The 12 Days of Coachella: 6 San Franciscans

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"One man's attempt to dissect the method to 3 days of madness in the desert"
  - By Scott Butterworth

On the 3rd weekend of April my Coachella will give to me.....
12 DJ's DJing.....11 Angelenos....10 Duos Duet-ing....9 Debut Albums....8 Don't I Know You From Somewhere?.....7 Artists Reuniting....

....and 6 San Franciscans:  

Faith No More
Sly & The Family Stone
Les Claypool
Street Sweeper Social Club

Coachella line up San Franciscans

Both coasts of the United States are indented with bodies of water larger than a cove, and smaller than a gulf. Still, when someone refers to "The Bay," it only means one thing....San Francisco -- more specifically the San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area is the birth place of these six artists, who represent diverse communities and "scenes" far and wide throughout the Bay Area. But more importantly, they have all been a very influential part of San Francisco's internationally respected music scene, past and present, and have been ingrained in our popular culture along the way. If you're not in love with San Francisco...first off, what's wrong with you!?!....and second, after watching these videos, you'll fall in love in no time.

San Francisco

Artist Spotlights:


"Lust For Life" from the album Album (2009):

Sly & the Family Stone:

"Luv 'N Haight" from the album There's A Riot Goin' On (1971):


Live at Electric Daisy Carnival 2009, Los Angeles:

Les Claypool:

"Boonville Stomp" from the album Of Fungi and Foe (2009):

Street Sweeper Social Club:

"100 Little Curses" from the album Street Sweeper Social Club (2009):

Faith No More:

"Midlife Crisis" from the album Angel Dust (1992):

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