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Here's a batch of covers from the alternate universe of import bootleg LPs. Most of these are Korean boots that servicemen would bring back from tours of duty during the Vietnam War era. Growing up in such a huge Navy town, many of my friends' fathers and uncles had these peppered throughout their collections. Occasionally referred to as kimchi pressings, these LPs feature covers that are thin paper covered in plastic, though not to be confused with legitimate South American pressings that also feature this cover design. The bootlegs often feature lovely looking colored vinyl that is notorious for its poor sound quality. However, most feature alternate artwork and there's a small but fervent collectors market for big bands like the Beatles and Stones.

I've included a few of these Life Records LPs, as I've never noticed them before. They seem to be a little later, mostly late 70's titles, and some have had the artwork enhanced by hand. Check out the Smokie LP for a good example. Anyhow, I'm not sure what country or region these are from but they make the other records in this gallery look like expensive audiophile issues.

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