Four Latin Rock Releases For March 2010

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Julieta Venegas
-Otra Cosa

For someone as hugely popular as Julieta Venegas is, I find it takes her fans a good couple of weeks to discover that she has a new album out. The album artwork and the first video look like they came from the British Psychedelic Folk movement of the late sixties. No worries though, Julieta remains on Planet Julieta and there is no one who can do it better than her. So women and Indie-nerd boys rejoice, the new album is here!

Julieta Venegas - "Buen o Mal"

- Las Consecuencias

The former (and maybe still current) member of Heroes Del Silencio latest’s album is somewhat of a departure from the 2006’s guitar driven Hellville En Deluxe, which only available as an import in the U.S. The song “Frente A Frente” is a cover song of Spanish singer Jeanette, done slightly darker. What is cool about this song is that it includes the vocals of Miren Iza from the group,Tulsa. Her vocals mixed with Enrique Bunbury's give the song a Serge Gainsberg/Jane Birkin feel.

Bunbury - "Frente A Frente"

Jorge Drexler
-Amar La Trama

My all-time favorite Oscar moment is when Uraguyan legend Jorge Drexler won the Oscar for Best Song in 2004 for the song, "Al Otro Lado Del Río" from The Motorcycle Diaries. The unknown Drexler was not allowed to perform his own song; rather, Antonio Banderas and Carlos Santana performed a rather gaudy version of the song. I remember thinking at the time, if they could let an relativity unknown (at the time) Elliott Smith perform "Miss Misery" back in 1998, then why not Drexler? When Drexler won, his acceptance speech was him singing the song acapella. It was probably the nicest fuck you Hollywood ever got.

Jorge Drexler - "Tres Mil Millones De Latidos"

Maldita Vecindad
-Circular Colectivo

It’s hard to believe this is Maldita’s first CD in twelve years. I think I have seen them at least once a year since then. They are one of the best live bands that I have seen. The last time I saw them they tore it up opening for Alejandra Guzman. Aterciopelados and Calle 13 also played that show. I would have hated to be Guzman that night! I can see their blend of Ska, Rock, Highlife and Middle Eastern music not being for everyone, especially those who do not understand the lyrics. I have to admit -- the first time I heard them I wasn’t impressed until I saw them live. Circular Colectivo is their most cohesive release since Circo, which of course, is their classic.

Maldita Vecindad - "Y Asi Seguir"

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