Promotion, Hollywood Style

Posted by Amoebite, July 9, 2010 04:30pm | Post a Comment
bus stop
The Expendables Bus Stop Advertisement.
Some of my friends complain about the advertisement overload that comes with living in Hollywood but I sorta enjoy it. You get to see all sorts of weird promotional movie hijinks around town. With all the money film studios blow on over the top promotional crap, I'm just as awestruck when I see a them release something half-heartedly. The bus stop poster showing up all around town for The Expendables is a great example of this. For a film that I've been looking forward to since it was announced, I was totally bummed to see that they allowed such a green designer to finish it. Really? This was approved? Bruce Willis' face looks like a roadmap! And Mickey Rourke looks... nevermind.

I expect to see this on budget DVD titles (and regularly do). But I'll save those Photoshop Frankensteins for another blog. I guess I'd just prefer to go back to 1966 when films were promoted like Beau Geste.
statham crews
Statham. Crews.
OK. This movie is going to be cool.

Whats wrong with your face
Oh Wait... What's wrong with your face?