NCFF: Prelude

Posted by Job O Brother, August 16, 2010 06:13pm | Post a Comment

As the saying goes in my country, “Goody, goody gum-drops!” Tomorrow, the boyfriend and I are escaping the hum-drum, laid back sleepiness of Los Angeles for the glitz and glamor of Nevada City, California, my hometown.

This week is the 10th Annual Nevada City Film Festival, and it promises to be the biggest and most exciting yet.

Ten years ago, a group of local ne’er-do-wells (counting me amongst them) decided to throw a film festival at our tiny, beloved art-film theatre, The Magic Theatre. Originally we showed only submissions from the surrounding communities. Times have changed, and now the N.C.F.F. showcases films from around the world.


I am especially excited to meet and hear from this year's special guests, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, best known for their disgusting, whimsical and lovable TV show, Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (A lot of people don’t know this, but the last word in the title rhymes with “robe” and is a dedication to me.)

The boyfriend and I will be driving up. This means two things will happen: we will argue about air conditioning a lot (with me in the pro camp and he voting nay.) Also, there will be endless, swell music playing, as I’m packing the big iPod.

What follows is a brief preview of the music I have planned as the soundscape to the views of the Grapevine, the San Joaquin Valley, that awful stretch of acreage where cattle are kept in internment camps making the air thick with the stench of feces, wet fur and damnation (I lovingly nicknamed this area ‘Cowschwitz’), Sacramento rush hour, and finally, the blissful and potentially lethal Highway 49, which will lead us up the Sierra Nevada foothills and Nevada City.

Besides music, an important element to making a long car drive pass swiftly by is rocking out to stand-up comedy, of which I have a sizable collection, thanks to Amoeba Music Hollywood.

(Please note that the below clips have some awesome words in them that you should never ever hear because it's cussing and dirty language that has led to all the problems in the world today. You've been warned.)

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