(In which... cough, cough!... hack... uh, what's... where am I?)

Posted by Job O Brother, May 16, 2010 11:29am | Post a Comment

I found this piece of work on La Brea. Question is: what is "lovre"?
I mean, maybe this person could find what they're looking for if we only knew what lovre was...

Hi, everyone. I'm really sick. Like, I'm only 1/4 aware of the fact that I'm even sitting here typing. So no blog this week. That is, no blog that's going to amount to the kind of enlightenment-catalyzing ecstasy you’re all accustomed to.

What I have to offer is a glimpse of what I like to listen to when I my body is battling for its life. Go, body!

I’m going back to bed now. Writing this has been exhausting…