Best East Bay Live Shows of 2009!

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Our own Grace, from the Berkeley store's marketing department, compiled a list from all the Berkeley store employees of their top shows of 2009! Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Sleeptalks, Fleabag, Sourpatch, The Super Cutes, and MakeMe @ The Ghost Town Gallery in Oakland

Super Cutes

This warehouse show had the some of the best bands in the Bay Area's post-riot-grrrl scene.

2. Green Day's secret shows @ The Fox Theater and Uptown Nightclub in Oakland

green day

A month before Green Day released their latest record, 21st Century Breakdown, the local heroes played a slew of secret shows all around the Bay Area. Performing the new album in its entirety, plus a 45 minute long encore of greatest hits, the two most raucous shows happened in the East Bay at the newly reopened Fox Theater and the following night at the relatively tiny Uptown Nightclub.

3. Mika Miko, Audacity, Street Eaters @ 924 Gilman - August 18

mika miko

4. Rob & Bonnie's WEDDING! – The Blowtops (Buffalo, NY) & The Hospitals (SF) w/DJ Tim Hayes (Fallout Records, Seattle) @ The Stork Club 

the hospitals
The Hospitals

"Happened to be the 2nd to last shows for both bands. My mother danced with a unicorn. I sang Killdozer’s “King of Sex.” Happy. Wastered." - Rob Fletcher

5. Hex Dispensers (Austin, TX) & The Primitivas (Bay Area) @ The Stork Club


Catchy and bearded downer-pop met up with some primo-scree gal garage & feedback. Red Devil Records' birthday party and NW folk reunion! Just like being at Gibson House, 1998…sigh.

6. Terry Riley @ The Berkeley Art Museum - Nov. 6

terry riley

7. Ghoul, Brainoil, Cannabis Corpse, Population Reduction & Ramming Speed @ The Oakland Metro Opera House - Friday, October 30


8. Leonard Cohen @ The Paramount Theater Oakland - April 13

9. Bob Dylan @ The Greek Theater, Berkeley - October 11

bob dylan

10. Eldopa, Christ on Parade, Acephalix, Streetwalker, War Trash @ 924 Gilman - November 14


Eldopa's second to last show!

11. Bastard Noise @ 924 Gilman - February 1

12. Ramblin' Jack Elliot @ The Freight & Salvage Coffee House - August 29

ramblin jack elliot

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