Retro World Music Vinyl Releases For 2010

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It's great to see so many people buying World Music vinyl. Our World Music LP section went from a little portion at the end of the section to an afterthought at the end of Rock Vinyl, and now has its own row at the beginning of the World Music section. Not only can you get many of our new releases on vinyl, but you can also snatch up plenty of used gems, vinyl only releases and many items that were never issued on CD. Of the Top 40 World Music sellers in February, several were vinyl releases. 
Here are some of our latest releases that you may want to check out for yourself. Everything from World Psychedelic to Afrobeat to French Crooners and Afro-Colombian jams...

V/A-Black Man’s Cry
This is a 4X10 inch collection of Fela Kuti cover songs from Caribbean, American, African and Colombian artists. Check out Cumbia Moderna De Soledad's version of "Shacalao" It's way too hot!

V/A- ATENSHION! - Varefleshion 1967-1976
Spanish Psyche, only 500 made! Some garage and some post-Santana jams, all solid.

Las Grecas-Gypsy Rock
Proto Gypsy/Psyche rock band from early 70’s. A must have!

V/A- Nigeria Special Vol 2 -- Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds, & Nigerial Blues 1970 to 1976
A 3-LP set that contains three more songs than the CD version. A mixed bag of Nigerian sounds from the 70's.

V/A-Nigeria Afrobeat Special-The New Explosive Sound in 1970s Nigeria
Also a 3-LP set which has five more tracks than the CD version. Hot Afrobeat from the country that originated it.

V/A-Diggin' Down Argentina
Argentina is known all over Latin America for producing the best rock music. This collection of little known garage rock gems from the late 60's/early 70's would have even the biggest Argentine Rock fan scratching their heads trying to figure out who these artists are. Severe deep cuts on one LP.

V/A-Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas-Tropicalista Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967 to 1976
Lot of fuzz of Psyche. The Tropicalia movement makes me think of Hippies smoking pot on the beach. This album makes me think of dirty hippies doing speed and acid in a sweaty bar somewhere in Rio De Janeiro. Dirty and grimy guitar based jams! 

Serge Gainsbourg-Vol 2 -- 7 EP Box Set 1963 to 1968 (7 x 7 inch set)
If you are a Serge geek, you need to get this! Includes "Bonnie And Clyde,"  "Comic Strip" and "Bubble Gum" (with Brigitte Bardot), "Marilu" and other pre-Melody Nelson gems.

V/A- Thai Beat A Go Go Vol 2-Groovy 60's Sounds From The Land of Smiles
V/A-Thai Beat A Go Go Vol 1-Wild Rockin' 60's Sounds From The Land Of Smiles
Both LPs are chock full of kitchy pop, boogaloo, funk and rock done by Thai bands during the 60's. Limited edition, as all Subliminal Frequencies releases are.

Coming soon:

V/A- Si Para Usted The Funky Beats Of Revolutionary Cuba  Vol. 1 & 2
Classic Cuban musicians that went experimental and funky during the late sixties/early 70’s.

V/A- Afrosound Of Colombia
This is Vampisoul's attempt at the Discos Fuentes catalog and it's the hottest yet! Do not sleep on this one, it's going to be a burner! This comp is less Cumbia and more Afro-Colombian. My personal favorite track is "Cumbia De Sal" done by Cumbia En Moog...that's right, a Moog Cumbia track from's too much!

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