Ah, the Complexities of Sex and the City 2

Posted by Miss Ess, June 2, 2010 03:58pm | Post a Comment

When I went to see Sex and the City 2 this weekend, as a fan of the series, I was expecting the film to be a fun romp, reuniting me with the Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, their significant gays and others, and including somewhere in there Samantha grotesquely throwing herself on some guy  -- and that's exactly what I got! Bad reviews, be damned -- I enjoyed the heck out of myself watching the ladies and their over the top travels in Abu Dhabi! Plus, the gay wedding just may have been the gayest thing I have ever seen, and I am a proud resident of the Castro!

This show, and thus its subsequent movies, was never gonna be Schindler's List, people! This is Sex and the City! There's not a lot of heavy hitting drama...more like heavy hitting shots of World Cup soccer players in tiny swimwear and heavy on the Manolos too, with maybe some fairly superficial questions about the nature of love and relationships tossed in between. I liken watching any SATC to reading a trashy magazine like Cosmo. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, a tad racy, and majorly frothy -- plus majorly fun to do once in a while for fairly mindless entertainment and a laugh!

The plot in SATC 2 is just as vapid as the show's were when it was on the air, except with the fabulosity factor upped: the women are sent on a sumptuous, all expenses paid vacation to Abu Dhabi and we are along for the twists and turns of the journey -- most of which involve masses of opulence, scantily clad men, gloriously impractical fashions, and gaping at burkas, with an ex fiance thrown in for good measure. SATC is nothing if not eye candy, and in that regard, the film delivered.

Sure, there were a few cringe worthy moments in the movie (I definitely never want to see the gals do karaoke ever again!) and I would say the writing is not as good as it could be, but overall I got what I paid for and I hope they make another SATC movie!

The show was always plainly superficial and glossy. Why expect anything more of the movie? I'm not saying SATC is great for women overall or that some of the messages in the show are not potentially damaging...I'm just saying, can we get out once in a while and have a little fun without everything having to be so serious and arty?! And am I that much in the minority when I say I can heartily agree with a review like this and yet still enjoy watching the film? Could women be -- gasp! -- so complex??

Furthermore, I honestly do really understand why some people find the show and its characters utterly annoying, but to those people I say: don't go see SATC 2! And if you liked the show, then what are you waiting for??

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