Fresh Wall Of Soundtrack LP Collectibles At Amoeba LA

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, April 4, 2010 11:05am | Post a Comment
We've priced out a varied and deep batch of rare soundtrack LPs over the past few weeks -- from 80's classics like the Last American Virgin & Rad to Italian rarities by Morricone and Trovajoli. Throw in an original Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, horror rarities like Suspiria & Phantasm and an original Dolemite (with the sticker) and you can see just how cool of a collection we're offering!

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Andy Warhol (12), Ennio Morricone (13), Russ Meyer (3), Alex North (1), Jackie Mclean (1), Freddie Redd (1), Harley Hatcher (1), Air (7), U2 (12), George Romero (2), Armando Trovaioli (1), Miles Davis (29), Elevator To The Gallows (1), Art Blakey (2), Rudy Ray Moore (3), Vincent Gallo (3), Lp (15), Amoeba Hollywood (0)