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Unlike the most recent World Series, which showcased hip-hop music when Jay-Z (along with Alicia Keys) performed, today's big Super Bowl XLIV halftime show will feature rock n roll with The Who performing live. Reportedly their set should include the songs "Baba O'Riley," "Pinball Wizard," "Tommy, 'Can You Hear Me?'," "Who Are You," and "Won't Get Fooled Again." But rock music at a Super Bowl halftime show is nothing new; it almost always tends to be rock or pop music, along with university marching bands. Recent years have included Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and U2. But Prince, James Brown, and, of Nascourse, Janet Jackson have also performed over the years. Some hip-hop or rap flavored halftime performers that have represented include Queen Latifah in 1998, Nelly in 2001, and again in 2004, along with P.Diddy and Kid Rock when they were on the small stage; that same halftime was when Justin Timberlake was on the main stage with Janet Jackson during her much talked about and controversial "wardrobe malfunction."

Come think of it, the perfect song for a halftime performance would be Nas doing his great 1992 debut single "Halftime"...  but that's probably not gonna happen. However, you might hear his music, or other true hip-hop artists in a Super Bowl ad. One thing that is guaranteed is that there is always hip-hop popping up in the much hyped & mega costly TV commercials that premiere during the Super Bowl. Last year during a Bud Light Lemon ad the music of indie Oakland hip-hop crew The Baby Boy Da PrinceHigh Decibels ("That Dude") was exposed to millions of new ears. And odds are there will be hip-hop in the slew of brand new commercials being unveiled during today's big game in Miami. There is also a lot of pre game hip-hop surrounding the Super Bowl. In fact, for yesterday's scheduled Miami Big Game Extravaganza, Lil Wayne along with Sean Kingston and Trey Songz were all supposed to be performing as a warm up, but the show, all set to take place at Jungle Island, was canceled at the last minute due to some contractual dispute.

In the meantime I have rounded up a selection (out of many out there) of specific Super Bowl XLIV themed rap songs made by both Colts and Saints fanatics. The videos below, which feature lots of football footage, include the songs "Who Dat" (the Saints' rap-ready catchphrase) by Baby Boy Da Prince, which is a 2010 Super Bowl remake of the song that was so hot a couple years ago, updated with the new Saints players' names now in place. Also below is K Gates' "Black & Gold (Who Dat)" and Colts fans the Mudkids ("Do It Again (Go Colts '10)") and Living Proof with ["Scream Ya Necks Off (Go Horse)"]. Go Colts! Go Saints! Go hip-hop! And may the best team win today.

Living Proof "Scream Ya Necks Off (Go Horse)"

K Gates "Black & Gold (Who Dat)"

Mudkids "Do It Again (Go Colts '10""

Baby Boy Da Prince "Who Dat"

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