(In which we try to beat the heat with a 2x4 with a nail stuck in the end.)

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Summertime greetings from LA!

Hoo boy. It’s that time of year again in the City of Angels: the Season of Heat. LA only has two seasons: warm and sunny (which is known as autumn and winter in other geographic locations) and the Season of Heat, when you never see anyone’s eyes for the sunglasses, and everyone packs the salons for pedicures for some devoted sandal wearing.

"I'm thinking a simple French pedi this time. Thanks, Hoài Mi."

All of which is wasted on me. Forget sunning by the pool -- give me a frozen tundra and a copy of Cowboy Henk and I'm a happy guy. I find myself picking and choosing my activities based on what destinations have the finest air conditioners. (As an interesting side-note, if you find yourself shopping at Amoeba Music Hollywood and you’re in need of a rush of cold air, go to the classical section, then find where we keep Beethoven. That exact spot is where our powerful A.C. first blasts the room, and it’s heavenly.)

"Give me your hot, your scorching, your stuffy masses, yearning to escape stroke..."

While I may not be a fan of hot weather, I am excited for my summertime music! As with any activity, I reserve certain songs and/or artists for just such an occasion. Below you will find some of my favorite tunes for sweating, drinking beer on the front porch, cleaning out the garage, drinking beer on the back patio, planning road trips, drinking beer on the roof, taking cold showers, and drinking beer in the attic when the Gestapo stops by for inspection. Cheers!

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