Trash Humpers 7" Vinyl & CD Soundtrack

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Trash Humpers 45 Cover
Trash Humpers - 45
Trash Humpers CD
Trash Humpers - CD

Today, Amoeba Music Hollywood received a batch of Trash Humpers soundtracks. If you've seen the film, you'd agree that Harmony Korine nailed this release perfectly.

45s come in a handnumbered edition of 500, each with its own custom cover and varying degrees of trash (one of which had a live worm).

The CD release also appears to be custom. An appropriated major label CD jewel case (and booklet) with a hand-labeled CD-R. Edition size on the CDs is currently unknown.

Make it, make it, don't fake it, indeed.

moving worm
BONUS! - Live Worm
Trash Humpers CD-R
Hand-Written CD-R
Trash Humpers A Side
45 A-Side
Trash Humpers  B Side
45 B-Side