All About Evil Premiere is a Smashing Success!

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The Castro Theater premiere of Joshua Grannell (aka Peaches Christ)'s brand new film All About Evil was truly the all-out extravaganza of the year here in San Francisco! The 1400 seat historic Castro Theater sold out in record time, and the line was insane outside before the show -- all the way down Castro Street, down 17th Street, and curving around onto at least half of Hartford Street! The line was jammed full of Peaches Christ fans -- some in drag, some wearing wigs, some gothed up, all beside themselves with excited anticipation to feast their eyes upon Joshua's film, which is about a former librarian turned small theater owner whose mantra at ANY cost, even the lives of others in the name of entertainment, is "The show must go on!"

(photo by Jackie Jay)

Search lights added to the premiere ambiance as the crowd gathered and the huge "rush" line for those who did not already have tickets was stretching along Castro Street as well. Peaches Christ arrived, stepping onto the red carpet with her flawed sidekick Martiny and a host of actors from the movie, including Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Mink Stole and more! There were cameras everywhere, capturing the moment for an upcoming documentary of this world premiere event. I ran into the ever-amazing local legend Timmy Spence, who has a small role in the film as the principal of the high school, and he was beyond excited!

When we finally got inside the theater, there was a scramble for seats in the already packed house. Even the balcony was already very nearly full. It wasn't long before the lights went down and people's cheers and wild applause began. Peaches, glittering in a short number created by lovely Tria Connell, serenaded the crowd with a brand new song written by the fabulous Ric Ray (Hugz Bunny) and an assortment of scary ghouls dancing all around her! Check out the performance here:

Sometime San Francisco resident John Waters was in the house and when Peaches drew our attention to his presence, there was a HUGE standing round of applause. All About Evil is definitely right up John Waters' gross-out, hilarious, sly social commentary alley. Fans of Waters' films will also rightly adore it.

Speaking of Mr. Waters, next Peaches brought Miss Mink Stole onstage for a rousing duet rendition of "Female Trouble!" Mink and Peaches have been friends for years and it was so sweet to see them performing together at this special event. Mink plays Evelyn, an unusually loud librarian, in the film.

(all event photos by TZP unless otherwise specified)

One of the film's other stars, Thomas Dekker of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, who plays horror film obsessed Steven, had also prepared a song and performance for the evening! His Adam Lambert-esque number was fully realized with smoke machines, a long, dramatic black cape, wavering high notes and performances by more actors from the film, Ashley Fink (Lolita), Anthony Fitzgerald (Gene) and those evil twins, Jade and Nikita Ramsey (Veda and Vera)!

Finally, after a costume change into some seriously sparkly leggings, Peaches introduced us to "Deborah Tennis" (the film's main character), who came out to perform a flawless song with the "creepy twins" (actually two boys in drag) and creepier "Mr. Twigs!" (also someone in drag to look like the film character). You can watch the performance here:

After being bowled over by the pre-show entertainment, which perfectly set the over the top, creepily hilarious tone for All About Evil, it was on to the main event...the movie itself! The film was received with hoots and hollers, many gasps and even some OMGs! Joshua truly outdid himself in every way -- the movie is a crowd-pleaser on every level. If you missed this special world premiere, you can catch All About Evil perhaps in a town near you soon -- Joshua will be touring with the film, putting on special screenings across America! You can stay updated by signing up for Peaches' mailing list over on her website. The first date is in Austin, and AAE stars Mink Stole and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) will be there too! Also, here in San Francisco, the film will be coming back for an amazing run where it was actually filmed, and where many of its terrifying events take place -- at the Victoria Theater in the Mission October 21-24! It will be an interactive experience... and you may not come out alive! 

Read my recent interview with Joshua Grannell All About Evil right here!

(There was a Q&A as well after the film, but it was past 1am by then, so I had to duck out and go to sleep!)

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