April Shower Soundtracks: Hollywood's Featured Goth / Industrial etc. Releases

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Gitane Demone, Christian Death, Crystelles 
California, for all its famed sunshine, has historically fostered some pretty dark and cloudy musical ventures. From the original Christian Death and Von on to The Vanishing and Leviathan, this state has produced some of the greatest and most well-known Dark musical acts. That tradition strongly continues today, as all four of our featured releases this month are from quite excellent, decidedly shaded, California-based artists. The Crystelles' Attach and Detach is a wonderfully raw, gothy & garagey blues LP featuring the wildly soulful wail and musings of former Christian Death member Gitane DeMone. The Los Angeles-based band’s lineup also features Demone’s daughter (who is also a reknowned and quite amazing surrealistic painter), Zara Kand, on drums. The vinyl-only release is composed of 12 dirty and volatile tracks that Gitane herself calls ‘Death Blues’ and also includes a gorgeous 28 page Lyric & Art book. This is an essential release and is stacking up already to be one of our favorite releases this year.
Frank Alpine, Xeno Oaklander, Dais Records, Synthpop
Another current “local to L.A.” favorite of ours is Minimal-Synth project Frank Alpine. Alpine released a 7” this past year via the always superb Dais Records entitled Night Tripper, and also just self-released a CD version of the previously cassette-only release Keyboard Cassette. Frank Alpine’s mastermind is former New Collapse drummer Rich Bitch, however Alpine’s cold atmospheres are far-removed from his former band’s spastic synth-freakouts. Tracks vary from spare, chilling ambience to full-on John Carpenter-worship (like B-side “Another Land”). Both Night Tripper and Keyboard Cassette are only available in limited quantities, so don’t slack!

The Bay Area’s Worm Ouroboros features Amber Asylum, The Gault and World
ateralums and its self-titled debut CD (via Profound Lore) mixes Doomy riffing, Dark Ambient, and ethereal Folk harmonies fluidly into a dazzling and crystalline pool of sound. The album also features beautiful Digipak and booklet art by bassist/vocalist Lorraine Rath, revealing her to be an equally soul-stirring visual artist and vocalist. The only thing that isn’t perfect about this release is that it is not available on vinyl. Please get with it, Profound Lore!

Back to L.A. on our final featured release, the darkly experimental and always excellent Habitat is already on their third release in less than a year! The new CD, You Can’t Argue With Nature, is their first release to prominently feature vocals. Their two previous releases – the extremely limited Habitat and Code Gray -- were largely ambient and nebulous; however YCAWN is a structured song-cycle of eccentric, apocalyptic pop with a sly sense of humor occasionally peeking through.

So stop in the L.A. store’s Goth/Industrial section for all the above releases and more. The forecast is for rain this weekend and these are the perfect soundtracks for the grey weather and April showers! How’s that saying go? “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain?”

Goth/Industrial Best Sellers April 2010

1. Various Artists  Minimal Wave Tapes, Volume 1
2. Suicide Commando  Implements of Hell
3. Various Artists  Electronic Saviours
4. Xeno & Oaklander Sentinille
5. De/Vision  Popgefahr
6. Habitat Code Gray
7. Florence Foster Fan Club  Everyday Theatre
8. Sixx Sister Devil
9. Cold Cave  Creamations
10. Cold Cave  Love Comes Close

New Releases, In Next Week

Sehnsucht Wüste  [Cold Spring]
Former Mayhem front man Maniac, whose band Skitliv has proved to be a surprising departure from the Black Metal genre for which he was best known for over 20 years, has formed a side-project with fiancée Vivian Slaughter, bass player/vocalist with the Japanese all-girl band Gallhammer, Skitliv's guitarist Ingvar Magnusson and experimentalist Andrew Liles (Nurse with Wound). Sehnsucht creates great waves for the noise / darkwave / ambient genre, with any vestiges of Skitliv’s Black Metal pared away.

Various Artists With Friends Like These  [Tursa]
A double CD compilation from Tony Wakeford’s Tursa label featuring great tracks from Albireon, Alex Monk, Amber Asylum, Andrew King, Arcana, Art Immunda, Autumn Grieve, Brown Sierra, Christy & Emily, Cutty Sark, Eva Eden, Gargemella, Golgatha, Gregorio Bardini, Guy Harries, Heidika, Hekate, Hide & Seek, Hong Kong In The 60s, Human Greed, Man Eat Man Eat Man, Mercy Liao, Naevus, Orchestra Noir, Pilori, (r), Richard Moult, Rose Rovine E Amanti, Seventh Harmonic, Shining Vril, Sieben, Sonver, Susan Matthews, That Summer, The Hare & The Moon, Tony Wakeford, Tor Lundvall, Vega, Vultures and While Angels Watch.

Tor Lundvall Ghost Years (Compilation) [Tursa]
“Ghost Years” is Tor Lundvall’s first retrospective CD, featuring tracks from various compilations, vinyl-only releases plus some unreleased material. Focusing on his more structured ambient pieces and vocal work, Ghost Years is an excellent follow up to last year’s Sleeping and Hiding, one of our favorite dark releases from 2009.

Current 93 / Skitliv  Bloodletting (Picture Disc) [Cold Spring]
Amazing Limited edition split 10" Picture disc from SKITLIV (Maniac , formerly of Mayhem) and Current 93 featuring disc art by David Tibet. Ltd x 777 copies. No repress.

Coming Soon…

Thomas Nola et Son Orchestre Très Pathétique  [Disques de Lapin]
New release from Thomas Nola featuring rich and moody tracks with a French bent. Très Pathétique comes in a handmade sleeve with lyrics booklet. Each sleeve is made from Indian recycled cotton rag paper with random multi-colored swirls, making each sleeve unique. Bring it to the dancefloor or the funeral parlor.

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