This Week At The New Bev: Francois Truffaut, Douglas Sirk, Alfred Hitchcock & More!

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This Week At The New Beverly

Our May / June schedule is available online:

Thursday May 6

A Kathryn Bigelow double feature

Actors Bill Paxton & Jenette Goldstein will appear IN PERSON, schedule permitting, to introduce Near Dark!

The Hurt Locker
2009, USA, 131 minutes
directed by Kathryn Bigelow, written by Mark Boal
starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty
7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Winner of 6 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay & Best Editing

The Hurt Locker is a near-perfect movie about men in war, men at work. Through sturdy imagery and violent action, it says that even Hell needs heroes. - Richard Corliss, Time

Overwhelmingly tense, overflowing with crackling verisimilitude, it's both the film about the war in Iraq that we've been waiting for and the kind of unqualified triumph that's been long expected from director Kathryn Bigelow. - Kenneth Turan, LA Times
- plus on the same bill -

Near Dark
1987, USA, 94 minutes
directed by Kathryn Bigelow, written by Kathryn Bigelow & Eric Red
starring Adrian Pasdar, Jenny Wright, Lance Henriksen, Bill Paxton, Jenette Goldstein, Tim Thomerson
10:00, Watch The Trailer!

Dark, bloody and very stylish, this genre-busting western-noir-vampire hybrid is a toothsome joy and definitely one of the best horror films of the 1980s. - Film 4

A subtle study in the seductiveness of evil and a terrifying ride to the edge of darkness. - Time Out

Friday & Saturday May 7 & 8

New 35mm prints of Francois Truffaut films!

Small Change
aka L'argent de poche
1976, France, 104 minutes
dir. François Truffaut, starring Georges Desmouceaux, Pascale Bruchon, Philippe Goldmann, Sebastien Marc, Eva Truffaut
Fri: 7:30; Sat: 3:00 & 7:30, Watch The Trailer!

4 Stars - one of the year's most intensely, warmly, human films.
- Roger Ebert

So suffused with the passion of youth that it is impossible to ignore. Truffaut understood the mechanics of childhood dreams & ambitions perhaps better than any other filmmaker - All Movie Guide

- plus on the same bill -

Mississippi Mermaid
aka La sirène du Mississipi
1969, France / Italy, 123 minutes
dir. François Truffaut, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo, Catherine Deneuve, Nelly Borgeaud, Martine Ferrière
Fri: 9:35; Sat: 5:05 & 9:35, Watch The Trailer!

The Mississippi Mermaid has the form of a preposterous romantic melodrama, but it is so full of lovely, complex things... that it defies easy definition and blithely triumphs over what initially appears to be structural schizophrenia. It is the creation of a superior moviemaker who works eccentrically in the classical tradition.
- Vincent Canby, New York Times

Saturday May 8

Horror Movie A Day &
New Beverly Midnights presents

Raw Meat
aka Death Line, 1972, UK, 87 minutes
dir. Gary Sherman, starring Donald Pleasence, Norman Rossington, David Ladd, Sharon Gurney, Christopher Lee
11:59pm, All Seats $7, Watch The Trailer!

An effectively creepy low-budget horror film made with heart and wit. - All Movie Guide

One of the great British horror films - Time Out Film Guide

Sunday, Monday & Tuesday May 9, 10 & 11

Douglas Sirk double feature

Imitation of Life
1959, USA, 125 minutes
dir. Douglas Sirk, starring Lana Turner, John Gavin, Sandra Dee, Susan Kohner, Robert Alda, Dan O'Herlihy, Juanita Moore
Sun: 6:00 only; Mon/Tue: 7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Best Supporting Actress Academy Award Nominations for Susan Kohner & Juanita Moore

Douglas Sirk's remake of Imitation of Life encases a potentially maudlin soaper in a flamboyant style that incisively critiques 1950s America even as it mercilessly wrings emotions. - All Movie Guide

- plus on the same bill -

There's Always Tomorrow
1956, USA, 84 minutes
dir. Douglas Sirk, starring Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Joan Bennett, William Reynolds, Pat Crowley
Sun: 8:25 only; Mon/Tue: 9:55, Watch The Trailer!

A brilliant example of [Sirk's] mastery of lacerating irony.
- Time Out Film Guide

Russell Metty's cinematography is still stunning, playing with shadows and light to marvelous effect and indulging Sirk's fondness for windows and doors. - All Movie Guide

Wednesday & Thursday May 12 & 13

Two Directed By Alfred Hitchcock

Rear Window
1954, USA, 112 minutes
dir. Alfred Hitchcock, starring James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Wendell Corey, Thelma Ritter, Raymond Burr
7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Director

Rear Window lovingly invests in suspense all through the film, banking it in our memory, so that when the final payoff arrives, the whole film has been the thriller equivalent of foreplay.- Roger Ebert

- plus on the same bill -

The Trouble With Harry
1955, USA, 99 minutes
dir. Alfred Hitchcock, starring Edmund Gwenn, John Forsythe, Mildred Natwick, Mildred Dunnock, Jerry Mathers, Royal Dano
9:45, Watch The Trailer!

Alfred Hitchcock rarely allowed his dry and barbed sense of humor to rise to the surface as fully as in The Trouble With Harry, one of his only real comedies, and a film that he often cited as a personal favorite. - All Movie Guide

The story's whimsical black-comedy elements are perfectly complemented by Bernard Herrmann's playful music score.
- Bosley Crowther, New York Times


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14&15: Jan Sterling in Ace in the Hole & The Harder They Fall
16&17: Alice in Wonderland (1933) & Treasure Island (1934)
18&19: Eric Rohmer's Pauline at the Beach & A Tale of Springtime
22: George Romero's Night of the Living Dead (1968)
23&24: Fantastic Mr. Fox & A Town Called Panic
28&29: Mystery Team & Ghost Busters
29: John Frankenheimer's 99 and 44/100% Dead
30,31 & June 1: Duck, You Sucker & Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia

2&3: Derek Jarman's Caravaggio & Wittgenstein
5: Jim Wynorski Triple Feature
6: Garbage Pail Kids Movie & Ghoulies II
8: Brian De Palma's Blow Out & Femme Fatale
11&12: Cries and Whispers & Interiors
16&17: Oldboy & Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
20&21: Point Blank & The Outfit
22&23: Bagdad Cafe & Gas, Food Lodging
27&28: Fidder on the Roof

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