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Acco + Top Bill
Love is......well, love is many, many things, including, of course, the inspiration for innumerable songs. But perhaps the highest form of love is to make a record for the one you love as a token of your eternal commitment. Amoeblog reader and sometime contributor Acco, who lives in Japan and did the five part Graffiti in Yokohama Amoeblog series, did this when she got married to Top Bill some months back. For their wedding ceremony they had a special hip-hop song recorded and pressed up on 7" vinyl and nicely packaged to give away to guests at their wedding party.

The track, "Coupling Song," was produced by Top Bill, a Japanese hip-hop DJ/producer who lived for a short time in the Bay Area, with vocals by SoCal based Japanese transplant, producer/emcee Shing02, and with the song's hook sung by Emi Meyer. The design for the seven inch record and its packaging was all done by Acco, who told me that the idea for the record ties in with a Japanese tradition called Baumkuchen. "In the Japanese custom, we give Baumkuchen as gift at a marriage party. The Baumkuchen look similar to the rings of a tree. This mean a happiness to eternally." she said. "When I was a child, my mother told me that  'An old vinyl grow into Baumkuchen, it's very delicious.'" As pictured above, at the couple's wedding reception last October they played the "Coupling Song" single, which includes such romantic record-themed lyrics as "Every B needs an A, every B needs an A. Will you be my A? And I can be your B?" The full lyrics for this song appear below along with the audio for the vocal version. They pressed up 300 copies of the record (which has an instrumental version on side B) and saved some copies to give away but never sell.

“Coupling Song”
Producer: DJ Top Bill
Vocals: Shing02 & Emi Meyer
Artwork: Accompanistacco
©2009 A&B Family

I'm a lone single playing my own tune
been around the block on airwaves, got my own groove
harmonies to soothe the mind like soul food
call me a butterfly, so easy to move
then an unseen hand selects you to be on a record
a fate that effects you, infinite reverb
no time to rewind
this is real kid, need I remind?
oh but the whole nine not knowing who you're coupled with
the last one, fourth down and inches
etched on a lacquer, stamped on a master
pressed on a white label, the turntable
seal is broken, placed on a platter
the needle drops, face against a slip mat
static precedes the most gorgeous track
could it be forever we're back to back

in the groove of my palm
the other side of a coin
like the shape of a bird
in the winds of the sea
here you were all along
in the breath of my song
now let us fill our lungs
and clear our ears
forget the wait it was worth the years
'cause every A needs a B
every B needs an A
every A needs a B
every B needs an A
will you be my A?
and can I be your B?

happy together...
side A...
side B...
side by side...

Acco + Top Bill

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