New Electronic/House 12" at Amoeba LA - Till Von Sein, Tigerskin, Martin Buttrich, Cassy & more

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Sundowna 12"
Supplemental Facts

Presenting Till Von Sein's first EP on Supplement Facts. The Sundowna EP will defrost your minds and hearts with its warmth and soul. After the title track, Joeski provides a house-y retouch. And to complete the vinyl release, label hero Dyed Soundorom and Shonky bring more of a dancefloor-banging version.

Listen to "Sundowna" here:

Everybody Likes Ollie 12"

Tigerskin aka Alex Kruger presents one for Audiomatique which supports the techier, more intense end of his eclectic love of house and techno. "Everybody Likes Ollie" whirls and skips across a liquid platinum backdrop of silky-smooth grace and wonder. Part pumping house, part disco, part future-techno, it's a mind-blowing, anthemic track. "Carlswood" comes on strong like a techno classic with off-kilter FX, building slowly as momentous synths mark its incline -- a monster of the highest order.

Listen to "Everyone Likes Ollie" here:

Scratched Notes 12”

Persona label head Stewart Walker joins the Curle imprint in what is a solid release of subtle deep tech sounds. This release lives and breathes the deep melodic minimal sound Stewart Walker got known for and a great addition to the Curle family.

Listen to "Scratched Notes" here:

Crash Test 2x12"

This is the first full-length album on Desolat by renowned German composer and producer Martin Buttrich. Whether listened to while driving on the highway or on a massive speaker stack at next summer's festivals, one thing is for sure: Crash Test will splinter preconceptions. The album is a compilation of tracks, picked from among many works the artist has created over the last 15 months at his Hannover studio and various spaces and places worldwide. Each song pays testament to this Grammy-nominated artist's fluid approach to music composition -- an ability to converse with machines, and dive deep into the circuitry of a song. Buttrich has spent recent years developing a sound that appeals to both sides of the brain: having dropped records on labels such as Planet E, Four:Twenty, Cocoon, Poker Flat and Desolat that encompass the entire spectrum between dreaminess, intuition, warmth, melancholy, and highly-calibrated dancefloor precision. Meanwhile, his catalog stretches round some of the most influential dance tracks heard around the globe since 1992. Crash Test is a long-player, a four-to-the-floor album that can be listened to from start to finish; an organic sequence of shifting moods to sublimate existing minimal house or techno paradigms. The album is shaded with bass weight: a reflective, meandering interpretation of the grooves that have always inspired Buttrich: echoes of hip-hop, jazz, reggae and soul. Emotive tangents hover, punctuated with found sounds and textures recorded in public spaces. This album is intended as an expression of a certain time and space: a collection of tracks that could only have been woven together at this turbulent point in history. The album contains more acoustic and analog instruments than Martin Buttrich usually uses, and attempts to bridge a gap between imagined and audible worlds. A bridge from the cozy confines of a studio to the outer spaces, in which each tune is re-contextualized.

Listen to "Enough Love to Hate" here:

Listen to "I'm Going There One Day" here:

The Modern Deep Left Quartet 2x12" 
Wagon Repair

Canada's Cobblestone Jazz is back with a second powerhouse album that captures the group's live-in-the-studio energy like never before. A mixture of heady, jazz-inspired house grooves and below-the-belt analog funk, it raises the bar for electronic dance music in 2010. Titled The Modern Deep Left Quartet, the record marks an important addition to the Cobblestone Jazz line-up, as the trio of Mathew Jonson, Danuel Tate and Tyger Dhula bring aboard Colin de la Plante (aka The Mole). De la Plante is no newcomer to the Cobblestone crew: the four musicians have been playing together for nearly 15 years, since their first performances in small-town Victoria, British Columbia, and they've all shared the stage as the Modern Deep Left Quartet. (In 2005, they also recorded an EP for Wagon Repair.) Now, using that moniker as their new album title, the band officially anoints de la Plante a full-time member of the studio line-up. "Rehearse" and "record" actually mean virtually the same thing for Cobblestone Jazz: their method is spontaneous, in part because their gear requires it. There's no saving patches with analog machines like theirs... antiques like the TR-808, TR-909 and SH-101; newfangled head-scratchers like Cwejman and Doepfer modular synths; strange, custom-built doohickeys of uncertain purpose; and of course, Tate's trusty vocoder and Fender Rhodes. Tracks begin from scratch and develop across freeform jam sessions that often see day turning into night (and sometimes, back into day). The final mix is done in real-time, with three of the four musicians spread out across a semi-circle of machines, attacking all the buttons, knobs and faders they can handle, yelling out the changes, filtering and looping on the fly. At the same time, Tate lays down his Rhodes solos and accompaniments in one shot. Rather than making the music busier, the extra set of hands has finessed it even further. All the staples of the Cobblestone Jazz sound are there: subtly swinging machine beats, mind-bending arpeggios, Detroit-inspired chord progressions and, of course, powerful bass lines that roll like beads of quicksilver. But the sound of The Modern Deep Left Quartet is unusually fluid, open and nuanced. In marked contrast to today's hyper-compressed, digitalist dance music, this is a sound that breathes like no other. The more deeply you listen, the more hidden details you'll hear.

Listen to "Sun Child" here:

Let's Go To Heaven 12"

Wurst kicks things off for 2010 with a seriously heady jam for those late night/early morning affairs in what I think is one of Reade’s best works to date. Brennan Green of Balihu fame steps in for remix duties. Hot!

Listen to "Let's Go to New York Instead" here:


Cassy 3 12"

This is the first single off of Cassy's third record, released on her label, where she concentrates on simple sound and voice experiments. Both tracks are very characteristic of her sound, with vocals and 808s on each. "Endless Endeavour" is a "love song" whereas "Ava" could be perceived as an anti-love song.

Prins Thomas 2LP
Full Pupp

This is the first solo full-length release by Norwegian disco superstar, Prins Thomas. This album showcases Thomas' myriad musical gifts over seven sprawling, ever-evolving, head-nodding, navel-gazing, body-moving, mind-mushing tracks, perfectly assembled for an hour-long trip, almost all of it played by the man himself. Guests such as Lindstrøm lend keyboards to "Wendy Not Walter" and in conjunction with Todd Terje (on trumpet), a funky bit of clavinet on "Sauerkraut." From the shimmering, Neu!-like guitar lines of opener "Ørkenvandring," you're in for a kosmiche treat. Hand-claps and a battery of percussion propel "Uggebugg" right into the groovy synth-slithers of "Slangemusikk," which fittingly translates as "snake music." More double-digit delights lie just beyond the opening tracks (including a shout-out to the mighty Wendy Carlos), but why ruin the funky and sumptuous space party that awaits your head with so many words...

Listen to "Wendy Not Walter" here:

Mind Games (Feat. Ilija Rudman) 12"

Taken from their GOLD + GREEN album, this "dubby, swingy, electronic funk" single features ILIJA RUDMAN on vocals along with remixes from SAM, SAMOYED, and DC RECORDINGS' EMPEROR MACHINE ("his analog synth collection..taking proceedings in a burbling dub direction").

Listen to "Mind Games" here:

TRENTEMØLLER - Sycamore Feeling 12" (IMR 001EP)

DONNACHA COSTELLO - Before We Say Goodbye EP 12" (PFR 025LP)

ROB MELLO - Does It Feel Good Baby 12" (CRM 059EP)


Nick Chacona - THE WAIT 12" MOOD084

Mod.civil - OP.CIT 12" ORN013

Greg Wilson - RUFF EDITS 4 12" RUFFED04

Electric Jones - RE-RUBS 03 12" HNRBS03

Skream - PASS THE RED STRIPE 12" SJR16912

Trickski - THE WARM UP EP 12" DOG09


Marcello Napoletano - FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY MIND 12" YRE023

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