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Luis at Amoeba Music San Francisco with HIp-Hop Top Ten

Amoeba Music San Francisco Weekly Hip-Hop Top Five Chart: 1:18:09

J. Stalin

1) J-Stalin Prenuptial Agreement (Town Thizzness/SMC/Fontana)

2) Blockhead The Music Scene (Ninja Tune)

3) The Grouch Three Eyes Off the Time (Legendary Music)

4) Slum Village Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 1 (Barak Records)

5) BlakRoc Blakroc (V2/Cooperative)

6) DJ Drez Jahta Beat: A Path To Light (S.I.L. Music)

7) Snoop Dogg Malice N Wonderland (Priority)

8) The Clipse Til The Casket Drops (SONY)

 9) Souls Of Mischief Montezuma's Revenge (Clear)
10) Edan Echo Party (Traffic)

Luis' underground release of the week: 
Ya Boy Mohawks & Heavy Metal (self-released CD)

Special thanks to Luis at Amoeba Music San Francisco for this week's Hip-Hop Top Ten chart in both text and video versions (above). He also gives his "underground release of the week" pick, the mixtape CD Mohawks & Heavy Metal from San Francisco native Ya Boy, whose latest is the artist's 13th release (including mixtapes and official albums) since 2004. Coming next, sometime this Spring, from this rapper (born William Joseph Crawford, cousin to both San Quinn and Messy Marv), will be the mixtape CD The Fix 2. And speaking of prolific Bay Area hip-hop artists, West Oakland rapper J. Stalin is this week's number one with Prenuptial Agreement. The artist can count this latest as his 14th release (including mixtapes and official albums) since 2006. Some months ago as a tease/taste of the new official album, he released the mixtape CD Prenup: The Leak, which helped propel this official album on Town Thizzness Entertainment (a sub-division of the late great Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment) via SMC/Fontana to number one this week. Below in the series of videos (many slide shows or stills with music) is a sample from the new album -- the song "Self Made Millionaire" that features L'Jay, Lil Retro, and Lil Blood.

The latest Ninja Tune release from super talented producer Blockhead, The Music Scene, fits Into the instrumental hip-hop school of music (used to be labeled "trip-hop"). The album finds the Brooklyn based producer (known for both his solo work and his studio work with such Def Jux artists as Aesop Rock and Cage, as well as his recommended blog The Full Clip: Sweeping Generalizations with Blockhead) subtly melding all types of sounds from Eastern to Celtic into his chill out hip-hop beats. Best tracks include "Only Sequences Change," "It's Raining Clouds," "Pity Party," and "Hell Camp." In a similar vein, although even more mellow, is the yoga-ready recommended new release from DJ Drez Jahta Beat: A Path To Light, which is accurately billed as an "exploration though hip-hop and down-tempo with a focus on vibrations from India." To hear samples of this and all of the releases on the new Amoeba Hip-Hop Top Ten, scroll down to the videos below.

RIP to Jay Reatard, Teddy Pendergrass, and all the other artists who have already died in 2010, just two weeks into the new year. Also special prayers go out to those in Haiti whose lives have been destroyed by the devastating earthquake this week.

  #1 J.Stalin "Self Made Millionaire" (ft. L'Jay, Lil Retro + Lil Blood) (2010)

                                                    #2 Blockhead "The Music Scene" (2010)

                                #3 The Grouch Three Eyes Off The Time Web Promo (2009)

#4 Slum Village Fan-Tas-Tic Vol 1 (2006, 2010 reissue)

#5 BlakRoc "Hoochie Coo (Ain't Nothing Like You)" - live on Letterman (2009)

#6 Dj Drez- "Jahta Beat"- A Path To Light (2010)

#7 Snoop Dogg "Gangsta Luv" (feat. The Dream) (2009)

#8 The Clipse "I'm Good" (feat. Rick Ross) (2009)

#9 Souls of Mischief "Tour Stories" (2009)

#10 Edan Echo Party snippet (2009)