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Black Moon
The following Top 30 Hip-Hop Singles chart from February/March 1993, which was originally compiled and published by long defunct East Coast hip-hop zine One Nut Network, was put together based on rap singles' airplay on both college hip-hop radio shows and commercial radio mix shows at the time. The time was early 1993, considered by most as the tail end of hip-hop's much celebrated and oft lamented so-called "golden age" or "golden era," when, it seemed, every new hip-hop release was a noteworthy (and worth owning) release. And while that belief may not be 100% correct, it is, as the following chart indicates, pretty darn close to the truth.

By just eye-balling the 30 singles on the Feb/March 1993 chart below, many of which, including Black Moon, Dr Dre, Young Black Teenagers, and Ice Cube, got released towards the end of 1992 but still had airplay into the first quarter of 1993, you can tell a lot about the status of hip-hop at the time and where it stood in its historical development. For example, many of the acts most associated with the aforementioned "golden age" of hip-hop were represented here, including Kool G Rap ("Ill Street Blues"), Gang Starr ["Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)"], Brand Nubian ("Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down"), Diamond D ("Sally Got A One Track Mind"), Naughty By Nature ("Hip Hop Hooray"), and Lords of the Underground ("Funky Child") -- each of which happened to be East Coast (NY or NJ) acts.

But this was also a time when both the golden age was about to come to a halt and when New York centric hip-hop, after years of ruling the music scene, was already losing its dominance on the hip-hop world. This chart clearly demonstrates this, with such non East Coast rap acts as Ya' All So Stupid ("85 South" on Rowdy Records) from Atlanta (years before it became a certified music hotbed), Texas' Geto Boys ("Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta"), and of course, the numerous West Coast hip-hop acts, including Ice Cube, Pharcyde, Da Lench Mob, Paris, King Tee, Funkdoobiest, and of course, Dr Dre, whose single "Nuthin But A G Thing" was number one on this chart. That single, featuring Snoop Doggy Dogg, would be just the first of a slew of hit singles off the former NWA artist's album The Chronic -- an album whose phenomenal success could almost single-handedly be credited (blamed?) for the shift in popularity from the more positive, uplifting school of hip-hop to gangsta rap.
Digable Planets
The chart also includes the post 3rd Bass release by (Prime Minister) Pete Nice & Daddy Rich, "Rat Bastard," which was rumored to have been a direct diss of their former crew mate MC Serch. And speaking of white rappers, at a time when white hip-hop emcees were not as commonplace as today, the ironically named all white crew Young Black Teenagers (aka YBT, featuring later MTV star DJ Skribble) had the short-lived group's only hit single, "Tap The Bottle," on the chart.

Another (and much larger scale) hit was Digable Planets' "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)," the lead single off their debut album Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space), which would later go on to become a huge crossover hit and earn the group, who had broken up by 1995, a Grammy. 


1) Dr Dre "Nuthin But A 'G' Thang" (Death Row/Interscope)

2) Black Moon "Who's Got The Props" (Nervous)

3) Digable Planets "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" (Pendelum/Elektra)

4) Onyx "Throw Ya Gunz" (JML/RAL)

5) Brand Nubian "Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down" (Elektra)

6) Naughty By Nature "Hip Hop Hooray" (Tommy Boy)

7) Heavy D "Who's The Man" (Uptown)

8) Paris "Days of Old" (Scarface)

9) Redman "Time 4 Some" (Def Jam)

10) Lords of the Underground "Funky Child" (Pendulum)

11) Apache "Gangsta Bitch" (Tommy Boy)

12) Da Lench Mob "Freedom got an AK" (East West)

13) Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics "Sally's Got A One Track Mind" (Mercury)

14) Kool G Rap & DJ Polo "Ill Street Blues" (Cold Chillin')

Ice Cube15) Young Black Teenagers "Tap The Bottle" (MCA)

16) Da King & I "Flip Da Script" (Rowdy)

17) Heather B "I Get Wreck" (Elektra)

18) Ice Cube "It was a Good Day" (Priority)

19) King Tee "I Got It Bad" (Capitol)

20) Madkap "The Whole Kit & Kaboodle" (Loud)

21) Gang Starr "Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)" (Chrysalis)

22) Pharcyde "Ya Mama" (Delicious Vinyl)

23) Kurious "Walk Like A Duck" (Columbia)

24) Ya'll So Stupid "85 South" (Rowdy)

25) Geto Boys "Damn it feels good to be a ganster" (Rap-A-Lot)

26) C.E.B. "Get The Point" (Ruffhouse)

27) Chubb Rock "Yabada...." (Select)

28) Double XX Posse "Not Gonna Be Able To.." (Big Beat)

29) Funkdoobiest "The Funkiest" (Immortal)

30) Pete Nice & Daddy Rich "Rat Bastard" (Def Jam) 

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