Joanna Newsom @ Fox Theater

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I admit I am a jaded ol' record store clerk, but I often feel like it's so rare that someone can make magic in music these days. What is left to do when it sometimes seems like it's all been done before?

Well, I went to see Joanna Newsom at the Fox Theater in Oakland last night, and there it was, clear as day, conjured and unfolding before me like no one else but the artists of olde: alchemy.

She and her adept band whirled and bounced through much of her new album, Have One On Me, peppered with a few songs from Milk Eyed Mender and one from Ys.

I can't think of anyone else who is making music now that is so utterly unique, creative, innovative and moving. It's a difficult thing to do these days, it seems. If you're not on board with Joanna and music matters to you, you are really missing the boat.

Upcoming Tour Dates (UK dates with the also incredible Roy Harper):

8/4/10 - Seattle, WA

8/5/10 - Vancouver

8/6/10 - Portland, OR

8/7/10 - Portland, OR

8/22/10 - Glanusk Park, Crickhowell

9/14/10 - Dublin

9/16/10 - Bristol

9/17/10 - Birmingham

9/18/10 - Manchester

9/20/10 - Glasgow

9/21/10 - Gateshead

9/23/10 - Lille

9/24/10 - Zürich

9/25/10 - Feyzin

9/27/10 - Milan

9/28/10 - Rome

9/30/10 - Tel Aviv

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