisco but the lo-fi, garage, surf punks in Wavves ushered in a bonafide sunny summer day when they played an instore at Amoeba SF yesterday. The band’s youth-addled fans cascaded from the outer reaches of the world music section all the way to shore break at the front of the stage, staring with mouths agape when they weren’t singing along to their new summer anthems. 

wavves amoeba

The San Diego-based band is touring behind their new release King of the Beach, which is the third Wavves album but the first featuring the current lineup of o.g. creator and front man Nathan Williams (guitar/vox), Stephen Pope (bass), and Billy Hayes (drums). Williams has slightly refined the slacker self-loathing he imperfectly trumpeted on Wavves’s previous bedroom productions by entering an actual studio and enlisting the help of Dennis Herring who has produced albums by the likes of Throwing Muses, Camper Van Beethoven and Modest Mouse. Pope and Hays (formerly the late Jay Reatard’s rhythm section) match and ratchet up Williams’s stoner thrash both in the studio, where they share a few song-writing credits, and on the stage, where they flail on flying V’s and bang kits in a mess of hair and crushed beer cans.

Public Enemy Bring The Noise & Fight The Power in NYC Concert with DJ Kool Herc, Son of Bazerk, Cold Crush Brothers, Kendo the Almost Famous, and Blitz the Ambassador

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Pulblic Enemy
Despite the wet afternoon's non-stop downpour plus a sketchy job by the sound man for over half of the four hour event, Sunday's Public Enemy headlined show in New York City's Central Park was both inspiring and entertaining. The always outspoken Chuck D shared many insights and personally invited hip-hop creator DJ Kool Herc onto the bill, as well as genre pioneers the Cold Crush Brothers, the recently reformed group Son of Bazerk, Kendo the Almost Famous, and Brooklyn-based, Ghana-born emcee Blitz the Ambassador. Add to that a supercharged (musically & politically) set by Public Enemy (PE) with a full live band, featuring a drum solo by Flavor Flav and scratch routine by DJ Lord, that included PE ripping through a barrage of familiar hits like "Don't Believe the Hype," "Bring The Noise," and "Fight The Power" that had the rained on but happy and totally packed outdoor audience singing and dancing along every note of the way. The concert was also a celebration of 20th year anniversary of Fear of a Black Planet.

Constantly touring the world, it is not often that Public Enemy gets to play back on their home ground. "We only play New York City about every five years-- like an eclipse," noted Chuck D, adding that PE have nothing but major love for NYC. And clearly from the enthusiastic reaction of the all ages but mostly mature hip-hop audience that had packed into Central Park's SummerStage, everyone else felt similarly about the political hip-hop group from Long Island. 23 years ago they released their landmark debut Yo! Bum Rush the Show and in the years since the Chuck D led group has never stopped demonstrating their love of hip-hop or their commitment to always being outspoken against social & political ills.

Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul @ Amoeba Hollywood

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Breaking Bad's Emmy nominated star Aaron Paul recently visited our Hollywood store and took TV Guide Channel on a little tour, showing off his picks and encouraging the world to get record players! We're rooting for you on Emmy night, Mr. Paul!

Songs About Immigration By Los Tigres Del Norte

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With the recent SB 1070 debacle in Arizona, many musicians have come out in support of the immigrant movement. Whether it is boycotting concerts in Arizona, or being part of the pro-immigrant marches going on across the U.S., I am proud to see that many have been behind the movement. However, there have been a number of well-intentioned artists who are writing and releasing songs in support of the Anti-Immigrant movement that are sub-par at best. The songs may come from the heart but most of them are full of clichés and slogans, mostly from those who have not gone through the immigration experience themselves. I don’t want to insinuate that these artists are opportunists, but if you haven’t been writing about immigrant issues since before all this madness in Arizona, you are probably a little late to the party. Besides, would you really want to rally a pro-immigrant song written by the likes of Taboo, probably the least talented member of the pop group The Black Eyed Peas?

Los Tigres Del Norte have been singing about immigration issues for the last forty-something odd years. They themselves immigrated into the U.S. in the late sixties, relocating to San Jose, Ca to try to make a living as musicians. In 1972, Los Tigres scored their first hit, "Contrabando y Traicion," a song that made them a household name in Mexico as well as among Mexicans living in the U.S. The song was considered the first Narcocorrido to become a hit and thus started the Narcocorrido boom that continues to thrive today. Over the years they have written many tunes, including some great songs critical of both the Mexican and U.S. government. But it’s their ability to write about the immigrant experience in the U.S. that sets them apart from most groups. As each immigrant experience is different, so is each song. Below are some of my favorites that Los Tigres Del Norte have recorded featuring different spectrums of the immigration experience:

“Vivan Los Mojados”
(Long Live The Wetbacks) from the album Vivan Los Mojados

Released in 1976, it was one of their earliest attempts to write about immigration with a message. The message was clear: You may try to stop us from coming into The U.S., but you won’t because you need us. The song makes a simple point: If we are gone, who will pick the onions, lettuce and beets? You will lose your crops and beyond that, the dance halls will be empty. It’s the same point made in the movie A Day Without A Mexican, without having to sit through that god-awful disaster of a film.

"La Jaula de Oro"
(The Golden Cage) from the album Jaula De Oro

Enrique Franco was a musician based in Tijuana. He started to work with Los Tigres Del Norte in the mid-eighties and helped them write some of their best songs. As an illegal immigrant himself, Franco used many of his life experiences and of people like him struggling to make it in the U.S. By far one of his best collaborations with Los Tigres was in 1984 on the song "La Jaula de Oro." It is song as told by an immigrant living in the U.S. without papers, working all the time for years with the fear of being deported. He longs to be back in Mexico, but cannot return because he is not legal. His children that are born in the U.S. speak English and reject their Mexican culture and soon he becomes a stranger to his own children. He feels trapped by his circumstances. He is living in a golden cage, a place of comfort, but a cage nonetheless.

“Tres Veces Mojado”
(Wetback Three Times) from the album Idolos Del Pueblo

Another collaboration with Franco led to "Tres Veces Mojado." Most naïve Americans still think that all persons crossing the U.S. border illegally are all Mexican. Starting in the late eighties, thousands of Central American immigrants escaping poverty and civil war in El Salvador not only had to cross into the U.S. illegally, but pass through Guatemala and Mexico as well. With this song, Los Tigres paid homage to people who had struggled as much, if not more, than most Mexicans that crossed into the U.S.

"Mis Dos Patrias"
(My Two Countries) from the album Jefes De Jefes

"Mis Dos Patrias" is a song that resonates with me as a child of two Mexican immigrants. In the mid-nineties, both my mother and grandmother decided to become U.S. citizens in order to retain their social security and medical benefits. My father, on the other hand, refused to do because he felt that he would become a traitor to a country he one day hoped to returned to. In the song, the main character defends his decision to become naturalized as a way to receive his benefits. He does not want to be considered what some in Mexico will call Un Malinchista, a traitor to his own. He is still Mexican, like pulque and cactus (Sigo siendo mexicano como el pulque y el nopal), something poetic that I wish I expressed to my own father during that time.

“Somomos Mas Americanos”
(We Are More American) from the album Uniendo Fronteras

"Somomos Mas Americanos" is one of their more controversial songs the band has performed about immigration. The title of the song alone infuriated most hate groups and has been one of the most referenced songs by anti-immigrant groups across the U.S. Many paranoid anti-immigrant groups actually believe that one day the U.S. will be invaded by Mexico, trying to reclaim what they took during the U.S./Mexican War of 1846-1848. (History lesson: It was during that war that the U.S successfully invaded Mexico after a dispute over Texas. After Mexico’s defeat and signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, The U.S. annexed Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Wyoming from Mexico.)

The song is not about physically reclaiming the land, but about respect. The land that many try to keep immigrants from is their ancestral land, and as much as you may tell them to go back to their own country, they are in their own country! Certainly an anthem for the times, especially during the aftermath of SB 1070 and other laws that are geared to keep immigrants away from their land, rights and culture.

Other Los Tigres Del Norte songs about the immigrant experience:

"Pedro y Pablo" from the album La Jaula De Oro
"El Otro Mexico" (The Other Mexico) from the album El Otro Mexico
"Los Hijos de Hernández" (The Hernandez Sons) from the album Gracia America Sin Fronteras
"El Mojado Acaudalado" (The Wealthy Wetback) from the album Jefe De Jefes
"Ni Aqui ni Alla" (Neither Here Nor There) from the album Jefe De Jefes
“El Emigrante” (The Immigrant) from the album La Granja
"La Tumba Del Mojado" (The Wetback's Tomb) from the album La Tumba Del Mojado

Questlove & Seu Jorge Visit Amoeba

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Questlove from The Roots and Seu Jorge (with his new band Alamaz) visited Amoeba Hollywood today to film What's In My Bag? videos. Look for their videos soon!! In the meantime, here's a sneak peek.

Questlove & Seu Jorge

Sunset Junction 2010 This Weekend

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sunset junction 2010

For all the info on this annual event, click here!

Best Mash-Up Of The Week: Smells Like Rockin Robin (Nirvana vs Michael Jackson) by Go Home Productions

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Go Home Productions - "Smells Like Rockin' Robin" (Nirvana vs Michael Jackson) (2010)

On paper it may not seem like it would work, but in reality (on audio and video) the melding of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with Michael Jackson's hit version of the Bobby Day popular single "Rockin Robin" works like a charm. The unlikely mashup mix was recently done by the UK's Mark Vidler for Go Home Productions.

Bob Dylan Performing Special Show @ the Warfield Aug 25

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Rumors are swirling here in San Francisco that Bob Dylan will be performing a "special show" at the Warfield on August 25.

UPDATE: The Warfield website now has confirmed the show and has details about when tickets will go on sale -- just three hours before showtime.

2nd Annual Rock Make Street Fest

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rock make street festival

For more info, go here!

Carletta Sue Kay

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One of San Francisco's most wonderfully...San Franciscan acts is Carletta Sue Kay! She's been blowing up the underground scene here in SF, recently opening for Kinky Friedman at the Great American and kicking off Pride at the Eagle this year. CSK is a flouncy, dramatic gal who loves to sing gripping stories about her adoration for lads and her various heartbreaks. This is one talented gal who can sing her guts out! She has a brand new video for "Just Another Beautiful Boy" that you can check out right here; just try to get this song out of your head:

"Just Another Beautiful Boy" from Peter Max Lawrence on Vimeo.

Also, here's a live performance where Miss Carletta shows off her chops -- "Some Famous Landmarks" at Pirate Cat Radio:

CSK was also recently featured in Italian Vogue! Beyond fabulous! She's definitely one to watch! Keep an eye out here on the blog for an interview soon!

Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses at the Grammy Museum

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ryan bingham

The GRAMMY Museum is proud to present The Drop: Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses in the museum's Sound Stage, September 1 at 8pm.

The band will perform selections from their new release, Junky Star, (produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett), which will be released on August 31 through Lost Highway Records, discuss the recording of the record, take questions from the audience, and participate in a meet and greet after the event.
Click here for more info!

Invisible Ocean Fest in Mendocino

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Camp out in the redwoods and enjoy the sweet tunes of artists like Daniel Higgs, Mariee Sioux, Karl Blau, Sea of Bees, Salt Minds, and many more at the second annual Invisible Ocean Festival at Old Mill Farm in Mendocino September 11 and 12! Full details here.

NCFF: Prelude

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As the saying goes in my country, “Goody, goody gum-drops!” Tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are escaping the hum-drum, laid back sleepiness of Los Angeles for the glitz and glamor of Nevada City, California, my hometown.

This week is the 10th Annual Nevada City Film Festival, and it promises to be the biggest and most exciting yet.

Ten years ago, a group of local ne’er-do-wells (counting me amongst them) decided to throw a film festival at our tiny, beloved art-film theatre, The Magic Theatre. Originally we showed only submissions from the surrounding communities. Times have changed, and now the N.C.F.F. showcases films from around the world.


I am especially excited to meet and hear from this year's special guests, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, best known for their disgusting, whimsical and lovable TV show, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (A lot of people don’t know this, but the last word in the title rhymes with “robe” and is a dedication to me.)

Topanga Film Festival Aug 19-22

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topanga film festival

The Art of the LP Cover- Brides

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Lizards of Ahs -- Happy Lizard Day!

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Lizards are a large, diverse group of reptiles. Around 3800 species live on land and in sea, on every continent except Antarctica. They range in size from geckos and chameleons (as small as a few centimeters) to komodo dragons (nearly three meters). Their used to be mosasaurs, which reached 17 meters! They proved to be too large and dangerous for Noah and his crew and so, went extinct.

The "once" mighty mosasaur

Although lizards give a lot of people the willies, most pose no threat. Gila Monsters and Beaded Lizards are poisonous but not likely to kill you, just give you a lot of pain. Komodo Dragons, on the other hand, are nothing to mess with. They sometimes stalk and attack humans and as recently as 2007, one killed an Indonesian kid. Nonetheless, in 2001, Sharon Stone's idiot husband bribed a zookeeper to let him see one up close and ended up in the hospital as a result. She divorced him three years later.

Please don't feed the dragon -- your toe

Numerous less dangerous species of lizard are kept as pets. Their owners often walk around with them on their shoulders and are the types to have weird goatees and other features designed to hammer home their eccentricity. Don't be one of those people.

Skink the Bounty Hunter - only named after a lizard

Lizards play important roles among certain indigenous Australians, Moche and Indians. For some reason, in my home state of Missouri, there are several hillbilly legends about lizards that don't really require Mythbusters to debunk. They say glass lizards reattach their own tales, a skink's tail is poisonous and can sting you, a lizard will bite you and not let go until it hears thunder and "mountain boomers" (the eastern collared lizard) make a call like a frog.

From North Africa to South Asia, the Uromastyx is prized for its supposedly tasty flesh and thought of as "the fish of the desert." In Jalisco, Michoacán and Colima, tasty iguanas are being eaten into extinction. Still, I don't imagine a veggie version is a high priority for the folks at Yves or Morningstar Farms.

                The Geico Sleestack                                Gecko                                                          Whiplash

Anyway, this Lizard Day, why not forgo eating the guys and instead watch a lizard movie? Unlike other reptiles like dinosaurs, crocodilia, snakes, testudines, reptilian humanoidspelycosauria and pterosauria, lizards don't seem to show up that often on the big screen. I can only think of 
Giant Gila Monster (1959), Gamera vs. Barugon (1966), Gamera vs. Jiger (1970), Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966), Iguana (1989), The Freshman (1990), Napoleon (1994), Komodo (1999), Curse of the Komodo (2004), KVC (2005) and Chinese Tall Story (2006).




August 13, 2010: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

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out this week 7/27 & 8/ coast...arcade fire...max carnage...

Posted by Brad Schelden, August 13, 2010 04:05pm | Post a Comment

I have been a TV addict for most of my life. It is not really something that I am embarrassed or ashamed about -- it is just the way things are. I try to balance out my life with other activities, and I make sure that I still devote some good time to outdoor activities like hiking and exploring. I also make sure I actually read a real book every couple months or so. But TV is really something that I love very much and I proudly admit it! I can't really imagine my life without it! These days I actually spend most of my TV hours watching movies on TV or TV on DVD but I did spend many hours in the 80's and early 90's watching a lot of actual television. I didn't have cable growing up so I spent most of my time watching the regular network shows and I was also fascinated by infomercials and weird talk shows. These were often the only things on late at night. I could easily watch an hour of a weird religious televangelist show. I had no problem watching an hour-long show about a food dehydrator or steam cleaner. I also loved watching public access shows that you could only get locally, and then there were always some amazing moments on local news stations -- those moments that you could not believe just happened. I always worried these moments would be forgotten forever. How could I ever catch these amazing bits of late night talk shows and public access shows again? Luckily the amazingly brilliant Pinky Carnage has put these moments on some great DVD collections. He has answered my prayers! TV Carnage has been putting out DVDs for a couple of years now. This is one of those times where I feel like something was put out on DVD just for me! I really could not have wished for anything better. I have collected them all and really could not wait to get a hold of this newest collection. Volume 6 has just been released and it is devoted to work out videos. It is called "Let's Work It Out!!!

I highly recommend any of these DVDs to any TV addict, and you don't necessarily have to have seen any of these clips before. It doesn't really matter. Anyone with a healthy love of the weird and fantastic moments of pop culture will love these DVDs! Pinky must be around my age, as he obviously was a child or teenager of the 80s -- the clips from all these DVDs tend to come from the mid to late 80s or early 90s. It was an amazing moment in time for television. This was before the DVD, way before the internet and YouTube. This was back when VHS was king and ruled the universe. Almost everyone had VCRs in their home and many of us were making our own version of TV Carnage on our homemade VHS compilations. I actually used to make audio cassette compilations of my favorite scenes from movies and TV shows. but I would also make VHS compilations of my favorite music videos and TV shows. I have watched almost all of these TV carnage compilations at least once but I am ready to now go back and explore them in more depth. There are some amazing moments in TV history captured on these DVDs! Pinky clearly has certain things he is obsessed with, like Gary Coleman. He also loves those super sincere moments of public access television -- just normal, everyday people that are really into what they are discussing or trying to sell on TV. They may have not been particularly funny at the time, but with time they have aged into amazing little gems of TV. He also likes those celebrities that sort of made themselves famous by reinventing themselves on late night TV or infomercials. I really didn't know who people like Zsa Zsa Gabor and Shirley Jones were at the time -- it wasn't until years later that I realized that they actually had careers before these infomercials.

Pinky has really outdone himself with this latest compilation -- it is nothing short of amazing! It's hard to believe these are actually real clips of workout videos and TV specials! You just can't make this stuff up. You can't script stuff this funny. The workout and gym outfits are phenomenal! The aerobics scenes are too much! I am a huge fan of the movie Perfect starring Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta. That movie is about the workout craze in Los Angeles in the 80s. And there are, of course, some clips of that movie in this DVD! "Let's Work It Out" is just beyond! It is basically a compilation of scenes from celebrity workout videos, but there is also so much more. My favorite clip is the Saved By the Bell workout video. Elizabeth Berkley and the gang look amazing. There are also bits with Sandy Duncan, Lou Ferrigno, Scott Baio, Paula Abdul, Richard Simmons, Estelle Getty, Dolph Lundgren, O.J., Dixie Carter, Alyssa Milano, Marky Mark, Angela Lansbury, Mary Hart, Eric Nies, Joan Rivers, and Mr. T! I don't want to give away too much. It it best to just be surprised by what awaits you. The clips are mashed up together and never last that long, but he really does do a great job editing them together. It sort of flows into a cohesive piece of video art. Sometimes you might want to see more of certain clips but he always comes back to them later. I really am in love with TV Carnage. And I think Pinky has put out his best work with this new DVD. It is brilliant. I can't wait to see what comes next!

the new DVD "Let's Work It Out" from

Another great DVD out this month is Max Headroom: The Complete Series. I was obsessed with thisshow in the 80's. It only lasted for barely 2 seasons but the second season was put up against Miami Vice and Dallas, two of the most popular shows of all time. I don't think anything could have competed with them! All amazing 14 episodes are included in the box set. The show was sort of a bit like Robocop -- Edison Carter was an investigative reporter who got into an accident that put him into a coma. His personality was downloaded into the computer personality Max Headroom. The show was originally British. Max Headroom was meant to be a personality to introduce music videos. They actually made it into a show with Max interviewing music celebrities and giving commentary to music videos. That stuff is unfortunately not in this DVD box, but it is still worth it. The show takes place in the future when television has basically taken over society and starred Matt Frewer and Jeffrey Tambor. Tambor would of course go on to be equally brilliant in The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested Development.

the Max Headroom DVD from

There has also been some great music just out in the last couple of weeks. The perfect summer album is finally here! The Los Angeles lo-fi indie group Best Coast is led by Bethany Cosentino. The album is just sort of adorable and precious and I can't get enough of it. It is the perfect beachy summer love album! Sort of a mix of the Dum Dum Girls and Camera Obscura. The record is worth it alone for the fantastic artwork, easily one of my favorite album covers of the year. And it looks great all blown up to LP size on the vinyl version!

best coast crazy for you

the new album Crazy for You by Best Coast

You also might have heard of a little band called Arcade Fire. The Suburbs is their third album on Merge Records. It is hard to compete with the brilliance of Neon Bible and Funeral, but this album is able to stand on its own, and these Canadians know how to bring it for their live shows! I really can't wait to hear this album performed live. The Suburbs is also a great summer album -- but it is sort of the exact opposite of Best Coast. The songs have a darkness and intenseness to them, and this is why we love Arcade Fire. I am so glad that the big summer records are finally coming out! The new Interpol is right around the corner!

the new album The Suburbs by Arcade Fire for a special online only price!

also out 7/27...

13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol by Dean & Britta

5 EP by Die Antwoord

Get Low Soundtrack

That's How We Burn by Jaill

Mines by Menomena

also out 8/3...

Transit Transit by Autolux

JJ No 2 (reissue) by JJ

The Kids Are Alright Soundtrack

Rated R (reissue) by Queens of the Stone Age

On the Ones & Threes by Versus

King of the Beach by Wavves

Mad Men Charity Auction - Own a Piece of Now-Defunct Sterling-Cooper

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Ever wanted to have one of Betty Draper's opulent dresses for yourself? Or perhaps you've drooled over the flawless mid-century furniture that populates the set of the best show currently on television, Mad Men.

Well, now here's your shot to own a little piece of the show! Select items used in episodes of Mad Men, including clothing, chairs, paintings (the one pictured above!) -- even Pete's turntable, and Joan's green dress from the infamous lawn-mower episode of Season 3, plus much more, are up on eBay, with the proceeds going to City of Hope, a life threatening illness center. The frenzy ends on August 22nd, so hurry and check all the items out here!

Arcade Fire Announces West Coast Tour Dates!

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arcade fire

The Suburbs is #1 on the charts and Arcade Fire is bound to tour the heck outta it! They've announced new tour dates that include something special -- check out that 10.5 date in Big Sur! That's gonna be the ticket to get for all us West Coasters!arcade fire the suburbs

8/14 Toronto, ON – Olympic Island
8/27 Leeds, UK – Leeds Festival
8/28 Reading, UK – Reading Festival
8/29 Saint Cloud, France – Rock En Seine
9/2 Bologna, Italy – I-Day Festival
9/22   St. Paul, MN   Roy Wilkins Arena
9/23   Winnipeg, MB   MTS Centre
9/25   Saskatoon, SK   Credit Union Centre
9/26   Calgary, AB   Stampede Corral
9/28   Vancouver, BC   Pacific Coliseum
9/29   Seattle, WA   Key Arena
9/30   Portland, OR   Memorial Coliseum
10/2   Berkeley, CA   Greek Theatre
10/5   Big Sur, CA   Henry Miller Library
10/7   Los Angeles, CA   Shrine Auditorium
10/8  Los Angeles, CA   Shrine Auditorium
10/10   Mexico City (MX)   Palacio de los Deportes
10/12   Monterrey (MX)   Banamex Theater

Southpaw Grammar - Happy International Lefthanders Day

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As a child growing up in Bluegrass Country, Kentucky, left-handedness was viewed with suspicion at best, and associated with Natural Evil at worst. Course, they call fiddles "devil's boxes" too. To paraphrase Bobby Boucher, they think everything is the devil!

However, hillbillies aren't alone in their distrust of the left hand. The word "sinister" comes from the Latin word sinestra, or "left." And yet, Chris McManus of University College London argues in his book, Right-Hand, Left-Hand, that the proportion of left-handers is increasing and left-handed people as a group have historically produced an above-average quota of high achievers. In other words, they're taking over...

Consider our leftie (not necessarily in the normal political sense) presidents. OK, maybe Gerald Ford did little to dispel the connotations of clumsy that give us the expression "two left feet." The '90s were totally cack-handed; both Bush and Clinton were goofy. In times of economic turmoil, we turn to lefties like Hoover and Obama, and then blame them for the conditions they inherited.

Anyway, rather than join the circus and be displayed as a human curiosity, I underwent correction. They slapped a purple triangular prism on my pencil and forced me to conform to the right-handed path. I wouldn't exactly say I'm ambidextrous now, more... neutrodextrous, fairly incapable of performing particularly well with either hand. Signing a credit card receipt generally elicits merriment at my expense. 

Here's to those who kept it real. A special shout to Jimi Hendrix, a right-hander who nonetheless played guitar with his left. I appreciate that, bro.

Hip-Hop Rap Up 08:13:10: Bun B, Exile, Trek Life, Messy Marv, Jay Z, PE, Doug E Fresh, Rappin 4-Tay, 2Pac, Boots Riley + More

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Amoeba Music San Francisco Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 08:13:10

1) Exile Am/Fm (Traffic)

2) Bun B Trill O.G. (Rap A Lot)

3) Slum Village Villa Manifesto (E1 Entertainment)

4) Trek Life Everything Changed Nothing (Mello Music)

5) Messy Marv Thizz City (SMC)

In continuing the theme of his wonderful solo release from last year, Radio, Exile delivers this week's number one album at Amoeba, the brand new AM/FM, which is actually culled from that 2009 release. By reworking and remixing elements of Radio the talented Los Angeles producer born Aleksander Manfredi, who many came to know as one half of the emcee/producer duo of Blu & Exile, has crafted a whole new twenty one track album. In fact some of the tracks on AM/FM sound completely new with nary a trace of the earlier album's sound to them. And while Radio was more of an instrumental album (with the occasional vocal sample off the radio) showcasing Exile's studio chops with little other distraction, AM/FM shines more light on the mic wreckers. These include many of his compadres such as Blu (check out a track featuring Blu, "Love Line," below), Alchemist, The Grouch & Eligh, Evidence, and Aloe Blacc (with whom he formed his first group, Emanon). Standout tracks include the the Shafiq Husayn remix of "It's Coming Down," "Mega Mix" featuring Fashawn, Big Tone, and ADaD, and the DJ Day remix of "In Love." In addition to AM/FM, I would recommend tracking down both Radio and Exile's 2006 album Dirty Science.  

Glasser on the Cover of Fader

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Former SF woman-about-town, present Angeleno and future rock star Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, will have the cover of Fader next month! Her new album Ring comes out September 28 on True Panther and the air feels ripe with stardom for this young lady. Let the buzz begin!

Check out "Apply" here:

Unique OC Event This Weekend Features Local, Independent Designers

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Maiden Voyage
This weekend Amoeba Music will be among those at the outdoor Unique OC fashion/design festival which takes place at the LAB Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa, Orange County on both Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Billed as the largest independent design show in the country, at the event, which will be centered in a giant outdoor marketplace set up in the OC space for the weekend, over eighty LA area designers and artists will show their wares in what the organizers promise will be a local, homegrown SoCal presentation of "fresh, fun and eclectic" designs.

In addition to fashion and accessories there will also be handmade jewelry, screenprints, artwork, housewares, and more.

Among those  representing over the weekend will be such independent vendors as Hips and Hair, Paper Pastries, Handmade Store On A Bike, I Wish I Had a Penguin Friend from the Los Angeles Craft Mafia and Maiden Voyage, whose designs include their "Bears in Tandem" tee pictured above.

On Saturday only The Box Gallery at 765 Saint Clair in Costa Mesa will be hosting about twenty additional craft vendors In conjunction with The LAB, including Whodini Handmade and Le Modern Trinket, at their Box Shop Indie Craft & Art Fair from 11am-6pm. Meanwhile, at the LAB location there will also be gourmet food and drink plus such attractions as DIY workshops. 

California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Santa Ana, Downtown Orange County

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The Dutch

Santa Ana is the county seat and most populous city in Orange County. To vote for other Orange County communities to be covered here on the blog, click here. To vote for Los Angeles County communities, click here. To vote for LA neighborhoods, click here.


Pendersleigh & Sons' Official Maps of Santa Ana

Santa Ana is surrounded by Garden Grove to the northwest, Anaheim to the north, Orange to the northeast, Tustin to the east, Irvine to the southeast, Costa Mesa to the south, Fountain Valley to the southwest and Westminster to the west. For this blogventure, I was accompanied by Orange County's Emily Ryan.

Interview with Amoeba Hollywood's Mahssa about Finders Keepers Records, Whose Recent Releases Include the Stone Soundtrack

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Although technically only around for the past six years, the UK based record label Finders Keepers has been, according to its owners, in the making for the past 40 years! The rich, diverse and offbeat music in the Finders Keepers catalog (a melange of psychedelic, funk, folk, jazz, avant-garde and "whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history") spans recordings from the last 40 (and more) years, and from all over the globe. For example two, of its recent impressive releases are the CD/2LP Pomegranates compilation of 60's & 70's Persian Pomegranates  Finder Keepersfunk, folk, psych and other pop quirkiness; and the avant-pop meets funk-rock soundtrack to the movie Stone, the 1974 Australian biker psych cult classic that, complete with a glowing Quentin Tarantino endorsement, is being relaunched with a big screening at Lincoln Center in NYC this Friday.
Both the label's founder, Andy Votel, and Finders Keepers' US rep (and Amoeba Hollywood employee) Mahssa will be at the NY screening event. I recently caught up with Mahssa at the SoCal Amoeba to talk about Finders Keepers and how she got involved with the eclectic and most unique UK label that accurately describes itself as an "accidental world music label with a punk aesthetic and DJ friendly ethos."  

Outside Lands Fest Artists at Amoeba

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Many of the fine artists performing at the Outside Lands Festival here in San Francisco Aug 14-15 have stopped by Amoeba for in-stores, where their performances have been captured via video and photos, and to participate in our What's In My Bag? series over the years. To whet your appetite for the festival, check them out right here!

Australia's Wolfmother performed at Amoeba Hollywood on Valentine's Day 2006.

Albert Hammond Jr
(The Strokes)
Albert Hammond Jr performed at Amoeba Hollywood on March 7, 2007.

Devil Makes Three
The Devil Makes Three combine ragtime, country, folk & rockabilly (without a drummer!). They performed at Amoeba Hollywood on October 13, 2009. Get an exclusive free download of "For Good Again" by Devil Makes Three recorded live at Amoeba!

The Particular Magic of the Cassette

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Break out your boom boxes, cause the cassette tape is coming back! Both the East Bay Express and the LA Times recently ran articles about the return of tapes -- an affordable and readily available (at Amoeba, anyway) way to kick out the jams! The articles also cover various bands on the scene now that are releasing their music via cassette only! Catch up on the hype and read the EBX piece here, and the LA Times article here.

Cassettes at Amoeba

Here at Amoeba, we have always shown love for the cassette tape and its rabid fans -- stocking a huge variety of genres and artists, all on cassette, and all hella cheap at that! If you are ready to get back into the wide world of tapes, or if you've never lost your jones for the format, you can get in on the action by coming on in to any Amoeba and picking up bunches of em -- we've got tons o' tapes in country, soul, metal, rock, hip hop, jazz, etc!

To learn further about the possible and probable causes of this return to the cassette tape, we picked the brain of one of our own who is particularly active in the cassette scene: Amoeba employee Jason Pearl. His popular cassette only label Living Tapes' fine releases are all available at Amoeba Hollywood! Our discussion regarding the return of the cassette follows:living tapes

Us: How long have you had Living Tapes?

SoCal DJ EtRoNiK Wins 2010 US DMC Championship in a Night of Cutting & Scratching, Nunchucks & Handcuffs, Mixing & Beat-Juggling, and Booing & Cheering

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DJ Etronik

Southern California DJ EtRoNiK took the 2010 US DMC DJ Championship title Saturday night in New York at an entertaining DJ event that included not just scratching, beat-juggling, body-tricks and mixing, but also nunchucks & handcuffs, plus laughter & booing. By becoming the new US DMC Champion, DJ EtRoNiK, who hails from Pico Rivera in Southeastern Los Angeles County, is the first DJ in the US to represent the World in all 3 DMC World Battle Categories. The skilled and seasoned DJ was the DMC US Supremacy Champion 2006, DMC US Team co-Champion (The Angry Exs) 2008, and DMC West Coast Champion 2010. The runner up in Saturday's US Finals was Lakewood NJ DJ Steel, who is part of the Brick Bandits Crew and whose battle titles include the 2009 DMC New Orleans Champion, and the 2010 DMC San Antonio TX Champion. In third place was tireless veteran battle DJ Grandmaster Supreme, who back in 1991 took the NMS (New Music Seminar) DJ champion title (the year before Mixmaster Mike won the title in the legendary & long defunct NYC based annual NMS battles) and whose impressive battle routine Saturday night included a lot of dramatics and body tricks, including flipping a pair of nunchucks as he simultaneously worked the turntables.

Rockin Rob

Running from 5pm to 10pm at Santos Party House (the downtown Manhattan club co-owned by Andrew WK), the fun-packed five hour event included, in addition to the actual DJ battle, several impressive DJ Conceptshowcases. One was a jaw-dropping opening set by Rockin Rob. This old school hip-hop DJ, who plays 45s exclusively and all rare funk and breaks seven inches, is a sight to see as he effortlessly cuts and juggles (lots of quick mixes) without ever missing a beat. Everyone in the house loved his set, including the host (and unofficial star) of the night, the ever entertaining Kool DJ Red Alert. The pioneering hip-hop DJ, who used to host the DJ battles way back in the day and thankfully is back doing it again, is the perfect fit as host of the big DJ battle. He is both funny-as-hell and knowledgeable in the art of hip-hop battle DJ'ing, but more importantly, he's well able to good-humoredly deal with the contestants and the audience if and when either need to be kept in check.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2010 Lineup Announced

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It's almost that time of year again already! The lineup for the 2010 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival has been announced! The free annual festival will take place in Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park, October 1, 2 & 3, and this will be its 10th anniversary!

Just a few of the artists are below. See the full lineup here.

August 9, 2010: Step Up 3D

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(In which we consider Patricia Neal.)

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Yesterday saw the death of one of my favorite actresses, Patricia Neal, from lung cancer. A belief in Heaven might be comforting at this point, but for myself, I can’t help but think this planet got a little less awesome.

Neal’s performances have always struck me as profoundly internalized. The women she portrayed often seemed unwilling to betray their true feelings, and it was Neal’s ability to stay true to this, while at the same time radiating their deeper passions, that make her an endlessly rewarding study. I find I always want to see how she would play a role, given the chance.

Neal’s most famous roles were as the female lead, Helen, in the 1951 production of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and her performance as Alma in Hud, for which she won the 1963 Academy Award for Best Actress.

The Art of the LP Cover- Ballerina Girls

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The Kim Novak Aesthetic

Posted by Charles Reece, August 8, 2010 10:11pm | Post a Comment

Kim Novak tended to specialize in the objectified woman role, where the character's arc was more about mirroring the leading man's desires than any self-determination. This is true of at least 4 films featured in The Kim Novak Collection: Picnic (1955) has her casting off the constraints of being the hometown beauty queen to live a life of vagrancy with William Holden's former star athlete turned shiftless loser. In Bell, Book and Candle (1958), she's a witch who's willing to lose her supernatural powers for the love of a good man played by Jimmy Stewart. Having been cruelly mistreated in a former marriage, she falls for the much older Fredric March as a substitute father figure in Middle of the Night (1959). And although Frank Sinatra's philanderer makes no promises in Pal Joey (1957), she's just sure that he'll get used to the idea of fidelity. The one exception here is as the titular character and real-life actress in Jeanne Eagels (1957), who's willing to use anyone to become a star. Eagels castrates the men in her life as she rises to the top, but because her narcissism is so thoroughly rebuked (showing her drug addiction, alcoholism, malaise and early demise), the film reassures Novak's other characters that they made the right choice. For a proper critique of the beautiful feminine spectacle, of course, we have Vertigo (1958).

[W]ith her head of writhing snakes, huge mouth, lolling tongue and boar’s tusks, the Medusa is also regarded by historians of myth as a particularly nasty version of the vagina dentata. 
-- Barbara CreedThe Monstrous-Feminine: Film, Feminism, Psychoanalysis

More to the point of this post, Alfred Hitchcock demonstrated along with Creed's Medusa that hair can be really frightening, and nowhere is this more evident than in the coiffures forced upon Novak. Her stylists had one of two choices: go with the short hair she wore outside of the movies, or give her attachments. These mudflaps made for the worst hairstyles seen on a woman in film since Jean Harlow. And, as was the case with Harlow, we're supposed to think of glamor, rather than trailer park. Hitchcock played the shorter, urbane style against the terrifying mullet (Madelaine the ideal versus Judy the something to work with), but in Picnic we're supposed to think of the above as luxurious. As Novak explains in an extra, she doesn't have thick hair, so she tended to trim the add-ons to fit her hair better. That plan didn't work so well when her extensions were supposed to be cascading out of the window. On the other hand, the styled version wasn't much better:

It's too close to this monstrosity. And was Jeanne Eagels' knotted mullet really a style back in 1910?

I like the cut in Bell, Book and Candle; it goes well with capri pants. But someone decided to give her a brown wash, which looks like she spent too long in the swimming pool:

Which thankfully doesn't so much matter in black and white:

And, finally, she was given a faux-hawk for Pal Joey:

It's not easy being a Kim Novak fan, itellya.

Amoeba Parties at Best of the East Bay 2010!

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Words by Spenser Russell-Snyder
Photos by Kaitlin Layher and Lori Katz

ebx 2010

On Friday August 6th, Amoeba transformed a vacant storefront into a one-night only MINI-AMOEBA for The East Bay Express' BEST OF THE EAST BAY PARTY, which this year took over the entirety of Oakland's Jack London Square!

ebx 2010

Amoeba Berkeley brought down a taste of each section of the store: selling LPs, CDs, and DVDs from each of our eclectic sections. We also sold all sorts of other accessories like T-Shirts, buttons, guitar picks too!

In addition to selling product, Amoeba also curated an East Bay Poster Artist show, gathering 4 stellar artists from Oakland and Berkeley who brought with them some legit Rock and Roll street cred with them.

Our pop-up store didn't stop there! Also at the party, we kicked of a raffle to benefit The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp where you can donate one dollar to the music camp for future Riot Grrrls and get entered into a drawing to win a custom Amoeba Guitar (here being shown off by Amoeba owner Marc Weinstein).

2010 DMC US Finals DJ Battle at Santos Party House in NYC Today

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DJ Shiftee
Just an hour and a half from now (4pm until 10pm EST) this year's DMC US Finals - National DJ Battle competition will take place at Santos Party House in New York City. DJs from all over the country will be competing for the prestigious title and a grand prize that includes flying them over to London in October to compete in the DMC World DJ Battle. Last year US DJ Shiftee won the title and went on to the UK for the World Finals and won, becoming the reigning DMC World Champion DJ. With that title his life has changed dramatically. "My life as a DJ has been catapulted into overdrive since winning the 2009 DMC World Championship. I have way more gig offers, way more press, way more props/respect, and a much bigger platform to put forth my projects and personality," the talented and quick-witted DJ told me recently, adding, "I also now have probably the best coffee table in the world. All in all, I think it's a good thing I won."

Today's DMC DJ battle will determine who will be the 2010 DMC US Champion and the 2010 DMC US Vice Champion (runner up). Contestants include Florida's DJ Concept; Denver, Colorado's DJ Notch; California's DJ Etronik; Colorado DJ Cysko RokwelSteel from New Jersey; South Carolina's DJ Swift; Colorado DJs Skip Ripkin, B'Money, & Jeff C; Cali DJs Juyadek DJ Image; and self-described "Center of the Universe" DJ, Grandmaster Supreme. And for this battle each DJ has put in ridiculous amounts of time practicing for their few moments at a chance to take the title. "I practice six hours a day," DJ Swift told me yesterday during a WFMU pre-DMC Finals radio special.

August 6, 2010: Cemetery Junction

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Soundgarden Reforming for More than Just Lollapalooza?

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Did wearing flannel ever really go out of style?

Not in my house, anyway. I think we have all heard by now that Soundgarden has reformed to play Lollapalooza on Aug 8th -- but I am wondering if, with the announcement of a retrospective, Telephantasm, plus a DVD and a partnership with Guitar Hero all scheduled to be released September 28th, a real, honest to god tour from the long-defunct band is in the works? Seems like a strong possibility.

Check out the "lost track" being included on the best-of, from the Badmotorfinger sessions. It's called "Black Rain":

In the meantime, I'm gonna drag out my dusty copies of Louder Than Love, Badmotorfinger and Superunknown and prepare myself for the imminent return of one of the grunge era's greatest bands.

"Fell On Black Days"

"Jesus Christ Pose"

"Hands All Over"

Elijah Wood DJing @ Amoeba Hollywood This Sunday!

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elijah wood

We all remember from Elijah Wood's appearances on The Osbournes way back when what a huge music fan this guy is! Now, years later, his passion for music is still just as strong and he even owns his own label, Simian Records! Here at Amoeba we are thrilled to announce that Frodo himself, Mr. Elijah Wood, will be spinning selections at the Hollywood store this Sunday, August 8, from 2-4pm! Show up and get down! For more on our Sunday Matinee Sound Series, click here!

Hip-Hop Rap Up 08:06:10: Madlib's Medicine Show, The Mighty Underdogs, Oakland Faders, Foreign Legion, Blitz the Ambassador, Dana Leong, J-Dilla, APG Crew, Nappy Roots, DJ Inti + More

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 08:06:10

1) The Roots How I Got Over (Def Jam)

2) Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot... The Son of Chico Dusty (Def Jam)

3) Madlib Medicine Show #7: High Jazz (Stones Throw)

4) Curren$y Pilot Talk (Blu Roc, Def Jam)

5) Eminem Recovery (Aftermath, Interscope, Shady)

Thanks to Inti at the Amoeba Music Berkeley store for this week's Hip-Hop Top Five countdown (see video below), with many of the same current releases from the past several weeks still holding strong in sales at the Telegraph Ave. store. A prime example is The Roots' widely acclaimed latest How I Got Over (Def Jam), which is number one again this week. A new entry on the top five is the latest installment from eclectic producer Madlib -- CD number seven for month number seven (July 2010) in this unique Stones Throw twelve month Medicine Show series from the prolific LA music man. High Jazz is the name of the CD and it has already sold out at Amoeba Berkeley. The album is described as a tribute to the landmark 1976 jazz-fusion album released by Stanton Davis’s Ghetto Mysticism and as such displays another impressive musical side to the ever eclectic and progressive Madlib. Noteworthy songs on this 15 track release include a collaborative piece with jazz/hip-hop drummer/producer Karriem Riggins, who, along with Madlib, is the group Jahari Masamba Unit. Note that there is also a limited edition 3-disc vinyl version of this Medicine Show installment from Stones Throw which offers an exclusive additional 30 minutes of music. Fans of the Madlib Medicine Show series can look out for release number 8 to drop on August 24th.

Amoeba Hollywood Vinyl Insider -- New Sixties Collectibles

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Peaches Christ Presents Showgirls @ the Castro

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showgirls peaches christ

New Electronic 12" Releases 8/05 @ Amoeba Hollywood - Four Tet & Mala, Dr. Dunks, Demdike Stare, Arto Mwambe, Gerd & More

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Four Tet & Mala
Nothing To See
Soul Jazz

First up is the glitchy, sparkling electronica of "NOTHING TO SEE" by FOUR TET, with a shuffling post-garage vibe to it. On the flip is "DON'T LET ME GO" by MALA, a thick stew of discordant beats and propulsive melodies. As the label says, "Future Bass!" Limited edition and available now!

Listen to "Nothing To See" here:

Dr. Dunks
Keep It Cheap
Keep It Cheap

Eric 'Dr. Dunks' Duncan (COMBI / Still Going / Rub 'n' Tug etc) launches his new Keep It Cheap imprint, the winner here being the Dolly Parton edit that Harvey’s been caning for a while now. Hot!

Conrad Schnitzler
Zug LP

Conrad Schnitzler's Zug is one of the most important and one of the first electronic minimalist works that was published in the 1970s. Almost simultaneously with Kraftwerk's groundbreaking Autobahn, "Zug" appeared on the legendary The Red Cassette (1973). Wire wrote about Zug: "Kraftwerk might have used similar methods to create rhythm, but three decades on, it still sounds like the future." As an original member of Tangerine Dream (1969-1970) and a founding member of Kluster, Conrad Schnitzler is a creator of milestones in the history of electronic popular music. This release is rounded off with remixes by Con (1978) fan Stefan Betke aka Pole and Borngräber & Strüver. Pole and Kassian Troyer (Radian) have mastered the record, so the best quality is guaranteed.

Demdike Stare
Liberation Through Hearing
Modern Love

This is the second in a series of three vinyl-only albums to be released by the UK's Demdike Stare aka Miles Whittaker (MLZ, Pendle Coven) and Sean Canty (Finders Keepers). Once again indebted to the black arts, the occult and Tibetan spiritualism, there are dark currents running through these 6 pieces, each one referencing the six images displayed on the cover. Demdike Stare will be back later on in 2010 with the third and final part in this mystical odyssey. Mastered and cut by Lupo at D&M, Berlin. Artwork by Andy Votel. Strictly limited vinyl pressing.

Gunnar Wendal

aka Kassem MosseOmar S Remixes - Old school inside out playing grooves..

Listen to "578" here:

+91 Ahead Session 4 Remixes

2 versions of this tune from PLAK. The A-side sees an ultra deep and dubby "BKLYN VERSION" from QUARION while the flip sees the "DEBUT VERSION" from SE-TE-VE, a raw groove with crunchy beats for some serious club abuse. A quality release!

Listen to the Quarion remix here:

Phil Collins
Moving – Idjut Boys remix

Dubby midtempo Balaeric remix of PHIL COLLINS' classic "I'M NOT MOVING" by the IDJUT BOYS. Perfect for late night Ibiza parties or sunrise raves.

Kasper Bjorke

Heaven 12”

This Danish talent creates this beautiful, classic analog meets cutting edge indie electronica, where songwriting and musical ideas stand strong. Includes two heavy remixes by PRINS THOMAS and MUSSLE FLASH & NICOLAS JAAR.

Listen to the Nicolas Jaar remix here:

For 12 Minutes She Danced With An Alien

"Hot on the heels of releases from Edwin Oosterwal and iO, Rejected ready themselves to drop their latest smash hit -- one that we are certain is set to rule this summer's dancefloors. Gerd's For 12 Minutes She Danced With An Alien originally saw a release as a B-side back in 1995 on Speedy J's Beam Me Up! label. Having recently made his own edit of the track, Joris Voorn secured permission to sign it for Rejected with Gerd agreeing to produce a fresh new version. The finest in '90s house, reworked and refreshed for today's floors, Gerd's new take is a sparkling, sunshine-tinged delight perfect for those sunset or sunrise moments. Joris does what he does best by injecting some driving, disco-tinged vibes for the dancefloor."

Listen to the Joris Voorn remix here:

Kenton Slash Demon
Schwarzschild Solution Part 1

"Kenton Slash Demon is best known in Scandinavia as a part of the amazing indie-disco band When Saints Go Machine (remixed by dOP and played by DJ Koze in his last RA podcast). However, Tartelet Records just signed the two guys to let them wear their electronic outfit. Their common musical history goes ten years back even though they are all in their early twenties, and even if they are not too known within the international club scene they have already enjoyed acknowledgement from many sides. Fredski, Tomboy and the rest of the Tartelet crew are looking forward to presenting Kenton Slash Demon, which might just become one of Tartelet's big ones. Tart 6(66) is a real EP for the demons. All effective club tracks. A: 'KhaNabi': Big big big stumbling grooves matched up with a mean bass line and explosive kick, all mixed up with a very intense zitar that takes the track through massive peaks. This track will blow the dance floor at peak hour. No chance you will be disappointed. 'KhaNabi' will stir the floor like a hot pot."

Arto Mwambe
Duster FC
Robert Johnson

Accompanying the miraculous LARJ edition by Arto Mwambe, this piece of vinyl features two previously-unreleased trinkets. The Berlin-Moss axis under guidance of the Sex Tags Mania emperors delivers two remixes that are exclusively available on the vinyl platter. With some help by the reclusive Don Papa, DJ Sotofett and some other mystical people, these friendly characters grace Arto Mwambe's "Midi Vice" with their unique voices and distinctive vision of what dance music can be.

Nick Sole
Beautiful Day

This EP from Nick Solé comes in a limited edition of colored, hand-numbered vinyl. Classic U.S. deep house flavored with a long, minimal, dubby atmospheric track. Includes a remix by Atmos. Tip!

This Week At The New Bev: De Palma & De Niro, Disney, Marvin Gardens, Grindhouse Film Fest & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our full August schedule is available online:

Thursday, August 5

Two by Nicole Holofcener

Please Give
2010, USA, 90 minutes
written & directed by Nicole Holofcener
starring Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt
7:30, Watch The Trailer!

The Amazing Return of DAS EFX... On Craigslist??

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Das EFX Looking for manager

Amoeba @ Unique OC

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unique oc

Amoeba at Unique OC! The largest independent design show in the country will set up shop at The Lab in Costa Mesa, August 14-15, from 11am-6pm! Shop this huge outdoor marketplace featuring 75 hand selected vendors from Unique LA, and discover some great local designers! Browse through the amazing wares including clothing and accessories, jewelry, artwork, books, toys, and much more. Stop by the Amoeba booth, say hello, and pick up some awesome finds in vinyl and CDs at great prices! Click here for more info.


August 4, 2010: Cats & Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore 3D

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ZZK On Tour: An Interview with Grant C. Dull (El G)

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A few short years ago, a man came to the buy counter at Amoeba Hollywood to sell a new release to the store. It was ZZK Sound Vol. 1 - Cumbia Digital. Just before that I had been reading about a club in Buenos Aires, Argentina called Zizek Club, where deejays/producers were playing mash-ups of Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Electronic Music. It sounded cool and I wished I could be in BA so I could check it out. Turned out the guy was Grant C. Dull, a former Texan now living Buenos Aires and one of the co-founders of the night as well as the label. That day, the ZZK crew was in town for a show and Amoeba Hollywood turned out to be the first store in the U.S. to carry their product!

We kept in touch and he sent the store releases by Fauna, El Remolon and Chancha Via Circuito before the label had U.S. distribution. The ZZK label and its artists soon became known worldwide, performing in Europe, Mexico, Canada and all over the U.S. The latest tour has dates in San Francisco, Echo Park and Hollywood. I caught up with Grant (Aka El G) over the phone and asked him a few questions about the tour and what is up with ZZK in general.

So how is the tour so far?

Grant: It's going really well. We started in New York and have been making our way west for the last two weeks. The reception has been great and this has been our best tour yet.

Do you think its because people are more familiar with your music?

Yes. We have now been around for two years and three months. The word is out and we are not as underground as we used to be. People have been coming out of the woodwork for our last few shows and it has been amazing.

You recently used to help fund this tour. What is Kickstarter and how did it help the tour?

Kickstarter is a social media site run out of Brooklyn. It gives you a platform and the logistics to get the funding for various creative projects. The money that we received through Kickstarter will go to the production of ZZK TV, an online video project designed to share our sound worldwide. It is an immediate way for the rest of the world to experience it both on stage and in the studio. Since the beginning we have been all about using the Internet to promote the club, then the label, so for us this is a natural progression.

At Amoeba Hollywood, there has always been a vague line between Electro and modern World Music. For instance, Buraka Som Sistema, Quantic and The Gotan Project are filed in the Electronica section, while The Nortec Collective, Bajofondo and all the ZZK artists are filed in the World section. We (The World and Electro buyers) will often br at odds about who should be filed where. Where do you see yourselves? Do you see yourselves as part of the World Music community or part of the Electro movement?

I feel that what kind of music we are considered isn’t our biggest concern. We feel we have one foot in each genre. What you have been seeing of late is a new generation of musicians around the world using digital formats and merging traditional with electronic music. It’s World Music 2.0; it’s a revitalization of the World music and Electro format. For instance, on this tour we also have Tremor, which is a 3-piece band that play 10 different instruments. They are a fusion of South American traditional and digital music. They have been blowing peoples' minds on this tour. In fact, Womex (labeled as “The most important international professional market of World music of every kind”) has invited Tremor to play their upcoming festival. At first I had concerns on having them attend because Womex tends to be a bit on the conservative side, but then I thought that Tremor is taking music to the next level. So even if some at the festival aren’t ready them, others will be blown away. There is a whole new generation that is ready for something new, so it needs to happen.

Being a label head, I think it's pretty cool that you a doing a DJ set on this tour. How have the sets been going?

It's been great! Originally I came as the tour manager, but one of the festivals asked me to DJ and I have been doing it since. I had mixed feelings about DJing at first because I’m trying to take care of business -- first as the promoter, then label manager as well as a tour manager. But now we have more people helping out, like a publicist, things that I used to take care of, so now I can enjoy deejaying without worries.

I figure, who knows more about the music on the label than the label head himself?

I have been getting a lot of good feedback and encouragement from people, telling me that it is important that I DJ. I started doing the opening set but now I do the closing set. I get to play unreleased music, classics from the ZZK catalog. I tend to play the weirder stuff and it works on the later part of the evening, as people seem to be more receptive to it.


You can get the following ZZK releases at Amoeba Hollywood:

V/A- ZZK Digital Cumbia Vol 2
Chancha Via CircuitoRodante
Fauna - La Manita de Fauna
El Remolón - Pibe Cosmo
Tremor - Caracol (LP only)

August 5 – San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
August 6 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo
August 7 - Hollywood, CA @ Jimmy's Lounge

All shows are with: Tremor, Chancha Via Circuito, El Remolon, & El G!

The Town Part III: Remedy Coffee, Oakland and Proud

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Remedy Coffee, Oakland, CA
It may not even have been open a full two months yet but already Oakland's Remedy Coffee at 4316 Telegraph Avenue (between 43rd St & 44th St) in the ever evolving Temescal district has the warm & comfortable feel of a local cafe that has been there a lot longer than just seven weeks. The friendly and attentive Todd Spitzer is the owner of Remedy and I instantly knew I liked the guy and his new business when I first went in and saw him proudly sporting a T-shirt that read Live in Oakland. Love in Oakland. Love Oakland, and, between preparing individual servings of fresh coffee, he was changing the record on the turntable (yes, a vinyl player!) behind the counter.

That was about four weeks ago and in the short time since, business has quadrupled for Remedy -- and for good reason. It's a welcoming, very spacious, well lit environment with a variety of seating options (high stool counter, sofa level, & standard cafe table inside and out), excellent coffee (they specialize in light coffee), free Wi-Fi (unblocked under Remedy Hearts You), great music selection and nice bass-y speakers well positioned up high, excellent art on the wall (artist Cathy Lo currently), plus numerous cool curiosities such as a Pacific Bell phone booth right when you walk in the main door. The back patio is still to open, but it will soon. The clientele (many of whom arrive by bike) is a nice wide mix of people from The Town: musicians, DJs, artists, students, blue collar workers, OPD, young, old, straight and, gay. It's open Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm and weekends 8:30am to 6pm.

Before opening Remedy, which is right next door to Flying Yoga, round the corner from a cluster of Korean restaurants known to many as Little Korea, and down a block from Rent-A-Relic, Todd had a coffee cart set up right outside. With help from friends, he slowly but surely over a period of year worked on getting his business off the ground. He carefully crafted the interior of Remedy, which is modern without being cold or alienating. I recently caught up with Todd to ask him about going from cart to cafe, light roasted versus dark roasted., Oakland as a place to live & work, the meaning of the Remedy logo, and, of course, music -- inviting him and his staff to submit their all time Top Five Albums lists. The staffer descriptions are all Todd's.

Taylor King (Almost lead barista and art curator) Top Five:

1) Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick

Joanna Newsom @ Fox Theater

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I admit I am a jaded ol' record store clerk, but I often feel like it's so rare that someone can make magic in music these days. What is left to do when it sometimes seems like it's all been done before?

Well, I went to see Joanna Newsom at the Fox Theater in Oakland last night, and there it was, clear as day, conjured and unfolding before me like no one else but the artists of olde: alchemy.

She and her adept band whirled and bounced through much of her new album, Have One On Me, peppered with a few songs from Milk Eyed Mender and one from Ys.

I can't think of anyone else who is making music now that is so utterly unique, creative, innovative and moving. It's a difficult thing to do these days, it seems. If you're not on board with Joanna and music matters to you, you are really missing the boat.

Best of the East Bay Party This Friday

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east bay express best of the east bay

California Fool's Gold -- Exploring Little Ethiopia

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This blog entry is about the Midtown neighborhood of Little Ethiopia. To vote for more LA neighborhoods, click here. To vote for LA County communities, click here. To vote for OC communities, click here. I was accompanied on my adventure to the hood by Aussie filmmaker, Diana Ward.


Little Ethiopia is a small, one block stretch in Midtown's Carthay district. It's situated along Fairfax between Olympic Boulevard and Whitworth Drive. It's the smallest of the Southland's' many ethnic enclaves. It exists within the borders of Carthay Square with Picfair Village to the southeast, Carthay Circle to the north, Miracle Mile to the northeast and Wilshire Vista to the east.

To Be a Star in Hollywood All You Need is a Sharpie

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Hollywood Walk Of Fame
To be a star in Hollywood all you really need is a Sharpie pen. And since fame and stardom don't always come a-knockin' on your door, sometimes you just gotta go out there and make it happen yourself -- take control of your own destiny, or stardom, so to speak. This you can do armed with a Sharpie, plus a willingness to commit a minor crime, followed by a quick walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame until you stumble upon one of the blank stars on the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street.

There, spread over a combined 18 blocks, sit approximately two and a half thousand five-pointed terrazzo & brass stars brightly embedded in the Hollywood sidewalk, spaced at every six feet. Many of these stars are blank waiting to be officially filled in with the name of some accomplished entertainment Sharpiefigure, typically a movie, TV, or music person. Sometimes these blank stars get unofficially filled in. That is exactly what "Boris P" with his "M" in a circle symbol recently did on Vine in the block just below Hollywood Blvd, where he got busy with his Sharpie pen -- instantly bypassing the typical hard uphill slog to stardom. And with an estimated ten million visitors annually coming to LA specifically to see The Walk, according to a report by NPO/Plog Research, odds are that "Boris P" is a hell of a lot more well known now than he was before he bought that 99 cent Sharpie.

Administrated by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and maintained by the Hollywood Historic Trust, The Hollywood Walk of Fame very recently celebrated its 50th anniversary which I missed by a few days. Held on Sunday, July 25th, the occasion was celebrated with a day-long festival with tours of iconic Hollywood theaters and studios, as well as live music, performances, movie screenings and various other activities including the induction of the late great Louis Prima onto The Walk. I passed his shiny new star -- not too far from Boris P's star.

Statue of Nude Woman Found at Old R. Kelly House - $250

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Not as classy as the canceled Michael Jackson auction, but just as tasteless. Purchase here.

R. Kelly's Erotic Statue

Amoeba Hollywood's World Music Top Ten For July 2010

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1. Enrique Iglesias-Euphoria
2. V/A-Let’s A Go-Go
3. Seu Jorge- Seu Jorge & Almaz
4. V/A-Pomegranates
5. V/A-Afrosound Of Colombia Vol.1
6. Sloepoke-Fiesta Tropical
7. V/A-Saigon Rock & Soul
8. V/A-World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia in 1970s Nigeria
9. Yuri-Inusual
10. Marc Anthony-Iconos

July’s top ten includes five retro world compilations, three releases by iconic Latin Pop stars, a release by one of the coolest Brazilian to ever walk on this earth and a local deejay who's got a Cumbia collection like no other.

Enrique Iglesias topped the chart this month, a slight surprise considering his last few releases didn’t do much in the store in the past. Two other iconic Latin Pop singers, Marc Anthony and Yuri, sold well enough to take the ninth and tenth spots.

A welcome change is the increase of retro releases from Southeast Asia. Saigon Rock & Soul is a vinyl only release from the Sublime Frequencies label that will soon be sold out, even before this blog is up. The funky psychedelic Vietnamese rock certainly has people willing to pay the almost thirty bucks for this double LP, but I’m sure there are not many complainers in the end. Don’t have a record player and/or don’t want to spend 30 bones? Another option is to go with the Let’s A-Go-Go compilation, which is from 1964-1969 and includes bands from Singapore as well as all over Southeast Asia.

Can’t get enough World Psyche? Well, there is The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria, put out by none other than Soundway Records. In the seventies, African music went through its own metamorphosis much like pop music did in the rest of the world. The guitars got fuzzed out, the organs overdriven and the vocals were shouted rather than sung. But at the core, these collections of songs are clearly African in style, with Highlife and Afrobeat dominating the selections. If you are a fan of seventies Afro Rock bands such as Blo, Witch and Ofege, this comp will more than fill your need for digging more African treasures.

Seriously, who is cooler than Seu Jorge? Singer/musician and actor (City Of God, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Escapist)'s first two solo albums, Carolina and Cru, were classic throwbacks to the days of Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil. He followed that up album of David Bowie covers done acoustic and sung in Portuguese. (The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions) and returned to his funky roots with América Brasil O Disco. On this latest release, Jorge has teamed up with former Nação Zumbi members Lucio Maia and Pupillo along with film composer and bassist Antonio Pinto to form Almaz. Seu Jorge & Almaz was released last week on Now Again/Stones Throw. It's an album consisting of “cooler than you” cover songs by the likes of Kraftwerk, Roy Ayers, Michael Jackson, Jorge Ben, Tim Maia and Martinho Da Vila, done by this unique ensemble of artists. While Jorge takes on every song with his classic laid back vocal style, it's Pullillo, Maia and Pinto that shine on this release, with every interpretation going through a deep layer of echo drenched guitar and reggae dub influenced drums and bass. A surprise is Jorge singing in English. It’s his ESL moment and even though he might struggle on some of these cuts, the soul in his voice still comes through, ready to charm the pants off of any unsuspecting listener.

Lately, many of the Cumbia compilations that have been coming out have been a bit academic for my tastes. A few great tracks here and there, but absolutely no flow to them. DJ Sloepoke, an L.A. based deejay, has flow, has been playing Cumbia for years and knows what’s up. So when I heard that he had a Cumbia mix CD, I had to hear it. Fiesta Tropical may look a little ‘chunti,” as some may say, like a pirated Cumbia CD you get at the swap meet, but on the disc is pure heat! Rare Cumbia tracks from South America, Central America and Mexico. Good luck trying to find out who these tracks are from, as this mix was created all from vinyl. The best part about Fiesta Tropical is that someone who understands the dance floor made it. No skipping tracks to keep your dance party going -- just let it roll and have a good time.

August 1, 2010: Cyrus

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