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For this third installment in the ongoing Hip-Hop Behind Bars: A First Person Account Amoeblog series by longtime incarcerated Sacramento rap artist Anerae “X-Raided” Brown, the artist writes about his early days in hip-hip, joining the Crips, what got him sent to prison, the meaning behind the recurring "Unforgiven" theme, his new label and recent signees and his recent releases, which are available at Amoeba Music.

There is also a breakdown of his career timeline that includes the songs he wrote for C-Bo and his own extensive discography, which is all the more impressive considering that he has done most of it somehow from behind bars. 

Brief History, Timeline & Discogaphy 
by Anerae “X-Raided” Brown

I was born in Sacramento, California, on the Southside. When I'd get in trouble my mom would send me to Prichard, Alabama, with my father, out near Mobile. I've been all up in Happy Hill. Other times I'd be out in East Waco, TX, from Trendwood to the Sherman Mannors. I lived in the Village for a while too. I got back from one of those trips down south around the time I was 15. I joined the 24th Street Garden Blocc Crips X-Raidedthat summer. The homies Big J-Dogg and Slim put me on. In hindsight, I coulda done something better with my life, but at the time I wasn't tryina hear that. All I cared about was the Blocc.

I started writing rhymes seriously when I was 15 or 16. I'd go to juvenile hall for getting caught with a sack of dope, or riding in a stolen car with a gun. It was always something. My mom would come pick me up. We never had to do more than a few months; sometimes we'd go home the next day. During those times in juvy I'd write rhymes to pass the time. I learned how to format my rhymes by listening to other rappers and feeling it out. My cousin Nicole knew Sicx, Sicx introduced me to (Brotha) Lynch and we got to work. I ended up signing with Black Market Records and the rest is history.

I got locked up for gang related homicide. They accused me of rapping about a murder I supposedly committed. The media ran with that. They said we went on a mission over J-Dogg being killed months earlier. I ended up getting 31 to life in prison. I've been in the pen ever since. I go before the parole board in September of 2013. I'm doing what I have to do.X-Raided

When I got to prison, it was do or die. I wasn't gonna just rot and do nothing productive or make no effort to advance. I got on my grind. No one in prison or in hip hop history has ever managed to do what I've been able to do. My career should have been over after Psycho Active, or Xorcist at least, yet I've dropped a dozen projects since then. It's all about Bloc Star Entertainment now. I got Filthy Rich on the beats, I signed Gangsta Reese from San Jose and C-Dubb from Sac. I got B.Parker reppin' for the females. We're doing our thing.

We did Eternally Unforgiven to get my voice back out there. It served its purpose. With The Unforgiven 1: In the Beginning, we wanted to let people know what this whole Unforgiven thing is all about. The remixes are on there to rep the sound we're establishing right now, with Bloc Star and Filthy Rich. This Unforgiven 2 project is my best, period. The rhymes are on another level. No one is writing like me and I proved it with this project. Filthy Rich got the beats bangin'. We're on another level from these other dudes.

We ain't going nowhere. This is only the beginning. Next year, we're coming for the title. Right now, Unforgiven 2: Assisted Suicide is here to let y'all know I'm back and I'm serious. Anybody think we ain't on X-Raidedfire, listen to the "Mortal Combat" remix and tell me we ain't the best. I put the rhymes on Unforgiven 2 against anything out there. I'm killin' it. Remember I told you.

What I mean by Unforgiven [as in the album titles] is that, for everything I've done in my life, from gangbangin' to sellin' dope, going to prison for murder, for all of that, I am unforgiven by many. "Long as the world is spinnin'/ Whether I'm dead or livin'/ I'll be hated forever, eternally unforgiven." That's why we went with the darker cover and the pic of me with the prayer pose. We ultimately wanted the artwork and the title to be relevant to one another, and for the rhymes, all of it to tie in. I think we pulled that off.

On the other side of the coin, unforgiven also stands for the way I think our generation has been judged by our elders and society as a whole. We're just unforgiven, just for existing and being the way we are. Instead of trying to understand us, they just judge us and lock us up. Unforgiven.


(In the next installment, Part IV, in this series, X-Raided will break down the meaning of each track on Unforgiven I and II. Meantime, below is a timeline in the artist's life/career including discography.)


July 30, 1974: Aneraé "X-Raided" Brown is born in Sacramento, CA

1991: Releases Niggas in Blacc (24 Deep Productions)

1992: Features on Sicx & Brotha Lynch Hung release Nigga Deep (Siccmade)

1992: Arrested for gang related homicide. His lyrics are used against him.

1992: Psycho Active (Black Market Records)

1992: Features on the Brotha Lynch Hung release 24 Deep (Black Market Records)

1995: Xorcist (Black Market Records)

1995: X-Raided's music is banned by Tower Records

1996: Convicted of gang related murder and sentenced to 31 years in prison

1997: Writes "Deadly Game," "Mr. .357" and "Boo Yow" for the C-Bo release Til My Casket Drops (AWOL Records)

1998: C-Bo's parole is violated due to claims that the lyrics to "Deadly Game" encourage violence against law enforcement officials

1999: The Unforgiven Volume 1 (Black Market Records)

2000: Nefarious- Speak of the Devil (Black Market Records)

2000: Vengeance is Mine (Black Market Records)

2001: Initiation (Madman Records)

2001: …And He Shall Appear (Madman Records)

2001: Xology- The Best of X-Raided (Black Market Records)

2002: The Sac-A-Indo Project- City of Kingz (Out of Bounds/Gangway Inc.)

2003: The X-Files Vol.l (Gangway Records)

2004: The X-Files Vol.2 (Gangway Records)

2005: The X-Filez Vol.3 (Gangway Records)

2007: X-Raided & Loki- Ignition (Bloc Star Entertainment)

2009: Eternally Unforgiven (Bloc Star Entertainment)

2009: The Unforgiven Vol. 1:  In The Beginning… (Bloc Star Entertainment)

2009: The Unforgiven II: Assisted Suicide (Bloc Star Entertainment)


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