New 12" Electronic releases at Amoeba LA - Marcel Dettman, Roman Flugel, Kate Simko, T++, Marek Hemmann & More

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Dettmann 3LP

This is the debut long-player by Berghain's resident DJ, producer and remixer Marcel Dettmann. Intrinsically tied to the myth that is Berghain by now, the attached label Ostgut Ton and at the same time with the regeneration of no-frills, cleansed and powerful electronic music, Marcel Dettmann managed a daring feat: the production of a truly absorbing and veritable techno album. Spread out over these tracks, Dettmann transports the raw energy, the rough aesthetics and the simple grace of techno. A Berliner-by-choice, the difficult format doesn't bog him down. Neither does he give in to exhausting finger exercises that try to supersede his learned trade, nor does he confront the listener with hasty or brutal tracks that would rather feel at home pressed on a 12" in a DJ-case. Tracks like "Reticle," "Drawing," "Captivate" or "Silex" seem like the convergence of his striking efforts and discography up until now. You get contemplative moments with almost-weightless layers of sound that get used like melodies or chords, rotating with condensed, intensified and sappy snatches. Rigour and austere beauty go hand-in-hand. Surprisingly enough, with a genre that is aware of its own history, Dettmann never falls prey to the dangerous and seductive nature of nostalgia. However, Dettmann sounds as fresh and self-contained as techno nowadays can be. And more so, it once and for all establishes its eponym as a genre mainstay. However described or classified, his music is a successful meditation about the art form we call techno.

Listen to "Captivate" here:

T ++
Wireless LP 
(Honest Jons)

Wireless is the last work Torsten Profrock produced as T++. Long ago snagged by the rhythmic innovations of the post‐jungle underground, Profrock makes explicit his debt to the radical fringe of UK garage. Snapping 2‐step rhythms are at the heart of these tracks; additionally, the release is shot through with the contorted samples of voice and ndingidi from a handful of old East African 78s. The result: a record that sounds both ancient and modern, possessing an almost occult power.

Listen to "Voices No Bodies" here:

Brian Le Bon/N.M.I.S.M.D. 12"
(Robert Johnson)

Live At Robert Johnson presents a 12" by Roman Flügel -- and what a bass-heavy beauty he created! "N.M.I.S.M.D." highlights his use of 808 electrical circuitry in combination with some eccentric vocal bits and irresistible grooves that make even strange bodies move. "Brian Le Bon" leaves such funky analogies behind and aims at the melancholic and epic side of things. This is what the Joy Division dance orchestra would have sounded like.


Remix EP featuring exclusive unreleased remixes from the "INSTITUTE OF JOY" CD on limited edition white vinyl. Tracklisting: "BONES" both TIME AND SPACE MACHINE and TIEDYE remixes, "AHEAD OF THE CURVE" RICHARD NIGHTSTALKER GATEAUX (aka NEIL DUNN) remix, and "HAIL PLEASURE" BAD PASSION remix.


(Peppermint Jam)

Finally the great HENRIK SCHWARZ remix of OMAR's "FEELING YOU" gets an official release! Also included on this bangin EP is "LAY IT DOWN" remixed by ANDRE LODEMANN, TRIAD takes a stab at "STYLIN," and SHOW B's acid mix of "YOUR MESS" finishes off this essential record.

Listen to Henrik Schwarz's remix of "Feeling You" here:



Chicago's KATE SIMKO, known for her work on SPECTRAL, drops LOST IN TIME. The title track shows the deep and intense side of her music. Dark grooves led by atmospheric pads, synths, & keys. On the flip is a DOP remix that's a bit more pop & "PASTIS" which is a more organic & analog rhythm Black Dog:

Listen to DOP's remix of "Lost in Time":


THE MISSING LINKX (SOULPHICTION & MK) bring their 2nd effort on PHILPOT! Three more live pieces -- the real deal, no edits, no polish, no boundaries. Includes the amazing tracks "GOT A MINUTE," "CAN'T U GET A GRIP!," and "HAD TOO MUCH TO DREAM LAST NIGHT." Really fresh colored vinyl release.

Left/Right EP 12"
(Freude am Tanzen)

On this 12" Marek Hemmann is the leader in producing; on point, at the center of the heart of the club. This time, he has marshaled foreign forces for both pieces. Fabian Reichelt intones with an airiness and soul and a guarded intensity on both sides. It is Hemmann's first real vocal record, which will, just as his own discography has already, enrich the dance floors and beyond. Yes to the voice, yes to fresh techno.

Listen to "Left" here:


THINGS FROM THE BASEMENT continues the ongoing STL project w/ remarkable tracks from beginning to end. Old school Chicago-style rawness w/ clear influences from current artists like JAMAL MOSS, THEO PARRISH, FLYLO, etc. The range of sounds on here are dope! Also includes an INTRUSION remix.

Listen to "Vintage Hunter" here:


A 14-minute epic track with ecstatic keyboards, melancholic strings & raw beats. Call it house, techno or what you want, this is an outstanding, soulful piece of music written by the electronic chameleon Ripperton. From analog to analog, dedicated to wax lovers. One-sided release.

BOO WILLIAMS - Residual EP 12" (Rush Hour)

JAHCOOZI - Barefoot Wanderer Remixes Part 1 12" (B-Pitch)

GLITTERBUG - Privilege 2LP (CSides)

TADEO - Series 02 12" (Cyclical)

VA - 2010 (2) 12" (Dial)

VA - 2010 (3) 12" (Dial)

SOLOMUN - Remix:Session 05 12" (Diynamic)

MAETRIK - So Real 12" (Dumb Unit)

SAN SEBASTIEN - Stellar Winds/Continental 12" (Echocord)

JAMIE LLOYD - Beware Of The Remixes 12" (FCL 041EP)

QUINCE - Noodles 12" (GR 010EP)

RICK WADE - The Craft User 12" (HP 013EP)

MIKAEL STRAVOSTRAND - How To Be 12" (Highgrade)

SNUFF CREW - More Fun 12" (GIGOLO 264EP)

HUNGRY GHOST - Illuminations 12" (International Feel)

DATENZAUBER - Speicher 66 12" (Kompakt)

DAEDELUS - Meanwhile... LP (Laboratory)

ANDRE GALLUZZI & DANA RUH - Freya/Mauersegler 12" (Ostgut)

BIRDS & SOULS - Birds & Souls 12" (Spectral)

PURSUIT GROOVES - Fox Trot Mannerisms 12" (Tectonic)

BADAWI/SHACKLETON - El Topo 12" (Index)

NEUROTIC DRUM BAND - Robotic Hypnotic Adventure Remixes 12”

TOKIMONSTA - Cosmic Intoxication 12" (Ramp)

MUDD & POLLARD - Vincent 12" (Claremont 56)

ANTON ZAP - I Get No Kick From...12" (Ethereal Sound)

GADI MIZRAHI - Joint Custody 12" (Double Standard)

I:CUBE - Falling EP 12" (Versatile)

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