Holiday Box Sets Galore!

Posted by Amoebite, December 16, 2009 02:00pm | Post a Comment
We’ve been having a lot of fun “holiday shopping” at Amoeba HollywooBox Setsd lately. But instead of standing pat with standard box-sets and collections, we’ve been imagining what we’d want as a collection, using a broader parallel of titles and themes, and, well, we started putting together our own fun Gift Boxes!

These aren’t your average ordinary “best of...” sets or, you know, “the complete series”, these are the box sets we wish people made. Sets like our ZOMBIES! DVD Pack, which gleefully includes not only Dawn of the Dead, but also Shaun of the Dead (plus 28 Days Later and Zombie! the movie), all packaged up nicely in a little “to go”-style box for only $30 (everything is hand-picked from our awesome used selection to keep the budgets down).

We also made up some Blu-ray Starter Kits with horror classics, football films, Stanley Kubrick, Brad Pitt and more, for all those folks who got a Blu-ray player last year (or have one under the tree this year!), to kick-start their collection. At only $50, these thematic sets are a total steal. We have music packs—World, Jazz, Classical—to Blu-Ray Box Setgive a sampling of different sections in our store; boxes for kids, Christmas music, and even some larger collectible packs for people who like The Beatles or Elvis. These might include a t-shirt or a poster, or some funky collectible item we’ve had in our stash to make the ULTIMATE pack for a true fan.

Come check ’em out . . . you’re bound to find one that’ll suit someone on your list, and it’s quick and easy to grab one of these hand-assembled packs. Or take a page from our book and create your own ideal box sets by mixing and matching from our used selection of CDs, LPs, DVDs, books, zines, posters, collectibles, 7” singles, t-shirts and all the other fun stuff we have throughout the store. For not a lot of dough, you can create a package that’s truly unique and shows you’ve really thought about that special someone. Like maybe a New Moon poster plus a copy of The Lost Boys for a teen who thinks she discovered that vampires can be hot?

Music and movies are, of course, the ultimate in “recyclable” material! The inspiration you get from them doesn’t diminish just because they’ve been “pre-owned!” Come have a look, and merry “box-setting” and happy holidays, too!

Box Sets
The box sets are available at Amoeba Hollywood only.